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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction which will contain explicit descriptions of sexual interaction between adults and minors. All characters and scenarios only exist in the author”s imagination. If this type of story is not allowed by law or other reason, please stop reading.

Otherwise enjoy reading, and please keep donating to Nifty.




Little Thomas turns out to have a hereditary physical affliction called Hyper Active Prostate Syndrome making him hard and horny three or four times a day. Lucky for him, Uncle Thomas has lots of experience with prostates and sextoys with which he can reduce `the pressure” and prevent him from walking around with a leaking dick. Today he will have to handle himself at school for the first time but first he”s going to wake up uncle Thomas.


Thomas – Part 6


I woke up next morning at 6 AM sensing an enjoyable presence crawling around beneath the sheets. The first ray”s of sunshine came through the curtains, giving the room a golden shine. I was confused for a second, still hovering in my twilight zone. But the radiating heat from this fidgeting presence meant it could only be Thomas, crawling around down there besides my naked body.


It didn”t take long before I heard him mimicking a grown-up voice saying: `Rise up soldier, and pay attention!”. I felt his small hand grab my flaccid appendix shaking it firmly from left to right.


`What”s going on down there?” I asked with the sandpaper voice of someone who just woke up.

The shaking stopped and Thomas came crawling up on my left side, clinging his warm nude body on to me. Sticking his head up from under the sheets he looked cheerful but a little insecure.


`I thought you wouldn”t mind if I woke you up like that.” he said.


`Of course not, buddy. I”m happy to see you first thing in the morning, but isn”t it a bit early to fool around?” I asked him.


`When I woke up in the middle of the night I had the buttplug still up my bum so I pulled it out. But this morning I was super hard again. Downstairs I couldn”t find the remote of the egg, so I figured `Why use a toy when you can have the real thing?”, right? So I tried to get your dick nice and hard. You don”t mind, do you?” he asked and he gave me his cheeky smile.


`Oh, sweet boy”, I answered, `I”m so proud! You wanted to use the egg on your own initiative, right? The remote is back in the toy-box in the bathroom. Come closer and give me a hug. I”m so proud of you, big boy!”.


After the warm embrace I send him downstairs to get both the egg and the remote. I had a glimpse of a naked schadow in the half-light shifting out of my bedroom running off. His boystick bouncing with every step he took. He came back in no time showing me his findings with a big smile and crawled back into bed with me.


My hand slid down his bare back and found his firm juicy buns. Mature fingers pressed into the boy”s fleshy bottom and I started massaging. Pulling him closer to me I could feel his throbbing boystick pressing in my thigh. He was very hard indeed. My guess was his prostate was full again and we needed to drain him soon. Roughly every 8 hours I calculated. And with 9 hours of him sleeping, he was pretty overdue.


`Now there”s a better way to get my soldier to rise and shine then to yell at it and shake it. It”ll be great fun for both of us too. All you need to do is go down, wet your lips and suck on the helmet while following the egde around with your tongue. I promise you it”ll rise in no time. You think you can do that?” I asked.


Thomas looked up at me and nodded.


`Mind you, to wet your lips plentiful and cover your teeth with your lips before you take the helmet in your mouth. Maybe you can bob up and down every now and then but I don”t want to feel you scraping your teeth on my cock, you hear!?”


Thomas giggled hearing me say that but I took hold of his chin with my free hand and squeezed just a little to make him understand I wasn”t joking.


`AOW!” he let out in a moaning tone of voice but I let him know I was serious about this.


`You”ll be in a lot more trouble if I feel any of your teeth, young man! It”s very painful.” I added. Slowly I started to massage his buns again and when his smile came back I let the firm grip on his chin ease.


`Do you know you”re actually rather late learning to suck on a man”s cock. You”re almost twelve! I noticed you sucked on the head of my dildo, that day you needed to use the bathroom, remember? But you haven”t had the taste of a real cock in your mouth, have you?”


Shamefully Thomas looked down and lay his head on my chest. With his little index finger he swirled around in my chest hair.


`Is it to late for me to learn, Uncle Thomas? Cause I really like to learn and do well, you see? How old were you for your first bahçelievler escort time?” he said without looking at me.


I moved my hand over to his cheek and rubbed my thumb softly round his lips. His mouth opened slightly and I pushed my thumb in, rubbing his teeth and gums. He opened his mouth some more and used his tongue to add som saliva. Very slowly I pushed my thumb in and pressed upwards against his palate for him to suck on.


`Suck on my thumb and I”ll tell you.” Thomas closed his eyes and obeyed immediately.


`So when I was a young boy I was very shy. I was pretty skinny and I had a big curly blonde hairdo. My parents and I moved around a lot. They were the last of the hippy generation, smoking marijuana now and then and heaving freedom in relationships. And being a hippy family meant they also loved the freedom of others so they taught me to open my hart and hearth to others. But every time I got any friends, we moved on. So it became useless for me to befriend people cause I”d loose them anyway.

When I was seven we ended up living on a holiday resort were my parents had become the administrators. It was a nice area up in the country, far away from any city. It had a small restaurant and even an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. In the summer it was pretty crowded but before and after there were only regulars.


For a long time I still refused to make friends.

So on my eights birthday my parents got me a very special present. They arranged for me to have a therapist who would help me to bond and teach me how to make friends again. He had advertised himself as an expert in dealing with children. My parents must have been pretty convinced he was, because during the introduction they agreed for him to have one of the cabins on the resort. They let him have complete control over me in there, as long as he got results and I wasn”t physically harmed. Basically my parents gave him carte blanche to do as he saw fit.

Nick was fourty two at the time and he came from the Northeast. He had the physique of a lumberjack and he could squash a melon single handedly. But underneath all this roughness lay a soft spirit eager to get in touch with young children. Especially young boys like me. And I was to be his next subject. And you know what the first thing was that he taught me?”


Thomas lifted his head and I took my thumb out of his mouth.


“Suck his dick, uncle Thomas?” he asked in a whispering voice.


I put my thumb back in, reminding him to avoid any contact with his teeth.


`No, he blindfolded me and he made me lay naked on top of his naked body on the bed, just like you are doing right now. That way I could learn to be close to other people and open myself up mentally without any restraints. `Any contact after this, with or without clothes, would be a walk in the park” he told me. And so the first day we laid like that all afternoon. As time went by I got more and more at ease.


Thomas lifted his head again and said, `I wet you gop a har” `ick, uncuw Showash.” hampered by my thumb.


`Hehe, we both did. Later that afternoon, when I was totally relaxed, he told me to go and explore his body with my hands.

So I hampered by the blindfold I crawled on hands and knees on top of him, feeling his bones, his strong muscles, his skin and hair. And while I was busy he encouraged to smell, kiss and taste every nuck and cranny of his body by pushing my head gently against his body with his big hands, every time I closed in. The moment my head got to his midsection I discovered he had a very slim long dick. The head felt also elongated and flat. And everything was covered in lots of thick black hair except for his long dick and big balls.”


`Shaiv” wallsh, huhs” waik hu huh, uncuw Showash?” Thomas said hampered by my thumb.


`That”s right, buddy, shaved balls just like me. I”ve loved the look and feel it ever since.” I answered.


Thomas moved his top leg over my left leg. That widened his delicious buns and opened up his little crack. While massaging his boy-ass, my middle finger slid between his cheeks and rubbed up and down his puckered entrance. The suction on my thumb immediately increased, and he started rubbing his tongue over the length of it and back too.


`So Nick kept stroking and padding me with his big hands and sweet voice, encouraging me to smell and lick his dick too. I had a new friend, who made me feel safe and I wanted to please him.

Then he told me to take off the blindfold.

When I did, I saw he”d already produced a nice big drop of precum. I didn”t know what it was so I grabbed his tube firm with both hands and closed in. It didn”t smell like pee so I very carefully stuck out my tongue and licked it up. His big dick twitched forcefully, shaking my little arms like young twigs on a tree. He produced another drop automatically. bakırköy escort

I liked the taste of it and his dick seemed to work like a sort of vending machine; every time I licked and I got a reward. Completely in trance I started to lick and eat every drop that appeared on the top of his dick. I thought the milky white liquid would keep coming like that, one drop at a time.

But then Nick grabbed me by my curly hair and pushed my head down! Like a calm teacher he told me to keep my theeth away from his cock and swallow everything he offered me. Before I knew it, he started pumping lot”s of cum into my mouth. I sure loved the taste of it, but this was way too much and it came way to fast! I tried to squash his dickhead between my palate and my tongue to stop the stream but he kept pumping, almost half a mouth full at a time. I couldn”t swallow it fast enough so my cheeks expanded full of cum. And what I couldn”t swallow went up and came out of my nose or leaked out of my mouth alongside his pumping cock. It may sound horrible but I really didn”t mind, cause he told me I was doing great. So all I could taste and smell was his cum and…and I loved it!

And well, I”ve loved it ever since…

You know he told me, the moment he layed his eyes on me, he knew I”d be his cum eating little friend. Well, I almost drowned in it that first time but I learned to swallow fast.”


Thomas lifted his head and looked at me with eyes full of love and adoration. I took my thumb out of his mouth touching his lips with it and stroke his warm cheek with my hand at the same time.


`Can I be your cum eating buddy, Uncle Thomas?” he asked.


`Of course you can, big man. You know, Thomas? I love sucking your boystick and eating your boy milk because it comes from you, my little friend. Your love for me makes it taste so much sweeter. I want you to taste the huge amount of sweet love I have to offer you.

It”s not just the act, it”s the commitment to one another, offering your body and fluids of life. It”s the stuff that gives life, you know? So basically I inject my life into you and you inject it into me. You understand what I mean, Thomas?” I asked in a soft voice.


I didn”t get an answer from him but I could feel a little hand grab hold of my dick and starting to stroke all along the shaft. I looked down on him into his eyes through his long eyelashes.

I pulled him closer and we kissed long and tender. When our mouths parted I told him it”s was time to go down.


Thomas crawled backwards down between my legs and sat on his knees. He took my dick with both hands, laying it flat on my abs and pulling the foreskin down. Oh, and then he looked at me with his mouth open, drooling a bit. He softly bit his lower lip, smiled and wetted his lips excessively. Keeping one hand behind the shaft and the other moving up-and-over my bellybutton, he stuck out his little tongue and slowly engaged.

The sensation of his warm tongue stroking from the bottom of the shaft all the way up to the knob got me curling my toes and raising my butt. For several seconds the tip of his tongue twisted at the tense skin just beneath the head. Finally his flat tongue stroke my dickhead, clearing the precum away.

He was fully committed in doing it right, his eyes glued to the object of desire right in front of him.


`Now raise it in front of you and look me in the eyes when you take it in your mouth. Swirl your tongue “round like you did on my thumb earlier.” I told him.


Like the perfect pupil he was, he did as instructed. I smiled at him and told him again how proud I was. I had to keep myself from pushing his head down. This was a pivotal moment. If this went badly he would never commit to cocksucking like I would want him to. But I needn”t worry, though.

His small hand holding my cock went up and down with utmost care and tenderness.

His mouth was making love to my dickhead with a passion that dreams are made of. Exploring the entire surface with his tongue and even opening his mouth a little wider, taking a few inches of the shaft in as well.

I swear, from the moment his tongue touched my dick I could tell this boy had a talent for the art of fellatio. Softly scratching my chest hair with one hand, the other started squeezing my man-udder. Milking from the root upwards to his mouth, where his lips took over and eventually his tongue completed the motion like a massaging wave from my balls to the top, sending exciting signals through my genitals and up my spine. The sensation was heavenly and something I hadn”t experienced in years. It reminded me of a young servant boy that came complementary with a house I rented for two weeks over in Thailand a few years ago.

Small hands and a tight super hot willing mouth have always been the best tools to service my dick. And the boy between my legs had them both and certainly knew how to use them.

balgat escort


And although I loved what he did, I had to get him to school in time. So I asked him to give me the egg, turn around and come sit on my face.


`You can still have fun with my hard dick, but I need to put the egg up your butt to get you off, okay? I take it you didn”t bring your ass trainer, right?”


Thomas looked at me wondering what I was talking about.


`The buttplug. You didn”t bring your buttplug.” I explained.


There was that sneaky smile again!


`Nope, just the egg, uncle Thomas” he replied and he handed me the egg, got up on the bed and walked over to my head. There he turned around and sat down on my face. The moment he sat down I stuck out my tongue and got rimming. My hands went from his legs up to his little buns lifting him up slightly and using my thumbs spreading them apart even more. I had to lube his tight little entrance a bit before stuffing the egg up there. And I didn”t mind at all, savouring the feeling of his warm butt cheeks on my face. I licked and poked until I thought I felt him loosen up enough. The longer I poked the more the kid purred like a cat in heat. Boy milk was spilled on my chest like a leaking tap. He bend forward and attacked my throbbing pole in front of him more ferocious then before. I could feel his teeth scraping but at this point I didn”t mind. We had to hurry a bit so I tried to insert the egg but his little hole rejected the intruder.

Keeping the egg at his refusing butthole I opened my mouth and took in his scrotum, teabagging him. I sucked so hard on his little nuggets the purring went to moaning until even he stopped working my cock.

At the very moment he wanted to say something about me hurting him, I released the suction suddenly and with that, an even louder moan came. His ass muscle relaxed instantly and I could push in the toy. In a reflex his ass swallowed the egg deeper, only leaving the tip of the tail out. I guessed he got dizzy cause I heard him panting heavily for a while.


I told Thomas to get back to work on my cock and to get ready for his breakfast. It took him a couple of seconds to catch his breath but I quickly felt the delightful grip of his mouth around my dickhead again.

I couldn”t see what he was doing, but when I raised my knees, I felt his little warm ears brushing my inner thighs. Consumed by the taks he was committed to, Thomas took more and more of my cock in his mouth.

Still looking up at his spread buns my mouth opened again to suck on his hard leaking spike.

Then I got the remote and turned it on…


Thomas squealed loud and long once like a piglet and started cumming almost after that. His legs paralyzed but his grip on my cock intensified tremendously. I locked his head between my thighs and the flow and taste of boy milk in my mouth made me come as well. Blow after blow I shot my spunk all the way up his throat and although he swallowed some, most of it went back down my dick like lukewarm lava.

I could feel him struggling a bit to get out of the head lock but with one hand on his lower back and the other at the back of his neck I pressed him down on me.

When he finally stopped struggling I noticed his toes fisting every time he came in my mouth.


We were done about the same time so I released his head and turned off the toy in his bum. I hadn”t spilled a single drop of his precious gift. When Thomas realized what a mess he made he told me to stay put. He dove back in and licked and sucked my groin clean.


`It tastes funny, uncle Thomas, but it”s yours so I love it. I think I like my breakfast like this”, he said.


Then he turned around and crawled back up to me. He said he wanted to rest for just five minutes before getting ready for school. His breath smelled like cum, I pulled him closer and kissed him on the mouth briefly.


`In time you”ll learn that every man has a different cock. And cum will taste different every time. Basics are always the same but every time there”s a twist.” I said.


`I”m not sure I want to suck on other men”s cocks, uncle Thomas. For now I just want yours.” He replied.


`Of course you do, for now. But you don”t want to eat bread every day for the rest of your life, don”t you? You want to eat all kinds of things, like pizza and spaghetti, stew and pie. Diversity is a wonderful thing! When you get as much experience as I do, you can even taste by the cum what the other has eaten or how healthy he is.”


Thomas looked at me eyes wide, full of disbelief.


`No way! So what do you get from mine?” He wanted to know.


`Yours tells me you had lamb stew last night, and that you”re eager and full of life. And that you need…” and there I lingered.


`And what, uncle Thomas, what do I need!?” he asked desperately.


` …..and that you need…to get ready to go to school! Ha!” I said laughing and I threw him out of bed.






Please don”t hesitate to write me a small note with comments, suggestions or constructive criticism. Every message will be answered. ail.


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