Three Days

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For nearly three days I had been watching your every move. It’s so difficult to work with you, keeping our burning romance a secret. Every time you walk toward me, I stare longingly into your beautiful blue eyes, and when you walk away, I can’t help but notice your sexy stride, shoulders back, those lean, muscular legs leading up to your cute little ass moving so deliciously before my eyes. These last three days have been so frustrating, mentally, emotionally, and definitely sexually, waiting for you to tell me that you are coming over to my apartment.

Finally, though, my persistence has paid off. You told me today that you might come see me when you got off of work. I just know that when you say might, you mean you will come. I told you to come right in, that I’d probably be upstairs taking a nap and that I would leave the door unlocked. You nodded silently as a devilish grin spread across your face, leaned down to place a gentle kiss on my cheek and then went on about your business.

With Christmas only three days away, I’m hoping that whatever happens today will count as my Christmas present, even though, the feeling I get even when you wrap your arms around me is present enough for me. By the time I reach my apartment, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. The thought of a touch other than my own already has me worked up.

I quickly unlock my door and, once inside, hurry upstairs, eager to climb into my comfortable bed. I absolutely must have a nap to rejuvenate my energy for what is sure to come once you arrive.

Stripping down to complete nakedness, because you know I can’t sleep with clothes on, I can hardly keep my hands off of myself. Getting caught up in the moment, I soon find my left hand massaging my breasts while my right hand dips below my waist to the warm wetness now between my legs. I quickly reprimand myself, knowing I should wait, save all I have for you.

But where’s the harm in playing with myself now?, I think. You’d escort bayan enjoy hearing about it later. So, once again my hands move lower on my naked body, caressing the voluptuous curves of my breasts and hips. I imagine that it is your hands, not mine, that soon find that warmth again.

Gently, you begin to massage me and slowly but firmly press the heel of your hand against my clit, while quickly sliding your fingers inside me. You begin to move your fingers in and out of me rapidly increasing the pace, while still pressing your hand against my clit, until the sensation becomes so intense, I feel the blood rush to my head. At this exact moment, you begin to trace light, gentle circles around my swollen and sensitive clit with your thumb while still thrusting your fingers deeper and deeper inside me.

As your thumb ever so lightly brushes across my clit, my hips begin to jerk with each touch, bringing me closer and closer to my climax. First in circles, then side to side and up and down, your fingers mover faster and faster with each jerk of my hips. Soon my hips begin to move in sync with your hand, until, once again, all the blood rushes to my head and I can hear nothing but my own ragged breathing. As the tickling feeling in my stomach becomes more and more intense, I draw in a deep breath, arch my back, and let my hips begin to buck with wild abandon through one of the most violent orgasms I have ever had.

Still breathing heavily, I let my muscles relax and slowly, sleepily open my eyes, half expecting to find your beautiful face above mine, leaning down to kiss me and hold me and whisper sweet words in my ear. However, I realize that it was only my hands bringing such pleasure and quickly drift off to sleep filled with sugar-coated dreams of you.

The next thing I know, you are carefully climbing into bed with me, desperately trying not to wake me. I can see you out of the corner of my eye, already unclothed and stopping every few seconds istanbul escorts to make sure my breathing pattern hasn’t changed, to ensure I am still asleep.

I’m sorry that I missed you undressing. That’s always been one of my favorite parts. When watching you undress, I get the chance to taking in each and every part of you individually, the chance to fully admire every aspect of your naked form piece by piece instead of being overwhelmed by the beauty that is now before me.

I decide to let you have your way; I pretend to be asleep just so you won’t feel that your effort was in vain. You ease your way into lying down behind me, sliding your hand onto my belly just below my warm breasts, while slipping your knees against the back of my knees, perfectly spooning my naked body.

I lie still for a few moments, savoring the warmth of your body next to mine. Then, you move the side of your rough face on the side of my neck, gently nuzzling me awake. I slowly roll over toward you, feigning a sleepy-eyed expression, not wanting to give away the fact that I was already awake.

You smile warmly, whispering, “Good morning,” and placed your soft lips upon mine in a slow, passionate kiss, awakening feelings within me that I had not experienced in a long while. As you pull away from my face, I smile up at you, for once, not knowing what to expect next.

You push me gently onto my back and climb on top of me, pinning my arms above my head and begin to kiss me in every kissable spot. My lips, eyes, the tip of my nose, forehead, my jawline, my ears and neck and on down my body until you reach my breasts. Carefully, slowly, you kiss and suck on my nipples, gently tugging on them with your teeth, making me gasp with each nibble.

Your face moves lower and lower until your mouth finds the core of my being. But, before your long tongue tastes me, I push you back and lay you down in front of me. This time I want to pleasure you. I take you into my hands bayan escort and begin to massage you, all the while, licking my lips, yearning for your familiar taste in my mouth. You lean back and relax, sighing with pleasure as you watch my face lower to your now engorged member. I slowly run the tip of my tongue along the underside of your penis, while tickling you with light brushes of my fingertips. The warm, smooth texture of your skin excites my tongue and my tastebuds as I anxiously await the sounds that are soon to escape your mouth.

Never once breaking eye contact, I take you into my mouth, caressing your tip with my tongue, swirling my gentle tongue quickly around you, making you gasp and moan. I begin to move my warm mouth up and down you, taking you all the way into my mouth. As the sensations well up inside you, you begin to thrust into my mouth, whispering my name between moans.

I feel you begin to twitch. You never can last very long when I do this for you. A rolling swell moves through you, unloading all the built up pressure into my mouth. As I swallow all of you over and over again, your body relaxes as you sigh once more and attempt to catch your breath.

You grab me and pull me up to your face and kiss me, savagely shoving your tongue between my lips, eager to have more of me. You set me down on top of you, quickly entering me. I inhale sharply as the blood rushes through me, sending chills up my spine. I begin to grind myself against you, squeezing you within my depths.

You sit up quickly and flip over, never once exiting me. You lay me down on my shoulders with my hips on your thighs. Using my thighs as leverage, you thrust yourself in and out of me with such speed that I can’t even breathe. Suddenly and simultaneously, our climaxes build and release over and over again in the most wonderful, breathtaking orgasms of our lives.

We collapse into each other’s arms, breathing raggedly, sweat glistening everywhere. You suggest a nap, and I graciously accept. I decide not to mention my adventures from before you arrived tonight. I just keep to myself how much better it was with you than alone. We drift off into a peaceful slumber in each other’s arms. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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