Three Part Harmony

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We were laying in bed, still summer-sweat-damp with the heat of our latest bout of marvelous, mind-blowing sex, still trying to catch our breath, when Kaylie dropped her bombshell.



She came up onto her elbow, the sweat gleaming on her skin, and looked down at me as I lay beside her. “When you’re having sex with a woman? With me?”

“What about it? It’s wonderful.”

She grinned. “Thank you, but do you ever fantasize? Maybe pretend it’s someone else? Maybe an actress, or a TV celebrity?”

I grinned at her. “Not since the sex has been with you, lady. All my fantasies were about a woman just like you. The reality is so much nicer than all of those imaginary women.”

She laughed, bending across to kiss my nose. “You’re sweet. So, no fantasies any more, eh?”

I laughed. “Well, maybe ‘no’ is the wrong word. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have two of you in bed with me, but I suspect I’d probably die of exhaustion.”

She pouted. “Are you saying I’m too demanding?” She tempered the pout with a happy grin.

“Not really. I think I’m saying that two of you would be just too much for my sensory system.”

She was smiling down at me, still propped up on her elbow, and I took the moment just to look at her. Always a rewarding experience, looking at Kaylie Rosita Mendes. Her Latino father had given her dark hair, dark eyes, and a skin that tanned to deep honey at the slightest touch of sun. Her French mother had given her long legs, a taut, trim body, and a poise I’d seen on few women outside France. Plus a libido that matched my own and a great joy in sex.

She frowned, nibbling her lip.

“What is it, baby? Problem?”

She shook her head. “No, not for us.”

“For someone else? Which orphaned chick have you taken under your wing now?”

She didn’t answer my question, but came back at me with one of her own. “This two of me in the same bed with you, that you think would kill you?”

“What about it?”

“I’m not planning to have myself cloned, so what if your other bed-mate wasn’t another me, but another woman in bed with us? What then?”

I stared at her, my mind racing. “What gives, sweetheart? I wouldn’t risk anything that would possibly spoil our relationship. The best I have ever been in, I must add.”

She smiled. “Thanks, Tom. Mine too.” She gestured. “I think I was kinda wondering if you might ask me what my fantasies were.”

“You have fantasies, Miss Mendes?”

“I have fantasies, Mr. Addams.”

I grinned. “Go on, tell me? Another man? Actor? Celebrity?”

She laughed, then sobered. “No, not another man.” There was a subtle emphasis on the way she said ‘man’.

“So, another woman?”

She grimaced. “Tom, before I met you, I had the occasional fling with other women. Nothing deep, just fun times, fun sex, and no risk of unwanted pregnancy or a man who couldn’t take me for what I am.”

“You’re not the first girl I’ve known with bi-leanings. I doubt you’ll be the last. Tell me more, sweetheart. Just what fantasy is your sexy little mind working on?”


“Jenny? Jenny Elsdon? That Jenny?”

“That Jenny.”

“I thought she was involved with Chuck Monson?”

“She is. Chuck is away for a couple of weeks on a training course, and we were having coffee yesterday.”


“The conversation turned to sex, as it seems to do almost every time Jenny and I get together.”

I laughed. “I wish I’d been a fly on the wall.”

Kaylie giggled. “You’d have enjoyed it, I think. I think we went off into flights of fantasy for a while, but one thing we agreed on, and that was wondering what it would be like to be making love to a woman, at the same time our man was making love to us.”

“Wow. Pretty hot, baby.”

“Mmm, I guess.”

“So, what is it? You want to be with Jenny when Chuck is ploughing her?”

She shook her head, then looked straight at me, holding my eye. “No. Jenny wants to be with us.”

My response was feeble at best. “Ah.” There was a long silence, with Kaylie looking anxious, and I fought the instant erection that was threatening. “With us, eh?” Kaylie nodded. “And how do you feel about it?”


“Best way, baby.”

“I’d love to try it. Once, maybe two or three times, while Chuck is away.” Despite her positive words, her tone was a little hesitant.

“And when he gets back?”

She gave me a wry smile. “If he wants to try it, I’d feel honor bound.”

I laughed. God, I loved this woman. Sometimes, briefly, I wondered why, but then we’d get together again and make love and I knew. Whatever she did, whomever she was with, I’d still want her. “Honor bound, eh? And I know for a fact you’re a woman of your word.”

“Yes, I am.” She paused. “Well?”

“If that’s what you want, baby, I’m your man. Um, does it just involve me fucking you while you’re getting it on with Jenny?”

She shook her head, grinning. “Of course not. You get to fuck Jenny, too.”


She laughed. “Oh, he says. Come on, Tom, be honest. Ankara Escort Would you, or would you not, like to be fucking Jenny Elsdon at the same time she has her face buried in my pussy?”

“Um, yes. Yes, I would. Very much. As long as you were cool with it?”

Kaylie grinned. Broad. Lewd, even. “Cool? In a situation like that I’d hope I’d be on fire!” She cocked her head, looking down. “Hmm, it seems as if our mutual friend is interested, too.”

I glanced down at my almost complete erection, and grinned at her. “And?”

“I’m going to lick him, lick him and suck him until he’s all nice and hard and ready, and then you’re going to fuck me from behind while I make love to the pillow, and we both pretend it’s Jenny!”

She did, I did, we did, and I came hard!

It was another couple of days before I heard anything else. Partly because I’d been out of town overnight to see a client, but I came back with a contract that was going to keep me comfortably in funds for the next year or so. As usual, I checked my answering machine when I got in. One from Mom, asking when Kaylie and I were going to visit. Mom liked Kaylie, and accepted cheerfully the fact that we would be sleeping together, even though we weren’t married. She made sure we took the bedroom furthest from hers, though.

One was from one of my sub-contractors, Kathy. She’d been gold to find. A single mom, working from home, but a programmer who could take a spec, read it, ask intelligent questions to make sure she had the nuances straight, then take it away and deliver the finished work on time, without fuss, and almost always right first time. I didn’t grudge for a moment the bonuses she earned, because I reckoned she saved me twice as much. She was confirming completion of her latest assignment, a week ahead of target.

Two were from Kaylie. One just inviting me to stay overnight with her, Friday and Saturday. Not unusual, we often weekended together. The second stopped me dead.

“Change of plan, hon. Jenny has borrowed her folks’ cabin, up at the lake. Can you pick the two of us up at my apartment, about four on Friday? It’s about a two-hour drive. Ring if you can’t make it, otherwise we’ll expect you at four, okay? And yes, hon. It’s this weekend it happens. See ya, baby.”

I just stared at the machine for a long moment, then grinned. Interesting weekend ahead. I didn’t usually see Kaylie on a Thursday, and of course I’d been out of town on the Wednesday, so we hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday, which was when she’d dropped her bombshell. I thought ruefully that my fate had probably been sealed before she’d even mentioned it.

I have a habit of being early for things I’m looking forward to, and I rang Kaylie’s bell at ten to four. She was in my arms, in a long kiss, twenty seconds later.

“You’re early. Great. We’re ready. Come on in.” She led the way into her apartment, where Jenny was sitting on the couch. She looked up and smiled when she saw me, but there was color in her cheeks and she avoided eye contact for a moment, then looked up at me.

“Hi, Tom.”

“Hi, Jenny.” As fair as Kaylie is dark, Jenny. Creamy skin and red-gold hair, cut short. A very lovely girl, and I reckoned Chuck as a very lucky guy. But then, he wasn’t here, and I was, so I reckoned that some of the luck was mine for now.

“Tom?” said Kaylie. “Can you take our bags down? We’ll bring the food. The cabin is apparently a little isolated, so we’re self-sufficient this weekend, okay? Stay with the car, we’ll be right behind you.”

There were two overnight bags in the corner, and I picked them up. “See you downstairs.”

Kaylie had asked me to bring the Jeep, as the access road was a little rough, apparently, and it swallowed the overnight bags, and the portable icebox with the food, and the insulated bag with the drinks, and me, and the women, without any problems. Five minutes after I’d arrived we were on the road, Kaylie beside me in the front, Jenny in the back. It was quiet while I negotiated the early Friday rush-hour traffic, but by four-thirty we were well out of town and on the two-lane blacktop to the lake.

“Tom?” Jenny’s voice was hesitant from her seat behind Kaylie.


“Um, are you sure you’re all right with this? I mean three of us? It’s okay if you’re not, you know. The cabin has two bedrooms, so we can still enjoy ourselves, without, um, you know?”

“Jenny, love, if I chicken out now Kaylie will never forgive me. It’s her fantasy, too, you know?”

“Yes, it is,” said Kaylie. “Do you want to back out, Jen?”

“No!” The answer was strong, positive. “My panties have been wet for days, thinking about it.”

“Well, then,” I said. “And I’ve been fighting a boner ever since Kaylie told me it was this weekend.”

Jenny giggled. “Well, that’s all right then. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not even sure why, except that my favorite girlfriend and I are sharing her man, and just the thought of it turns me on!”

“What about you and Chuck, with Kaylie. Or even another girl?” I said.

“I Çankaya Escort don’t know,” said Jenny. “Would I enjoy that? Yes, of course I would. I think that it’s just there’s an element of forbidden fruit because it’s you, Tom, and not Chuck.”

“I’ll try not to disappoint you,” I said, laughing. “I’m really looking forward to it. Even if only to see the lovely two of you naked together.”

“The cabin is totally isolated,” said Jenny. “It’s on an arm of the lake where the tourists at the main center don’t usually get to. It has its own dock, and we have a dinghy there, if we want to do a little sailing.” She giggled. “Maybe while we’re recovering. Or we can skinny-dip, since we’re probably going to be naked, anyway.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

“Can you sail?” said Kaylie, curious.

“Yes, I can. I’ve even thought of getting a boat, but the marina costs are a little high for me at the moment. I have the qualifications, just haven’t used them for a while.”

“Dad has a ketch, a forty-footer,” said Jenny. “Chuck and I have been out with him and mom once or twice, but we’ve just done day trips since he had his heart attack. If you have the qualifications, I think he’d let us use it. It’s got two double cabins.”

“Sounds great,” said Kaylie. “Maybe the four of us? When Chuck gets back?”

“Remind me when we get back, Jenny,” I said, “and I’ll give you a note of my qualifications for you to show your dad. He might want to check on me. I would, if I was him.”

“Thanks, Tom, that would be great.”

We traveled on for a while in amiable conversation, avoiding for some reason what we’d come for, just enjoying the chat and each other’s company. I was about to take the main turnoff when Jenny stopped me.

“Not here, Tom. Keep straight on, and look for a turn-off about four miles along. It’s a dirt road, and there will be a locked gate about fifty feet from the road.” She chuckled. “I remembered the key.”

It didn’t take long, and I halted short of the gate so that Jenny could unlock it, waiting while she relocked it after us, then driving carefully along the dirt road. It wasn’t as rough as I’d thought at first, and it took only fifteen minutes before I pulled the Jeep into the parking area she indicated.

“Leave the bags for the moment,” said Jenny, “and I’ll show you around.”

The cabin was backed into a little bluff among the pines, built of stone and wood, a full-length porch across the front. Inside, a kitchen area, with a dining annex, living space, with two big leather couches that gave me immediate carnal thoughts, facing each other across a coffee table. A strong coffee table, from the look of it. More carnal thoughts. Three doors led off. Jenny opened one, revealing three more doors, one of them glass.

“Shower, and two johns. No tub, worse luck, but we have the lake.”

The other two doors led to bedrooms. Jenny opened the first door. King-size bed, closet space.

“We’ll use this one to sleep and play,” she said. She opened the other room. A double bed, and two bunk beds. Closet space again. “We’ll leave our clothes in here, eh?” She gestured. “That’s it. Modest, but ours for the weekend.”

“How cold is the water in the lake, Jenny?” I asked.

She made a face. “You probably won’t want to stay in long.” She shrugged. “At least it’s summer, but the river that feeds the lake is straight off the mountains, so the water tends towards cool.”

I nodded. “So? What are we eating tonight?” I said. “And when?”

“We need to get the stove fired up,” said Jenny. “It’s oil-fired, and Dad made sure the tank was filled only a couple of weeks ago, and it hasn’t been used since, so there should be plenty. I’ll get it started, while you two get the stuff ready. We brought a prepared salad, and some steaks, so once we get the stove going, we can broil the steaks, and we’re go. As for when, any thoughts?”

“Why not now?” said Kaylie. “Then we can sit and chat for a while, and then have an early night.” She grinned. “A very early night.”

Jenny flushed, but laughed. “Yes, please!”

An hour later we’d eaten, cleared everything away, and were sitting with a glass of wine each, a nice, crisp, semi-sparkling California white. Fruity, fresh, a tingle on the palate.

“How did you two get together?” said Jenny, sitting on the couch opposite me and Kaylie, shoes kicked off, long legs tucked underneath her. “I’ve been meaning to ask Kaylie for ages.”

Kaylie laughed. “He rammed me.”

“He what?”

“Rammed me. Traffic accident. Some idiot in a Mustang he couldn’t drive took a corner too fast, came over the median and I had to swerve, and Tom couldn’t avoid me. He was driving a Jeep then, too, and my little Honda got the worst of it. Tom wouldn’t leave me, made sure the car was collected for repair, insisted on driving me to my destination, which was the office, and asked if he could collect me after work, and drive me home. You know what the buses are like from that end of town, so I took a chance, and said yes. We ended up having dinner together, and again Etlik Escort the next night. The following night we ended up in bed together and we’ve been together ever since. What is it, hon, seven months now?”

“I guess. It sometimes feels like seven weeks, even seven days. I’ve always been grateful to the idiot in the Mustang.”

Jenny laughed. “What happened to him? Any idea?”

Kaylie grinned. Wry, slightly malicious. “He made the same mistake a few miles further on, except that this time the other driver couldn’t dodge. Mustang-man hit a garbage truck, which seems apt, considering his driving. I believe he’s out of hospital now.” She looked across at her friend. “What about you and Chuck?”

“Much more boring. We were introduced at a party. A couple of nights later I got a phone call. He’d tracked me down through mutual friends, and asked me out. It took us longer than three nights to go to bed together, more like five weeks. It’s been, um, six months now, for us.”

We chatted on for a while, comfortable with each other, until I stood. “I’m going to go see how cold the water is. At least it’s a reason for getting naked. Anyone else?” The women looked at each other.

Kaylie shrugged. “Why not?” She turned to Jenny. “Clothes in the second bedroom?”

“Easiest, I think, yes.”

“Okay, folks, let’s get naked and go test the water.”

Undressing was the work of moments, for none of us was wearing much in the summer warmth. With the three of us together in the same room, someone was in motion all of the time, until, clothes discarded, we straightened. Kaylie and I were familiar with each other’s nakedness, and turned naturally to Jenny. Her eyes were flickering between the two of us.

Kaylie is tall, slender, almost narrow in the hip, but unmistakably female, with a curvy ass I love to see move in shorts or a snug skirt. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they’re firm, full, a good handful, and her skin takes a tan almost instantly so that she seems to be tanned all year. No tan lines, because when she stayed with me she caught the sun in my secluded back yard, and as she was going to be naked later anyway, when we made love, could never see the point of wearing her bikini. Like I was going to argue?

Jenny was slender, too, with slightly broader hips, and probably a slightly smaller bust. Hard to tell without actually measuring! Tan lines showing against her pale skin, her pussy, like Kaylie’s, shaved clean, her cleft pronounced in a slightly prominent mons. She flushed when she caught our eyes, but made no attempt to cover herself. She seemed unable to move her eyes above hip level, switching between my prick and Kaylie’s pussy.

I grinned to myself. Good sign. “Okay, ladies. Let’s go see how cold the water is.” I reached out and took their hands, and the three of us trotted along the dock to the lakeside. I bent, testing the water. “Cool, yes, not too bad.” I grinned. “I’ve been in colder pools. I’m going in.”

Kaylie bent, then grinned at me as she straightened. “Together?” She held out her hand and I took it. I held out my other hand to Jenny.

“How deep is the water here, Jenny?”

“Here? About six feet, I think,” she said as she took my hand.

“Good enough. On three?” They nodded. “One, two, three. Go!” and in we went. Startlingly cold at first, but as we swam we felt warmer. Jenny grinned as she caught my eye.

“I guess this lovely warm water won’t be encouraging any growth in certain areas we’re interested in, will it?”

I laughed. “Nope. Five more minutes, an’ I’m out of here!”

In ten, the three of us were back in the second bedroom, vigorously toweling ourselves, my eyes on four jiggling breasts, four eyes on my swinging dick. Dried, we straightened. I held out my hands, and they took them, and we moved into the bedroom. I dropped their hands and reached for Kaylie, giving her a deep, hard kiss, to which she responded fiercely. Breaking it, I turned to Jenny, who moved straight into my arms, her kiss no less fierce than Kaylie’s. I was startled for a moment when Jenny moved straight into Kaylie’s arms when I broke the kiss, the heat of theirs bringing instant interest to my dick. Breaking the kiss, arms round each other, they turned to me.

“How are we going to do this?” I said.

“Jenny and I talked about this before you collected us,” said Kaylie. “What we thought, Jenny eats me, you fuck Jenny doggy style, and then we play it as it falls. Suits?”

“Absolutely. Ladies, assume the position!”

I suppose I believed they’d get straight into it, but no. Kaylie got herself comfortable on her back, yes, but Jenny didn’t dive straight into her pussy. Far from it, it was a time of soft kisses, small hands caressing warm breasts, stroking soft female skin, and both of them were at it, for as Jenny was sucking Kaylie’s nipples, Kaylie was fondling Jenny’s breasts. Me, I was getting a world-class boner just watching them. Kaylie caught sight of it and gave me a happy smile, with a wink and a leer.

That Jenny’s mouth would eventually reach Kaylie’s pussy was a foregone conclusion, and Kaylie’s legs moved apart, Jenny kneeling between them. She glanced over her shoulder at me and winked, then her head went down and I saw Kaylie’s face soften and relax, her eyes close, and her hands went to Jenny’s head, caressing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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