Three Way Butt Fun

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She lay there her body full of burning desire for sensual attention. She smiled hopefully at the two delightful men in the room with her; she felt herself become wet in anticipation of what might be. I jumped on the bed; a glint in lust filled playfulness twinkling in my eyes; I had something very special planned for my two favorite beautiful people tonight. I kissed Rachel lightly on her succulent lips, and said “hop on my pole babe.” I could see from her flushed face that she was already in anticipation of what might happen in tonight’s fun. I winked at Alex as he stood there watching us, he had no idea what I had planned for the three of us tonight. I wanted to surprise them both; to give them such pleasure that they would forever remember this special night. They meant so much to me; these two very special people who drove my unbridled lust and satisfied my unrelenting desires.

Accommodating me, Rachel climbed on me and slid down my flag pole. I was super hard tonight; turned on by what I was planning to do. As I slipped into her, my hard and throbbing cock felt the soft walls of her welcoming pussy grasp and suck my cock into her. The tension of her vaginal walls and slipperiness of her pussy creating such bliss within me; the sensations an erotic combination that made me smile at her.

I could see from her face that it felt so very good for her too. She started to gently push back against me in a motion that allowed the head of my cock to push against the sides of her pussy; right where she loved it to press against her sensational spot. I knew from her face that it created the most intense and erotic sensations that drove her wild with lust.

As I watched her moved herself to the pleasure of her own beat, I leant over and dipped my fingers into jar of cream I had hidden under my pillow. The special cream I had managed to get off the black market was really going to make our night simply one that these two lovers would come to savior for the rest of their days.

Rachel had been asking us for some time to give her an anal work out that would satisfy her inner craving for the unbelievably fantastic. She was about to get more than she’d ever bargained for. I said to her, “just stay still for a minute while I put this cream on you.” She looked at me, with a questioning gaze, but said nothing and just lay very still for me.

I rubbed the cream all over her anus and then pushed my finger inside her. I coated the inside of her butt with the cream. I put more cream on my finger and pushed more inside her butt, I made sure she was really well coated with the cream inside her arse. She was going to need it; after all the fucking that I was soon expecting she was going to be getting from Alex.

As soon as I looked at her I could tell it was working. Her language became very colourful; I smiled at her change in mood and her body said she was as slutty as I knew she wanted to be for us.

She was begging me, “Oh fuck my arse you fucking bastard, and what have you done to me, to make my fucking arse Sivas Escort feel so terrifically horny? It feels like I’m on lust filled fire down there. I really need Alex’s cock in there right now. Tell him to get it inside me! I want his massive cock to slide into my arse and make me scream with fucking joy.”

Alex looked at me questioningly, but I just motioned for him to come over to me, and join our already sweating lust filled interlude. As he put his face near mine I kissed him gently but insistently. I whispered to him, “beautiful man, believe me she really will need your massive cock up her arse tonight.”

I grabbed Alex’s cock and pulled it over to my mouth. I gently sucked the head of his cock, running my tongue around his sensitive underside of his crown; at the same time I reached under my pillow again and scoped out more cream. I withdrew my mouth from his cock and let his huge cock pop out. Then while he was groaning in bliss I reached out and rubbed cream all over his huge cock. I knew he’d be expecting lube all over his huge throbbing cock so he’d never know the special kind of cream I covered his delightful cock with.

I could see almost immediately the affect my special cream was having on him. He was flushed and panting as his body’s lustfulness ignited in passion he had never imagined could exist.

His massive cock was glowing in appreciation of the attention it had received from my stroking and it grew even larger. “What have you done to me, you silly bugger,” he asked me. I looked at him and smiled, “I’ve coated you cock with a cream that stimulates flesh, will make your cock grow even larger, and allows flesh to be really pliable and flexible.” His cock was unbelievably large now; yes one could say it was almost stallion like in its size. Could it really fit up Rachel’s arse? I guess we were all about to find out and what fun I’d had already playing with them.

Rachel had an amused look on her face as she listen to the explanation that I had given Alex. “Don’t smile too much at me,” I laughed at her, “you’re about to get an arse workout that you’ll never bloody forget; it’ll have you cumming and cumming until you can’t come any more.”

She licked her lips suggestively, and playfully said, “bring it on, promises, promises.” In contrast Alex had a funny look on his face, and asked me, “can I really shove my monster cock up her arse? Will it be okay?” I smiled confidently at him and said, “of course it will, the cream has coated her butt and the inside of her butt, it’ll take your monster cock and she’ll be begging you for more tonight.”

She smiled at him, and said, “come on Alex I really need that fucking huge cock of yours up my arse tonight, I’m feelin so bloody horny, horny as hell in my butt, and stop mucking around and get it in there, you stupid bugger.” He leant over and kissed her on her nose, and said, “okay beautiful, your wish is my pleasure.”

“You two shouldn’t worry,” I said as I smeared more cream on her arse to lube the major invasion Sivas Escort Bayan that was about to happen. My cock was feeling so good buried in her blissful pussy, and as I watched these two people get ready for the next stage, I was getting me even hornier.

Alex put the tip of his massive cock on Rachel’s arsehole covered in cream. Slowly, very slowly, he pushed it up inside her. Her butt hole gently opened for the welcome invasion that felt so fantastically like it was dancing gently to her body’s rhythm of lust. The cream meant she had no trouble opening up to accommodate his massively hard cock head; it slid and jived ever so slowly inside her.

Rachel’s face was so flushed; she was moaning and gasping in ecstasy. I could see Alex face focused on the intense feeling his cock was getting from the huge gripping and sucking pressure Rachel’s arse was creating; as this intense pleasure for his cock caused him to shudder in playful delight. I lifted myself up and kissed him under his chin; his stubble tickled my lips. My beautiful man, was making my beautiful woman, feel so good. He was making sure she got exactly what she wanted. I smiled in blissful happiness at my two favourite people.

Alex was starting to pant too; now the ecstasy was engulfing his body and mind. The head of his cock had got inside her arse. “How does it feel babe,” I asked her. “Fucking amazing,” she said. “Tell me more,” I said!

“I love him fucking my butt,” she screamed. “Oh my god it feels like unbelievably fantastic, the pressure is just wonderful; it feels like I have a ballet happening inside me and what joyful bliss that movement is creating – come on Alex push it right in for me,” she explained. Alex smiled at her and pushed his cock in and out again, and again.

Rachel was making grunting noises of pure pleasure and Alex slow moved his dancing cock further into her arse. “Please, I need more, please give it to me you fucking bastard, fill my arse up with your fucking hard dancing cock, and twirl it around inside me. Make you fucking prick fill me up with movements of bliss, like I’ve never felt before, come on I need it now. Please, now, give it to me now, I need it to dance inside me now,” she demanded of him.

Alex grunted too, and said to her, “okay you demanding piece of succulent arse, I hope you’re ready cause my giant jiving cock is going to really fuck your butt something super special tonight, and don’t say I didn’t warn you, you’re going to really get it good. You know you’ll love it.”

His cock was almost half way in by now. That cream was really working, because both of them were sweating profusely, and their lust filled faces showed that nothing was going to stop Alex from getting his monster cock inside Rachel all the way. The full ballet was about to blast forth and create a show of unimaginable ecstasy.

“More, more, more, give my fucking arse more, you beautiful bastard. I can feel you filling my arse up with your dancing cock, making it so feel tight with delight, Escort Sivas making me feel so bloody good, just fucking keep it going. I want my butt filled up with that huge ugly prancing cock of yours, give me more, I want it to leap and fly about inside me,” screamed Rachel.

Alex might have smiled at her but he was consumed in his concentration of his fluttering and jiving cock, he could feel it sliding gracefully across her soft inviting butt flesh as he was pushing more of his massively engorged cock up her arse. And he thought to himself, Rachel must really be loving my dancing cock, because she wasn’t usually this vocal. It was really wonderful he thought, I can feel her sweet little arse, sucking my big ballet boner further in; helping me get it all up inside her beggingly beautiful butt.

After a few more minutes Alex had his massive jiving rocket finally all the way inside Rachel arse. “Now for the orchestral action,” I said. Together, as one, Alex and I moved our cocks together; we were feeling our cocks rubbing together as we worked our cocks inside Rachel orifices. We’d never done this before, but it was such a wonderful feeling, one that I just never wanted to end.

Rachel started to make funny guttural noises, as we continued to piston into her holes in blissful harmony. We were filling her butt and pussy together, she was as full of cock as she was ever going to be, and that was sending her into the wildness of unexplored territory. I knew it would be making her want the orchestral ecstasy to last forever as her mind was consumed by the overwhelming sensations of pure pleasure.

Her lust filled mind just wanted the feeling filling her arse and pussy to keep going, she wanted that monster cock dancing in her arse to keep the pleasure in her butt keep going on and on and on. Yes that cream I had used on her had made her arse burn with passionate pleasure. It made her butt demand that it receive more and more action.

She expressed it as we expected, “push, push, make me fucking come, you two fucking bastards,” she screamed at us. “Push that cock in and out of my arse, keep my pussy full of your cock lover, don’t you stop, don’t either of you ever stop. Make those dancing cocks give it to me harder, fill me up, yes, give me more, give it to me hard you dam fuckers.”

Alex kept up the pace he and I had set for our pleasure filled orchestral arrangement; we had a rhythm of cock movement that was driving Rachel into a wildness of passion that she was lost within.

I was really enjoying these two having the time of their lives with me. I tickled Rachel’s arse cheeks. “Come on,” I said to her, “can you make him come or are you just going to get fucked in your dancing arse all night long?”

She looked at me and said, “what’s your problem, you’re the one that put all that cream all over my arse, and it feels like I could go all night, with his huge fucking cock is dancing up a storm inside my arse. And why shouldn’t I want to keep it going for as long as I can; I fucking love it.” I laughed at her, she certainly seemed to love having a stallion sized cock buried up her butt. Heaven knows when she’s ever going to want it out. Maybe never! Yes, maybe never. And with me sliding in orchestral harmony with him, why would I ever want it to finish?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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