Through My Oldest Son

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As a powerful, intelligent, big athletic man, I always wanted smart, big, athletic kids. Hell, I was a super-stud in high school, had my pick of the cheerleaders, married the prom queen, and had numerous athletic scholarships to pay for my college at a Div I school. Life was good!

Attended a top-10 graduate school, got my MBA, and had the business world by the balls. We made significant strides in getting a secure financial future. A quick description will aide in understanding the story. I am 6’6″ tall, played quarterback with the attitude of a defensive tackle. Big, rugged, a gregarious flirt, I had my pick of women over the years before settling down with the wife. The wife is 5’5″ tall, pretty, petite, fragile, the all lady prom queen.

At the age of twenty-eight, we decided it was time to have that family we were planning so dearly. Even after years of birth control, the wife got pregnant within 2-months, and our first baby girl came early that fall. And we spoiled on her. She crawled for the first time the day of her first birthday, walked two weeks later. At 18-months, she could type her name on the computer keyboard by herself. I was amazed.

And the time came for the second child. Again, I poked the wife, she was pregnant again. Absolutely easy! This time, I got my boy Eric. He had a great personality, walking by the time he hit 7 ½ months. Hell bent for leather, he was into everything. Aggressive, fun, we called him “one track”, or OT for short. Once he focused on something, it was going to get done. As hard as you could, you could try to change his focus, but typically gave up trying, and it got done his way.

Following him, we did have another boy, then girl. Even delivery came easy for her/us. 6-hours was the longest, hardest delivery, (3rd child, honest to god over 10 lbs). A big family, but I loved kids, and was looking forward to raising them. The oldest girl spent time with Dad, watching college football constantly, watching pro-football, and about every other sport you could imagine. As the kids grew, all were involved in some degree of sports, from gymnastics, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and more. Always some sporting event we participated. The arts were a distant second in priorities.

So how on the earth did my oldest son grow to be so empathic toward others feelings? He was simply a gifted artist and an award winning poet. And a very bright kid, he was very popular at school, had lots of friends, and had many many girlfriends. We called it his “girlfriend of the month club”. None ever lasted longer than a month, or so it seemed. While growing, he took a substantially different stature than I. He was of slender build, scrawny would be a fair description. But, he had the desires and mentality to play sports, even football. I did not understand the coach, playing a kid at 5’11” tall, 155 lbs dripping wet at middle linebacker. His junior year, dislocated the left shoulder, followed by the senior year dislocation of his right shoulder. But he wanted to play. Extremely fast, he did play some wide receiver, but not near often enough for my thoughts. During a playoff run his senior year, he dislocated a finger, diving to catch a low pass from the quarterback in the quarterfinal round. Season over his team lost. Bad enough to get hurt the last game of the year, but he enjoyed the sport.

So he got into acting for the winter play. And he excelled. A minor role ballooned into a prominent role for the spring play. He loved it. And the time spent in a new role in school expanded his pool of dating potentials. So, while not surprised, he had a whole new set of girls to visit the house. It was always fun.

But I noticed some changes as he got older. The girls also got older, more fully developed bodies. I now was beginning to jealously watch his selection of girls. I grew more and more interested in them, observing in great detail the shapes of their ass, the form fitting sweaters they wore, the skimpy suits they used in our indoor pool or hot tub. Damn the kid had a knack for finding attractive young ladies! I lusted in my heart. And I knew he was easy, often finding them necking while watching a movie, or curled up on his bed as I walked down the hall past his door to our bedroom. Rule was, no doors closed with opposite sex partners in the room. But that did not stop him from necking with them. Late during his senior year, his devote, religious mom found a note while cleaning his room, from his current girlfriend that told him how much she loved having sex with him, how she had cum and cum numerous times while he ate her, and how she loved having sex in the shower, a first for her. To say the least, mom about had a heart attack at that moment. I was given the note, and told to deal with it. She did not want to know anything more.

We had our talk, and I confirmed he would have a better idea about keeping such notes. I also politely, but firmly let him know to have protected ümraniye escort sex! After graduation came college. And college did not slow down his plundering of the females. Although the relationship lasted longer now, each one might make 5-7 months now. I got him an apartment nearby school, so he could have an independent life. And boy did he. While floundering during his first year, he held it together to gain a chance at year two. But grades did not come without studies, and his interest in studies was about fifth on his list. Partying, girls, computer games, girls, and then studies showed as his list of priorities.

About the time we were to have a discussion regarding his performance, things changed. He moved home for the summer to work with me, and enjoy a quiet mountain life while he sorted things out. I think he wanted to enjoy our $8M home, and utilize the domestic help. He and I had many discussions over the summer. He decided to focus on acting classes at the start of his junior year.

Classes started, and then came Maria within a couple of weeks. It was almost instantly he brought her home to meet his mom and dad. And show off our home. Maria was the most stunning, beautiful young lady on this planet. He dark brown eyes melted me, causing instant fantasies to rush through my sex deprived brain. About 5’7″ tall, firm, toned body, a sex appeal that seared hearts and bodies, she was a sight to behold. And Eric followed her around like a puppy dog in heat. He and I talked several times about her. I let him know that she was not like the other girls he dated, this one was special. I stressed he should take a slow course with this one, no groping and humping every chance he got. He understood!

Over the next several months, we got to know this young lady very well. She and my son grew to love each other! And we loved her. I just loved her a little more than I should! I fantasized about her, masturbated to her pictures, and beat my cock so hard on some days, I came twice with her in mind. Not knowing what to do, I just pounded my cock to submission. I wanted her! I needed her! But how? And from discussions with Eric, he had not had sex with her, although they were getting to the point where that was the next step. Over spring break, Eric and Maria went to our ski home in Beaver Creek for a long ski weekend. I knew he planned to have her during that trip.

On his return, at the first opportunity we had, I inquired about his sex life. Grinning ear to ear, he confirmed he had had the greatest sexual experience of his young life. Just talking about it was hard on me. Without thinking, I blurted “well, do I get to share her”?

Eric stopped in mid thought, staring at me. “You want too?” he asked.

“You kidding me son,” I responded? “She’s the hottest young lady on the earth,” I retorted.

“Yeah, right Dad?” he grinned. “I’ll put your sexual interests in my girlfriend high on my list,” he laughed and was off.

Within days of our discussion, it seemed to me that things changed with Maria. Longer looks, a slight head tilt, a wink came my direction on several occasions during her visits. Once, she even parted her lips, licked her lips, and turned quickly to follow Eric down to the media room. I had to be imagining things. The following Thursday, the doorbell rang about 10am. I was more than surprised to find Maria at the door. Eric was at school as expected.

“Hey Mr. Morrison,” she said, stepping inside the door.

“Hi Maria,” I stated. “What a surprise to see you,” I followed as she began to remove her coat. “What can I do for you?” I asked, noting the perfect shape of her backside as she walked toward the kitchen. “Eric is at school,” I followed up quickly. “Don’t you have classes on Thursday?” I asked.

“Got any coffee,” she asked, rounding into the kitchen. She had been here so many times, she stepped to the cupboards, opened the cabinet door, and stretched to her tip toes to grab a cup from a higher shelf. I instantly glanced to her backside, the t-shirt raised above her low rider jeans, the small of her back instantly in view. Reaching above her jeans was the top of a sky blue thong strap against her brown skin. I groaned audibly. Maria, not moving, turned her head to glance at me over her shoulder, catching me staring as her ass. “Why Mr. Morrison,” she chirped.

“Let me get that,” I uttered, stepping forward quickly. I put my hand out to touch her back as I moved to the side of her body. In that instant, she twisted sideways to me, my hand, fingers extended, wrapped her right tit. I froze, wanting to die. Her hand jumped to mine, holding my hand flat on her chest as I grabbed the coffee cup. Without moving, I turned my head to her, glancing into her eyes, searching for something to tell me what was happening. Her head tilted upwards, her eyes softly closed, she stood motionless for that split second of eternity. My thumb instinctively closed to my index finger, capturing her pendik escort nipple in the process, squeezing, rolling firmly. A gasp escaped her lips as her eyes flashed open.

“Oh Jesus,” I muttered in complete surprise. I stood, my mind feeling her stiffening nipple, my cock chubbing instantly, my panic setting in. I pulled my hand back, separating our bodies in the process. I started to put the cup on the counter, looking for an escape from this moment in time. My hips jumped backwards involuntarily as Maria’s hand grasp my cock through my sweats, fingers wrapping around the growing flesh, my hands grabbing at her arm.

“So you want to share me,” Maria stated matter of factly. “You want a piece of me!” she growled deep in her throat. She pumped my growing cock, stepping firmly against my body, her body melding with mine. “Well Mr. Morrison, you are going to fuck me! And, you are going to fuck me until I’m done!” she almost shouted at me. Grabbing my t-shirt, she pulled the bottom up, licking my chest, her tongue washing over my nipple as her hand continued to pump my hardening cock. My brain exploded, little brain took complete control of the situation. I grabbed her head, intertwining my fingers in her hair, pulling her hard against me, pushing my nipple into her mouth.

“Bite me Maria,” I whispered huskily, pushing my chest hard to her mouth. Her tongue danced over my flesh, her teeth nipping at me, holding my skin as she flicked her tongue back and forth. My knees buckled slightly, I humped forward, pushing my cock hard to her hand, pressing against her body. I pushed her head down, pushing her toward my growing cock. She knew what I wanted, licking along my stomach. God I was glad I had a hard body for an older guy. My hands grabbed the waist band, pushing my sweats and shorts down, freeing my cock. Again, I grabbed Maria, pulling her face to me, driving her nose into my pubs as her teeth found my shaft. Nipping at the soft flesh on a hard cock, her tongue licked along the shaft, moving so slowly to the head as her fingers wrapped the hard shaft, lifting my cock upwards. Her lips found the head, wrapping quickly over the crown as he tongue dug into my slit. Savagely, I pulled her head down, forcing my cock to rip into her mouth and throat. Her groan shattered my ear drums as she drove her face down my shaft. I humped involuntarily, driving inch after inch into her throat. I could not see straight. Only fucking her consumed my thoughts.

Within seconds, my cock expanded, my balls churned, and exploded, spitting gobs of creamy juice up my engorged shaft, spitting spurt after spurt of cum into her demanding mouth and throat. My body convulsed, spasms ripping my body hard. I was impaled in her mouth and throat. My mind blanked, my lust, my orgasm driving me forward. “Oh God,” I shouted, my cock rigid, spurting for the last time. Mini spasms passed through my body as I felt my cock begin to shrink from her glorious mouth. “Oh my God Maria,” I whispered softly. Glancing to her, she fisted my flaccid cock, milked from the base, pulling up and remaining fluids as she sucked the head into her mouth again. My body shuddered, my mind lost, my lust waning for that few moments. Standing, grasping my cock firmly, she looked into my eyes.

“That was very good Mr. Morrison!” she half growled. “Now for the real stuff!” she stated. “Take me to your bed,” she ordered. “I want to cum now,” she whispered into my ear as she pulled me down, kissing me firmly.

With my head spinning, I bent to pull up my clothes, covering my dangling, dripping, flaccid cock. I purposefully left the sweats down below my ass, and headed to my bedroom.

“Sit on the bed,” she instructed as we entered my bedroom. Stepping between my knees, she reached to the hem of her t-shirt, quickly pulling it off. Stepping to me, she offered her bra covered tits to my lips, her hand softly pulling me forward. I wrapped my arms around this firm little vixen, my lips open to capture her bra covered nipple. I blew hot air from my lungs into the material as I nipped down, clamping her nipple between my teeth. I bit down a little harder, letting her feel the bite, and moved to suck more of her tit into my mouth. “Shit,” she whispered. “Unhook my bra Mr. Morrison,” she instructed hoarsely. I moved lightning quick, releasing her tits, almost ripping the bra up over my head and free from her arms. Perfect, 34B, mouthwatering firm tits danced in front of my lips. Moving, I grabbed the left tit, sucking the flesh into mouth. My tongue danced over the mound of flesh, probing, pushing her nipple firmly. Sliding back, I attached my teeth to the hard nipple in my mouth, my tongue playfully flicking her sensitive flesh back and forth quickly. Throwing her head back, Maria groaned appreciatively. I attacked her flesh, moving from nipple to nipple, tit to tit, licking, biting, sucking the succulent flesh into my mouth, my hands squeezing each glorious mound lovingly. After several bostancı escort minutes of tit worship, my hands slid down her backside, cupping her ass, pulling her body hard to me. I could feel her grind her hips forward.

Pushing her back a step, I moved to open her jeans, pulling them down off her hips, waiting patiently as she removed her shoes and kicked them free. Standing in nothing but her thong, I slipped from the edge of the bed to kneel before her. My hands traversed up her legs, over her firm calves, up the back of her legs to her ass. Softly, slowly, I pulled her to me, my lips kissing the softest thighs I could imagine, moving upwards to her center, her sex. As I approached her sex, her hands rested softly on my shoulders.

“Yes Mr. Morrison, lick my pussy!” Maria ordered. “My cunt is so wet!” she offered. “Lick me,” she again instructed. Her thighs parted slightly, pushed from the hips to my mouth. My lips captured her mound, my tongue probing into her folds, pushing her thong between her lips slightly. I could feel her large, engorged clit through the material. I groaned deeply, pushing my face hard to her mound, driving my tongue against her clit, thrashing back and forth over the material of the thong. Her knees buckled slightly as she drove her hips to me. “Yes,” she hissed loudly. “Yes Mr. Morrison!” she yelped as I grabbed her clit and thong in my teeth. I pushed my chin hard into her slit. With her chin driving into her chest, her head down, eyes closed tightly, her body tensed, exploding into her first orgasm as I assaulted her thong covered clit. I could feel her involuntary thrusts to my mouth as I moved to pull aside her thong, uncovering her wet, soaked, begging hole. Pushing her legs apart, I licked into her slit, my tongue reaming her. Her taste, musky, her odor filled my nostrils. My hands grabbed the thong, ripping it down her legs. Turning, I pulled her to the bed, pushing her down.

Lifting her legs, I wrapped them over my shoulders, diving my face into her wet cunt. I again attached my teeth and lips to her clit, flicking it back and forth faster and faster. With her hands pushing against my forehead, her second orgasm again flooded her cunt with more juices. Lifting her head, her eyes flashed. I shoved two fingers into her wet hole. “Fuck me Mr. Morrison!” she screamed. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” she repeated breathlessly as I hammered my fingers in and out of her cunt. Leaning back, I watched her beautiful cunt suck my fingers deep into her body, then sat mesmerized as I quickly pulled out, her lips stretching to hold me. Her engorged clit again beckoned me. Thrusting deeply, driving my fingers in all directions, I sucked her clit back into my mouth. Her hips lifted upwards to me, driving her tasty cunt to my waiting lips. I sucked the engorged clit hard, flicking it back and forth fast and hard. Again, my little brain took control, I was lost to please her. My cock grew rigid as I thrashed her body. All thought lost, her body grew rigid, lifting upwards, shoving her cunt hard to my face, offering her body, her sex to me. With her legs clamping firmly around my head, her body erupted again, another orgasm ripping the sexual fabric of her body. Whimpering, her humped me hard, her legs quivering as I sucked her juices, driving my tongue deep into her open, wet hole.

“Fuck me Mr. Morrison! God fuck me!” she again ordered. I stood, fisting my massive cock. Stepping to her, I slid the head against her sensitive clit, rotating, mashing her clit hard with my cock. Her body lurched, arching to align my cock with her body. “Please,” she whispered. I moved forward, pushing my cock against her, pushing slowly. My cock head spread her muscles, opening to accept me, to suck me into her depths. Our breathing was ragged, I pushed forward, feeling my cock slide so gently into her body. Hesitating, I pulled back, popping my cock from her body. I wanted to feel her again open to accept my intruder, to hear her gasp as the mushroom head slipped into her body, push forward and impale more inches into her flesh. With each time I pulled back, I could see her juices coating my cock, glistening between our bodies. I watched as I shoved my cock into her, my mind amazed at the disappearance of my massive cock into the petite body before me. With each inch, her body accepted more, her muscles sucking me, pulling me deeper. Reaching the root, I ground my body against her, humping quickly, pulling only several inches from her, then slamming back together.

Our flesh slapped hard, the noise filling our senses with each trust. I grabbed her hips, pulling hard to her. Her legs wrapped my waist, heels digging into my back with each thrust forward. I slammed her, pounding our bodies together harder and harder. Eyes closed tightly, lights jumping through my brain, I dug my fingers into her flesh, pulling her hard to me, grinding every inch deep in her accepting body. Tensing, my body erupted into orgasm. Spurt after spurt erupted from my hard cock, filling her, coating her insides. At that instant, Maria again exploded, her orgasm washing over her body as we humped slower and slower, our bodies absorbing the glow of sex. I collapsed over her body, regaining normal breathing.

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