Thursday’s Daydream

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Tracy walked down the wooded trail thinking about how they could have enjoyed this little hike together. Hand in hand, a kiss at this turn, a rest at that bench, Michael’s body pressing hers against that wide oak. She just wanted a little quiet time to be alone with her thoughts if she couldn’t be with him, but that wasn’t going to happen today either. She dutifully jotted down her notes about what plants and animals to research and made a valiant attempt to keep up her end of the conversation with her companion.

Back in the Jeep, Davey made the decision to drive on into the city for lunch. She agreed, but her heart fluttered in her throat at the idea of being that close to Michael and not being able to contact him. She wondered if Davey had any inkling that her mind was elsewhere.

Tracy adjusted her sunglasses and pulled on her straw riding hat. The open jeep always made a wild mess of her brown hair, but she loved the rush of wind around her while speeding down the road – and the hat and glasses hid sufficiently hid her emotional turmoil from the man beside her.

She closed her eyes and let her mind loose. Michael was driving. Tracy smiled and he leaned over to kiss her cheek quickly. She ran her hand along his thigh until she encountered the rough feel of his zipper. Tracy gave the growing bulge underneath a gentle squeeze and giggled. He playfully slapped at her hand and told her to keep it to herself until he could find a place to pull over.

Off the highway and down a county road, Michael turned onto a dirt road that was clearly rarely used and was hidden from prying eyes. He parked underneath a large shade tree.

“Now let’s see what it was you were trying to accomplish earlier, ” he teased.

“Just wanted to give you a little freedom and fresh air – that’s all. Like this. . .” Tracy unzipped his pants and freed his member from the restraining material. “Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Yes, it does. Let me show you how much better.” Michael leaned over onto the passenger side and reached down beneath her seat. She felt the seat slide fully back. “Push the top back,” he said “and lean the seat back.”

Tracy obliged. She leaned back with the seat and watched him through half-closed eyes. He slid her skirt up and she felt his long fingers stroke up her inner thighs.

“Open for me,” he ordered, “I want to feel to see whether or not you are ready to deal with the situation you’ve created.”

She parted her legs for him. His fingers encountered her warm mound and he slid a fingertip into the waiting wetness.

“Ummm, ” she moaned, “and what do you think?”

“I think I need to take advantage of that hot pussy you’ve been hiding from me and you need to take advantage of this nice hard cock, don’t you?”

“Definitely. So slow and steady, or fast and furious, or are you going to throw in some fancy moves to impress me since it’s been so long?”

“What’s your preference? I aim to please.”

Tracy reached up and pulled his face down toward hers. She kissed him gently, slowly, tenderly. She moved one şanlıurfa escort of her hands to wrap around his erection. She whispered in his ear, “How about you just claim me again this first time? Slide that hard cock up into me until I beg you to stop. Own me with it. Use it to make my body yours. Remember how well we fit together? How you stretch me out?”

“Damn, woman – what does that mean?”

“It means fuck me like you own me. That’s what I want.” Tracy replied, “A good hard screw.”

Michael nodded his understanding. He eased himself over to her side of the vehicle. “Not a lot of room to work with, Lady.”

Tracy stroked his rock hard cock with her hands. He groaned in appreciation and told her to slow down or it wouldn’t make it to her slick, warm pussy.

She pushed herself further up the seat back to give him room. He pushed up her shirt and pulled down her bra cups, exposing her breasts to the open air. He suckled one of her nipples, then nipped gently at its hardened bud. He slid a finger into her pussy and felt it tighten around it as he worked her breast with his teeth and tongue. She moaned in frustration and pushed against his hand wanting more.

“Open further now,” he commanded. “Spread those legs wide for me and keep them that way.”

She moved her feet and braced them against whatever she could get a foothold on. Her lower body was lifted toward him. He fingered her rhythmically, watching his fingers slide in and out as she lifted herself against them. Her breath caught in her throat and she gasped in agony when he leaned down and sucked her clit against his teeth.

“No dick until you come for me, Tracy” he teased. “Cum for me and I’ll fuck you hard and fast. I’ll pump it until you’re full of my cum and you’re begging me to stop, but you have to give me this first. Give it up for me. Let’s see you grind against my fingers. Work them so I know you really want that cock.”

“No cum until you fuck me,” she answered. “I can play this game, too. I can whisper in your ear every dirty little thing I want to do for you and to you till you can’t help but plug up that warm hole with your cock. I can tell you how I need to suck your cock until my jaws ache and you have to hold them open for me, so you can fuck my mouth. How I want to learn to deep-throat you until you shoot off down my throat. Or how about spreading open my ass-cheeks and reaming out that hot, tight asshole with your cock? Think about how tight that will be, how you’re the only one that has ever done that. About how you make me crave it, and how you can spank me until I’m pushing and fucking myself in the ass with your hard cock.”

“Tease,” he growled.

“Not a tease, Michael. I just know what I need. Fuck me. Watch your cock go in and out, give my ass a good slap or two, so you can feel my pussy tighten around it. Watch me rub my little nub in time with your pumping or roll and pinch my breasts with your fingertips while you are inside me.”

Michael rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy lips. He dipped it in slowly at first, wetting it down with her juices. He pushed in further and felt her tighten around him. He watched as his cock pumped into her. He saw her reach down and begin to rub at her clit while he was penetrating her. He looked up to see her smiling at his watching. “Touch your breasts.”

Tracy did. He watched her stretch and pinch the nipples -harder than he would have imagined would be pleasurable. She really did enjoy a little pain, then. Seeing this, he gave her lifted ass a good hard smack. She responded by trying to hasten his pace and spreading herself out wider for him. He wet his finger and worked at her clit while fucking her. She bucked wildly when he began to get a little rough. He pinched her pussy lips together cruelly and then slapped at her mound, gently at first, then harder as she began to respond.

Tracy reached down underneath her bottom and fondled his sac. When he quickened his pumping, she pulled it up against her bottom and began to rub gently. She told him how she wanted to feel it slap against her pussy when he took her from behind -how when he bent her over she was going to spread her legs and hold it against her while she rubbed her clit. How she was going to hold them when he was fucking her mouth.

Michael pumped hard and fast into her. He put one hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t talk him into coming before he was done with her. To his surprise, she liked it. She tongued the spaces between his fingers and moaned her appreciation when he increased the pressure across her mouth. She really did need for him to manhandle her this first time.

He removed his hand and replaced it with his lips. He pressed hard and roughly into her mouth with his tongue, thrusting it deep. She held his head and sucked at his tongue while his cock was pounding into her still wet pussy. Somehow, there was a slight shift in their position and he felt himself penetrating her even more deeply. He felt resistant against the head of his cock and knew he was pounding up against an inner wall. She twinged with the pain, but begged him to keep going.

“Harder, Michael- that’s what I want. I want you to hurt me with it. I want to feel it for days, every time I move or breathe. Hurt me, fuck me harder and deeper.”

He felt his balls slapping against her bottom. Her hands were on his butt-cheeks, pulling him further in. He knew she was fighting to keep from clawing him with her fingernails.

“Uhhhmmmm” she moaned. “So close, just want a pussy full of your cum. Cream it full. Shoot it in me hot and deep. Fuck it full. That’s your pussy-tell me that’s your pussy. Tell me you’ll take it whenever you want it. Tell me you own me.”

“My pussy, Tracy. My pussy, my mouth, my ass, my body. I own it. I’ll take you whenever and however I want. If I want to eat it, you will spread it. You’ll cum when I tell you to. You’re going to be trained to be my little slut.”

“I’m about to cum – cum hard. Help me. I don’t want to yet, help me stop. I want more of your cock first.”

“And you’re going to get that.” Micheal slowed his pace. He brushed her hair back from her face and smiled down at her. “Look at me, Tracy.”

She opened her eyes to see him leaning in toward her. Still smiling, he touched his lips gently to hers. His cock stroked slowly and steadily inside of her.

“Whatever and however I want, hmmm? There’s so much lost time to make up – so much experimenting I want to do with you – but for now I’m just going to screw you slow and hard while I watch you. I want you to look me in the eyes so I can see you feeling my cock inside of you.”

It was almost too intense- an assault on her senses. Tracy had to fight to keep her gaze locked on his. She wanted to close her eyes and moan her pleasure to him. Michael saw a blush rise across her neck and face and felt her inner walls tighten around his dick. He felt her pussy slicken with warm readiness and knew she was close to coming.

“That’s what I wanted, ” he said. “I want to feel you come around my cock before I finish.”

He moved one of her hands to her clit. “Rub it for me – I want to see what you do when you’re alone and thinking of me.”

Tracy obediently worked at the pleasure nub.

“No – I didn’t say you could close your eyes – look at me.” He gave her bottom and hard, burning swat with his hand.

Tracy warned him, “I’m so close – I can’t take much more.”

He rubbed and pinched at her left nipple in time with his pumping of her and got his cock squeezed in return. Her fingers moved faster and rougher against her clit and her breathing quickened.

“Next time, I’m going to fuck that sweet ass. Then you’ll get a little of that pain you say you want. Give you a nice well-deserved spanking to loosen you up a little. Suck at your clit and nipples til you beg me for cock. . .that sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it, my little trainee? You did say you wanted you wanted to be my personal slut, remember that conversation?”

“Yes. . .and I mean it. I’ve wanted to be yours for so long. My body is all that I can give you, so I want you to use it however you want. That’s what I think about when I pleasure myself.”

He drove down harder into her. Spreading her legs wider, she abandoned her rubbing and grabbed his buttocks to pull him in even further. His movements rocked the vehicle. Their eyes held while he claimed her body with his own.

Tracy cried out and closed her eyes. MIchael felt her pussy pulse as she came hard around his cock. His own release was immediate.

She felt him spasm and then the warmth of his cum coat her insides. He groaned as a second wave shook his body.

He lowered himself down onto his elbows and kissed her neck. She wrapped her legs around his lower back and pulled his face down into a kiss. She wondered how it would be possible to top this next time.


“Tracy – you okay?” Davey asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little drowsy from the sun.”

“Okay, whatever. Let’s go.”

Tracy opened the door and slid out of the jeep. She took the hat off and threw it in the seat, but left on the sunglasses. It just wouldn’t do to have Davey see her eyes dark and stormy like this, full with the desire for another man.

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