Tied Up In Ecstasy

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It appeared to be the beginning of one of those rather disheartening days. Ilsa awoke leisurely, knowing she didn’t have to work later in the day, but felt rather empty when she reached to touch the bed where Richard’s warm body usually lay. Richard, as was his habit lately, had risen with the sun and headed for the office.

Ilsa ran her fingers over his pillow and the wrinkles in the sheets, pondering. For some time now, Richard the Lover had disappeared, to be replaced by Richard the Corporate Man. His work had become nearly all-consuming, resulting in many disappointingly lonely nights for Ilsa. She lay back, naked between white satin sheets, and decided something had to be done to change Richard’s focus. As she became lost in thought, she absentmindedly touched her nipples, then slid a hand down her belly…

Just before noon, Richard pulled up in front of their home, parked the SUV in the drive and went to the door. When Ilsa had phoned him earlier, to ask him to come home for lunch so they could spend some time together, she had that tone in her voice. And when he heard that tone over the phone, that sexy, come and get me tone, he realized he’d been way too wrapped up in work to appreciate her lately. For just that reason, he had made a stop on the way, to pick up something to surprise her with.

“Hey babe, I’m home,” he called out as he walked in the front door. As he went to the closet to hang up his raincoat, Ilsa walked up behind him.

“I know. I saw you through the front window.”

Richard turned to look at her and wasn’t too surprised to see she was wearing nothing but the black silk nightie he had given her at Christmas. “I hope nobody saw you through the window,” he chuckled, taking in her long legs and full, firm breasts which pressed against the flimsy material. “You know I don’t like to share.” Ilsa’s blue eyes sparkled as she handed Richard a glass of riesling. As he took the glass from her and sipped, she took his hand and pulled him toward the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Ilsa had already closed the blinds and lit a couple of sticks of incense. A sensual aroma wafted about the room as the sultry tones of Diana Krall emanated from a micro stereo on a bedside table. Ilsa perched on the edge of their king-size bed and patted the spot beside her. “Come here,” she whispered. “I haven’t seen much of you lately and I’d like to see some more, right now.”

“Sure babe, but I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

Surprised that Richard would have a surprise after he had all but ignored her for two weeks, Ilsa felt a little of their old spark. “You didn’t have to get anything, but let me see what it is.”

Richard, feeling a little foolish now, reached into the pocket of his sport coat and slowly pulled out a long, red, silk scarf. Usually a straightforward lover, he felt kind of goofy offering Ilsa a prop of some kind. As Ilsa looked at it, he hesitantly said, “I thought we could try something just a little different? That is, if you’re interested?”

She smiled. “Why yes. Yes of course I am. I’ll try anything you’re interested in.”

Relieved that she didn’t giggle at his suggestion, he stepped to her and took the glass of wine from her hand. “Let me just do this,” he said. He laid the wine on the nearby table and knelt in front of her. Brushing back her shoulder length blonde hair, he gently laid the scarf over her eyes, then reached to tie it behind her head. As he reached behind her head, Ilsa, who had been turned on and horny long before Richard arrived, spread her legs and moved closer to him, hooking her heels behind him.

Having knotted the scarf, Richard kissed her lightly on the lips and ran his fingers down her arms. “That’s not too tight, is it?”

“No. Not at all.” As he stroked her, Ilsa enjoyed the sensation of being blindfolded as he touched her. Even more turned on now, she found she was getting ever wetter. She put her arms around his neck, to kiss him deeply and probe his mouth with her tongue, Antalya Escort but after short seconds of that, he pulled away from her.

“I’ve got something else,” he whispered.

“Okay,” she whispered back, intrigued. Richard reached into his pocket once again and produced yet another scarf. Taking her hands, he looped the cloth around them, then snugged it tightly against her wrists. “Oh my,” she breathed. This was so unlike Richard – but she was loving every second of it. The scarf cut into her skin a little, but she didn’t want to spoil anything by saying so.

“Now just lie back babe,” he whispered again as he eased her back. Ilsa lay back, then wriggled to where her head was on a pillow. “Now, hands over your head.” As she reached above her, Richard tied the long end of the scarf to the headboard. With her arms now tied over her head, Ilsa’s large breasts were thrust upward, her nipples hard. Kneeling beside her, Richard fondled them, which sent tingles running through her body. “Now, spread your legs, babe.”

Ilsa did so, and she felt Richard move on the bed so he was between her legs. “More,” he said, his voice taking on a demanding tone. Ilsa complied, spreading her legs to what she felt was as wide as she had ever had them. “That’s better.” As cool air flowed over her wet pussy, she felt a little thrill and shivered. Now very aroused, she arched her back and thrust her hips in the air, wanting him, offering herself.

But Richard, who was hard and horny himself now, wasn’t quite ready and still had other things in mind. With Ilsa’s wet trimmed pussy beckoning, he leaned forward to place light kisses on the inside of her thighs, then puffed light breaths over her. She moaned in pleasure as he pushed the nightie up her body to bare her breasts. Kneeling back between her legs, Richard let his gaze roam over Ilsa’s body; breasts taut with her arms over her head, thighs straining to hold her hips in the air, belly flat.

“You look great babe,” he whispered as he ran his fingers through her pubic hair. Ilsa pushed against his fingers and as she did so, he ran a finger down over her lips, feeling her wetness.

Ilsa moaned with pleasure. “Fuck me Richard. Fuck me. I want you.”

Looking at her straining for him, he chuckled. “Not yet, babe. Not yet.”

Ilsa now wished she could see the look on his face. “Don’t you have to get back to the office?”

“Not this time, I took the rest of the day off to be with you.”

Somewhat relieved, she relaxed and let her bum settle back onto the bed. “I’m glad you did that. We haven’t been together for a while.”

“I know,” he apologized. “And I’m sorry for that.” Saying that, Richard got off the bed and withdrew two more long silk scarves from his pocket. He moved to Ilsa’s right foot, bound a scarf around her ankle, then spread her leg to tie it to a post at the foot of the bed. He then walked to the other side and did the same with her left foot, spreading her legs wide.

Standing at the foot of the bed, he surveyed his handiwork and rubbed himself through his pants. Ilsa, now blindfolded and tied to the bed so she could barely move, was thrilled. Unable to see, her nightie pushed up around her armpits, her legs spread wide and tied; she had never in her life felt more naked, more vulnerable… or more aroused. She couldn’t remember ever wanting Richard deeply inside her more than right now.

As she lay there, enjoying the sensations running through her, she could hear Richard moving around the room, buttons and a zipper being undone, and clothes being dropped to the floor. The she heard him walk into the en suite bathroom. She assumed he was getting a tube of lubrication (not that she needed it), but she then heard water running. When Richard didn’t return right away, Ilsa was a little confused. “Hey babe,” she called. “Are you coming back, or taking a shower, or what?”

“Patience, babe, patience,” he called from the bathroom.

After a few Antalya Escort Bayan more seconds, Ilsa heard Richard come back to the bed, then settle onto it. “I missed you,” she whispered.

“You’ll like this,” he whispered back. As she lay there, she suddenly felt a hot wet cloth being placed over her pussy. Richard lovingly moved it over her, through her trimmed pubic hair, over her clit, along her lips, leaving her even more moist than she already was. His wonderful touch and the warm wetness of the cloth was almost enough to make her cum, but she hung on, concentrating on holding out. He then dried her with a cloth and whispered, “hold still now babe.” As she felt a comb run through her hair, she realized what Richard was going to do – he was going to shave her!

Now kneeling between her legs, Richard combed her little patch of pubic hair, then began snipping away with fine moustache scissors. “Oh, my God Richard,” she moaned as he worked. With her longer hair trimmed close to the skin, he stopped, then she felt warm moistness again as he sprayed warm shaving cream over her mound. It stung a little as he smoothed it over her, but she was enjoying these sensations so much, and Richard’s new-found sexiness, that she just wanted it to last. As he began to draw a razor over her skin, being as careful as he could, she lay as still as she possibly could.

The feel of the razor against her, along with the sting of the shaving cream, pushed Ilsa to new heights of passion. After a few more moments of delicate work, Richard finished, and she heard him walk back to the bathroom. Seconds later, he was back, and he began to wash her with another warm cloth. The feeling of the cloth over her newly-shaved skin was exquisite and, as Richard washed away the shaving cream, she nearly came. The sheets were wet under her bum, her pubic mound felt bare and cool and incredibly sensitive to his touch. He finished gently washing her, then dried her with yet another soft towel.

As Ilsa luxuriated in the incredibly naked feel, Richard knelt between her legs once again. He leaned forward and blew gently over her mound, his warm breath making her shaved pussy feel chilly. As goosebumps rose on her body, she lifted her hips to him, and he softly kissed her aching clit. “Oh, my God,” she moaned as her placed tiny kisses on her aroused bud. She tried to push against his face, but he pulled back, then moved back into to run his tongue over her moist lips, exploring the folds of her skin with the tip. As he penetrated her with his tongue, she strained against the silk scarves in an effort to pull him further inside. As he slowly tongue fucked her, she pulled against the scarves, pushed against his face, moaned loudly. Finally, with a cry of pleasure, in a gush, she came in waves, his tongue as deep inside her as he could push it.

Bucking against him, the scarves biting into her skin, she continued to cum as he continued to lick her, lapping up her juices. As she pushed against his face, Richard couldn’t remember seeing or feeling Ilsa as wild as she was right now. His penis throbbed with pleasure and he began stroking himself slowly as he licked. Suddenly, Ilsa was spent and she lowered her bum back onto the bed, shaking with pleasure after the intense orgasm she had experienced. As she lay there, panting, Richard remained between her legs, stroking himself as he gazed at her body.

After a couple of moments, Ilsa found the breath to speak. “Shit, that was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard. My God.” Then she chuckled with pleasure. “How about you now, babe? I know you want to get off.”

“I’m working on that right now,” he whispered as he stroked himself.

“Really? Take this off so I can watch.”

“No way. I’m not letting you see anything yet.” And with that, he let go of himself and began to slowly crawl over her body, pushing against her with his penis. As he moved, he touched her clit, sending yet another wave Escort Antalya of pleasure through her body, he pressed his head into her bellybutton, where she could feel a little of his pre-cum, then pushed along her belly. She tried to see his face through the blindfold, but couldn’t, as he straddled her body.

Richard reached for a bottle he had warmed in hot water in the sink, squirted some on his hands, then began to massage Ilsa’s breasts with fragrant oil. As the scent of cinnamon reached her nostrils, she could feel his balls pressed against her belly. As she inhaled the aroma deeply, he smoothed the oil over her, coating her breasts, rubbing it into her sensitive nipples, sliding his hands over her. As her nipples hardened once again, he set aside the bottle, then moved up her chest a little.

Taking his penis in hand, he began to push the head over her breasts, pressing against her nipples, rubbing into the oil. “Mmmmm,” he moaned, stroking a little as he moved it over her. Ilsa wished she could see the pleasure on his face, but was also still enthralled by being blindfolded through their lovemaking. Now that his penis was oiled, as were Ilsa’s breasts, Richard laid it on her chest and then pushed her beautiful globes together with his hands. Firmly tucked between them, he began to pump with long strokes, oiled and sliding easily. As he gently tit-fucked her, the heat of their bodies increased the aroma of the cinnamon oil, and his pumping created enjoyable, squishy sounds.

Now both were moaning, and, as Richard looked at Ilsa’s blindfolded face, she smiled, enjoying the feel of him sliding between her breasts. Feeling his orgasm approaching, Richard squeezed tighter and picked up his pumping pace as he looked down. As he moaned louder, Ilsa smiled again as she sensed Richard’s cumming attraction. “Come on baby, it’s your turn,” she breathed. “Go baby. Go.”

Richard needed no further encouragement and, as he felt pressure building in his balls, he couldn’t hold back. He squeezed Ilsa’s breasts hard and madly plunged his penis between them. In and out. In and out, going full length between them. As he was about to cum, he arched his back and looked up at the ceiling, trying to hold on, trying to put it off… Finally, though, he came; blasting his cum onto Ilsa’s face below her chin, where it ran down over her throat. As she felt his warm load hit her, Ilsa chuckled. “There you go baby. Pump it out. Go for it. Go for it.” Richard continued fucking her breasts and, as his cum flow slowed, he slowed his motion to a gentle rhythm and looked at her smiling face once again.

“God,” he whispered, breathlessly, “that was incredible. I don’t know if I’ve ever cum as hard as that. Still straddling her chest, he released her oily breasts and put his hands on his hips. Looking at her, he moved a little up her body and bent to kiss her. Still a little out of breath, he planted tiny kisses on her lips, then moved his tongue over them. As she smiled, he licked her teeth, then plunged into her mouth, where Ilsa greedily sucked at him. Richard moved to lick some of his cum off her chin, then plunged his tongue back into her mouth, where she licked it off him. As she did, they moaned into each other’s mouth, enjoying the sensation of their tongues intermingling.

After long moments, they broke their tongue embrace. “Richard, I’m getting kind of stiff and sore. Can you untie me now?”

“Of course babe. Of course.” Richard turned and untied Ilsa’s ankles and noticed with some concern the red marks the scarves left behind. “Are you okay? I think I had those too tight, they left marks.” He then turned between her legs to reach for her wrists at the headboard.

“They’re just fine. Don’t worry. They weren’t too tight at all,” she whispered. Richard knelt back between her legs as she stretched her arms slowly and luxuriously. He watched as she untied the scarf over her eyes. Blinking from the light, she looked at him kneeling between her legs, his penis at half-mast, and smiled. “Kiss me.”

As he stretched over her, they kissed deeply and Ilsa wrapped her legs around him, hooking her ankles behind his back to open herself to him. “That was absolutely wonderful,” she murmured. “But I don’t think I’m ready to call it a day just yet…”

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