Tina Carson – The Early Years

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Tina Carson scanned the room as she waited patiently for her turn to be served at the bar. She was on another night out with the girls from work, organised as per usual by her friend Mandy who had decided that they should try out the new retro bar that had just opened in town. The theme was meant to be a fusion of the swinging sixties and the glam rock era of the seventies. Tina wasn’t sure if the mix worked that well but it certainly appeared to be the general age of the people it had attracted!

It was when she turned back to see if she was any nearer to getting served that she became aware of someone standing close beside her. She looked sideways to see a man ogling her breasts. It took him a while to realise that she was now looking at him.

“Alright darling, come here often,” he said leering into her face, giving her the full force of his beery breath.

“Hardly,” Tina replied frostily, “seeing as this is the opening night!”

“Oh yeah … right,” he said, looking around desperately whilst he struggled to think of something more to say.

“Can I get you a drink?” he blurted out, an idea coming to him at last.

“I don’t think so,” Tina replied haughtily, “besides, I don’t think my husband would be too pleased if you did.”

“Oh … right, see you later then,” the man said taking his rebuttal as his cue to leave as quickly as possible.

Tina turned her attention back to the job in hand and after finally getting served she returned to her friends with their drinks.

“Managed to tear yourself away from Romeo then?” Mandy taunted, she being Tina’s work colleague and best friend.

“Very funny, I don’t think,” Tina replied forcefully. “You know what; I always seem to attract older men, never the young hunks. I’ve no idea why?”

“Must be your motherly looks,” Mandy said with a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, something like that,” Tina replied sadly, not even bothering to respond to the mild ribbing of her friend. Her mind was already wandering and as the conversation around her turned to other things her thoughts drifted back in time and in particular to her first encounter with an older, married man.


I looked at myself in the wardrobe door mirror. I was pretty sure that I looked okay but I wasn’t certain if mother would agree with me.

I smoothed my hands over my black skirt, reaching the hem about mid way down my shapely thighs. It was short. I chewed on my lower lip and contemplated whether mother would consider it too short and therefore too revealing.

It was the day of the Astle’s Christmas Charity Party. This was an annual event when the Astle’s, a fairly wealthy and prominent family in our town threw open the doors to their large home and held a fund raising event.

Not only would they invite all their friends and business associates but also the entire neighbourhood that lived down Two Mile Lane. And that included our family. We lived at one end and they lived at the other. It was funny that it was still called Two Mile Lane as it was probably not even a mile long now. I suppose seventy odd years of urbanisation including splitting it with a trunk road had put paid to that bit of nostalgia.

I’d turned eighteen this year so I was hopeful that my parents would treat me as an adult for the first time and let me drink alcohol at the party. In reality I’d already tasted it but they weren’t to know that. The only drawback was that these parties could be a bit boring for a teenager. I’d realised that a couple of years ago. Too old to play kids games and not old enough to be treated seriously as an adult. Maybe this year would be different.

I smoothed on my thigh high stockings, a first for me, and slipped on my brand new 4″ stiletto heel shoes, a belated birthday present to myself, bought using money gifted to me. I thought I looked pretty good.

“Tina, are you ready yet?” The strident tones of my mother shouting up from downstairs made me jump.

“Yeah, nearly,” I yelled back as I turned my attention to finding the sweater I had selected to wear. I finally located it and pulled it over my head. It moulded itself around my breasts. It was a bit tight and I wondered if I was still growing in the chest department. I messed about with my long blonde hair until I felt it was okay. Then I touched up my lipstick. I normally didn’t wear much makeup.

“Tina, come on, we have to go … now!” Mother’s strident tones once more echoed up the stairs.

I had no idea why she was in such a hurry to get there. It was barely eleven o’clock in the morning and it was well known that these parties usually went on into the early hours of the following day.


God but I was bored. We’d been the first here, as per usual. And no doubt we’d be the last to leave if my wife April had her way. It was almost embarrassing. The party invite said eleven am. We were stood on the Astle’s front doorstep at ten minutes to eleven. Even the Astle’s seemed görükle escort embarrassed for us. Well for me really. The social faux pas just washed over my wife’s head, as she said with a little giggle, “are we the first to arrive?”

My bad mood had been lifted briefly when our neighbours from across the street arrived about an hour later. With them was their eighteen year old daughter Tina. And she looked great!

Even though she was now an object of my unrequited lust, I had known Tina since she was a little girl. Her parents had moved into the house opposite me and April twelve years previously and I had watched her grow up. From the precocious little snotty nosed kid to the gawky, gangly teenager, Tina had now blossomed into a fine young lady. She had been a late developer, having no breasts to speak of at sixteen but her chest had exploded in the last couple of years to become the delightful and bra busting, tight sweater filling size they were now.

It had been quite a few weeks since I’d seen her and even then she’d only been in her very unflattering work clothes. But now she was all dressed up and even wearing high heels, I really liked what I saw.

Okay she wasn’t beautiful by any stretch of the imagination but there was a pretty, fresh faced, homely quality about her that made her look quite attractive. There was no brashness in her teenage looks and she had a lively personality that I genuinely had always found endearing.

Appearance wise she was blessed with long, naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Her lips were full and although she normally didn’t wear a lot of makeup, today she was wearing a bright red lipstick, which really suited her. I also noticed that her nails were varnished the same colour.

She disappeared soon after they arrived as her parents did the rounds of all the other rooms. I took a glance at my watch. It was getting close to one o’clock and I was hungry. Was it too early to leave? I hadn’t wanted to come to the party but April had insisted. It would be rude not to go she had said; everyone who is anyone will be present. My wife was quite the social animal, always hovering on the periphery of the ‘in’ crowd, desperately wanting to be accepted.

I took a quick glance at April again. She was in deep conversation with that pretentious prick Tarquin Quintrell or whatever he liked to call himself these days. I’d known him by his real name of Kevin Turvey. He seemed to have conveniently forgotten that I was at school with him. Fucking arsehole!

And then suddenly there she was. She had wandered back into the room and joined a group of people standing just a few feet away from me. I now had a close up and unobstructed view of young Tina. I relaxed myself back into the deep cushions of the sofa and took stock.

I started with her legs. I’ve always been a ‘leg man’ especially when they are combined with high heel shoes. I am a sucker for the subtle curve of a solid thigh, together with the sensuous shapeliness of the calf and the exquisite slimness of the ankle especially when the whole thing is encased in sheer stockings and finished off with a pair of extremely high heels shoes, preferably stilettos. And to me Tina’s legs fulfilled all of this and more.

I let my gaze wander up her legs. She was wearing a tight black skirt that clung enticingly to her thighs and moulded itself around her shapely arse. I nodded inwardly to myself. Ah yes, her bum was divine as well! The skirt was almost obscenely too short but it did display a pleasingly large amount of her toned thighs, which were sheathed in sheer looking stockings or tights; I didn’t know which although I hoped it was the former.

I moved my gaze higher. Her top was a red, vee neck sweater, which fitted tightly around her large, perky breasts with the vee revealing a delicious amount of her already well developed and entrancing cleavage. I figured her boobs were around a 36C or 34D. I wasn’t sure which. Not that it mattered much. They looked more than a handful and that was fine by me.

I sighed longingly to myself. Only an eighteen year old could get away with that look. No sagging and no wrinkles, just fresh faced, nubile and oh so very desirable. I suddenly wished I was younger. What I wouldn’t give to have her sumptuous legs wrapped around my neck as I sucked the life out of her sweet pussy lips. I could feel my cock was leaving a wet patch in my boxers and I chided himself.

I adjusted my discomfort and settled back further into the sofa. I took a quick sideways glance at my wife who was still sitting next to me. She’d once had a body nearly as fit as Tina’s. But the passing of the years combined with a succession of increasingly bizarre fad diets and a fondness for alcohol had left her so painfully thin that her tits and arse had all but vanished. And she was still on a diet and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. Add to that her change in attitude towards me and I honestly didn’t know bursa escort bayan why we were still together. We had no kids keeping us that way. I suppose we were both just too lazy to start all over again on our own.

I scanned the large living room just to make sure my ogling of Tina wasn’t being noticed by anyone else before my eyes came back to feast yet again on her body. Well at least there’s something attractive to look at I mused. I glanced back at her legs. I don’t think I would ever tire of looking at them and I was just loving her high heel stilettos. They were really showcasing her legs to their best.

At that moment, Tina slightly lifted her left leg to flex her foot as she shifted her weight to the right. Bringing the left heel down she then twizzled her leg slightly from side to side as if relieving a touch of cramp. The effect was mesmeric as I watched her ass cheeks wiggling inside her tight skirt. To me this one act was a profoundly erotic moment and one that caused my cock to twitch alarmingly.

“Oh my God,” I gasped out loud. I hadn’t realised just how worked up I’d become from gazing at Tina’s legs.

“I’m sorry Bob,” April snapped, turning sharply to glare at me, “did you say something?”

“No, no, it’s cramp … I … I’ve just got a touch of cramp,” I replied quickly, trying to cover my embarrassment. I felt a surge of guilt, as if I had just been exposed as a dirty old man.

“Oh, is that all,” April replied haughtily, immediately turning her attention back to Tarquin. I’d realised a while ago that she really had little or no interest in anything I had to say.

Tina meanwhile was totally unaware of the torment she was causing me and whilst I wrestled with my growing lust and feelings of stupidity, she knocked back what remained of her drink, politely made her excuses and went off, presumably in search of more booze. I waited a bit and then decided to follow.


I’d had enough of making pointless small talk. Everybody seemed totally disinterested in what I had to say about anything, still treating me like a little schoolgirl. That was everybody except Mr Astle. He most definitely wanted to treat me like an adult.

When we first arrived mum and dad were met by him and his wife. He shook my dad’s hand and then kissed mum on both cheeks. As they turned to greet Mrs Astle, Mr Astle turned his attention to me. I didn’t particularly want him to kiss me on both cheeks and I certainly didn’t want him to put his hand on my arse and give it a good squeeze as he did so.

I smoothly extricated myself from his wandering hands and then stood patiently at the side of my parents and away from him. It wasn’t much later that he offered to get us all a drink and suggested that I come and help him. I couldn’t exactly refuse without appearing churlish. With mum and dad still deeply engrossed in conversation with Mrs Astle he guided me off into a side room.

He soon made it perfectly obvious what he wanted by putting his hands all over my body. I struggled trying to fend him off but was scared of making a scene and embarrassing my family. Well that’s what he’d said would happen if I didn’t let him do what he liked. He made me sit down on a sofa next to him and then he put his hand up my skirt. I knew what he wanted but he then made a pretty obscene suggestion to me that of course I rejected immediately. Luckily someone came into the room at that point and that seemed to distract him long enough that I could make my escape. Which I did, straight into the kitchen, where to calm my nerves I attacked the bottle of vodka with a passion. I managed to latch onto a group of people I knew slightly and just sort of drifted along with them from room to room.

I desperately wanted to leave now but if I had to be at this bloody party I might as well enjoy myself by drinking as much of Mr Astle’s booze as I could. I made my way back to the kitchen where it was located. I could already feel a bit of a buzz going on in my head but so what. As I got to the makeshift bar and reached for the bottle of vodka I looked up just in time to see Bob Williams, our neighbour from across the road, stroll in.

“Oh hi Mr Williams,” I said brightly, smiling as he walked up to join me.

“Hiya Tina,” he replied, smiling back. “How’s things? And please, I think you’re of an age where you can call me Bob now, don’t you?”

“Okay … BOB,” I giggled in reply. It felt strange to call him by his first name but I guess he just wanted to class me as an adult now, which was fine by me. It was about time someone did.

I’d always liked talking to Bob. He was probably the only adult who seemed to talk to me as an adult and not a kid. He was also very funny and I felt incredibly safe in his company.

And then my mother turned up to ruin the mood.


As Tina chattered away inanely, I surreptitiously let my eyes wander unfettered over her body. We were stood so bursa escort close we were almost touching. In her high heels she was almost as tall as me. She looked lovely and she smelt great. Her perfume was very distinctive and very interesting. Intoxicating almost. Being this close to her I was drawn to her lips, watching them move as she spoke, imagining just for a moment that she had them pressed to my lips as I kissed her. Like most men of advancing years, I like to think that I’m still attractive to young women.

Whenever I go out anywhere, even to go shopping at the supermarket, I am constantly on the hunt for fresh faced, nubile young girls to ogle. It’s fun to lust over them, imagining that they would welcome my attention … would welcome having my cock buried balls deep inside their tight little pussies. But like most older men it’s just wishful thinking and even though I am deep in lust with Tina, that’s all it is; a fantasy and one that whilst I would love to act on it, I know is never, ever going to happen.

But I was certainly enjoying being stood so close to the object of my fantasy and Tina seemed comfortable with me too. But then her mother Barbara arrived to ruin the moment.

“Ah, here you are,” she said fussily as she breezed into the kitchen, “found you at last.”

She then noticed me. “Oh hi Bob, how are you?”

Now I quite like Barbara although at times she can be a little bit stuck up and pretentious. Actually, now that I think about it, she’s a bit like my wife. I think she forgets just how long we’ve known her. I’ve seen her well pissed and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty sight. And as she’s become older I feel she’s now a little bit too hard faced for my liking although I sometimes wonder if it’s because she just needs a damn good fucking. She’s not unattractive so maybe I should give it a try one day because even now she’s still got a body worth investigating a little closer. I could imagine when she was Tina’s age she was probably a hot little number!

Anyway, before I had time to respond to her greeting she spotted the fresh drink in Tina’s hand.

“And you can put that drink down right now young lady! I think you’ve probably had more than enough. Anyway, you shouldn’t be drinking like that at your age, it’s not good for you.” She was in full flow now. “You’re only young and I don’t want you embarrassing us in front of the Astle’s by getting drunk and misbehaving.”

She moved to take the drink out of Tina’s hand. “Oh and by the way we’re going to stay for a few more hours, the Astle’s have insisted.”

“But mum, you promised that we wouldn’t be here for any longer than a couple of hours and we’ve already been here for longer,” Tina whined, clearly upset by her mother’s revelation. “And you know I wanted to go see Stacey today.”

“Yes, I know that, but we really do need to stay longer. Look, if you want, you can go home now but you’ll have to go to Stacey’s another day,” her mother replied. “I couldn’t possibly take you, I’ve had too much to drink now to drive safely.”

“I don’t think so,” Tina retorted, “I might just get a taxi and go to Stacey’s on my own.” Clearly showing her annoyance she then turned sharply on her heels and with a flick of her long blonde hair strode imperiously out of the kitchen.

“Oh dear … kids … who’d have ’em,” an exasperated Barbara exclaimed as she turned her attention from Tina’s retreating back to me.

“Yeah, well … they can be a handful at times,” I replied. I gave her what I hoped was a neutral look. The last thing I wanted was to get involved in a battle of wills between a mother and her daughter.

I took my drink and making my excuses to Barbara left the kitchen to find April. It took me a while but when I finally located her she had moved on from talking to Tarquin but was now engaged in conversation with a group of people I liked even less than him. And to make matters worse they were all clearly the worse for wear even at this early hour. They were bad company sober but drunk they were utterly intolerable.

I looked around the room and sighed inwardly. It was something I was doing a lot more recently; sighing. Well, so April keeps telling me. Apparently it annoys her and knowing that has just made me all the more determined to carry on doing it.

As I scanned the room again I finally realised there was no-one at this party that I felt like talking to. But it was just then that I spotted Tina moving cautiously towards the front door. She was wearing a jacket so was clearly making her escape as she exited the house. I didn’t know if her mother was aware that she was leaving.

I’d had enough too. Maybe I could get away without too many problems as well.

“April,” I called over to my wife, who looked back at me with bleary eyed indifference. “I’m not feeling too good, I think I’m going to go home. You don’t mind do you?”

“No, no you go,” she slurred, “I’ll be alright, I’ll see you later.”

“Okay,” I replied.

As I made my apologies to Mr and Mrs Astle for my sudden departure I thought that the ‘see you later’ for my wife would probably be around two or three o’clock in the morning. These parties always finished late and she was always the last to leave.

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