Tina – My Battle Buddy, My Teacher

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Screech, chirp, touchdown, bounce, touchdown again.

Cheated death once again. But I still hated flying.

As soon as I got inside the terminal, I saw her. Petite, about 5’3″, maybe 5’4″. Glasses over big, emerald green eyes. And golden blonde hair that looked like Rumplestiltskin spun straw into gold and then turned it into her long hair. I don’t know that I have ever seen such beautiful hair in person. I wanted to touch it, but thought that might be seen as creepy.

But she was headed in the same direction I was. As my carry on bag I had an army rucksack without the metal frame. She had a designer handbag and didn’t look like a soldier. But we both seemed to be headed to the far end of the terminal, towards the Fort Lewis arrivals. She hadn’t been on my flight, right? I usually spot that shit a mile away…

She smiled at me. I smiled back. She may have been 18. Hopefully. She was probably someone’s daughter from a divorce, coming to visit her father on post. No ring, so she wasn’t a wife. I could tell that. I was still drawn to her hair- and those eyes, but in those beautiful eyes there was a sadness.

We both went to baggage claim and both got Army issue duffle bags. Maybe she was a cadet! Hopefully I would be spending the next 6 weeks seeing her.

“Going to Advance Camp, too I see. My name is Tina. Tina Haskell. From Montana,” she said, and held out her hand.

Oh, I wanted to kiss her hand and with my best James Bond impersonation say something clever. Then find a broom closet and get to know her better. So what did I do? My voice cracked like I was still going through puberty and said, “Brent Cramer. Iowa State. Nice to meet you.”

We kept heading the same way, got our general assignment as to which bus to ride and which building to report to when we got on post. We sat next to each other on the bus and talked. I had never been to Montana but blurted, “I think we flew over Montana on the way here, though.”

Smooth, man. Real smooth.

She had never been to Iowa. “Do you grow potatoes or buckeyes?” she asked.

“That’s Idaho and Ohio. We grow corn and are known as the Cyclone State,” I answered. But then I realized she was pulling my leg and I fell for it.

Upon arrival at Processing we would find out our individual unit. We were both Brave Rifles, 3rd Regiment, because of the day we arrived, but there were 2 companies of 4 platoons each, and each platoon had 4 squads of 10 cadets. 32 possible squads to be assigned to. And as luck would have it, we both got Alpha Company, 1st Platoon, 4th Squad! From there, we got to pick our battle buddies, and we chose each other.

Last summer I spent 16 weeks going through Army Infantry Basic Training in a similar set up- 10 man squads, 40 man platoons. All men, no women, no drama. If someone got porn mailed to them, we all shared. The fat, ugly women in the Dining Facility all started to look fuckable at the same time. We suffered equally and at about the same pace. I wasn’t sure how it would go with women mixed in though. This summer in the same infantry style set up, but with 5 of the 40 cadets being women, it would surely bring more drama.

I treated Tina just like a guy. As much as I would have liked to, we just weren’t going to have sex, so why ruin a friendship with drama? I had lost what I thought was my one true love several months back when the Air Force and Army became incompatible. Tina would be like my roommate and friend Wendy, who would also be at camp in about a week. And I would treat Tina as such.

As we did our training we shared our downtime- evenings when Mail Call brought us mail, at weapons cleaning when we had time to chat, or MRE lunches in the field at training where soldiers traded food, and we started to bond. We shared more and more with each other every day.

I had several women who would write me and send me a letter spritzed with perfume, or send pictures or something. Guy friends wrote too. Mail Call is so important to your mental health in a situation like this and you always shared those pieces of home with your friends. It is an important aspect of military life.

“You seem to have a lot of ‘lady friends’. I bet you are just the regular Casanova of Iowa State, aren’t you?” she teased.

“No,” I answered sadly. “I have friends that are ‘girls’, but no girlfriend. Had a serious long term one but she chose the Air Force over me.”

She rubbed my arm, “Don’t worry about it. You will find that right woman. You would make a great catch.”

“What about you, Tina? You don’t strike me as someone who has to beg men to look at her. When we landed at the SEA-TAC airport, I saw you. And so did every other guy. You are stunning and a real head-Turner. Plus you are such a great person to know, why aren’t you beating them off with a stick?”

“Long story,” she said. “Maybe some other time.”

I could tell I touched a raw nerve, and I felt bad. I hoped it didn’t ruin our friendship.

About 4 days later, we were on a 3 day- 2 night training Antalya Escort exercise. Battle buddies had to dig a 2 man fighting position, and return to it between missions. She opened up to me, “I had a serious boyfriend. He proposed to me, and I accepted his ring. We signed a lease on an apartment. Then he told his mommy and daddy we were engaged, and his daddy said, ‘No way will you be a military camp follower. You will return home, run the family business and marry someone WE deem to be more suitable.’ So he left me.” Then she added, “But he said I could keep the ring. I sold it and bought a Henry 30-30 rifle before he could change his mind again.”

That story knocked the wind out of me. I could sort of relate, but not entirely. I pulled her head to my lips and kissed the top of her head. Her dirty, sweaty, not shampood in days hair. But that lovely hair! She responded with a small “Mmmm.”

Later that day we encountered an enemy I thought I would never see again outside of Fort Benning, Georgia- fire ants! I swear the Department of the Army transplants fucking fire ants to every army base. And we found them. Tina got into them real bad. Or maybe, they got into her.

My rucksack had everything I might need and some stuff I probably wouldn’t. I had a first aid kit with lots of junk in it, including calamine lotion. I learned the hard way last summer at Benning that calamine lotion works on fire ants.

“Cramer, you gotta help me,” she begged.

“No problem. Where do you need help?” I asked.

“Follow me.” I followed her and she took her BDU top off and was topless, with her beautiful, magnificent breasts there for me to admire. “They got inside my bra band and I need covered front and back. And here,” she dropped her pants and pulled the bottoms down over her butt- her Grade A Turdcutter of a butt. “Will you look and make sure I covered everything? Please?”

I rubbed her back with lotion and I looked over her posterior. “Okay, I am being very clinical here, but I either need to physically spread your cheeks apart, or you need to.”

She did, much wider than I would have, and she gave me beautiful look at her little brown star. Oh, I wanted to poke it!

“Okay, sorry about that. But I think you covered it all,” I said.

She put a fresh t-shirt on and then a fresh BDU top. Then she turned to me, looked at me with a sincere look of gratitude, and took my hand, “THANK YOU! I know that’s not the way you had hoped to see me naked, but I REALLY do appreciate it.”

I was speechless. Again.

I helped her with her back two more times and when we got back to the barracks I gave her the calamine lotion. The next time we were in the field about 2 days later, I asked how she was doing.

“MUCH better! Beckett helped me back in our showers. She was kinda jealous that you saw me naked before you saw her naked.”

Beckett was another knockout from California, if memory served me. I didn’t know her that well since she was in another squad. “Hmm, maybe I can show her where the fire ants are then.”

Tina smacked my arm but laughed, “Men are such pigs!” Then she added, “Maybe you can rub me down again, hmmm?” She purred. What a tease. Made me wish I had done something more when I had a chance.

We snuck off, and she brought the calamine lotion with her. She opened her BDU top, and was topless, but this time, her nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and she had no visible marks from the ants. “Wait till I tell Beckett about THIS,” she said, then opened her trousers to reveal her small, blonde bush. “I owe you for the other day, and I intend to pay up now.” Then she hungrily kissed me.

This kind of shit happens in porn movies, but not to me. So I went with it. Fuck the consequences if we got caught. At least let me finish my wet dream if it was a dream!

“Rule number 1. If a woman invites you inside her, don’t make a mess unless she asks for a mess. Do you have a rubber? Please tell me you have one in your wallet!”

I did. I got it out. “Put it on,” she ordered. I did as she commanded.

“Now fuck me. Bend me over and fuck me silly.”

The mechanics were a little tough- partly dressed, standing up in the woods, me being several inches taller than her. But I fucked her. Felt a snap, kept pumping, and just as I felt her squeeze down on my cock, I erupted. That little snap must have been the condom break because I flooded her insides.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know!” Please don’t let me screw this up I thought.

“It’s fine. I still have a few BC pills left, so we are okay, but my panties are a mess. But you did good with Rule number 2- make sure she cums first.”

Apparently she liked rules. Then we cleaned up and rejoined our platoon. I was out of condoms after that, but I did find a place on post where they sold them. I bought more just in case.

We carried on a few more times, but it was difficult. During the last week of camp, I asked one morning how she was doing. “Ugh, terrible. Aunt Antalya Escort Bayan Flo showed up so now my crotch is bleeding and I have cramps. At least I’m not pregnant. No offense, you would make a good husband, but I am not ready to be a mom yet.”

I wasn’t sure what to say…

Our last week together at camp was not physically intimate, but still was emotionally so. On our way back to SEA-TAC Airport, Tina and I sat next to each other and talked and made plans. She asked, “What are you doing in a week or so?”

“I dunno. I could go to Annual Training and get paid for 2 more weeks of Army stuff, but since I already did this camp, my status in my Guard unit changes, and they have not accounted for my new status, so I don’t have an assignment yet. I could go and make some money unless something better comes up,” I answered back. Hopefully she had the same idea as me. My idea was sex with her- somewhere, anywhere, and repeatedly.

“You said you’ve never been to Montana before. So why don’t you fly out, spend a few days-maybe a week- and we can go fly fishing and celebrate your birthday. Or maybe we will come up with other ideas.”

“Let me talk to my commander when I get back!” Fuck yeah! That beat the hell out of anything else I had planned!

My commander waived my 2 week commitment due to my completion of 6 weeks of ROTC Advance Camp. I bought a plane ticket to Montana. I looked forward to the flight this time. We actually tried fly fishing in the Flathead River, near Columbia Falls. Lasted about 15 minutes before we stopped to have sex.

“Rule 3, outdoor sex can introduce all sorts of bad things inside me, so be careful. A good bet is to take me from behind.” We had a blanket, but the ground was made up of big rocks. But the hood of her car was a good place. She laid down, spread her legs, and purred, “Oh, lick my pussy and get me wet. Yeah, oh, ah, oh god, slam it in me!”

I did, and I sort of violated Rule 1- I wasn’t using a condom, but she had told me we wouldn’t be using them on this trip. But I complied with Rule 2.

“Cum in me. Fill my pussy with your hot load!” So I complied. I said she was a stickler for rules.

I am not saying I was inexperienced, totally. I had been in a long term relationship for a year or so with my first love, but it had ended a few months before. We had been virgins when we started, and we had a lot of sex, but we were learning together. Tina kicked my education up several levels. I’m not saying she was slutty or a whore, but she was very much in tune with her sexual side. And not afraid to experiment. She love pleasure- both in receiving it and giving it.

One time when we were in bed she was teaching me how she liked to have her pussy eaten. She was sitting on my face with my cock in her mouth, “Mmm, yeah, lick my lips. Oooh, yeah, oh, now touch my butt.” I rubbed her butt cheeks. Got close to that little star she showed me at Camp. “No, my hole. Like THIS!” And shoved her finger…

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it.

But her pussy was real wet. I loved her taste. And when she touched me there and I recovered, I shoved my finger deep into her ass and she squirted! I had never seen such a thing, nor thought it was even possible. And she screamed. Almost bit my cock off, but it was worth it.

After she recovered, she said between panting breaths, “Rule 4, or whatever…whatever THAT was, we need to do again. I have never squirted like that before. You are the man!”

I couldn’t have been more proud…

After the 69 episode, we snuggled up and slept. Before we dozed off, she said, “Rule 5. Always cuddle with me afterwards. You will never go wrong by cuddling.”

I really liked her rules.

Then we showered. Then she informed me about Rule 6- safe words. “I want to feel your cock in my ass. I’ve never done that. And we will use a safe word. I may say ‘stop’, but I may not want you to quit. I may need you to just stop for a moment.”

Made sense I guess. I was willing to try anyway.

“If I say ‘Nisqually’ pull out because I can’t handle it.” The safeword she chose was the name of a river we crossed while in Fort Lewis at Advance Camp. It meant something to both of us, yet it wasn’t likely one of us would scream, “Oh cum like the Nisqually” while in the heat of passion.

We thought it best to try this while in the shower. We started running water and we made out some. She stroked me, I fingered her and rubbed her clit. Then she turned around and said, “Soap up my ass. Get it good and lubed up. Then finger it.”

I complied. As I played at her backdoor, she fingered her front door. Finally she said, “I’m ready. Slooooowwwwly at first. Ugh, ooh, ugh, s-s-stop…”

I stopped pushing forward, but she didn’t use the safe word.

“Oh, okay, go slow. It’s soo big in there.” She was tight. Real tight, but I could feel her starting to relax.

“Okay, okay, just hold still. Mmm, let me rock a bit…oh god, that’s different.” She was flicking Escort Antalya her clit, then really started bucking.

“Mmm god, mmm ooohhh god, thrust! Fuck my ass and fill it baby! Fuck yeah! OOOOOHHHH GOD DON’T STOP!” She was racked with a huge orgasm. Then I came in her ass.


It was a pleasurable experience, but let me say I’m glad we were in the shower.

We took it easy for the next few hours. We actually tried fishing again, and went on a short hike.

“Rule 7. I like giving blowjobs, but they are more for you than me. You need to warn me before you cum. I will probably swallow, but it’s polite to let me know so I don’t gag on spurts of cum.”

Sounded reasonable once again. I don’t know if I warned her or not before I came when we 69’d earlier. I don’t think she warned me before squirting all over my face, but in her defense, I don’t think she expected it. And really, I didn’t mind.

I don’t know where she learned how to give blowjobs, but she was an expert. In no time at all I was warning her that I was going to cum. She swallowed every drop.

It was decided that I needed a sperm recharge. We ate steak and eggs and hashbrowns for supper. Then I went down on her. MY rule is that if I go down on a woman, she has to cum. I love the taste of a woman’s orgasm!

Later, I felt recharged and we had sex again. “Rule 8. I like being on top sometimes. I want to dominate and control how deep your cock goes in me. You can touch me anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE!”

I touched her lovely face. That was sensual and beautiful. She sucked on my thumb at one point, so I got more into it. She had perfect breasts. I played with them. “Squeeze my tits. Pinch my nipples…not too hard…oh yeah.”

I grabbed her hips. I worked around to her backside, and when she was close, I hit her butthole again.

“Ooh…yeah…so close, so close! Mmm, oh, ugh o g-g-god oh”- finger in her ass-“Oh fuck! Uuuhhhhhaaaahhhh…” unintelligible, but loud, then she squirted, and passed out. Or fainted.

It must have been good.

That went on for two more days, then I had to return home. She agreed to come to Iowa over Labor Day weekend. It would be a short trip, but memorable all the same.

“Rule 9. If I fly out there, you will cook for me and fuck me silly. Or we get a hotel room,” she said.

“Let me see what the roommates are doing. Hopefully they all go home.”

“Oh, and Rule 10. These are for your eyes only,” as she handed me a half a dozen nude pics of her. Keep in mind this was 2000, and we didn’t have smartphones with great picture taking capability. These had to be taken and the film developed. “In Iowa, maybe we will make a movie,” she purred.

At least I had good beat off material, but it was a long 3 weeks until she arrived.

She flew in on Friday morning and had booked a room near the airport. I planned to skip class so we had 3 full days to fill with hot, intense sex.

She came up to me at the airport and I didn’t even recognize her at first. Gone was her lovely, long blonde hair. Instead she had short, brown hair. It looked nice on her, but it wasn’t her beautiful blonde hair.

After pleasantries were exchanged she said she was tired and since my roommates wouldn’t leave us alone until Saturday night, we checked into her hotel, which had a pool and hot tub.

We brought our bags into our room, and she said she really needed a shower before we did anything and asked me to go pick up some food while she got ready.

When I came back with lunch she was on the bed in a red satin bra, matching thong, garters and stockings. She looked incredible!

I dropped our food and started throwing off my clothes as quickly as I could on my way to the bed.

“Rule 11. If a lady is wearing lingerie or something sexy, you appreciate it, and her. Don’t tear it off. Unwrap the present slooowwwwly…”

That was a tough one to follow until she said, “Over on the desk. Get the camera and take a picture.”

Holy shit! What did I do to deserve this? Hell, I didn’t care! It was here for the taking.

I took a few pics as she posed in her lingerie. Finally she said, “Come here.” She spread her legs open and said, “Pull my panties to the side.” I did, and gone was that fine, blonde pubic hair. In its place was a freshly shaved pussy.

“Want to taste me?” she asked.

Well, yeah, of course! I dove in, licked her outer lips, fingered her, and dug in deeper. She was soaked. Her pussy squished and was getting creamy, so I dove in with my tongue, hungry for a taste.

God she tasted magnificent! “Are you going to squirt for me? What is your rule for talking dirty? Tell me what you want.”

“Ah, oh, Rule…oh fuck, rule…oh god, rule whatever says treat me like your fucktoy! Oh god! Fuck me with your tongue! Finger me all over! AAAHHH SHIT! I’M CUMMING! PEASE DON’T STOP!

She squirted, giving me another squirt facial, and I pulled my finger out of her ass as she said, “Pull my panties to the side and fuck me hard! Treat me like your whore!”

I would never call her that, but she was caught up in the moment. So I pulled her panties to the side and with no warning or delay shoved my full length as deep and hard into her waiting pussy as I could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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