To Bask in Breastford Ch. 15

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It was a glorious day in Breastford as Coach Steven Blue walked down the drive to his car. Yesterday had been a beautiful one, as was the day before that, and before that, and every other day, it seemed. But today in particular held a certain amount of glory for our coach that ‘beautiful’ could barely begin to describe it. Over the weekend he had managed to secure a victory that would bring any full grown, heterosexual male to tears…and he was all too aware of it.

He, himself, had almost cried. Such tears of joy could only be brought on after achieving something of great importance to the achiever, over a prolonged and terrible period of time. As of this moment, he was the embodiment of envy for just about every other man that ever lived…and he knew it. Yes, today was glorious.

But there was still much more glory to be had, and even more to be seen.


Disrupting the motion of opening his car door, Coach Blue turned and looked for the source of the voice that called his name. A few doors down, Natalie Knockers was engaged in the same motion.

Coach Blue smiled as he gazed at Natalie. Ironic that she was the first woman he would see on this – his day of glory.

“Heading out?” she asked.

“You know.” Coach Blue replied. “Got a lot of work today.”

“I’ll bet.” Natalie said. “Maybe I’ll see you throughout the day.”

“Sure.” Coach Blue replied.

Natalie waved a quick goodbye before taking a seat inside her vehicle. Coach Blue followed suit. He turned the key, gripped the wheel, and began backing out of the driveway.

“Mountains of work.” He thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

The sound of bouncing basketballs filled his ears as he made his rounds in the gym.

For the first time, he thought it ironic that he was both a basketball coach, and a breast man. For years he’d been surrounded by bouncing basketballs, bouncing every which way you could think of. And for years he’d never seen a pair of breasts bigger than his wife’s. Now, he was surrounded by breasts the size of basketballs, big beautiful ones, and he now had both. Being coach of this basketball team, he knew that sooner or later those basketballs were going to gravitate towards him.

He stared at the busty teens, examining their full breasts as he did so. He went from each mouth-watering pair to the next, until he found the two pairs he was looking for.

As he approached them, he couldn’t help but notice that things somehow looked different. It was as though a veil had been pulled away from his eyes and he was seeing things clearly for the very first time.

“I see two for the price of one.” He thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Okay, listen.” Brooke urged. “We play it cool, alright? Nothing gets out of control, got it?”

Brittany was listening to her intently, for the first time in what seemed like ages.

“And what if it does?” She asked.

“We end it.” Brooke said, solemnly.

“Okay.” Brittany replied. “How do you wanna do it?”

Brooke stopped to think for a moment, before taking her breasts in her hands and holding them up on display.

“We’ll play it up.” She said.

“Sounds good.” Brittany said, displaying her own busty rack in her hands. “Like last time?”

The two of them stepped forward into each other so that their massive racks collided and pressed into each other. Had there been a man on sight, he would have had a heart attack due to the excitement of seeing their four big boobs bouncing and jiggling against other.

Each girl had her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the other’s huge jugs upon her. Before long, they ceased their boob-play and began fiddling with their hair, as if trying to get ready for an occasion.

“Just like last time.” Brooke said, before turning to open the door to their coach’s office.

* * * * * * * * * *

Inside, Coach Blue was leaning up against the front of his desk.

“I love to see my girls taking the initiative and bringing their own basketballs.”

He was staring directly at their chests.

The two girls giggled as they looked their coach up and down. He was wearing a gray t-shirt and blue workout shorts, but the shorts did nothing to hide the huge erection he was packing beneath. It looked like he had a missile jutting out from his crotch.

“This is gonna be sooooooo easy!” Brooke laughed.

“Tell me about it!” Brittany agreed. “You wanted to see us, Coach?”

“Yes.” Coach Blue said, nonchalantly. “I think it’s time you girls played nice.”

The laughter was starting to die down as the girls put on serious faces. They stood in their gray practice shirts and short blue practice shorts, as they often did in his office: Brooke on the right with her arms crossed over her impossibly massive chest, and Brittany on the left right next to her with one hand on her hip, accentuating her curvy figure.

Both of their racks were stretching their shirts, ready to burst out.

“What makes you think that we want to play at all?” Brittany asked.

“Wait, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Brit!” Brooke interrupted. “You know what, coach? You’re right.”

“Oh really?” Coach Blue said, slyly.

His eyes were glued to Brooke’s massive rack. Her arms were crossed over her chest, but they were so skinny and small that they did absolutely nothing to hide the glory underneath. Her big boobs were exerting so much pressure on her forearms they looked as though they were a pair of big, heaving balloons ready to burst. The material of her shirt, along with the vast amount of titflesh it was concealing, was literally wrapped around her petite arms. Coach Blue thought it was cute, and, incidentally, sexy at how she thought she could conceal them or even keep them at bay with those skinny arms of hers.

His eyes then took to Brittany. Often, she was the one he considered cute. It was cute the way Brooke was always instructing her in the ways of their practices. Today, however, she was anything but. She stood next to her busty friend with one hand on her hip, turned at a slight angle opposite form Brooke’s.

Coach Blue couldn’t tell if it was from pressure exerted on her body by her hand or the natural explosive heave of her upper body, but her rack was nearly touching Brooke’s even as she stood at a distance.

The two of them seemed to pay no mind, yet the looks in their eyes told him they were all too aware of it, and they knew how it made him feel. Brittany, in particular, seemed to have that look of seduction in her eyes. Perhaps she felt she had to accentuate more than her “know-it-all” counterpart, or perhaps this was simply a matter of perspective. Either way, Brittany looked like a busty vixen well beyond her years, and today she and Brooke were somehow evenly matched. In the back of his mind, Coach Blue wondered just how long this reversal of roles would last.

Brooke nudged Brittany with her elbow.

“Oh! Yeah!” Brittany said. “You so are.”

Brooke now took over the conversation.

“You see, we’ve been talking it over.” Brooke said, unfolding her arms and letting her massive boobs spill out under her shirt. “And I think we’re ready. The question is, are you?”

“Oh, I think I’ll handle things just fine.” Coach Blue said.

He was all too aware of the grin he had on his face. He wondered if the girls were aware of it as well. His better judgment said they were underestimating it. Although his body was, at the moment, giving in to the torture these two busty teen babes were handing him his mind was well at ease. The simple fact that he could think passed their huge melons, the simple fact that he could think, was a direct indication of that.

It was a bit hard to describe. Even though his body was not sure of itself, his mind was. His mind said that it could be controlled. It was as though he were making a shot during the final seconds of a game. His palms were sweaty and the goal looked impossibly small, but he knew it could be done. He was smiling now, but he could stop anytime he wanted.

“I’m sure you will.” Brooke said, glancing at the huge bulge in his shorts.

She and Brittany grabbed hold of the bottom of their thin gray shirts and lifted them up and over their chests, exposing their sports bras.

Coach Blue’s eyes bugged out and his cock throbbed at the sight of their bra-clad beauties. Even though they were packed away in sports bras, their big boobs shaped them and forced the fabric to act like a regular bra. The cups stayed circular and the fabric ready to burst by the pressure exerted by their huge melons. Their hard nipples poked through their thin bras and were almost visible.

Coach Blue licked his lips as the girls finished pulling their shirts over their expansive busts and over their blonde heads. He didn’t think he would be turned on this much this fast, but then again, he did have a lot of ground to make up for.

The busty teens finally finished stripping their tops off. They dropped them to the floor, and all the motion caused their huge melons to bounce and jiggle inside their sports bra prisons. They had serious looks on their faces as their boobs bounced up and down, coaxing Coach Blue’s eyes to bounce with them.

The girls took their previous positions standing side by side in front of him, but this time in their bras.

“How do you feel, Coach?” Brooke asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I-uh….” Coach Blue stuttered. For the moment, he was having trouble making words. “I’m fine.”

“Aside from those huge tits making my cock hard, that is.” He thought.

“Good,” Brittany said, reaching behind to unclasp her bra. “Because the show’s not over.”

Coach Blue’s heart began to race as he realized what Brittany meant by that. Everything was happening so slow, and yet so fast. His adrenaline was rushing through him like a river, and everything else just sort of tuned out. He had to grip the desk behind him in order to keep from stumbling. As he did so, he began to feel better. His cock was pointed at the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ready, cocked and ready to shoot any minute. He knew he had quite a battle ahead of him to keep from accidentally pulling the trigger.

Brooke now reached behind herself as well, to unclasp her bra.

“Do you want to see the rest of it?” she asked.

The coach nodded, hypnotically, as though he were in some sort of daze or trance.

“Okay.” Brooke said, as her small hands finally found her bra strap. “Then you might want to stand back.”

“And enjoy the show.” Brittany said, as her hands found her bra strap as well.

Coach Blue was awestruck as he realized that this was really happening. Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust were about to show him their big, beautiful, breasts…in all their glory. Despite the gravity he now felt for the situation, he managed to nod excitedly in response to her question.

“You’ll need special vision to see what we’ve got to show you. Right, Brooke?” Brittany stated as she finally unclasped her bra with a loud snap.

Coach Blue’s heart was pounding. The sound of her bra snapping loose sounded to him like a bomb being dropped, followed by an explosion.

“That’s right, Brit.” Brooke said as her bra finally let up with a snap, like her friend. “Can you stay awake for the rest of it?”

The second explosion was just as loud and thunderous as the first. Her bra straps immediately took to her sides and flung gracefully on either side of her heaving chest.

Brooke was licking her lips and biting them with a look of wanting in her eyes, and she was looking directly at Coach Blue. Her own bomb-like bra straps were still swaying at her sides freely, just like Brittany’s.

Coach Blue wasn’t sure if he could handle all this. A few minutes ago he’d been confident in his ability to sustain himself, but the girl’s were bringing their best. They’d just hit him with two busty bra-bombs, and he didn’t know how much more he could take. Their bombs were making it much too hard…on him. He began breathing heavy, and he started to perspire in the wake of his fever.

But something was different.

Things weren’t moving as slow as they’d been last time. He was still able to think on his feet. The busty babes in front of him were taunting him with their bombshell bodies, flaunting their gorgeous teen racks at him, and he wanted to show them up now more than ever. He steadied himself, gripped his desk forcefully, and let a single thought waft through his mind: no pain, no gain.

“Fuck yes…” Coach Blue moaned as he gripped his desk.

His boner was throbbing violently, and it was pointed directly at the busty duo. He saw their bra straps come loose and fly off their shoulders. Both girls gripped their bras from the cups and held them in place over their huge racks, teasing him, unaware of the battle raging inside him.

“Are you ready to see the greatest show in the world?” they asked him.

Coach Blue’s cock jumped from within his shorts, and the two busty beauties finally pulled their bras away from their heaving chests. The sexy articles of clothing dangled in their hands for a moment as they brought them down to their sides, before letting them drop to the floor gracefully. At long last, the busty duo of Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust was standing before him…completely topless.

In that moment, the dam broke. It was incredible – the sensation he was feeling was unlike anything he’d ever felt. Lightheadedness filled his perception, and that lightheaded feeling he had had in the past melded with his entire being and took over, it was as though his body had been switched to some type of dream mode where he was no longer in control but instead a more confident, superior man was controlling him.

They were spectacular!

The sheer size was enough to make any man drool. He had seen them barely covered by a bra, but now that they were filling his eyes in all their glory he felt overwhelmed. He wanted to bury his face between the light-skinned orbs and feel their soft, unblemished skin warming his perception.

He gazed from Brittany’s huge rack to Brooke’s. They were almost identical, save for a few small differences. But both pairs were amazing. They were round, perky, youthful – even as they stood still atop their heaving chests they had a look to them that said they could bounce better than any pair you’ve ever seen.

At their peaks were sweet, suckable nipples that could keep a baby from crying. Although their breasts were light in complexion (like the rest of their bodies) their areolas did a good job contrasting that with a darker tone. Dotted around the edges of the areolas from both girls were tiny goose bumps which, ironically, gave Coach Blue goose bumps upon looking at them.

The cleavage was utterly breathtaking. Their huge orbs pressed together even though they weren’t using their hands. The only way to separate them would have been to pull them apart, but as soon as you’d let go they would bounce back into place and güvenilir bahis şirketleri create that heavenly, vast cleavage that shot up to their necks.

The two girls stood there, letting their coach take in the sight of their big, bouncy boobs.

He was astounded. Their massive racks jutted out so far from their chests that it made his cock drool in anticipation, leaving a small wet stain on his shorts. Brittany and Brooke took note of that and held their boobs in their hands, bouncing them around and trying to coax their coach into unleashing his load in his shorts.

He could not speak. Aside from seeing their huge flesh balloons, finally, he was also dealing with this strange sensation of feverish pseudo-invincibility. For the moment he was indisposed. He was essentially paralyzed, either by the shock of seeing such big pairs of jugs on these two teenage hotties or from sheer excitement, but he could sense that soon he would be back in control, and then it would be time for the two top-heavy teens to invite the audience to perform in their busty, cock-hardening “show.”

The busty girls continued to bounce their huge jugs in their hands, and their huge tits continued to heave for their coach. Their heaving melons showed no signs of letting up. They threw him seductive glances, and raised their brows at him as a teaser of things to cum.

“Laugh it up, girls.” Coach Blue thought. “The shoe’s on the other foot now.”

“Look, Brit.” Brooke said as she jiggled her big hooters around in her small hands. “He’s closing his eyes. He can’t take it.”

Coach Blue was, indeed, shutting his eyes. As much as he wanted to look at the two pairs of heaving melons in front of him he had to take care of the episode he was having first, otherwise, there would be only looking.

“He can’t take it. He can’t see!” Brittany laughed.

“Oh, he can see.” Brooke said, as Coach Blue opened his eyes. “He can see, alright. He’s got special vision.”

“DD vision…” Brittany said.

She and Brooke quickly turned their heads and gave each other looks of confirmation. The two blonde babes each held their tits up as high as they could as they stepped a little closer to the distraught man in front of them.

“What’s the matter, Coach?” Brittany asked.

“Are these big boobs too much for you?” Brooke asked.

Coach Blue stomped his foot on the floor as though he were in pain. His back was arched, and his pelvis was thrust forward. The two girls both let out a small laugh as they watched their coach struggling to sustain himself as they bounced their huge boobs in front of him. The reaction he was having from seeing them unleash their big, busty melons was priceless.

Brittany’s head was turned to Brooke, but her eyes were looking seductively at her coach.

“I guess he’s too tongue tied…” she said.

“From seeing our titanic tits…” Brooke added.

She, too, was looking at Coach Blue indirectly. In the back of his mind, Coach Blue found their looks to be extremely sexy. However, he was preoccupied with other things at the moment.

His dick began throbbing and cocking itself in a sexual rage. It was trying to send him a message.

“These chicks are just too hot! Their boobs are way too big! Have you ever seen such awesome hooters on such young, teen girls? I would know it if you had. I just can’t do this!”

The girls’ eyes lit up as though a light bulb had been lit in their pretty, blonde heads. They saw the tent in Coach Blue’s shorts rise to a new height, the highest they had seen it. It stayed there for a few seconds straight before going back down to its previous height pointing at them. They watched it rise and fall continuously, and they knew they were almost though.

“Do you think he likes them?” Brittany asked.

“I think so.” Brooke finished. “No man can take his eyes off of these.”

She held her boobs up and forced her head down. Her tongue snaked out and licked her nipple. It swirled around the hard bud and over the bumps of her areola before retreating back into her mouth.

“Is that true?” Brittany asked, looking directly at Coach Blue. “Do you like seeing our boobs? Our big, beautiful, bouncy boobs?”

She turned to Brooke, whose nipple was still wet from her own saliva, and forcefully pressed her giant jugs against her friend’s. Brooke did not miss a beat and immediately began rubbing her breasts up and down against Brittany’s, nipple to nipple. Brittany followed suit, and soon the two of them were rubbing their huge tits up and down one set at a time. After a while they switched motions and began rubbing from side to side, swinging their massive udders against each other and filling the room with the slapping of their gorgeous racks.

Each girl now placed her hands underneath both pairs and began shaking their busty boobs simultaneously. They now turned to Coach Blue as their massive pairs pressed into each other.

“You like that?” Brooke asked, looking at her coach. “You like it when we press our huge racks together? You like it when we bounce our big boobs together?”

Brooke now took hold of Brittany’s massive knockers and placed them atop her own. She began bucking up and down, forcing her own huge hooters to bounce with her. Brittany’s boobs began to bounce atop Brooke’s lovely melons as she bounced up and down.

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