To Have and To Hold

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Early each morning when I awake, Your lovely name is on my lips. I give thanks to God that I am such a blessed man. The woman that has been my friend, wife and lover for many years; Has satisfied me with her kindness, tenderness, love and friendship. I have no reason or desire to go astray, she has and holds my heart.

She is God’s gift to me! Her angelic stars are like ornaments of grace, That hold my gaze captive, and I pray that blindness will never overcome or find me. I am instructed by her as a masterpiece of God’s design before me, Her delicate fresh softness is stunning and mesmerizing. Those lips that drip rich with the taste of honey, from her comb, so sweet and irresistible. Her eyes that consume me, causing me to lose track of time. She is like a galaxy that possesses so much wonder and beauty to explore.

She is God’s gift to me, That I eagerly awaken to each day. My wife, my love, my mate is an answer to my prayers! Before she came into my life and heart, Love was a distant stranger. I was so alone and most miserable! Now with her by my side in life, each waking moment reminds me, How truly blessed I am, as her man.

She is a timeless treasure, that has captured my heart. Out of all the priceless jewels in the world; I have discovered that this woman, and her alone has brought purpose into my life. There is no one else on this planet that compares to her! Throughout my life I have experienced various considerations that exist. Her genuineness needs no defense, she is the one that is my timeless treasure, And I am a rich man in love, since she has captured my heart.

This day Heavenly Father, and should there be future days succeeding I earnestly thank you for the wife of my youth She has faithfully ministered to me throughout the years, I need no other Her breasts have satisfied me, and I have been ravished with her love I rejoice with a longing in my bowels: moment by moment, breath upon breath Remembering that our marriage bed is undefiled and sanctified, before You.

To me, her field of dreams is like your tender mercies, fresh and new each day Her lips that I have explored and kissed, fashioned by Your divine will Illuminate her milk white breasts that have nurtured our young, giving sustenance When I gaze upon their lovely perfection, I become hypnotized And being like an infant, I too want to have my appetite fully satisfied.

How wonderful and exquisite is her precious aroma that You have endowed her with When we amorously embrace, making our intentions more romantically visible, almanbahis I am removed from the reality of the present. I whisper, in my mind, oh, my bowels ache for your touch and inviting favor. My breath yearns for more access and excess to your pleasurable attributes. This rhapsody that possesses my members with joyful augmentations, Seeks to find that transforming coda of solace, that only exists in your soft and tender embrace. To love and to be loved in return, To achieve that priceless blessing of God’s design and experience that ultimate, harmonious, apex.

Allow me my dove, to be your curator of unparalleled pleasure. Allow me to empty the contents that I carry in my heart, just for you and you alone. Allow me to let every drop find its way to fill you, you are my past and present, That we may both enjoy the sweet bliss of this symphony so divine. Together we can surrender ourselves to that unspeakable twilight! For tomorrow is a new day, should God grant us another sunrise. My heart is like an open book communicating to you the words of a lovers heart. That you have ignited time and time again since we said, I do. Tomorrow may never come to us this side of Heaven, my darling; But as long as we have today, let us give ourselves to one another For the sake of our preordained, and passionate love.

Think of me my darling with my wet, warm, soft and eager tongue, That desires to drink from your delicious fountain, and feast upon your incredible delicacies. Think of me my sweetheart and my soft tender lips, That wish to caress and devour you upon each and every breath I take. Think of me my love, upon this declaration of my feelings that I am sharing with you; That you might understand, and possibly share, these pleasurable, intimate thoughts that I have for you.

Think of me as I lovingly admire your beautiful breasts, so robust and delicate; Provoking me to kiss, fondle and caress your seductive curvatures beneath my fingers, face and hands. Think of me how I am enchanted by your beauty that no other man can possess or enjoy. This gives me joy without measure, and makes my life with you a perfect exchange of ecstacy. Think of me when I touch you during the night, where sleep attempts to hide and keep you from me. This makes me to ache, and want you more, as your lover and husband!

I have discovered that as your husband, it’s not just about me looking for fulfillment, Wanting to enjoy and fill your wonderful court endlessly with my presence. I seek to satisfy your wants and desires, and not just almanbahis giriş my own! Instruct me and teach me. Please understand, my thoughts and desires for you only increase and escalate, moment by moment. As I think of you, and how much I hunger and thirst for only what you can give me; grant me license. I want to kiss you, to lick you, to gently suck upon your ravishing body, and caress you over and over again. Think of me my love, as I think of you with intimate, pleasurable thoughts of longing intensity.

When you think of me, my love, where do your thoughts take you? What do your thoughts conjure up in your imagination, when you think of me? How do those thoughts make you feel, inside and out, when you think of me? Where do those thoughts take you, in your minds eye when you do think of me?

As I lay awake during the night, after we have given ourselves over to love’s release and splendor; My thoughts drift to that sacred place where the essence of your womanhood inspires me, The fragrance of your extraordinary harvest intoxicates me. To touch you only heightens my desire, but to have you that would be euphoric, Which only momentarily appeases the desires that you have cultivated within me, Needing release that only you can provide, this side of Heaven When you think of me, my love, where do your thoughts and feelings take you?

When I woke up this morning, sweetheart, I couldn’t help myself! I had to gaze upon you wantonly. While you were on your back in your lovely, restful element of vulnerability, I just wanted to delicately ravish you, and make love to you. With my mouth, my hands and all that I am. Kissing you and experiencing you, inside and out. Oh those heavenly parts that God has endowed you with, they intoxicate me. You intoxicate me, my love. Forever, confirming my intense love for you, more and more, each day of our lives together.

When I am with you, near you, and thinking about you, My thoughts and desires only intensify themselves, like a tsunami. I must confess that it is difficult for me, not to have and enjoy you in that special place. But it is during these moments that I can reflect upon our relationship, Anticipating those wonderful, pleasurable moments when we are together. I am truly thankful for all your qualities, and for all those wonderful delicacies, That you bring to the table of our relationship, and what we together enjoy, as husband and wife.

Yes indeed sweetheart, I want to have you, kiss you and drink from your enchanted fountain, That has almanbahis yeni giriş for years pleasured and nurtured me repeatedly, more and more. There is no shame in my longing and hungering, to bring you to new heights of ecstacy. If I knew that I was going to die tomorrow, my love, All the more reason for us to seize the day, before it ceases to exist, And enjoy the fruits of our love today when the fires of our hearts are still alive. Forbid me not, for I am only a man hopelessly and helplessly in love with you! Let me enjoy the fragrance of your delicious essence once again, Until the final chapter of our lives has ended, and God calls us home.

One of the goals, for me in our relationship, is to never leave you unsatisfied or unfulfilled. When we are together having delicious and vigorous sex together sweetheart, As I fantasize during the day about you, which I indulge in, liberally, with a smile. And gaze upon your intoxicating anatomy prior to our intimate times of mind altering sex My cock and my mouth want to: fuck, suck, lick, and eat you, having you begging for more, as I do inside. This might sound a little excessive, but as your lover and husband you are my Aphrodite, my aphrodisiac.

You turn me on by your mere presence. Just thinking about you turns me on, making my mouth water, and my loins quiver. If you were to come behind me, surprising me; Holding me close while nibbling and blowing on my ears and neck, Kissing me, with your hands dropping down to my waist, Undoing my belt and my pants: pushing me down on the floor, into the chair, Onto the bed and mounting my face with your hot steamy pussy, Oh my sweet Aphrodite, medicate me with your lips, your breasts and your sweet cunt, That makes me weak and tremble beneath you, with delicious orgasmic anticipation Take me and drain me once more my love, before time concludes our abilities to love one another.

As I consider your question about why I enjoy having oral sex with you, and what you taste like, several things come to mind. For me eating you lays the foundation, and intensifies the final outcome of this ravaging need that I have for you. When I am sucking and licking your sweet, warm, wet and delicious pussy, ah, I am in Nirvana. I lose myself in your glow and simmering. The sweetness of your juicy fountain of pleasure makes my mouth water. While I am salivating, I want to plunge my tongue and my hard throbbing cock into the depths of your satisfying cunt, to achieve a mutual, and glorious orgasm that we can both enjoy together. Your voluptuousness is a welcomed delight to this man, who wants to fill you and thrill you in multiple waves of satisfying bliss. To have and to hold you, each moment of each day, will be not be enough to satisfy my orgasmic longings that keep me erect, craving you, each waking day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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