To Taste Her

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I have been writing erotica for many years, but this will be my first public posting. I very much look forward to comments.

She was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had had our first date. It was dark but I could see her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing near the bank of the river, but she couldn’t see me where I was concealed in the shadows. She was waiting for me but I didn’t want to speak just yet. I just wanted to watch her. I could feel the blood and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. I was on fire on the inside, and the heat radiated through my chest and face. It was all that I could do not to race to her and rip her clothes off right there in the park. My God I wanted her. To touch her. To taste her….Dear God that taste. It was so vivid in my memory that I could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.

My breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. The breeze changed direction toward me, and I could smell…..Could it really be?…Yes….My God I could smell her pheromones. The primal desire within me increased to a boiling point. Suddenly I could taste the warm coppery taste of blood, and I realized that I was biting my lip. I stepped slowly from the shadows moving mere inches at a time. I moved silently like a panther preparing to pounce on his prey. In a sense this was very similar.

I was so close now that I could have reached out and touched her. Then I spoke her name. It was a low, rumbling whisper…a growl. She jumped, gasped, and spun around to face me. Recognition was immediate, and she rushed to me. Within seconds her lips were on mine in a wild, passionate kiss. The heat and desire within me exploded into that kiss, and before I realized what I was doing I had sank my teeth into the hard muscle of her neck. She let out a startled gasp that quickly turned into a pleasured moan.

But this was not şanlıurfa escort the right place.

We traveled in separate vehicles to her hotel room. Once inside the room we wasted no words, but slowly began to undress each other. Words were not necessary. Raw desire was all we needed. We both knew what we wanted and there was not a force in the universe that would stand in the way of us experiencing what was one of our deepest desires. She was on her back on the bed, and I was

on top of her between her legs. Our shirts were off, and slowly I worked my way down her neck to her hard nipples. I sucked and nibbled on them hungrily like a starving infant, but I certainly was not going to stop there. Oh no. There were much better things awaiting me, and I was not going to stop until I got what I wanted….What we wanted.

I made my way down her tummy gently kissing and licking her soft skin. I made short work of removing her jeans, and slowly positioned my head between her legs. I was determined that I was going to take my time with this. I had waited a very long time to experience this incredible sensation, and I was not about to rush it. Gently I ran my tongue around the edges of her warm pussy. I could smell her pheromones much stronger now, and I nearly went insane trying to take my time and not dive in like a mad man. That first taste was beyond description as I slowly plunged my tongue deep inside of her. She let out a moan of great pleasure, arched her back just slightly, and flexed the strong muscles of her thighs. She tasted just like I remembered….Better than anything I have ever tasted in my life. Far better than any other woman that I have ever tasted. My tongue and lips soon found her clit, and I nibbled and sucked on it, thrashing my tongue over it violently. I wrapped my arms around her thighs from underneath her, and grabbed her hip bones in an iron grip with my hands. As she got into what I was doing she began to writhe and buck, and It was all I could do to hold her still. By this time her gentle moans had turned into wild cries of passion, and when she reached orgasm she grabbed my head in a death grip, pulling my hair violently. I wanted to continue and throw her into multiple orgasms, but I knew that was not possible. Oh it was quite possible that I could bring her to multiple orgasms but she had recently explained to me that it was not comfortable for her. The sensation was so intense to her that it was almost painful.

She gently pushed me away, and I unwillingly released my grip on her.

I lay down beside her on the bed to rest…and to allow her to rest as well. The room had become incredibly hot, and we lay beside each other out of breath, drenched in sweat. She didn’t waste a lot of time resting though. She was ready to move on, and within seconds she had my jeans off, and my dick in her mouth. The first thought that came to my mind was “HOLY SHIT!!!!” To say that the sensation was amazing would not do it justice by a long shot. It was all I could do not to buck like a wild bronco, but as much as I was enjoying it I wanted something else so much more.

I pulled her up on top of me, and she wasted no time positioning herself so that I could penetrate her. I slid deep inside of her, and my eyes rolled back into my head. My God it was incredible. Soft as the finest silk, hot as the fires of hell, and drenched in her sweet juices. It wasn’t long before her gentle rocking motion became the wild bucking of a woman on fire in the throes of passion. Every time she climaxed I could feel

her strong vaginal muscles clench tightly around me, and to my credit I found that I lost count of how many times I felt that particularly wonderful sensation.

Then I did something completely unexpected. I reached underneath her bottom with both hands, lifted her completely off of me, and planted her straddled my face. This came to her as quite a surprise, and even more so when I rammed my tongue deep inside of her. She let out a startled gasp that turned into a satisfied “mmmmmmmm”, and then into a quick but naughty giggle. Oh yeah she was enjoying this. I latched onto her clit with my lips, and picked up where I left off earlier. She had her head tilted back an her mouth open, which incidentally sounded a bit like the proverbial broken record…”oh oh oh oh!!” Of course I didn’t complain. That’s a broken record that I could listen to all day. Her orgasm exploded all over my face in a gush of hot, and wonderfully tasteful fluids…But I was far from done.

Once again I did something completely unexpected. I very quickly slid out from under her, rolled over, and slammed my dick deep into her from behind. I was rewarded with a satisfying,-and very high pitched -“ohhhh!!!” Frankly I was done being gentle. I was fortunate enough to be a man with lots of sexual stamina, but the last thing I wanted was for this gorgeous sex goddess to get bored. I pored every last ounce of energy I had into thrusting as hard

and deep into her as I possibly could. I could feel one of her fingers pounding away on her clit, and I slammed into her even harder. I could feel myself getting close to climax, and I pushed myself even harder. My muscles were so tight they felt as though they would snap at any moment, but nothing was going to stop me now.

When I came it was so violent that I nearly went blind, screaming and bucking like a man being electrocuted. I exploded inside of her in a gushing flow that was so hot that it nearly burned, but I didn’t slow down a bit….at least not for a few minutes. Hell even a freight train has to stop and cool off sometime. I collapsed beside her on the bed soaked in sweat, panting like a dog in heat, and completely drained.

“That was nice. We’ll have to do it again some time.” I breathed.

She giggled, “Most definitely. How bout right now?” She replied, sliding down between my legs.

*This is based on a true story.*

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