Together Now, Forever Ch. 01

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It was a long time waiting for her. Sarah and I met on the Internet 10 months ago and we were finally meeting. We have been having fantastic phone sex since we first began chatting. We’d share sexual fantasies about how it would be when got together. She wrote me a story long before and it spoke of how she had a fantasy about meeting in the airport terminal for the first time and the first kiss would be something to remember.

Some of our fantasies involved getting into a rental car and her sucking my cock while I was driving. The most favorite of our conversations was that she wanted to give liked to give head. She spoke of wanting to swallow my come or having anal and oral sex with stories of how she hasn’t had her pussy licked in years. I fantasized of how perfect I would wrap my lips around her protruding pussy as saliva streamed down her ass. We have also talked in depth about her secret desire to be submissive. And she has a curiosity with bondage. She gets turned on when we talk about her being tied up and blindfolded. And she wants to tie me down to a chair and have her way with me.

I waited anxiously at the bahis firmaları airport terminal, pacing back and forth. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Finally her plane was unboarding. I watched each passenger as they came out. When we saw each other our faces lit up. We had both said that when we finally met, we were going to have the most passionate kiss imaginable. Holding hands, we went off in search of her luggage. We put her stuff in the trunk, and then I opened her car door for her. We had another extremely passionate kiss, and then I went to the driver’s side to get in. We were barely out of the airport when I felt her hand on my leg, sliding ever closer to my crotch. I looked over at her and she gave me a devilish grin, then placed her hand on my already growing cock. She unzipped my pants, then reached inside and fished out my cock.

” God I have waited so long for this moment, ” she said. Then she leaned over and engulfed my cock.

” Oh my god Yes! ” I exclaimed. She started getting me all worked up, and I had to pull her off before I came. “We want to save that for when we get home, so we can kaçak iddaa get it on camera like we wanted.” Reluctantly she sat back, but I thought I saw her lightly rubbing herself.

As we approached the door to my apartment, I asked her to wait outside for just a moment so I could set up the video camera. After a few I returned, and with a surprise. I told her I was going to blind fold her, which she had told me was one of her fantasies. After securing the blindfold, I led her into the apartment, and straight into the bedroom. I slowly began removing her clothes, and she did likewise to mine. As soon as we were naked, I guided her onto the bed and kissed her. I was slow and tender to start; however it became quite heated quickly.

She said she could not wait, and found my hard cock and put it in her mouth. She had told me that she was an excellent cocksucker, and was certainly living up to her claim. She licked all around my cock, and licked and sucked my balls. Her lips and tongue were everywhere.

She paused to ask if the camera was getting everything, and I assured her it was.

When her mouth was not on my kaçak bahis balls, her fingers were busy tickling my tender nut sacks. She then took me totally by surprise; Sarah lifted my legs up towards my head and started to tongue fuck my ass. Her tongue was frantic about my ass hole. She would alternate between licking the sensitive rosebud and driving her tongue in as deep as she could. She kept switching back and forth between the two techniques. Suddenly, she slid a finger in my ass and returned to her assault on my balls. She took one, then the other, then both in her mouth at the same time. The feeling was incredible. My head was swimming. Unmercifully she returned to my cock, taking it all the way to the back of her throat. Her finger was still sliding gently in and out of my ass; I was about to shoot my load down her throat, and I was going crazy.

She took her mouth off my cock long enough to say that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She sensed that I was reaching my limit, and sucked harder and deeper. With a cry I unleashed a torrent of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop like a pro, then slowed down, but not releasing my cock from her hold. I watched her slowly lick my dick up n down, feeling tender but arousing me still as She continued sucking me for several more minutes, keeping me hard. We had only just begun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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