Tom and Kitty’s Adventure Pt. 03

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Kitty had been shocked by Don’s question. It was like a slap across the face after a night of mind-blowing sex with the two men now lying on either side of her in the huge bed. Tom was emotionally and physically exhausted and was sound asleep on one side of her. However, Don seemed to have been re-charged by the repeated sexual escapades over the previous night’s many hours. First with his former sexual partner Tom, and then with Kitty and Tom together. For her part, Kitty had never before experienced sex with two men simultaneously and their adroit love making techniques together brought her to new heights of orgasmic pleasure. She luxuriated in the memory of those pleasures as her body continued to hum with the post coital-high. An electrical undercurrent from the two men played every part of her body like a fine-tuned violin for its most exciting, arousing stimulation – provided a more powerful satisfaction than Kitty had ever before experienced. The men had done everything conceivable to Kitty in a magnificently spontaneous, yet somehow still coordinated dance of the most erotic, sexual nature.

“No.” She didn’t feel more was required.

“Why not? You are a gorgeous woman who has, I’m sure, attracted many men, and just as many women. Have you turned them, other women, away… have you not wanted to go there?”

Kitty didn’t want to be interrogated by this man. She was tired after the night’s continuous sexual activity, and despite how satisfying as it had been for her, she didn’t feel she owed this man any justification, or rationale, even if he was her lover’s former sexual interest. She mumbled, “Mmmmm,” and hoped he got the message. She didn’t feel the need to discuss it further. Kitty knew that Tom loved her as much she loved him. Her wants, desires or any other stimulations of sexual curiosity were not important – Tom was her lover and she was his – even after the revelations of the past twenty-four hours.

Kitty was exhausted she wanted, no she needed sleep. She kept dozing off…

Tom moved in the bed, slowly turning trying not to wake Kitty. He needed to use the toilet. As he rose up on his elbow flashes of the previous night went careening through his mind. Some of it shocking, some of it sensually, sexually enjoyable and satisfying, but part of his memory was clouded by a pounding headache. Suddenly Tom felt nauseous and moved more quickly but he still tried not to wake Kitty. He looked at his long-time lover adoringly and brushed her cheek affectionately with the very tips of his fingers. Tom knew how much he loved Kitty and how much her reaction to last night meant to him, even if at first, it had been a shocking revelation to her.

As Tom moved from the bed toward the bathroom he realized Don was gone. For a fleeting moment he wondered where his former sex partner had gotten to… but the urge for the toilet over whelmed his mind. He stood in the bathroom assessing his scruffy image in the mirror and decided to jump in the shower and clean up – perhaps the hot water would reinvigorate him. Tom showered and shaved and came out of the bathroom refreshed and ravenous. Kitty was still asleep, but Tom stroked her cheek again and bent to kiss her gently on the forehead. He grabbed a pair of swim trunks and headed for the kitchenette to rummage for something to eat, or to call room service.

Suddenly, Kitty felt abandoned. The bed seemed cold and lonely. She moved her head slowly from side-to -side and realized that she was, in fact alone – naked in the bed where she had sex with two men simultaneously, or rather more accurately they with her, the previous night.

She could hear a muffled voice somewhere in the suite, but she couldn’t be sure if it was Tom. Kitty stretched her arms and arched her back – a luxurious feeling of comfort and extravagance overcame her – alone in the huge bed. Kitty had been the center of two men’s sexual attentions last night and she had been satisfied beyond her wildest dreams. Tom was a fabulously attentive lover, but what Kitty experienced last night was a totally new sexual experience for her. Kitty rolled on her belly and shoved a sex-scented pillow over her head and fell back to sleep…

Tom placed an order with room service – he was starving and ordered enough food to feed a small army. As he was speaking with room service, Tom wandered around the living area and noticed a hand-written note left on the breakfast-bar. Don had written: ‘I’ll call later. So glad we re-connected last night.’

After disconnecting with room service, Tom thoughtfully set the note down on the countertop and stared at it for a long time. He had mixed reactions about seeing Don again after so many years, but even more, he had reservations about involving Kitty in his past life. He turned away from the note and made a sudden dash for the pool – jumping in with his legs tucked against his chest – his body hit the water with a loud ‘thunk’ and water sprayed over the pool deck.

The Antep Escort noise awoke Kitty with a start. She wasn’t sure what the sound was but it had been close at hand and very much out of place in the quiet of the hotel suite. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and once again she heard voices, so this time Kitty reluctantly rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

A very hot shower and a fluffy hotel robe did oh-so-much to improve Kitty’s sleep-deprived mood. She ambled toward the living area of the suite and was immediately struck with the delicious aroma of hot coffee, eggs and bacon. The room service trolley was laden with silver domes covering hot dishes; in addition, there was a plate of artfully arranged pastries and fresh fruit. Kitty reached for the hot coffee first, pouring a cup as she looked toward the pool and the sparkling water moving with the ripple from Tom’s body as he swam the length of it, turning gracefully and swimming back again.

The water glistened off his arms and back as he swam. The water refreshed Tom as nothing else had all morning and he began to feel his strength return. He realized that Kitty was watching him with a cup of coffee in her hand and a wide, adoring smile on her face.

“Join me!” He swam to the edge of the pool and folded his arms up on its rim as he gave his lover a shy smile with a ‘come-hither’ look that melted Kitty’s heart. In one quick motion Kitty set the cup down, slipped out of her robe and took a running leap over Tom’s head, landing in the middle of the pool. The two lovers swam toward each other and embraced, kissing deeply, passionately. Tom ran his hands over Kitty’s back, down over the curve of her ass, slipping a finger into her crack from the back as he held her body tight, pressing her breasts flat against his chest. She instinctively tightened her butt cheeks seductively holding Tom’s finger at her backdoor. He lowered his face toward her breasts, his tongue found a nipple and he began to lick and suck, nibble each breast until her nips puckered with arousal. Kitty always responded to Tom’s tongue on her nipples.

Tom was growing hard and his engorged cock was poking Kitty, searching for her sweet hole. She balanced her body against his, buoyed by the water and separated her legs slightly allowing access to her cunt. Tom interlaced his fingers and supported her with his hands behind her back as she leaned back to float. The water lapped over the couple and offered its own rhythmic quality to their sensual movements. Tom and Kitty joined together. She put the calves of her legs on his hips and leaned back further onto the water to give Tom a way to enter her – the buoyancy of the water allowed them to float. Tom took the opportunity to use his fingers to stimulate Kitty’s clit, as he continued to fondle her breasts and belly with his tongue, moving ever lower onto her smooth mound with his probing tongue.

Despite being engulfed in the warm pool water Tom knew – from his many years of sexual pairing with

Kitty – she was ready for him. Her body moved with a more frenzied need. Tom had been aroused caressing Kitty in the warm, luxurious feel of the water, he was afraid he would cum before he entered her. The couple pulled together tightly with a throbbing desire – each drawing the other closer and moving with a friction of skin against skin. A slow paced tactile arousal would have been lost on them in soft, sensual movement of the warm water. The two, long-time lovers needed to physically reconnect and rejoice in each other after the revelations and new experiences of the past twenty-four hours.

Tom grabbed Kitty around the hips and pulled her up onto his stiff cock; he probed her as deeply as he could penetrate her. She gave a long, deep moan of pleasure as he moved into her, his shaft thrusting repeatedly until she shuddered with the release of an orgasm unlike any other the couple had experienced together. Kitty felt dizzy with the thrill of the sound of Tom grunting and thrusting into her

– lost in his enjoyment of her coming simultaneously with him as they moved together never wanting the ultimate, pleasurable sensation of their climaxes to end.

Tom held Kitty close and gently caressed her back, not ready for them to disconnect from this ultimate intimacy. The lovers bobbled slightly in the water and clung affectionately to each other for quite a few moments. The warm water had surrounded them with a gentle, rhythmic motion that added to the tactile feel of intimacy and connectedness.

He turned Kitty’s face up to his and kissed her gently on the mouth. She returned his chaste kiss with a flick of her tongue between his lips and it made Tom laugh. “You are a tease, Miss Kitty. You always want more.”

“I always want you, my wonderful lover – my life.”

Tom playfully splashed Kitty as he watched her beautiful ass move provocatively as she climbed the steps out of the pool. Then he did his best impression Antep Escort Bayan of a body-builder jock pushing up, off the rim of the pool, extending his arms upward and lifting his body out of the water. Kitty was once again ensconced in the dry, fluffy robe as she nibbled at a piece of pineapple, exploring the food waiting under the silver-domed covers: scrambled eggs and bacon. Settling into a nearby chair, Kitty ravenously shoveled the eggs into her mouth and slowly felt her hunger satiated by the food. She savored the tastes and textures of the delicious food and relaxed, enjoying it almost as much as the luscious setting and of course, the toe-curling sex with Tom.

He strode to the catering trolley in all his glorious nakedness, unashamedly displaying his manliness for his lady. Tom was comfortable with his body as Kitty was with hers. Kitty liked seeing Tom relaxed, enjoying the seclusion of their hotel suite. He piled his plate with food and sat down on the floor leaning back against Kitty’s legs for support and intimate contact, closeness. Neither said a word for some minutes as they busily enjoyed the food.

After a thoughtful silence Tom asked, “You okay about last night, Kitty?”

She didn’t respond at first and his heart stopped as he held his breath fearful of her response.

“I am. Are you doing okay? It was a lot to be confronted with so suddenly – a lifetime ago suddenly rushing back at you.” Tom didn’t reply for a long time.

He didn’t turn to face her but spoke softly, an intimate, caring tone Tom used when discussing his feelings with Kitty.

“I certainly didn’t handle it very well… did I? It was quite a shock of seeing Don again after all these years.”

After a moment’s consideration, and without replying, Kitty reached out and stroked Tom’s head and neck, gently providing reassurance to her lover. She set a light kiss on the crown of his head, but didn’t say a word. He was reassured by her touch.

“Tom, I know the true depth of your love for me, our love for each other, and even last night the initial shock wasn’t so much that you had an intimate, sexual relationship with Don, but rather that you had never told me… it shocked and hurt me that you kept that important part of your life separate from me. Did you think I would judge you? Your relationship with Don was many years before me – us – and even though I have only just… ah… briefly met him, he seems to be a person who cared for you and not just for the moment of sex.” As she spoke, Kitty continued to stroke Tom’s neck and shoulders and run her hands down over his pectorals, then swirling her index fingers around his nipples.

He turned his torso slowly and reached around to pull Kitty’s head down toward his, kissing her mouth hard with a deep probing tongue. Tom’s cock immediately responded, Kitty leaned into the kiss and reached down for his cock and began to rhythmically fondle his stiffening member. All thoughts of food were quickly forgotten. Not for the first time in their many years together making incredibly passionate, orgasmic release – Tom and Kitty acknowledged their love while lying on the floor of a hotel suite – probing and licking and sucking each other into another joyous coupling culminating in the sweet release sexual satisfaction.

Kitty had read the note that Don left on the kitchen counter. However, she decided to let Tom take the lead with any further contact – it would be his decision if he wanted to see Don again.

The couple hired a hotel car to take them downtown to explore the lovely, colonial, British capital, George Town with its pastel-colored historic buildings and shops. They wandered the sidewalks and peeked into shop windows looking for just the right souvenir for her girlfriend, Jaime Lee. Kitty found a silver sea shell bracelet and negotiated a better price for it, as Tom quietly admired her tenacious bartering skills, with a smile of pride on his face.

The couple ate lunch at a dockside restaurant, serving huge burgers and fresh seafood, and watched as a cruise ship dropped anchor near the mouth of the harbor and soon after a tender brought the first of several boatloads of tourists ashore, all eager to spend money and soak-in the sights of the Cayman

Islands in the few short hours they had to visit. After lunch, Kitty and Tom returned to the hotel planning to relax in one of the cabanas on Seven Mile Beach. There was a message from Don waiting for them- inviting them to his home that evening for drinks and dinner. He lived at the far end of the island beyond the Turtle Farm, so he offered to send a car for the couple.

Tom was torn. A part of him wanted to see Don again, to see how Don lived on the island, but another part of him felt he was tempting fate to bring Kitty too far into his past life for a second time. The previous night had been a wildly unexpected, exciting reunion – but the copious amount of liquor Tom had consumed had Escort Antep dulled his instinct to protect Kitty as well as clouding his reaction about involving her in a three-way with a stranger albeit someone he had once known so intimately. He just wasn’t sure this encore invitation would be sensible to accept. He did acknowledge to himself that he would like to have a conversation with his former partner – catch up on life and really see him again in the light of day – sober and clear-eyed.

Kitty was privately having her own reservations about the invitation. She hadn’t told Tom about Don’s question about girl-on-girl sex, but she wasn’t sure whether it had been an idle question or something more probing. The last twenty-four hours had been a whole new experience for Kitty and she wasn’t sure she was still in her comfort zone with this unique relationship Tom had shared with Don. Her inhibitions had been dulled with booze, but she certainly could have stopped her participation at any time – she had been curious and certainly sexually satisfied beyond her wildest imagination – but would it be a good idea to tempt fate a second time. Kitty suddenly felt vulnerable with Don’s relentless pursuit of his former lover, and her. Kitty couldn’t be sure how Tom would respond to the invitation so she anxiously watched her lover’s reaction, but didn’t offer any opinion.

They changed into swim clothes; Kitty slipping into a newly purchased, barely-there, black string bikini which revealed her lovely curvy ass and accentuated her ample breasts. The couple headed to their previously reserved cabana, enjoying the sparkling clear waters of the Caribbean Sea lapping up on the beautiful, white sandy beach. Small, clown fish and other assorted tropical fish darted about in the shallow water, colorfully reflected from the sunlight as they moved between Tom and Kitty’s legs as they stood in knee-deep water. The fish fearlessly brushed close to the couple tickling their legs with fish fins and tails. Tom reached for Kitty’s hand and waded further out into the water pulling her down with him into the gentle waves.

The couple talked all around the invitation which weighed heavily between them. Neither one wanted to ask the other’s opinion about the evening, and its possibilities.

The afternoon sun was dropping lower on the horizon when they headed back to their suite and as nonchalantly as possible Kitty said, “It’s your decision, Tom. If you want to have dinner with Don this evening, we can go. But let’s stay in control and please let’s not let events get out of hand.”

Tom smiled down at his lover and gently kissed Kitty on her slightly sunburned perky, cute nose. “I promise, I’ll be good and I promise to watch over you so that no harm comes to either of us tonight. Thank you my love! I am rather curious about Don after all these years and this evening will satisfy my curiosity.

“Let’s go and have a lovely, quiet – and sober – dinner with an old… friend.”

Tom made the call accepting Don’s invitation and they agreed upon a time for his car to arrive at the hotel to fetch the couple. It gave Kitty and Tom time for a quick nap before they showered and dressed for the evening.

Unfortunately, the nap was pushed aside when Kitty curled under Tom’s protective arm on the bed and started to stroke the soft hairs on his chest, circling her fingers, then running them seductively following the hairy trail down his belly, playfully running her finger tips over the crown of his cock coaxing the pre-cum which gave her an opportunity to lick and suck the salty moisture from his pulsating, hard shaft. Tom lay on his back lost in the erotic pleasures of Kitty’s tactile stimulation on his very stiff cock. He slowly moved his hips up and down reaching, thrusting toward her mouth to gain the most pleasurable sensations while probing her mouth with his engorged member.

She gently rubbed her teeth against the wet sensitive skin on his shaft while the feel of her breath cooled his hot pole as she sucked hard on Tom arousing him further.

Kitty took pleasure in giving Tom great head – proudly feeling she had surpassed her own expectations on this occasion. He exploded into her mouth and she sucked and licked and swallowed his cum while the couple breathed hard to gulp in air after the exhausting sexual calisthenics they both craved with each other. A nap would have been nice, but the sex had been even better!

The car was waiting at the lobby entrance at the appointed hour. The driver stepped out from behind the wheel and opened the car door as soon as he noticed the couple coming through the glass doors.

Kitty absently wondered how he knew they were his passengers, but let it go as she climbed into the back seat of what appeared to be a very old, but lovingly cared for Buick sedan. The exterior was painted a soft pastel pink – most certainly not available on the original color wheel when the car was new. The ride was somewhat bumpy, not from the road, but rather from worn-out shocks.

The driver introduced himself as Clyde, and when asked, offered an explanation that he worked part time for Mr. Don doing odd jobs and so forth. He didn’t elaborate and Tom didn’t pursue it.

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