Tom and Lindsey

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The knock on my apartment door woke me from a dead sleep. I craned my neck and squinted my eyes to read the red numbers on the digital alarm clock: 1:35am. “Who in the hell knocks on my door at 1:35 am,” I said to myself. Another knock.

“Hold on. I’m coming,” I said loud enough for the visitor to hear, followed by a, “goddammit,” under my breath. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and stood. My boxers were going to have to be a decent enough outfit for whomever was bugging me at this hour. I scuffed my way out of my bedroom and to the door. This had better be important.

I peered through the peep-hole. It was my neighbor, Lindsey. I unlocked the dead bolt and opened the door. She appeared quite shaken.

“Thank god you are home, Tom. Can you please help me? Greg followed me home from work, again. He is waiting in the parking lot. I’m scared.” She gestured over the edge of the walkway. Sure enough, there was the familiar red camaro. I had a couple of run-ins with the asshole before tonight. He was rough with her. I had to step in once or twice to stop him from slapping her around. Last time, I warned him that next time I would kick his ass. Now that he had interrupted my sleep, my patience was gone.

He stepped out of the driver’s side and leaned against the car. “Hey – you gonna kick my ass now? C’mon big man. C’mon down and kick my ass, you faggot!” The bastard was bating me. I pulled Lindsey into the apartment and opened the coat closet.

One of the most beautiful items that I own is my ash wood Louisville Slugger with a hickory finish. The syrupy red color shone in the entryway light. “Wait here,” I said.

“What are you going to do?” she asked. “Do you want me to call the cops? He is violating the restraining order…”

“Forget the cops. They haven’t done anything to stop him before. I’m gonna fix his little red wagon once and for all.” I turned to leave, but she grabbed my elbow.

“His car? He loves that thing! Be careful, I think he is drunk. If you damage his car, he’ll go crazy,” she warned me.

“Yep. I know he will,” I finally spun to leave and descended the stairs in my bare feet. The bat was comfortable in my hands. I held it like I was about to approach home plate. I took a couple of practice swings when I got to the parking lot.

“What – you gonna hit me with the bat? That isn’t fair, you fucker!” He was screaming and scrambled back toward the car door.

“You are right,” I put the bat down. “Let’s do this fairly.”

“Alright,” He pulled up his sleeves and started to charge at me. The moment he was close enough to reach, I cold-cocked him in the nose. Blood spurted over his mouth and chin. He took a big sloppy swing and I ducked. Then I hit him in the nose again – this time it broke against my knuckles.

“Ah shit!” He spit blood onto the ground and held his face. “You sucker-punched me, asshole!”

“I punched you, yes. And you are a sucker. So, I guess that makes it a sucker punch.” I was going to have fun with this. I walked over to where I left the bat. I grabbed it and approached the car. “I have had enough of you bothering Lindsey. The next time I hear that you have even thought about her, I am going to do this to your face.” I reached the bat high over my head to get good momentum and it came down like an axe on the hood. The resounding crack left a massive bow in the car’s gleaming cherry finish.

“My car! What the fuck are you doing?” He was screaming through his smashed nose.

Then I wound up and smashed the head lights, one at a time. Then, quite athletically (if I do say so myself) I leapt up onto the hood. Planting my foot in the dent, I would up and smashed the windshield. On the second swing, the glass shattered into the car. Then I jumped down and started in on the doors.

“Stop it! Stop! What the fuck! I’m gonna call the cops,” he took out his cell phone and fumbled it open.

“Good. Call them,” I said. “You have just violated your restraining order for the second time. I’ll keep you company as we wait from them to arrive.” I smiled a broad smile and leaned gallantly on the bat as if it were a cane. He slowly folded the phone and put it back in his pocket.

“Okay. I won’t call them. But, please, stop hitting my baby!” He was begging me.

“Well,” I said. “Let’s talk. Lindsey broke up with you 6 weeks ago, right?”

“Yeah, fucking bitch…” he said. I wound up and hit the car again. “Sorry! No, please!”

“Let’s try this again,” I said. ” Lindsey broke up with you 6 weeks ago, right? – Think carefully before answering this time.”

“Yeah.” He looked down and kicked some dirt. Blood dripped onto his shirt.

“Okay. She doesn’t want you coming around here anymore. I need you to abide. Do you understand?” I was going to give him a shot to walk away from this.

“But, I need to tell her something…” He kicked some more dirt.

“Then let’s get this over with now. Lindsey? Can you come out here for a moment?” She peaked around the door frame. “It’s okay, Linds,” I said. “He wants to just say something porno izle to you. And then we will leave you alone.” She slowly and cautiously came down the stairs.

“Lindsey,” he said. “Give me just one more chance. I promise I’ll be better this time.” He was pleading with her. This was especially pathetic since he was bleeding all over himself.

“No. You were abusive. I need to be with someone who cares for me; not someone who scares me.” She was being firm. I was impressed.

“But, Linds, I promise…”

She cut him off, “You’ve promised before. I’m not going through this again. It is over.” I was really impressed, now.

“Okay. I think that does it,” I said. “It is time for you to go home, Greg. Let me call you a cab. I’ll have your car towed to your house tomorrow. But if you come back, your car will be scrap metal, and you will need an entire team of doctors to put you back together. Do you understand?”

He kicked dirt again and then started to cry. “But I love her. I wanna be with her.”

“I know Greg. But, you screwed up too many times. Now you need to move on. Lindsey, can you go up to my place and call Greg a cab, please?” I turned to her. She stood there strongly.

“Yes. Bye, Greg.” She spun on her heel and began climbing the stairs.

“Wait! Lindsey, wait! I’m am begging you for another chance. You gotta give it to me.” He was starting to blubber.

“No, Greg. I don’t. I don’t want to see you anymore.” She turned back and went into my apartment.

“Okay, Greg. I think that was very clear. You can wait here for the cab. If you’d like, I can get you some ice for your nose.” I thought I’d be a gentleman.

“Fuck.” He was deflated. “You broke my fuckin’ nose and busted up my fuckin’ car, and now you wanna give me ice? You are fuckin’ weird.” He half laughed and then spit up more blood.

“I’ve been called worse. Suit yourself. The cab should be here soon.” I rested the bat against my shoulder. “Goodbye, Greg. But remember: I meant what I said. I will completely fuck up you AND your car if you bother her again. Got it?”

“Yeah. I fuckin’ got it.” He spit more blood on the ground. I left.

When I got back into the house, Lindsey was nowhere to be found. “Linds? You okay?”

“Best I’ve felt in years.” She came out of the kitchen with a cup of hot tea. “I hope you don’t mind, but I needed something to calm me down and I don’t drink anymore. So, I helped myself to some camomile.”

“I don’t mind at all. I don’t think he will be back. It seemed to finally sink in – boy, is he thick.” I really was surprised at his inability to hear what anyone told him.

“I am really sorry that I woke you up. I was really scared. I will go home now.” She grabbed her bag and headed to the door.

“Lindsey. Why don’t you wait until he is gone. He might rethink his position.” I peaked out the window to see him inspecting the damage to his car.

“But, I feel bad. You have done so much to help me. And now I’ve woken you up.” She saw the swelling on my knuckles. “Oh geeze. That doesn’t look good. Let me get you some ice.”

“Thanks. I know not to hit with my knuckles. But, the few times that I have had to fight, outside of work, I have messed up my hands.” I opened and closed my fist. The knuckles were red and getting larger by the minute.

“You are a bouncer, right?” She was wrapping a few ice cubes in a towel.

I sat down at the kitchen table. “Yeah. I work at the Brass Monkey on route 1.”

“Isn’t that a strip club?” She gently took my hand and placed the ice on top of it.

“Yep. It’s pretty gross. But, it pays the bills.” I tried not to wince, but my hand hurt like hell.

“Gross? What do you mean?” She sat in the chair next to mine.

“Well, imagine working around guys like Greg all the time. They’re always drooling all over the dancers and trying to touch them… It’s just gross. Half of the dancers are gay – I don’t see how the ones that aren’t can carry on relationships with men after what they see every day.”

“Well. They also work with you. And, you’re not a bad guy. In fact, you are a very nice man.” She winked.

“Thanks. But, compared to those guys, anyone looks good.” I looked down and laughed. I had a crush on Lindsey for a while. I’ve never told her because she was always working through some drama. In the last 3 months, I had seen her stop drinking and dump Greg. As she became stronger, I was even more attracted to her. I like strong, smart women. I don’t get to meet many in my line of work.

“So, have you ever dated a dancer?” She checked my hand and readjusted the ice bag.

“Nope. Not my type. Most of them are kind of troubled and very few are good conversationalists. I like to talk more than most guys, I guess.” I went to stand.

She put her hand on my shoulder, “What do you need. I’ll get it.”

“Uh, a water would be nice. There are bottles in the fridge.” I sat back down.

“Talk, huh? Well, I’m with you. Greg never wanted to just talk. And if I wanted to go to a museum or to a poetry amatör porno reading, I was going to have to go alone.” She opened a bottle of water and handed it to me.

“Good thing you dumped him then. And, by the way, nice work out there. You were very strong and decisive. I was really impressed.” I pretended to toast her with the water bottle.

“Thanks. But, it is easy to be strong when you have a body guard there to protect you. You were wonderful to help me, AGAIN. I feel so bad that you have had to help me so much. But, I really do appreciate it. I just wish there were somehow I could make it up to you.” She kept her eyes on mine.

I could think of many ways. But if I mentioned them, I wouldn’t look very gentlemanly. “How about you join me at the Institute for Contemporary Art tomorrow to see the new exhibit? I am a member there and haven’t had anyone to go with me yet.”

“Really? That would be great! I’ve never been. That is such a neat looking building, I have been dying to go inside.” She raised her mug to me. “It is a date.” She winked again and I could feel my stomach tighten.

Then I heard a car pull up outside. She got up and looked through the curtain. “That’s the cab. Greg is leaving. God, just look at his car! It is a wreck!” She tossed her head back and laughed. “I cannot believe that you did that.”

“He had it coming. I warned him last time that I would kick his ass. He was drunk, so I could have easily hurt him. But, I wanted him to know that there was a lot to loose by keeping up this bad behavior. The car is what he cares about most. Maybe now he’ll listen.” I walked over to the curtain to see the cab pull out of the parking lot. “If you give me his address, I’ll have it towed before I go to the gym tomorrow morning. One of my buddies has a tow business.”

“Really? Why would you help him after he was so mean to you?” She was puzzled.

“The point of me busting his nose and wrecking his car was to get him to listen – I wasn’t just trying to be a brute. I think I got through to him. So, I don’t want to continue to punish him. It’s over. Let’s just get his car out of here and move on.”

I went and got a pad and pen from next to my phone. I handed it to her. She scribbled down his address. “Well, he is lucky that you are so nice.” She handed me back the paper. “And I am VERY lucky that you are my neighbor.” She looked up at me.

“Friend. I would hope that you could consider me a friend.” I looked into her eyes.

“I would be honored,” she said. Then she took my swollen hand and gently touched the knuckles. “You have always been a gentleman to me. It helped me to decide that I wanted more than Greg – you helped me to realize that I might actually deserve more.”

“Of course you deserve more. You should be treated like the wonderful person that you are. Lindsey, you are a great person and it is about time you realized that.” I had to stop myself from gushing.

“You really are big teddy bear. Here you are, what 6 foot 1? And muscular,” she reached out to feel my bicep. “And you broke Greg’s nose and smashed up his car with a baseball bat. But, you are kind to me and an art lover and,” she looked around my apartment. “..look at this place. It is clean and nice – I don’t think I have ever met anyone like you.”

I started to blush.

“Can I ask you something kind of personal?” She tilted her head.

“Of course,” I answered.

“Well, um… are you… uh… are you… gay?” She was awaiting my response.

“Gay? No. I am not gay. Why would you think that?” I was a little surprised.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I just… well, I’ve never met a good looking, well built, smart, nice guy who wasn’t gay.”

“Wow,” I was taken aback. “That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. I never thought that ‘gay’ could be a compliment. I stand corrected.” I laughed.

“Oh god. I feel so stupid. I’m sorry,” she was really embarrassed and looked down.

“Don’t be sorry. I think it is funny that you thought I was gay. And, well, it is kind of ironic.” I was still laughing.

“Ironic? How do you mean?” She looked back up at me.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. I patted the cushion next to me. “I say ‘ironic’ because I have had a little crush on you for a while now. And all the while you thought I was gay. I guess I am starting to see why I have little luck with women.”

She sat down next to me. “A crush… really? I had no idea that you ever thought of me that way. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Well, you have been working through some tough stuff. I didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship. I figured it was just better to help out when I could.” I looked down at my lap.

She tucked her legs up on the couch. “You are so sweet. I have been working hard to try to fix my life. I feel like I have finally turned a corner. Tonight was a big help.” She looked into my eyes. “I have had a crush on you for a while, too.”

“Really?” I was trying hard to hide my anal porno excitement.

“Yes. I just thought I should wait to make my move until I had my life more under control.” She reached over, took my hand and kissed my knuckles. My stomach burned. I could tell where this was going.

“Lindsey. You know you don’t have to… well… you don’t owe me anything. I don’t want you to do something because you feel grateful.” I looked her in the eyes and really hoped that wasn’t her motivation.

“I know, Tom. I am a grown woman. I don’t have to do anything. But, I feel close to you. And, I would really like to be even closer.” She kept her eyes on mine as she kissed my hand again.

I held her stare and reached over to touch her cheek. I leaned toward her and kissed her lips. It was hard for me to keep composed; after all, I wanted to jump her right then and there. But I wanted this to be a memorable kiss, so I made it firm, but soft to match her lips. She kept my bruised hand in in hers. With her other hand, she touched my bare chest. I parted my lips slightly and drew her lower lip into my mouth. With my free hand, I pulled her closer to me.

She was kissing me back with verve. I could tell she was excited. I decided to slow things down. I figured with a jerk like Greg, she was used to going right from kissing to fucking. That is not my style and I was going to enjoy every minute of this.

I reached down and brought her hand to my mouth. I kissed her palm, then her wrist, then I brushed my lips along the inside of her forearm and up to her elbow. I led my kiss of her inner elbow with a touch of my tongue. Then I moved up her arm and to her shoulder. She started to squeeze my bruised hand as she grew more excited.

“Ouch,” I said. It hurt.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry. It’s just, that felt so good. I’m sorry.” She kissed my hand again.

“It’s okay.” I took my hand and moved it to her neck. “I might be safer over here.” I smiled and kissed her shoulder again. I traced the back and side of her soft neck with my hand. Her body trembled. She grabbed my head and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue explored mine. Now I was getting excited. Her hand trailed down my stomach and dropped to my lap where she brushed up against my tenting boxers.

“Oh,” she pulled away from me to look down at my budding erection. “I see that you are not gay.”

“Uh, sorry. It’s just that you are so beautiful and this is really nice. But, don’t worry. I’m not expecting anything.” I was a little embarrassed.

“Don’t apologize. I am quite flattered.” She walked her fingers back up my stomach and to my chest. Then she kissed me softly – her lips hovered over mine as she nibbled at my lower lip. Our eyes met. I let my hand trail down her neck, between her clavicles, between her breasts and to her stomach. Then I smoothed across her waist and pulled her hips toward me.

She pulled her legs out from underneath her body, then leaned back against the arm rest of the couch and pulled me down on top of her. The heavier the kissing got, the sharper her nails were on my back. I brought my fingers to her shoulder and softly cupped her breast, gently teasing the erect nipple. Her hips lifted against mine.

I found the lower edge of her top and slid my fingers underneath, along her ribs, allowing my thumb to trace the underwire of her bra. I kissed her neck and drew her earlobe into my mouth. Her breath was audible and quickening.

She stopped our kiss and pushed me off of her. I sat up a little stunned. “Is everything okay?” Perhaps I had gone too far.

She sat up, smiled and lifted her top over her head. I slid my hands down her legs and pulled her high heels off one at a time. Then she stood next to the couch and slid her skirt to the ground. Seeing her there in her matching black, lace bra and underwear, I stopped to admire her. Her short blond hair was perfectly coiffed and she still was tanned from the summer sun. She was so hot.

“God, you are gorgeous,” I said. “Come over here.” I took her by the hand and led her next to me. But, just then, she stopped.

“Boxers off,” she demanded with a smirk. I stood quickly to oblige. She traced the edge of my waistband and slid them down. She pulled them over my butt, then over my dick and let them drop to my feet. She pushed me down on the couch, then swung her leg over my lap to straddle me. My penis was up against her stomach. I was in heaven.

“You have a great body.” She traced my chest muscles down to my stomach and stroked the edge of my dick. She smiled and kissed me. Stroking my cock, she was pushing the head against her stomach. I was rock hard now. Even though I was concentrating intently, it wouldn’t be long before I came. So, still kissing, I took her hands and brought them up to my shoulders. Then I shifted my weight and adjusted our position to sit her on the couch.

I knelt on the floor so that I was between her knees in front of her. I broke our kiss and began gently biting and licking her neck. Her fingers caressed my hair and neck. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Her beautiful small breasts remained pertly in their place, the nipples pink and tight. Sliding her bra down her arms, I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth. He bra, discarded, fell to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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