Torrie! We Meet Again

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We met a few years ago at a Casino. She was married and we already had a few secret meetings.

Torrie was a striking looking woman; She was 5 ft, 4 inches. Shoulder length blonde streaked hair and a great body. The way she dressed and handled herself, you could tell she was wealthy. I was her first and only sexual encounter outside of her marriage.

How we met was that I befriended her in a Casino. She walked away with some $18,000 that night. I asked where her husband was and she said he was at a Card table and not doing well. I said that if I were married to her, I’d be there, with her. We flirted a little that night. Eventually we went to my room and she told me “I’ve never done this before with a stranger but we don’t have all night! Let’s fuck” and believe me, we did plenty of that.

When I woke up, I found her panties along with a note thanking me again and that she had a great time. That was it!

I haven’t heard from her in awhile. All of sudden, I start getting these texts from her.

“Shopping is not as exciting if you were here with me.”

I texted back ” Close your eyes.”

“I was trying to sleep. The thought of you between my legs won’t let me.”

I replied, “No place I’d rather be.”

Another day passed and this one came “Reading about some Kamasutra positions. When are we going to fuck?”

My Üsküdar Escort reply “Feel your nipples rising? Pinch them. Are you getting wet?”

This was the last one I got from her “Tell me, when I wake up in bed and see you, I want to spread my legs.”

I texted her back and we arranged another meet at a small but very nice bed she slowly lowers herself down and rises up on my cock. “I love the way your cock fills me up!”

Taking me in all the way, my cock feels so good inside her tight pussy. My hands reach up to pull and twist her nipples as we fuck in ” the basket” position. As she rode me. She sat up high and bounced up and down faster and faster. I could feel that she was going to cum and so was I. “FUCK FUCK. FUCK ME!” she screamed. Her body got rigid for a few seconds and her face looked like she was in pain then very pleasurable.

My hips rose and her juices spilt over me as I shot my cum deep inside her. It was a very intense session. I shuddered as our bodies come together in a last thrust. Torrie collapsed on me as our lips meet and her breasts pressed upon my chest. I hold onto her, my cock still in her.

The lights in our suite were dimmed and we really had no sense of time. We decide to spend as much time together in our special place as we can. The thought of Üsküdar Escort Bayan walking around naked seemed appealing but we’re wearing just shorts and tees or whatever we’re really comfortable in unless we go out. Then we can dress up.

We would make love day or night. Eat in bed, naked. Have some romantic movies playing and just recharge. One time we dared each other to go outside naked, find the others car, open it and run back.

Early the next morning, she crept under the covers to hold my cock. She slowly started to stroke me and lick my balls. Then she started to lick my hardening cock along its ridge to the tip. I moaned and thrust up as she took me in her mouth.

She continued her magic and I felt I was going to cum. She took her mouth off my erection and inched up my body. “Good morning sweets.”

I reached down to find her pussy and started to finger fuck her. First one finger then another! “Good morning Lover.”

Sitting up, Torrie holds her knees as she brings her legs up. Her chest exposed and so is her sweet pussy as she spreads her legs to display herself. Her eyes are half closed.

“Fuck me! Now! Fuck me with that big cock!” she demanded, her breath getting shorter.

Letting go of her knees and straddling me, I hold my erection as she lowers her swollen pussy Escort Üsküdar around me. Stretching her, I slide in a little bit at a time. She trembles and I begin to thrust upward.

“Mmmmmmm feels so good! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!” yelling, as she’s matching my thrusts

Looking down and seeing my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, I grunt and thrust upward into her with a newfound strength.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me Baby!”

I reach up and squeeze one of her breasts. Another hand is on her ass.

My cock feels likes it’s swelling and about to explode. She panted as her hot pussy contracted.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhhh baby I’m gonna cum!” She yells.

“I’m cumming!” I yell as my cock throbbed and shoots my cum deep into her lovely cunt.

“Yes. Baby. Give it all to me!” She cries.

. My body shook and my head spun. My breathing was coming in short rapid bursts. “That was the best sex I’ve had in a long time!” Torrie said between her catching her breath. “Amazing!”

Collapsing back onto the bed, our bodies are lay close.

We doze off again for a few hours. She’s on her stomach, one arm folded under her chest, the other stretched out grabbing a pillow.

I look over at her naked body and see that her legs are spread. Spread wide enough to see her pussy. Staring at her sweet treasure for a few minutes, I about getting up without disturbing her. Make my way to the bathroom and take a shower.

Or should I just slowly straddle her legs, rest one hand on her ass cheek and with my other hand curl two or three of my fingers to touch and explore her.

Mmmmmmmmm! Decisions!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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