Tracy’s Journey Ch. 07

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The morning after our photo shoot, we slept late — thoroughly enjoying our new accommodations in the island’s main hotel. The events of the day before, the high praise for our work from Kostas, Lara and Mika, a celebratory dinner and some more celebratory lovemaking had left us quite exhausted. It would be a couple of days before Kostas processed the film and we could see the fruits of our labors, so we took it easy that day and the next.

While we were lying on the beach late in the afternoon on that second day, which was a Saturday, we heard a now-familiar voice exclaim “hi, guys!” Mika, clad only in a thong every bit as small as Tracy’s bounced (there is no other word for it) up and gave us both a big hug. She then introduced us to “Nick”, her male companion. He was shorter than me, but much more muscular, and Tracy and I quickly recognized him as one of Mika’s partners from the hardcore magazine.

After shaking hands with me, “Nick” (the pronounceable part of his much-longer Greek name) made no bones about checking out Tracy’s body as he gallantly kissed her hand. I was surprised — and a bit jealous — to see that, rather than producing embarrassment on my girlfriend’s part, her nipples stiffened noticeably while she checked out his package just as blatantly.

Mika quickly broke their reverie. “Kostas called today and said the proofs of your shoot will be ready tomorrow.”

“Cool!” we replied in unison.

“In the meantime,” Mika continued, “there’s a great dance club in town. Would you guys like to come with us tonight?”

“Sure!” I replied. “What do you think, Tracy?”

“I’d love to, but I don’t have anything wear.”

Mika laughed. “Actually, this place attracts a very sexy crowd. So, you really don’t have to wear much of anything.”

“Can I go like this?” Tracy challenged, spreading her arms to emphasize her bare breasts. “After the past couple of days, I don’t want to show up in any of my old clothes.”

Mika laughed again. “No, you can’t go topless, but I understand what you are asking. Why don’t you come by the shop on your way back to the hotel, and we’ll pick something out for you — on us, of course. Nick can take John to get some appropriate clothes as well.”

We quickly agreed to this plan, and enjoyed getting to know Mika and Nick better as we headed back into town. Despite the fact that his English was quite limited and my residual jealousy over Tracy’s response to him, Nick turned out to be a good guy, and we managed to exchange comments on women and workout habits.

After cleaning up and grabbing a quick dinner at the hotel, we headed out to meet our new friends. While Tracy and Mika were rummaging around in the Teeny Bikini, Nick took me to a nearby shop, where I acquired some loose fitting white cotton pants (which I wore commando) and a white cotton shirt with typical Greek stitching. Following Nick’s example, I wore this entirely unbuttoned.

We were to meet the girls at the club, and Nick and I arrived there first. We grabbed some beers, and checked out the amazing expanse of female skin. Soon, however, all eyes turned to the door when Tracy güvenilir bahis and Mika appeared. Mika was wearing a white mesh mini dress with a microscopic matching thong. Tracy was transformed. Although she is naturally tall, her legs were accentuated by four inch heels. My eyes then traveled up to a black leather mini skirt that stopped maybe half an inch below her crotch. This was accentuated by a slit on one side that ended in a simple tie string. On top she wore what amounted to a black biker vest. Its frayed, cropped edges left her flat tummy bare. A simple tie between her breasts held the fabric closed.

The most impressive part, however, was Tracy’s attitude. She strutted over to me, shoulders proudly back and plainly enjoying the looks from the crowd.

“Wow!” was all I could say when she reached me.

She responded by kissing me deeply while raking her fingernails across my chest.

“I’m glad you like. Wine?”

I quickly ordered for both women, and soon the four of us were on the dance floor thoroughly enjoying the live band. As the evening wore on past midnight, inhibitions in the club — such as they were to begin with — fell by the wayside. A number of couples were making out in various dark corners, as well as on the dance floor, and the place was gradually emptying as people went home to fuck.

Nick and I were getting a new round of drinks (I had lost count as to how any we had consumed to that point), when Mika and Tracy returned from a bathroom trip. A slow song was playing, and soon both couples were swaying to the music. As we danced, my hands roamed freely over Tracy’s body. She untied the string holding her vest together and mashed her bare breasts into my naked chest (I had long since removed my shirt in the heat). Soon, she reached down to stroke my hardening cock through the thin fabric of my pants.

We looked over and saw Mika grinding her ass into Nick’s crotch, while he very openly caressed her breasts from behind. Both Nick and I were sporting fairly visible tents in our pants as the song ended. As the next tune stared — another slow number — Tracy and Mika exchanged winks.

“Shall we?” Mika asked my girlfriend.


Mika turned to me. “May I have this dance?”

Nonplussed, I glanced at Tracy. She nodded, and mouthed “I love you.” With that, she turned and wrapped her arms around Nick. As she did so, I noticed she made sure that her vest was fully open to maximize skin-on-skin contact.

I was quickly distracted from any feelings of jealousy I might have had as I felt the heat of Mika’s nearly-bare breasts press against my stomach while she began licking and nibbling at my nipples. Soon, much to my surprise, we were in full make out mode — as were Tracy and Nick. As the four of us came up for air after the song ended, Mika stated the obvious: “I think its time to leave.”

We quickly covered the short walk to our hotel, and Nick and I stopped to buy a couple bottles of wine while the women went up to our room to “freshen up.” We arrived to find Tracy and Mika — both nude — locked in a tight embrace. I stood there slack-jawed.

Tracy türkçe bahis broke their passionate French kiss. “Are you OK with this?” she asked.

I nodded, still stunned. (Tracy had never been with another woman before.)

“Good,” said Mika. “Why don’t you two strip and watch us for a while?”

With that, she returned her attentions to Tracy, while Nick and I quickly complied with Mika’s instructions. We two men were soon lightly stroking our erections while our female companions explored each other’s bodies.

I was surprised to note that Tracy was the more aggressive of the two. She pushed Mika back on the bed, and soon was licking, nibbling and kissing her way down the Greek woman’s body. After pausing for quite a while to give proper attention to Mika’s huge breasts — which, judging by the way Mika reacted when Tracy tongued and nipped at them, were topped by some very sensitive nipples — she kissed her way down the taught, tanned stomach. She paused briefly, and the shy Tracy reappeared for an instant.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since we posed together, but I’ve never eaten another woman before,” she said, “so tell me if I’m doing it wrong.”

Mika responded by gently grasping the back of Tracy’s head and pulling it Toward her crotch. Apparently very little instruction was needed, and the Greek woman soon was moaning with pleasure. After Mika came, she passionately liked her juices off of Tracy’s face and mouth, and then pulled her up into a sixty-nine position. Watching the two women enjoy each other — their breasts mashed against each other’s stomachs — brought my arousal to full boil, and I could tell that Nick was enjoying the sight as well.

With a free hand, Mika beckoned me over behind Tracy. Grasping my hardon, she guided me into my girlfriend’s waiting vagina. Tracy gasped, and briefly turned around to see who it was before resuming her ministrations on Mika’s clitoris. Before long, however, the combination of my pounding and Mika’s licking sent Tracy into a wave of screaming ecstasy.

I slowed my rhythm to let her recover, and Mika took that opportunity to slide out from underneath Tracy. She went over to Nick, and kissed him a few times. To my surprise, instead of using him for her own pleasure, she took the Greek man by the hand and let him to the side of the bed near Tracy’s head. Without having to be asked, Tracy took the proffered cock into her mouth. I think the renewed energy of my strokes into her told her that I didn’t mind, and before long she had worked out the logistics of sucking cock while being fucked doggy style. That didn’t last long, however, as the pent up sexual energy of the whole evening was too much for me and I soon was sending huge spurts of jism deep into Tracy’s cunt. As I sat back to recover, Tracy didn’t miss a beat.

“May I?” She asked — not of me, but of Mika.

Mika, who was busily masturbating, nodded her approval.

Without another word — or a glance at me — Tracy flipped herself over onto her back, and offered her pussy to Nick. He didn’t have to be asked twice, and entered her in one smooth stroke. Only their genitals güvenilir bahis siteleri touched, both their bodies were soaked in sweat, and Tracy stared into Nick’s eyes with pure animal lust. The wet slap of their bodies meeting filled the room until Nick let out a roar and rammed home his load. That sent Tracy over the edge and she joined in the orgasmic cacophony.

“Shit, that was good!” she gasped. “Two cocks back to back like that … wow!”

After a few minutes, she and Nick (who had collapsed on top of her) wandered into the bathroom to get cleaned up. As they passed, Mika, who was still idly diddling herself, looked up at Tracy.

“May I?”

Tracy glanced at me. “Absolutely.”

Mika simply walked over, and started kissing me passionately. Without words, she made it clear I was to work my way down her body — a pleasure I thoroughly enjoyed. By the time, Nick and Tracy returned to the room, my tongue was vibrating across the Greek porn model’s clit. She allowed herself the pleasure of a small orgasm, but then removed my head from between her legs.

“Tracy, sit over there with Nick,” she indicated a couch, “I want you to watch for a bit.”

Mika then positioned an armless chair in the middle of the room, and led me over toward it. While we both remained standing, she kissed her way down my body, and soon was kneeling in front of me. She looked Tracy straight in the eyes as she started giving me head. I could see that my girlfriend was enthralled and becoming re-aroused — as was I. Mika then kissed her way up my stomach — pausing to envelop my erection between her massive mammaries. She then jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. It took no further prompting for me to guide my cock into her waiting pussy. When we weren’t kissing, I could look over Mika’s shoulder that Tracy’s focus never wavered from our joined organs — even as she gently stroked Nick’s growing penis.

“Turn sideways,” Tracy instructed huskily.

I complied, and Tracy later told me she loved the sight of my cock disappearing into Mika, while looking at the lines of our bodies mashed together. Relishing her director’s role, Tracy next had me sit down, which I somehow managed to do without losing contact with Mika.


With that command, Tracy positioned Nick in the middle of the couch, and still facing me, lowered herself onto his erection. Our eyes locked, and we now made love to each other while we fucked other people.

Soon, Mika turned around and joined Tracy in what today is called a “reverse cowgirl” position. Each of the four of us now was able to enjoy a beautiful sex show featuring our respective lovers. For quite a while the room was silent except for the women’s gasps and the slap of sweaty skin on skin.

Mika was not in as good shape as Tracy, and her legs tired first. So, we switched to doggy style on the floor. Tracy and Nick quickly joined us, and Nick and I tried to synchronize the pace at which we were pounding into each other’s girlfriend. Before too long, Mika was screaming and bucking against me in a powerful orgasm, and her pleasure sent Tracy over the edge soon thereafter. Both women were ready for something gentler after that, and I helped Tracy to the bed, while Nick eased Mika back onto the couch, and we finished the evening with slow, comfortable, missionary position sex.

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