Train to Freedom

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I heard the sound of the train running along the tracks. I was finally free. Divorced and alone, but happy. Released now. After giving myself for more than 20 years to a guy who always treated me like his own. I was just an item for him. His mother, when he needed something to eat and the house to be cleaned, his shoulder, when he came home crying like a little baby and his puppet when he needed someone to fuck.

Which happened just once a month and then it only took a minute. He would jump on me, push his cock into my pussy and come. Then he turned around to sleep and snore shortly afterwards.

I didn’t dare to stand up against him. I was too weak and I had always been taught to be a loyal and caring wife.

And I was, right up until the day I met HIM. He was tall, strong with dark eyes and a toned beefy body. He was a real gentleman, very nice and kind and also very strong and powerful. He had an iron will, a clearness in his words, he was assertive. All the qualities I wish I had and admired.

I felt his presence as soon as I saw him. One day, I just saw this person and felt I knew everything about him. The kind of person, who just enters a room and takes over the air you are breathing. It’s something about them, maybe their appearance, their charisma, just the way they talk. Whatever it was, he took my attention and my breath away.
I never thought such a man would be interested in someone like me – me, the unimposing wallflower. But for some unknown reason and twist of faith, he was.

We met the day I was going back to my old village in Clarksville. My mother was very ill and I wanted to visit her. Of course my husband didn’t have time for me or my worries about her health.

“Got to work,” was all he said when I asked him. So I took the train and went by myself.

It was an awful day, raining cats and dogs. I was wet to the bone and my coat hardly gave me any protection me from all the wind. I hurried up the stairs to the station and almost screamed in frustration. My train was just about to leave. I started to run and stumbled on the last step.
Oh shit.” I swore in desperation. There I was lying in the middle of a big puddle.
“Thank you God for this weather.” I muttered under my breath, looking wet and bedraggled.

A voice suddenly interrupted my bad tempered thoughts.
“That’s very sweet of you. But you don’t have to fall down on your knees in front of me. Yes, I’m a king – but that’s just my name.” He spoke with a big grin in his face.
Still upset I looked at him “What are you talking about?”
“King. George Layton King. That’s me.” He laughed, took my hand and helped me to my feet.

His hand was big and warm over mine. He lifted me up until we stood face to face. I still was upset, but his big smile made me melt and my bad nature away. I didn’t feel the rain and the dirt on my face anymore. His hand was strong but also soft and warm. His voice deep with a wonderful timbre. If he had kissed me then…

“Wake up,” I derided myself silently. “You’re married. A man like this would never think of you in that way, never mind touch you.”

“We should get on the train before it leaves,” he said and offered his hand.

Feeling a bit shy I took it. He helped me up the steps of the carriage and we were soon inside just as the doors closed behind us.

“Your face is dirty.” He smiled. I noticed sympathy and kindness in his eyes. “Do you want to go to toilet to clean it?” All I could do was nod. I felt overwhelmed by my feelings. Still annoyed by the situation and embarrassed that he had had to help me but also I felt electrified by his charm and good looks. That smile of his… in that minute he had paid more attention to me than my own husband had in 20 years. And with each of his soft touches I relaxed more and more.

He naturally opened the door to the toilet and let me go in. He joined me and closed the door behind. Then he took a tissue, wet it and very softly he tenderly cleaned my face. It was wonderful, I hoped he wouldn’t stop at all.

“You better take off the wet coat.” He suggested and I did. His eyes got big and sparkled. Obviously he liked what he saw. “Phew, may I say that’s an amazing dress! It suits you perfectly,” he said.
I thanked him and said “It’s nothing special. Just an old one.”

My dress was an old blue and white Chinese qipao dress, which I had purchased about five years ago in “Keiko’s Fashion Closet.” It was short, mid-thigh length with a small slit up each side. It was classy and sexy at the same time. It was sleeveless with a high neck which fastened around the neck but had an opening just above my cleavage showing the bare flesh. Although old, it was my best dress and I always felt well dressed in it and that it showed off my figure to best advantage.

My husband and I had been invited to an Asian wedding and Antep Escort this dress was perfect for that evening, hence the purchase.
Five years ago. It seemed so long ago. That was the last time we had been out together.
George’s gentle compliment made me feel better though. My husband never ever noticed if I wore a dress or a gown.

I knew I was not a perfect ten in size, but I wasn’t ugly. My body was in good shape. My legs were long and slim and my breasts were full and rounded. I may be a few pounds overweight, but it was held in all the right places and made my figure wholesome and curvy. I was in good health and felt fine. My brown hair was curly and reached my shoulders and complimented my brown eyes.

Suddenly the train started and we stumbled, falling into each other. His voice brought me back to the here and now. “Sorry. My fault.”

I just looked deep into his dark brown eyes and as he began to unhand me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Shocked at what I was doing, I stopped and took one step back.
Blood rushed in to my face and I felt sure I looked as red as a fire hydrant. Before I was able to say anything, he pulled me back. Holding me with his strong hands, I felt his tongue opening my lips.

He French kissed me. My heart fluttered. How long I had been waiting for this! Our tongues danced and snaked while his right hand began to touch and fondle my bottom and his left hand moved up to cradle my head. I forgot everything. My body shivered. I was like a flower in the desert, waiting for water for years and now it had finally started raining. My petals opened, my colour bloomed and I began to quench my thirst.

We didn’t say a word. How could we? We kissed passionately, greedy in our need. I sucked his tongue as if there were no tomorrow. Both of his hands kneaded my buttocks. All I felt was desire – and an unfamiliar throb and wetness between my legs. Was it me and my responses or was it the rain that had soaked through my clothing!

He lifted my dress. OH GOD! When I felt his hands on my thighs, waves of lust rippled through my body. He stopped kissing me. Looking at him, my body screamed in protest “Don’t stop kissing!”
But my mouth was silent.
Like in slow motion he went down to his knees. His face was so close to my vulva, I could feel his breath. “Do it!” My mind screamed silently, my body was begging for his attention. “Don’t wait. Do it now please. What are you waiting for? Come on. Are you afraid now? Don’t you like what you see?” My mind raced. None of these words left my lips but my mind was screaming with need.

And then he kissed me! He kissed the fabric of my panties! They were soaked through already with my excitement. “Mmm,” I moaned softly.

He was so tender and playful. Slowly he pulled off my panties. Next I felt his index finger discover my pussy lips and then my slit, until he reached my little button. My knees weakened and I thought I was going to faint. He felt me tremble and quickly sat me down on the toilet.

I was not able to think straight. I was married, sitting on a more or less dirty toilet of a train. My pussy was being touched, kissed and licked by a stranger! For me, only dirty sluts would do this. Now here I was. I was like them – me, a well-educated, faithful and caring wife. Worst of all, I was loving it. I wanted him to continue. I wanted him to fuck me right now, to thrust his hard fat cock deep into my wet, willing pussy! But he hadn’t. Not yet.

He went on pampering my vagina with his fingers and mouth. He was doing everything so right. He licked up and down my intimate lips, then flickered his tongue around my clit. He teased my entrance, just touching it with the tip of his tongue. I wanted to grab his head and push it against my wet hole, but I didn’t dare! I moaned aloud as he started sucking my lips.

“OOOHH,” I had never had this feeling before.

There was nothing I could say, I just moaned and whimpered my pleasure. And then it happened, his tongue dived deep into my pussy and pressed his thumb on my clitoris at the same time. It was too much for me, a big orgasm exploded and ran rapid through my body. A big scream escaped my mouth and my pussy gushed like a fountain. It was like a volcano, erupting in a bubbling hot mass.
While I came, he carried on tongue fucking my pussy and drank my unique juice as it ran into his mouth. When I finally calmed down, he stopped and smiled at me. “Somebody needed it badly.” He winked.

Looking at him, tears of joy and shame filled my eyes. I felt dirty because of what I had done, sad because a stranger had given me those wonderful feelings but also as satisfied as I had ever been before. He embraced me. He said nothing at all but I felt his warmth and I felt safe in his arms.

My mind became clear suddenly! Knowing what Antep Escort Bayan to do and how I had to take charge of my life now, I looked at him and said, “I want you!”

He looked, waited a moment then asked “Are you sure?”

“Yes. As sure as I have ever been before in my life. I want you, and I want to feel your…” thinking of the right word… “hard cock deep in my pussy!” Waiting one more second, I added, “Here and now!”

He lifted me up and kissed me deeply. Then while fondling my buttocks and pussy, he turned me round. I held on to the wash basin and heard his zipper “zzzzzz.” I felt his lips on my neck. It was so wonderful and when his cock touched my wet slit I almost came again.

Instead of fucking me straight, he tantalized and rubbed his cock against my pussy lips. “Last chance to say no!” He teased me. “No!” “No?” His voice was smiling. “Yes, I mean YESSS!”
He did not need any further encouragement.

“Aaahhh!” His cock filled my wanton channel completely. He was big and I quickly bit my hand so as not to scream out loud. Now he was not the tender caring man I thought at first. Now he was a wild beast, full of lust and desire, a desire that was for me. My heart rejoiced. He fucked me hard, standing from behind and thrusting his rock hard cock deep, in and then out of my burning pussy. Each of his thrusts triggered a little earthquake in my body. He was so fantastic.

When he felt, I was close, he slowed down, almost stopped all his actions. “What?” was all I could say. Instead of answering, he kissed my neck and fondled my buttocks, exploring my body as he ground into me.

When I calmed down, he started to shag me again. Slow at first, but soon he increased the speed and pressure. Never did I feel something like this before. There was no comparison to my husband. This was sex. Great. Perfect. He moved faster, buried his fingers in my flesh and his hot breath hit and teased my neck. It seemed his cocking was growing more and more. I felt him so deep inside…
Then he came, “OH YEAH.” His load filled my pussy and his shrugging cock excited me so much, I tipped over that precipice and came too.
Unable to scream any more, my voice was husky and gasping. It was Heaven! Would this moment ever end!

But of course it had to end. Though he was awesome, he was human and still caring. He turned me around and again kissed me, caressing my face. Happiness filled me and I had to cry again – tears of being blessed this time.

What started as being wet from the rain, finished with being wet from the most exciting and amazing sex I had had in a long time. My pussy was soaked from our mixed juices and my body was damp with sweat. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, but why? It was my pleasure.” He replied looking at me questioningly.

“You showed me what life is about. And you showed me, I have to change my life and live my own, a happy one from now on.” We sat down in a secluded carriage and I told him everything. He listened to me for two hours, then he reached his destination and we said our good byes.

We never met again afterwards. But I will never forget him or this day on the train.
Often I remembered this first day of my new life. As I do now riding the same train, going to see my mother again. She wasn’t ill anymore. She recovered and everything was fine again.

Now I was going to her because I had left my husband. For some weeks I needed a place to stay, until I could get my own apartment. I thought about this stranger, I knew as George often and smiled about our adventure.

The guy opposite was looking at me. I looked at him, asking myself silently, “Why don’t you flirt with him?”
Still inexperienced with flirting, but willing to learn, I slowly placed my right leg over my left one. My skirt slid up a little and it was possible, he could see my thigh high stockings. He does notice and started to talk to me!

“That’s good,” I thought, “He makes it easier for me.” Then aloud I asked him, “Would you open the window please?” He got up off his seat to do so.

I took my time admiring his firmly toned buttocks. He wore tight blue jeans which complimented his manly figure. While his back was turned, I opened two buttons on my blouse so when he turned around again, he had a great view of my cleavage.

I was wearing a white, semi-transparent lace bra, a white blouse and an elegant but short black skirt. A coat was not needed today. It was a hot and sunny day.

His eyes were smiling. Without asking, he sat down next to me. It seemed we both know what we wanted and it was not talking.

Since I had met George that rainy wet day, my life had changed. I had found the strength to leave my husband and had, unbelievably, discovered my sexuality.

I had had a hot sexual encounter that day and part of me wanted that exhilarating Escort Antep excitement again.

Now this handsome guy was interested! He moved in slowly. He kissed me and when he found me responsive to his advances, he became more passionate. His hands kneaded my breasts through the fabric of my shirt. With one fast move I slid onto his lap, our tongues still knotted.

My tits pressed against his chest and my nipples hardened and stiffened. My pussy was wet already and begging for his cock. He pushed me down and I knew what to do. Looking at him, I watched as he opened his button and zipper, pulling out his impressive rod and moved it towards my head.

“Yes,” I thought, “That’s what I need now!”

I lifted my head the short distance to him and flicked my tongue around his cockhead. I gripped him with one hand and wanked and squeezed his shaft. I heard him moan.

I started sucking his cock deep into my mouth and as he started to circle his hips. I felt his cock in my throat and I wretched and drooled a little. Then my throat relaxed and I enjoyed my new found skill and the effect it was having on him.

My panties became wetter and wetter and I found my free hand rubbing my pussy of its own accord. He gasped and moaned and the sounds of his pleasure turned me on even more. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside of me.

He took hold of my head, pulled me up and kissed me deeply. Grabbing my hips, he led me to his cock. I sat astride him, pushed my panties to the side and slowly lowered on to him. I started to ride him. He groaned in pleasure and opened my shirt and bra and started massaging and squeezing my boobs.
It felt so so good…

I groaned and threw my head back and danced on his cock. I felt desired and admired. He was so big and strong. He knew how to handle a woman and when he moved is head and started to suck my tits I almost came!

“But not yet…” I silently resisted and then aloud, whispered to him, “More, more, more… Take me stranger. Fuck me in the rhythm of the train.”
He did for a while then he stopped suddenly and confused me.

“NOOO! What are you doing? Don’t stop please!” My mind screamed silently as my body throbbed in protest.

He got up, flipped me round and then I understood. I knelt on the seat, holding on to the headrest, pushing my bottom backwards, offering him my backside. His cock touched my slit. Slowly it slipped inside me, deeper, deeper and deeper.

“Shag me,” I thought, “Faster, Faster!”

He was torturing me, moving so very slow. He drove back and forth, holding my hips with his strong hands. Keeping the rhythm, slow and measured. As I thought this slow speed would never end, he slapped my buttocks.

“Ouch!” I screamed but the sudden sting was strangely exciting and I found I liked it.

He grabbed my hips in a vice like grip and he increased speed and tempo. He fucked me hard and fast now, pulling my hips towards him with every thrust.

I moaned, “YES! That’s it! Fuck me baby, fuck me until I can’t take no more.”

“I want to see your face,” he demanded and stopped shagging me. He turned me around again.
My legs were spread wide and I was more lying now than sitting and on he goes. We looked at each other, though I could hardly keep my eyes open. My heart beat faster and my orgasm built as does his.
His breathing changed and he stiffened and growled. It caused my body to react in pleasure and we both exploded in the same moment.

My pussy sucked at his cock, his shaft shivered on my inner walls and his shooting load mixed with my own release. As we both fell into the whirling tunnel of pure pleasure, he started to kiss me and continued until we were both spent and exhausted.

I slid down and took his cock and licked it, sucking it like a lollipop. Cleaning it with my mouth and tongue.
“Mmm that’s fantastic.” He moaned.

His cock tasted so yummy. So far, no guy had ever cum in my mouth before. This I will try next, I know.

Once we had calmed and were able to breathe again, we heard the sound of the train pulling into the station. We had finished just in time. This was his stop and he had to go. We straightened our clothing.

“Thank you, I never had such a hot experience before. Do we meet again?” He asked.

“Maybe. I’m often journeying by train now.” I said smiling.

He cupped my face, thanked me again with a long kiss and then took his leave.

I listened to the sound of the train running along the tracks as it began its journey once more. I was finally free. Divorced and alone, but happy.

In another hour I would be home too. In my new, old home. This was my new life. Would it be perfect? I didn’t know – but what I did know was, it would be a much better one than I had had.

I looked forward to it. I was deep in thought as the door opened and a young couple entered the carriage.

We talked a little. They told me they were going on vacation and they asked about my destination. I wanted to say “Clarksville.”

But then I waited a second or two and answered, “For me, this is the Train to Freedom.”

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