Transformation From Lesbian To Straight – Part 2

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After a good session with my aunt it was time to get to her daughter Paru, so the very next day I went to their house after uncle had gone out. Discussed a few things with my aunt and then went to Paru’s room and we both chatted a bit to get us comfortable, then I knew that she was ready for me, but before I fucked her I wanted to know what kind of pleasure she was expecting . For that I needed to know her lesbian experiences.

Here I’m going to narrate the experience she shared with me.

Hi people my name is Paru , I’m about 5.6” in height and all my friends say that I have a cute face, I’m fair and have an average boobs size of 30C, I have a little fat around my belly and my pussy has little hair. My ass is a little bigger comparing to my body. My sexual feelings started when I joined the college in Calicut.

I was staying in hostel during my college days and only two people can stay in one room, so I was along with Mubeena, a busty Muslim girl whose figures are 32 30 32, she also has a little belly fat like me. So we became friends and the first semester went on without any issues, then we became closer during the second semester. We started to watch porn at the hostel as there were never a shortage of porn cd’s in our hostel and if we were aroused we would go and masturbate in the restroom at the end of our floor.

Slowly we both started to watch all kinds of porn movies and our favourite was threesome where one guy bangs two women and there would also be some lesbian action in those movies. Mubeena used to get horny so soon that she would often goes the restroom to masturbate while watching porn. I used to smile cheekily at her when she returns back. Things went on and I started to see a change in her during the third semester.

She started to wear tight shorts or skinny pants when we were in room. We never wore panty when we are in our room so all her things were visible to me. Once when we chatting normally she pulled up her skinny pants so high that, the shape of her pussy and ass could be easily seen over the pants. She knew I was looking at her pussy and slowly put a finger over her pants and rubbed her pussy. That sight made me hornier and I felt my juices flowing through my pussy, without my knowing my hands went to my pussy and we both smiled at each other.

That weekend we went for shopping and I purchased some skinny night pants so I too can tease her. Mubeena understood my intentions and she winked at me with a smile. Next we went to lingerie’s store to get some bra and panty for both.

A Woman there showed us some collections and mubeena chose some lace type bra with nets on it, her boobs would be clearly visible if she wore it. I was in confusion and mubeena came to help me, she picked out a panty for me which only had a string to cover my ass and also the part which would cover my pussy was transparent.

I told her that it won’t cover my ass, she said why cover such a beautiful ass.I smiled and hit her arms playfully. That night we were both in our skinny pants, exposing the structure of our private parts to each other and teasing each other. As time passed, we were comfortable exposing our self to each other and we had started to talk more about sex and masturbation.

Then there was a strike in our hostel regarding the increase in fees, so there was no college and mubeena and I decided to stay in our room. We played some cards with girls from other room and at noon we decided to take a nap. We couldn’t sleep due to the heat and so we decided to watch some movies. A porn movie came in sight when we were going through our movie collection. We started to watch the movie, it was a threesome as the movie progressed I saw mubeena looking at me at frequent gaps, her hands were rubbing her pussy over her pants. I could see a wet patch on her pants too. I was excited seeing it and I took my fingers to my pussy, rubbing them slowly.

In the movie one girl was in her kneels and sucking the guys cock while the other girl was licking the first girls ass. We were sitting in the bed and she kept her hands on my thing, I was not in a mood to restrict her. Her hands slowly moved upwards and touched my pussy, a shiver ran through my body and I started to breath heavily.

She started to rub my pussy hard over the pants; I spread my legs wider for her. She came near my ears and whispered “lift your hip baby”. I obeyed her and she kept both her hands on my pants and removed it completely. She looked my pussy and enjoyed the beauty in front of her, and then she kept her hands on them. Oh my god it was an amazing feeling of her hands on my pussy, she slowly started to rub on it.

By then I had spread my legs and was squeezing my breast. Then she told me to remove my tops and while I was removing my top she removed her clothes and we both were naked. She hugged me and the feeling of two naked bodies touching and rubbing each other was so erotic. We had eye contact for a second and then our lips met, kissing each other passionately. She was sucking my upper lips and I was sucking her lower lips. Our tongues were fighting to enter each other’s mouth. Her hands were on my ass, rubbing and squeezing them, mine were on her ass to, my fingers searching her ass hole.

We broke our kiss and then she went down to my neck, licking and biting, further down to my boobs. She licked the tip of my right tits and I was in heaven, my nipples became erect and she was squeezing my left tits, pinching my nipples too. Her right hand went to my pussy and started to finger fuck me, first it was with one finger then two, three. I couldn’t control anymore and I screamed in pleasure. “ahhha ahha aaahhhaaaaa” . she must be an expert in giving pleasure as she was wonderfully sucking and pinching my boobs and nipple. I was so much excited that I pushed her head towards my pussy with my hands. She understood what I wanted and went down to give pleasure to my pussy.

First she blew some air in my pussy, I shivered and she started to lick my pussy walls, slowly going in deeper with each lick. In no time she was eating my pussy, sucking my labia out. My legs were in the air and I was lying down on my back. Her fingers had found my ass hole and were trying to get in, my ass hole was tight so she licked her fingers and tried again, it went in and her mouth was back sucking my pussy. All this pleasure was too much to handle I came in mouth with a huge moan “ahhhhahhha yaaaaa aaahhaaa mmmm aaahhhaa” , she drank my juice and licked my pussy dry.

Some of my juice had flown towards my ass, she also licked the juice from my ass hole. I liked it and pushed her head more towards my ass with my hands. After few minutes she got up spanking my ass and told me “satisfy me bitch”, I don’t know why but I was excited to hear that word.

I rolled her on the bed and was on top of her, kissed her neck and licked all the way down towards her boobs. But I was excited by the smell of her sweat that I moved to her armpit and started to lick there. It was a bit salty but I liked it and licked hear clean, then shifted to the other armpit. I was squeezing her boobs at the same time.

After her sweat was over I was back to her tits, licking and sucking her nipples alternatively. On my way to her pussy, I played and licked her belly button. Then I was on her pussy, it was a little hairy and had a pungent smell. My lips was dying to kiss her pussy, I kissed them and started to lick her pussy, her pussy hair was getting in my way but I adjusted and licked her deeper and harder, I must have done a good job as she came so soon, I drank as much I could and I liked the taste. I asked her “ready for the second round baby?”. She nodded with a smile.

We started again in 69 position and were licking each other’s pussy, but I wanted to be licked in my ass hole, so I pushed my knees forward and lowered my ass on her face, she happily started to lick my ass. I too wanted to taste her ass hole, so I was licking and spanking her ass like a slave. We tried different positions and even put a big candle in each other’s pussy and fucked. That was the beginning of our beautiful sexual relationship.

We even had threesome with another girl from our hostel. That will be posted in the later parts.
hi this is Nithin again, in the next part I’ll tell you how I fucked Paru with the help of my aunt which opened new doors of sex life for my aunt as she got into the world of Lesbian. Keep waiting

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