Transformation From Lesbian To Straight – Part 3

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Let’s get into the story without wasting much time.

Paru became more comfortable with me after sharing her Lesbian encounter, My aunt was also relived by the fact that Paru was comfortable with a guy. As per my aunts instruction I took things slowly. Each day after my uncle leaves for his office, I would visit my aunt. She would be busy with her morning household work. She might be in the kitchen, washing dishes and I’ll go behind her grope her boobs with both my hands and kiss her on the neck. Sometimes she would be bending down and cleaning the house and I will place my hands on her hip and rub my cock on her ass over the saree. If she was free, we would have oral sex. She didn’t allow me to fuck her after the first time as she wanted me to change her daughter before I get to taste her pussy again.

So after spending some time with my aunt every day, I would go to paru’s room. We would greet each other with a hug and then we would talk about her other lesbian encounters and also about each other’s fantasy. Slowly we started to greet each other with a hug and kiss, I took it step by step as I groped paru’s ass when we hug, our kiss were becoming more passionate as the days passed. After a week of groping and kissing I knew paru was ready to taste a cock in her pussy, I told my aunt about it and she wanted it to be a special and memorable one for her daughter. Aunt gave me some tips to please a woman which I didn’t know before and I was excited to try them all on paru.

Before moving further let me describe about paru, she is slim, fair with an oceanic eyes in her oval face, juicy lips which anyone would suck on for hours. Her hair was long till her ass and small strand of hair across her eye, which she would always push around her ears. Her boobs were small like two half of a coconut shell with nipples like cherry. A little belly fat adds to her beauty. Her ass would move around when she walked and I always wanted to spank and squeeze them then and there. If she roams around a beach wearing a bikini, everyone would star at her slender long legs. A sex goddess in brief.

The day to deflower paru finally arrived and I went to my aunt’s house with anticipation, my aunt welcomed me with a hug and squeezed her ass while hugging. Then she didn’t waste any time in leading me to paru’s room. My aunt stayed back while I entered the room. My heart skipped a beat when I saw paru. There she was standing in front of me like a sex goddess wearing a white set saree. I wanted to fuck her then and there. My cock was rock hard and I haven’t even touched her. I went near her and she bowed her head down in shyness. I used my hands to raise her head and plant a kiss in her lips, we kissed passionately and her hands were rubbing my hair. I pulled her closer and my cock poked into her belly button. I caught hold of the pallu of the saree and removed it while kissing her. The other end of the saree was tucked into her hips and my hands slides to her hips and undid the saree. We parted from the kiss and she was standing in her blouse and pavadi. A perfect amount of cleavage was shown by her blouse to seduce me.

My lips roamed around her ears and neck kissing and licking, while my hands were busy unhooking her blouse. She was moaning lightly and shivering in pleasure. I finally unhooked her blouse and removed it. She was wearing a white lacy bra which perfectly cupped her boobs. My hands felt her boobs over her bra and squeezed them gently. I made her to sit on the bed and removed her bra. It was an amazing sight, her shoulders were milky white and her nipples were getting hard. I pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her and my hands started to play with her boobs, while I kissed and gave some love bites on her milky shoulders. With one hands I rubbed her erect nipples and with the other I squeezed the other breast. She was moaning and she managed to ask me to suck her boobs, but I wasn’t done teasing her so I turned her around and made her lie on her stomach and licked her entire back starting from her neck to her lower back. I made sure I didn’t miss a spot and drenched her entire back with my saliva.

I turned her around again and I saw the pleasure in her eyes, she again asked me to stop teasing and suck her boobs, I wasn’t goanna tease her anymore and I started to work my tongue over her left boobs, sucking and licking them and also biting them occasionally, while my hands pinched her right nipple. After few minutes of sucking, licking and biting I moved down to her belly, licking my way down to her belly button. I gave special care to her belly button by spitting my saliva into them and sucking them dry, my tongue encircled her bellybutton while my hands were busy undoing the knots of her pavadi. Once the knots were done, I slide the pavadi down and her long beautiful legs came in to view, my hands rubbed her legs from her ties to her foot. Then I spread both her legs and pull her to the side of the bed, her ass was resting on the bed and her legs were in the air while I entered between her legs.

A sky blue colour panty was all that was covering her pussy, I knelt down on the floor and rested both her legs on my shoulder and kissed her pussy over the panty. My lips could feel the wetness on the panty, I could smell the aroma of her pussy. I inhaled in more of her pussy aroma. I felt as if in heaven and started to lick the wetness on her panty. She was moaning and her hands were playing with her boobs. Then once again she asked me to stop teasing and lick her pussy, I just smiled at her and she knew I wouldn’t stop teasing her, so she herself removed her panty and pushed her hips more in to my face. I draw my head back as I wanted to see her love hole. It was a little hairy around her pussy lips and the wetness could be seen on her pussy hair too. I placed my hands over her pussy and started to rub on the gently, my fingers started to get wet by her juice. She was shouting to lick her pussy so I took my tongue out and first licked around her pussy walls and I got a small taste of her juice. Then I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and started to lick inside her pussy walls, by then her hands were on my head, pushing me more into her pussy. My tongue went in deeper while my lips touched her pussy lips and I started to suck on them.

My aunt had taught me how to pleasure a woman by finding her G-spot, so I guided my fingers into her pussy while sucking them. Her pussy was tightening around my fingers and the whole mid finger was in her pussy, then I folded the tip of my finger to find the G-spot and after few second I found them and started to rub on her G-spot. The moment I hit her G-spot she started to moan louder and push her hips more into me. She didn’t last long as all the sucking and rubbing on her G-spot triggered her first orgasm. First my mid finger felt the hot juice flowing out and immediately I open my mouth wide to take in her love juice. The first drop directly hit my throat as the juice began to flow into my mouth. I drank all I could and she stopped her river, some drops of her juice had flown into her ass, and I started to lick from her ass and all the way to her pussy. The juice was yummier in her asshole, so I started to lick her asshole deeper and harder, I used my hands to part her ass cheeks and go in deeper. I stopped after few minutes of sucking and licking her asshole.

I stood up and looked at her, she smiled at me and said “that was fun”, I smiled back and said “the fun has just began”. I started to undress and in no time I was naked in front of her, she was staring at my cock, it was rock hard after all those teasing, licking and sucking. She looks at me in an confused state and asked me “should I put it in my mouth”. I replied “ya, you should, but before that I need to hug you”. I always wanted to feel, how it felt hugging a naked woman. I pulled her up and hugged her tightly and it felt so good, as her boobs were crushed into my chest and I could feel the body heat on mine. My cock was standing upright touching her in the belly and I rubbed my cock on her belly button. My hands were rubbing her back until they came to her ass and I spanked them gently, while she was squeezing my ass. It felt awesome.

Then I pushed her into the bed and climbed on top of her and positioned my cock above her face, after a bit of hesitation she kept her hands on my cock, the feeling of her silky smooth arms around my cock almost made me to cum. She then opened her mouth gently and pushed my cock into her. She must have tasted the precum on the tip of my cock as she started to enjoy sucking my cock. Sucking all those lesbian pussies had made her a great sucker and she was squeezing out more precum from my cock. She was going on wildly and had taken in three fourth of my cock into her mouth. She seems to be an expert in using her tongue around the tip of my cock. I was in utmost pleasure that I guided her hand to my balls and asked her to massage them. After a few minutes, I knew I couldn’t hold on and asked her to stop sucking me. She reluctantly let go of my cock and I knew she liked sucking cock. That was a green light for me to confirm that she had stated to enjoy men. I rested a bit and kissed her in the lips.

Now I was ready to fuck her and she was ready to get fucked. As it was her first time I made her to lie on the bed and I got between her legs and placed my cock over her pussy. Slowly rubbed it on her pussy and started to push it in her. Her pussy was tight and we both could feel the pain, I pushed in a little more and her nails left love marks on my shoulders. I saw tears rolling out of her eye so I closed my eyes and started to push it in slowly, half was in and then I withdrew a little out and with one heavy thrust my cock was in. she shouted in pain so I didn’t move so she can relax a bit. Once she was relaxed I started to push in and out gently, slowly the pain subsided and pleasure took its place. I wanted her to enjoy it the most, so we changed positions and she was on top of me. Her hips were bouncing on my cock and she started to moan out louder and a few moans escaped from my mouth too. Her tight pussy was milking my cock and it was better than my aunt’s pussy.

As I turned my face casually, I saw the door opened a bit and a pair of eyes staring at us. I knew it was my aunt watching us and that’s when I remembered one of my aunts tips. Immediately I asked paru to lean towards me and show her armpit. She did and her armpit was a bit hairy too. The aroma of her sweat made me hornier and I buried my face into her armpit while fucking her. Her sweat was a bit salty, but I licked it and licked them dry, then I asked her show the other armpit. Paru had started it enjoy it the most and was shouting out my name with her moans. She started to move her hips faster and harder, I too fucked her harder to meet her thrust. All this sucking and fucking had made paru to reach her second orgasm, she moaned heavily and I felt something hot hitting my cock. This made me lose my control and the thought that my aunt is watching her daughter get fucked by me made it worse and I exploded into her warm pussy.

Paru fell over me and rested her head in my chest; I felt my cock starting to get limp in her pussy. I closed my eyes and felt the mixture of her pussy juice and my cum sliding out of her pussy along my cock. It tickled as the fluid ran down my balls. we laid down like that for a few minutes and then I heard paru saying “MOM”, when I opened my eyes it was my aunty looking down at us with a smile. We both were a little embarrassed but she made us comfortable with her words. Aunt then asked her how the experience was and she bowed her head down in shy and told “, it was really great, I loved it, never thought men could give us so much pleasure”. I was happy hearing that from paru and I knew I had done my job. My aunt was more than happy hearing it and kissed me on my lips, that too in front of her own daughter. Paru had a smile in her face.

Thus began our adventurous sex the next part I’ll tell you guys

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