Traveling Team Ch. 13

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NOTE: This is the continuing tale of Jack and Bethany, two single parents who met when their sons joined the same traveling baseball team. Their back story unfolds in the previous chapters but any chapter can be enjoyed on its own. All content is fictional and all those engaging in adult activities are meant to be 18 or older.

Chapter 13 — Safe at Home

Despite several evenings of erotic video chats with Bethany while he was on assignment in Colorado, Jack was more than ready to actually see and feel her in person as he arrived back home. Bethany gave him very exuberant welcome as he knocked at her front door that evening.

“Well, hello, gorgeous,” he gushed as Bethany opened the front door to her home wearing nothing but a loose-fitting, unbuttoned baseball jersey. The shirt was actually Jack’s and it hung open, exposing her firm, full breasts to the cool spring air. Her freshly waxed mons was also exposed leaving nothing to Jack’s imagination.

The petite blonde jumped out the door into his arms and wrapped her firm legs around him as she kissed him deeply. Jack stumbled back a few steps at the sudden surprise and held her tight, reveling in the feel her bare bottom in his hands as she hotly thrust her tongue inside his mouth.

Bethany unabashedly frenched her boyfriend on the front steps of her home feeling extremely aroused at the sudden exposure. After several moments, she reluctantly ended the public make-out session and quickly glanced around to see if any of her neighbors got an eyeful of the intimate welcome.

Feeling relatively certain nobody had seen anything, she slid down Jack’s body, grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, quickly shutting the door behind her.

“Wow,” was all Jack could say as he looked Bethany up and down and enjoyed her sexy, devilish grin that he had come to love so much. “I knew you wanted to watch the game with me tonight. This is quite the pregame.”

Bethany pulled him close, grazing his crotch and feeling his growing hardness. “This is just the warm-up, slugger,” she teased. “I see you’ve brought the necessary equipment.” With baseball at the foundation of their relationship, sexual innuendos in the form of baseball terminology had become common, sometimes out of necessity to keep their activities a secret. This night, there was no disguising what was meant.

“Forgot my glove,” Jack played along, watching Bethany’s slight hips and firm ass sway under the jersey as she led him to the family room where the big-screen TV was showing the actual baseball pregame show.

“You won’t be needing any glove for our drills tonight, love,” she assured him, pushing him back onto the sofa before sitting astride him and placing soft, wet kisses along his neck line. “Did you miss me?”

“You have no idea,” he said as he held her pixie-like face in his hands, then gently kissed her soft lips. He gazed into her mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes before placing light kisses on each eyelid and a final kiss on the tip of her nose. Even at 32 and the mother of a pre-teen, Bethany had the looks and personality of someone much younger, and she made Jack feel like he was back in high school.

“Oh, I have some idea,” she teased as she ran her hand along the length of his fully erect cock, encased in his now very restricting shorts. “Does someone want to come out and join the pregame festivities?”

Easing off his lap, Bethany knelt between Jack’s legs and deftly undid his belt and zipper before sliding his shorts and underwear off in one smooth motion. “That’s more like it,” she cooed, grabbing ahold of the base of his cock.

Jack watched in delight as Bethany gently licked a clear drop of precum that she’d already elicited from this enticing welcome. She never diverted her lustful gaze from his watchful eyes as she began to lick and kiss her way up and down his shaft. Her smooth, blonde locks, tied in a ponytail, swayed back and forth as she began bobbing up and down, eventually taking him deep inside her throat.

Jack moaned at the incredible sensation. “I was expecting maybe a beer and dog but, this…um…mmmm…this is much, much better,” he managed, and Bethany continued without hesitation.

Feeling more than a little aroused Antep Escort herself, Bethany placed a slender hand between her legs and began circling her clit, now slick and hot. She loved the feeling of the tail of the jersey as it gently caressed her ass as she rose and fell with the motion of her very thorough blow job.

“Oh, yeah,” Jack moaned. “I’ve missed that so much. So good…and you look so hot.”

Bethany let out a small moan of appreciation, only adding to the exquisite sensations she knew Jack was enjoying so much. She was surprised, though, when Jack gently stopped her, lifting her face to his before he kissed her tenderly.

Easing himself off the sofa and onto his knees, he faced Bethany and kissed his way down her neck to her taut breasts, encircling each aroused nipple with tender kisses. He flicked the firm buds and gently nibbled them before dipping lower and kissing her belly.

“Lie back, lover,” he ordered, gently lowering Bethany’s lithe body to the soft carpet below.

He watched, thrilled, as Bethany continued to play with her clit while still maintaining constant eye contact. The lust was evident in her eyes and he was eager to thrust himself into the tight, wet pussy, she was now spreading open before him.

Patiently, he bent forward, placing his shoulders firmly between her thighs and spreading her even wider. He lowered his lips to kiss the insides of her thighs, feeling her heat on his cheeks.

Gradually, he snaked his tongue along Bethany’s outer labia, lingering for added pleasure and anticipation. Finally, Jack slowly slid the tip of his tongue from the bottom of Bethany’s folds to her aroused clit. Bethany’s taste and the scent of her sex intoxicated him, leaving his cock pulsing with urgency as it slid along the carpet, leaving more precum in its wake.

Bethany let out a gasp when Jack reached her sensitive bud and began a firm, rhythmic pace with his talented tongue. He alternated between her clit and slow, sensual licks up and down the length of her lips, occasionally darting his tongue in and out of her tangy, welcoming pussy.

Bethany lifted her hips, grinding in an urgent need to meet Jack’s probing tongue. He grabbed her ass and held it tight, as if eating a juicy slice of watermelon, enjoying every taste and sensation. Her breathing became ragged and her legs began to tremble as Jack sensed her impending release.

Bethany, continuing to writhe and thrash at Jack’s ministrations, cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as she rode the edge of orgasmic bliss. Her mind raced, wanting this exquisite pleasure to last forever but ultimately reaching for that even greater release.

Jack obliged as he dipped slightly lower, engaging that ultra-sensitive spot between Bethany’s pussy and asshole. She cried out in surprise as this new and overwhelming pleasure washed over her. Finally arriving at her once taboo opening, Jack’s well-placed licks sent Bethany careening over the edge.

She bucked into his face, riding this seemingly supercharged orgasm for as long as she could manage. Jack struggled to maintain contact but held her firmly in place until she gently lowered her bottom to the floor, smiling down in a amazement at Jack, his face awash with saliva and her own juices.

“That was new,” Bethany said in delight as she caught her breath.

“Yeah, well,” Jack smiled as he wiped his face. “I thought I’d add a change-up to my repertoire.”

Bethany giggled at the baseball pun. “I have to say,” she smiled contently, “it is very effective.”

He pulled her into his arms and they cuddled on the floor. Bethany continued fondling Jack’s still very aroused cock while filling him in on the events of the past few days. They both loved to edge as much as possible and Bethany knew this would keep his attention as she discussed a few important matters from while he was away.

“So, guess who I ran into at the first practice after last weekend’s trip,” Bethany asked as she slipped down to give Jack a little oral stimulation.

Jack moaned at the new sensation before managing a reply to Bethany’s question. “Hmmm, I’m guessing it was Ariana,” referencing the aunt of one of the players on the team. Their surprise Antep Escort Bayan tryst with the younger Ariana had taken them by surprise and had them both wondering what to make of it going forward.

Bethany raised up again and straddled Jack’s ankles as she gave him a first-class hand job while they talked, “Yep, Ariana came and sat right next to me at practice, Bethany confided. “Of course she sat really, really close and flirted with me the whole time,” Bethany continued. “She at least kept it non sexual for appearances, but people definitely noticed,” Bethany sounded concerned. After all, she and Jack hadn’t really had a chance to discuss what happened with the three of them over the weekend before Jack left on his trip.

While Jack was enjoying Bethany’s handiwork tremendously, he did pick up on her concern and had her stop. “Anyone in particular we should be concerned about noticing,” he queried.

Bethany relaxed into his arms once again and shared her observations. “Well, there was your ex-wife,” she said looking at him to gauge any concern.

“You met, Sarah,” he asked, somewhat surprised. “How did that go?”

“Well, since you were out of town, she took Brian to practice,” Bethany related.

“I didn’t know if she would or not.” Jack silently berated himself for not warning Bethany of that possibility.

“No problem,” Bethany soothed his concern. “I wasn’t sure who she was at first because I didn’t see her and Brian arrive,” she continued. “But I noticed her sitting a little away from everyone else seeming to try to size things up. I definitely caught a few glances my way with Ariana flirting by my side.”

“Did she know who you were,” Jack asked wondering how much his son, Brian, might have shared with his mother.

“Not at that point, I don’t think,” Bethany replied. “But when Brian and Xander came off the field together, we all met in the same spot so we introduced ourselves then.”

“How was that,” Jack was curious to know.

“Fine, she was very nice,” Bethany replied. “She’s very pretty, Jack. Now I see where Brian gets his good looks,” she joked.

Jack smiled, nodding in silent agreement. “She is pretty…and kind…but it just wasn’t right for us, you know?”

Bethany did know having been through it herself. She reached up to Jack and kissed him tenderly, rejuvenating his waning arousal.

Jack sighed. “I hope it wasn’t too difficult for you, hon.”

“Not at all,” she beamed. “Nothing like getting to know someone so close to my two favorite guys,” she said. “After my Xander, of course,” her son who was fortunately away for the evening.

“So you think things are good with Sarah,” Jack wanted make sure Bethany was comfortable.

“I don’t see why not,” Bethany replied. “It’s Ariana I’m concerned about. She seems to really want to have a relationship with both of us,” Bethany added, a bit exasperated. “I don’t think that’s what I want, though, Jack,” she looked into his eyes to see his reaction.

“As exciting as last weekend was, I really want something exclusive…just you and me,” Bethany teared up. “I love you, Jack, I really do, and I don’t want to do anything stupid or silly to mess that up,” she hugged him tight, hoping he felt the same.

He wiped her tears away and gently kissed her puffy eyes.”I feel the same, Bethany. Last weekend was a shock to both of us. At the time, I thought it was exciting and would have gone further,” he admitted, “But now that I’ve had some time to think, some time away, I realized just how much you mean to me. Ever since I met you, I’ve only wanted you. Just you and me. I love you, too. I hope last weekend didn’t confuse things too much.”

Bethany kissed him deeply, then placed her forehead on his as she gazed into his eyes. “I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am to hear to say that, Jack,” she whispered. “I’m just worried about how Ariana is going to take it. She’s pretty bold and persistent, as you know.”

“I do know,” he agreed. “I got a bunch more selfies from her this week,” he confessed. “Did you get those, too,” he asked, hoping she had.

“Oh, yeah,” Bethany confirmed. “She’s quite brazen. She’s got some interesting toys, too.”

Jack could only Escort Antep nod in agreement, thoughts and images of the previous weekend flooded his mind and caused his erection to throb, catching Bethany’s attention.

“Did that get you going again, hon,” she accused flirtatiously. “Let’s see what we can do to get those naughty images out of your head.”

Bethany once again straddled him, kissing him deeply as she aligned herself and allowed the head of Jack’s cock to slowly ease inside her well-lubricated pussy. She continued to slide herself down the length of his shaft until she was filled with his thickness. She held him there, flexing her vaginal walls several times for added emphasis as she gazed lovingly into his eyes.

Jack followed suit, flexing his cock in response, reveling in the sensation. He held Bethany tight for a long embrace before he lifted her up on his needy cock and started a languid pace, boosting every erotic sensation in both of them.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” Bethany whispered in his ear as he continued his methodical fuck.

“Video chatting is one thing but having you inside me is heaven,” she moaned, licking his ear as he grabbed her hips and began sliding her up and down his cock more urgently.

Before long, he pushed her gently back to the floor and held her wrists on either side of her head. He took control, thrusting more forcefully, enjoying the view of her breasts shaking with each movement.

“Oh, fuck, Jack,” Bethany cooed. “That’s so good. Fuck me. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck me hard.”

Jack didn’t need to be told twice. He continued his thorough fucking of the lovely blonde beneath him, repeatedly sliding almost all the way out before forcefully gliding back in. Bethany’s moans urged him on as he got closer and closer to his release.

Not wanting to let this pleasure end, he reluctantly pulled out and helped Bethany to her feet. She looked at him expectantly, wondering what position he wanted to try next.

He quickly sat back on the sofa and had Bethany mount him facing the TV. “Pregame, right?” he said with a grin, referencing the pregame show still on the TV. “Let’s, really, really enjoy the pregame, love.”

“Just…um…warming…up,” Bethany agreed as she leaned back and slid down on his cock once again. She reached for her clit as Jack massaged her breasts, one covered by the jersey and one out in the open. He roughly pulled the jersey off Bethany’s shoulders to gain better access to both of her bouncing breasts. The shirt bunched up between them as Bethany continued sliding up and down Jack’s thick cock.

Meeting her thrust for thrust, Jack let Bethany know that he was getting close. “Ride that cock, babe,” he urged. “I’m gonna cum so hard in that hot pussy. Ride it hard.”

Bethany only moaned, her own orgasm approaching as she continued toying with her clit and rode the steady thrusts of Jack’s rigid cock. “Cum for me, babe,” she cried. “Fill my pussy. Spurt that hot cum up inside me.”

Jack couldn’t take much more. Fondling Bethany’s tits, he felt his cum rising at her urgent demand. She continued to ride him until it was apparent that she was cumming hard on his cock.

“Oh my God, Jack,” Bethany cried. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard on your cock. Cum with me, babe.”

She fell back, resting her back on his chest as her final down stroke elicited the first eruption of cum from Jack. She flexed her walls as Jack’s cock was buried deep in her pussy, filling her with spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum.

They remained in that position for several minutes, enjoying the overwhelming sensation of post-orgasmic bliss. Jack’s cock, still snug inside Bethany’s pussy, gradually began to soften and his cum slowly dripped from Bethany’s swollen pussy onto the tail of the jersey, now bunched beneath her bottom.

“Now, that’s my kind of pregame,” Jack said as he softly kissed Bethany’s neck and shoulders and gently caressed her breasts. “Can’t imagine this game being any better than that.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, love,” Bethany sighed. “And I do have a beer and a dog for you, too,” she smiled. “I’m just glad you’re back safe at home,” she said as she relaxed back into his arms.

Holding her, Jack smiled, feeling overwhelmed with contentment. This was Bethany’s home. That she felt comfortable enough to call him “safe at home” made him that much more certain about their relationship and just how special Bethany was to him. “It’s definitely good to be home with you, hon.”

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