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If there had been a nicer day in San Francisco this spring Julie couldn’t remember it. The short walk up the hill from the parking garage could be unbearably cold and uncomfortable in the winter. Today it was pleasant enough to consider not reporting to her accounting job.

Her jacket was lying open, allowing the fresh air to flow through her light blouse. Four hours in the sun and she could begin to have her tan back, she thought to herself as she approached the office building. Dutifully, she rode the elevator up to the fourth floor and wound her way through the maze of cubicles until finding her own. With her mind still on the outdoors, she plopped down in the chair.

Ten years ago the young professional would have called in “sick”. But at thirty-two, she now understood the importance of showing at least a small amount of dedication to the company. She was a rising star in her department, not solely because of her flowing blonde hair and shapely 5′ 4″ frame. But those attributes certainly helped in a male-dominated firm.

Julie didn’t need to play the sex card. She was intelligent enough and mature enough to prove her worth in many other ways. In fact, she had a personal policy of not dating anybody from work. She’d made that mistake once and lived to learn from it.

Down the hall, John was placing his lunch in the break room refrigerator. He was anxious for noon to arrive so he could take the meal outside and enjoy the day. In the meantime, he would be his normal quietly efficient self. Not many people in the company knew the thirty-six year old marketing supervisor very well, even those in his own department. Rarely did he spend more than a couple moments during the day conversing with other employees. But you could seldom walk past his office that he wasn’t on the phone with a customer or clattering away on his keyboard.

He was lean and athletic, a jogger during non-working hours. He would bring his wife to the annual Holiday party, but otherwise never offered any details of his personal life. Despite his value to the company, John was one who could not show up for work one day and few people would notice or care.

Julie, herself, was somewhat surprised when she got a “Hello” out of John when they crossed paths on the sidewalk during lunch. She attributed it to the uncommonly enjoyable day.

By three o’clock Julie was spending more time thinking about what to do when she got home than the monthly report. She found herself staring blankly at a note tacked up on her overhead cabinet door. Sticky notes. She needed sticky notes.

Julie was happy to have this simple task allowing her to get up and walk to the supply room. Well, calling it a room was a stretch. It was really an oversized closet. Add the rows of shelving and even the small woman found it hard to navigate once inside.

She was one of the now infamous group of women in the office who campaigned to have the most often used items moved to the lower shelves where “normal” sized people could reach them. Still, many times she was in the closet thankful she was wearing pants and not a skirt, dreading the day she would be reaching an upper shelf when the door flung open. Today she wore pants.

With a small handful of notes in her possession, Julie turned to leave. She heard it before she actually felt it. The shelves were rattling. She stood in place and watched as they began to sway. Now she felt it.

Julie instinctively dropped the sticky notes and grabbed the metal frame of a shelf. The tremor increased in severity much more rapidly than she ever anticipated. Like all residents of the city, she had tried to imagine what “the big one” would feel like. This was worse than her imaginations.

She stumbled and cried out as a shelf behind her crashed over into another. The one she was holding slid away from her, cutting her hand in the process. Julie let go, free now to be thrown around the little space just like the pens, pencils and paper.

The next minute was total chaos. She fell to the floor and was immediately covered by supplies and shelving. The noise was deafening and she was certain the entire building was about to crumble on top of her. When would the shaking stop? Would she be alive when it did?

Initial screams that had echoed her own could no longer be heard. Were they all waiting, like her, for the infernal shaking to end? Julie was helpless. There was nowhere she could crawl to be safer. In fact, she couldn’t move. Shelves covered her legs, but she didn’t feel any pain other than the bumps sustained in the initial fall to the floor. And her hand.

But the continued quaking was the most important thing on her mind. She was sure that another fifteen seconds of it would bring the entire building crashing down. Dust was beginning to fill the air and she coughed uncontrollably. If she lived through the quake, she said to herself, she hoped not to die from suffocation.

Then it was over–as quickly as it came. The resulting silence was more deafening than the earthquake. Bostancı Escort Julie moved each of her four limbs to make sure she was…alive.

“Help!” she yelled.


“Is anybody there?” she cried out louder.

Still no response. Then she started to dig herself out. She surveyed the mass of metal above her and, like a game of pick-up sticks, decided which ones to try to move first. Several minutes of careful maneuvering, pushing and tugging allowed her to free her body of all entanglement. Despite several tears in her pants and two in her blouse, she was liberated.

Stopping for a second to catch her breath and say a small prayer of thanks, she looked for a way to the door. Julie began to move as if climbing over a child’s jungle gym, the shelves settling under her as she progressed. The additional bumps and bruises this caused on her knees and legs was a small price to pay for the light she saw outside the closet door.

Julie pushed the door, only to have it bounce back at her after hitting something solid in the hall. She pushed once more and squeezed her body into the space that was created. Her back scraped against the door and her breasts were flattened by the door frame, but she escaped.

The scene that confronted her seemed unrealistic at first. Amid the swirling dust she was able to determine that the floor above had fallen at a forty-five degree angle onto her floor. Desks, cubicle walls, plaster and metal were everywhere. Occasionally, openings to the outside were visible through the tangled mess.

That’s when Julie saw the first body. The lower half of a man stuck out from below a section of wall–motionless. A bloody arm was visible ten feet in front of the man. She covered her mouth in recognition of their fates.

“Is anybody here?” she said in a cracking voice. Julie couldn’t make herself yell any louder. The dust and her own fear prevented it.

She saw and heard nothing that would indicate anybody else was around. Julie hoped that the people on her floor were able to head outside, somehow, in the early moments of the quake. But she feared the worse from the appearance of the space around her.

Just a few feet down the hall, or what was left of the hall, was the entrance to the break room. She gingerly stepped over the rubble and made it to the door. To her surprise, the room was relatively intact. She froze, however, when her eyes caught sight of a man lying on the floor under a single beam. Unlike the other bodies she had seen, this one was whole and accessible.

Julie leaned over the man, only to jump back with a shriek when he moved. When he turned his face she could see it was John. She nervously yanked on the beam enough for him to roll out from under it. A second later he was sitting up, groggily holding his head.

“Oh, my God, John. You’re alive,” Julie said.

“Kind of,” the man said, coughing. “What the hell happened?”

“I’m guessing earthquake,” Julie said, surprising herself with an attempt at humor under trying circumstances.

John tried to look around him, but clutched at his neck and shoulder instead. “Ouch. Geez. I hurt all over.”

“You’re lucky. We’re lucky. I don’t think everybody made it out.”

John could tell from the sound of Julie’s voice that she was serious. “Have you looked…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the pair was showered by spray coming from the sprinklers above.

“Oh, shit,” Julie screamed, putting her hands on top of her head. She looked for a place to hide, but of course there was none. “How the heck can they still be working?”

She looked at the man huddled on the floor and, simultaneously, they broke out laughing…despite how much it hurt. Twenty seconds later, the flow became a trickle, and then stopped entirely. But the damage had been done. Both Julie and John were soaked.

Always the lady, Julie was more uncomfortable with the transparency of her blouse than the fact she was soaked. She crossed her arms in front of her and stood awkwardly against the sink.

“Well, let me go look around,” John said, stumbling to his feet.

“Good luck. I’m not sure you’re going very far.”

He had only made it to the door when they felt the first aftershock. John jumped back into the relative openness of the break room when the ceiling out in the hall sounded as if it was coming down. John and Julie held whatever was closest to them and watched the doorway disappear behind a solid mass of building material.

“Under here,” John yelled, grabbing Julie by the arm and tugging her down under a large table. Gladly, she hid with him as the short tremor died out. The room was much darker now, virtually all links to the outside blocked by the effects of the aftershock. Neither of them voiced their concerns, but they both knew there would be others.

Julie looked at John. The look on his face frightened her. It was the look of a man who suspected what would happen with one more large aftershock. But then her turned to Bostancı Escort Bayan her with a half smile and said, “Want to get out?”

“You first,” she said.

John chuckled and crawled back out amid whimpers of pain. Julie joined him. They stood in a space approximately ten feet square, with the beam that knocked out John lying diagonally across it. He quickly dispensed of it by pushing it on top of the refrigerator, which was amazingly unharmed…so far.

They both moved to what used to be the door, pushing ineffectively against the rubble.

“Well…,” John muttered. His meaning was perfectly clear to Julie.

She just looked at him and shrugged, her arms still serving as a shield in front of her torn, drenched blouse. “Maybe we just wait now.”

“I hope you mean for a rescue,” John said.

“Yes. A rescue.” Julie didn’t smile. It was becoming very serious now.

Julie went to sit on the table, but it was covered with a layer of water. As she went to wipe it with her hand, John pulled open drawers, hoping to find a towel.

“Oh. Here you go.”

Julie looked over at her companion, surprised by the glee in his voice. He was holding up an apron, letting the small, rectangular patch of material hang beneath two thin straps.

“If your blouse is too wet…” He didn’t need to finish the sentence.

“In your dreams,” Julie said sarcastically, ripping the object from his hand and using it to dry the table. She looked over to make sure he hadn’t taken her too seriously. John was busy opening more drawers, and cabinets, and the refrigerator.

“Well, we won’t starve…today,” he said, glancing inside the little fridge.

“Close the door,” Julie snapped in a motherly voice. “You’re letting all the cold air out.”

The door closed with a bang. John joined Julie on the table and they sat silently for a moment. For the first time since they’d found each other, they had a chance to reflect in their own way. What they couldn’t tell was that both were thinking of ways out. Unfortunately, they both came to the same conclusion: somebody would have to come to them. Quickly.

They chatted for a while about the original quake, how they came to be where they were at the time, and what they remembered. It helped a little to talk about it, but neither mentioned the obvious possibilities of future aftershocks.

As the evening wore on, they heard the barely audible sounds of emergency vehicles. John surmised the roads were too torn up for vehicles to pass easily. Julie hoped he was right; otherwise she would soon become frustrated by the lack of any sound of rescue.

They each paced occasionally to loosen their sore muscles and break the tension. However, the room eventually became all but completely dark. Just prior to total darkness setting in, John found enough rags to dry off space on the floor for them to lie down.

Their eyes adjusted enough for them to make out each other’s shape as they sat on the floor and talked. Little by little the room began to cool, until a damp chill overtook them. Combined with their wet clothes, it was terribly uncomfortable.

During one of the lulls in their conversation, John lay on his back and stared up into the darkness. He saw Julie do the same. Not a sound could be heard.

Then he felt an arm touch his chest, and Julie’s body against his right side. Her head rested on his right shoulder. John moved his arm and wrapped it around her, bringing her closer. He could feel her shaking.

Unsure that it was what she wanted, John took his other arm and wrapped it around her as well. She allowed part of her body to fall on his, allowing John to more tightly envelop her. Already she was warmer.

They stayed that way, without comment, for several minutes. Julie slid her right leg between John’s and seemed to John to stop shaking.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Can I stay here?”

“Of course,” he assured her.

A minute later she said, “I might be better off with this blouse off.”

John hesitated, then said, “Am I dreaming?”

Julie punched him lightly in the side. “Very funny. Now don’t look.”

John smiled at the absurdity of her demand. He could barely tell there was anybody next to him as she removed the still moist shirt. Just as quickly as she had left his side, she was back and on his shoulder. His arm went back around her, only this time he felt her wonderfully smooth, cool skin. John’s hand landed on her bra strap and he timidly moved it onto her bare back.

In the darkness, Julie smiled. She wondered how many other guys in the office she could do this with. In this one sense, only, it was her lucky day.

“What do you think is going to happen?” Julie said softly.

“They’re going to find us. But not tonight,” John replied matter-of-factly.

“I was afraid of that.”

John patted her back. “We’ll be OK.”

“I’d be OK if I wasn’t lying on this wet shirt,” Julie said, tugging at John’s shirt.

“Oh, sure. Use the old ‘wet Escort Bostancı shirt’ line.”

Julie laughed out loud. “No, really. Aren’t you uncomfortable?”


“Then take it off.”

John leaned up and quickly removed the shirt.

“Oh, God,” he cried out when he laid back down, lifting his back off the floor immediately.


“The floor. It’s freezing,” he said.

“Lay down,” Julie demanded. “I’m cold.”

John settled back onto the floor and, once again, allowed Julie to cuddle on top of him. Their bodies were much warmer now that their skin could touch. With one exception.

“Uh, Julie?” He couldn’t have sounded shyer if he’d tried.

“I know.”

She lay still for a while.

“Well?” he said.

“OK. OK. God, what a wimp.” They both smiled unbeknownst to the other.

Julie took off the bra. She purposely made sure her breasts were the first thing to hit his chest when she lay back down.

“Jesus,” he said. “You WERE freezing.”

Julie giggled. “You asked for it.”

She was finding the whole thing a little erotic now. And if she’d reached between John’s legs she would have found out he did, too. She was tempted, but chose not to.

Instead, she said in his ear, “Can you warm them up for me?”

She lifted her body and let her right breast hang just barely above John’s chest. He took his hand and cautiously placed it on the side of the breast. When she didn’t move, he covered it with his palm and felt the nipple harden against his skin. John kneaded the entire breast before concentrating on her nipple.

Julie moaned. “No. With your mouth.”

She moved up. John guided her over his mouth and raised his head so he could lick her. When they knew they were in position, he fell back to the floor and she lowered herself onto him.

At first, he took only her nipple. But soon he had a large portion of her breast in his mouth and was eagerly trying for more. Both of his hands were now fondling her and he anxiously moved his mouth from one breast to the other. Julie closed her eyes and reveled in the warm attention being paid to her chest.

“Oh, John. That feels so good.”

He would have been content if they did nothing else. The young blonde sharing this moment—and her body—with him was better than anything he could have hoped for under less difficult circumstances. But the more they did the more he wanted.

Julie felt the same way. She placed her hand on John’s chest and slid it down over his stomach. She only hesitated for a second before proceeding to slip it under his belt. Only when she felt the tip of his cock did she finally stop.

She placed her fingers along the length of his shaft, somewhat surprised to find it so hard already. She took it in her hand the best she could inside his loose pants. Julie might have been ready to let go and end this session, but John chose that moment to nibble on her left nipple.

Waves of pleasure ripped through her body. Within seconds, Julie had John’s belt undone, his zipper down and his pants wide open. Separated now from John’s mouth, she was free to move at will. And she quickly had what she wanted—his cock was out from underneath his shorts.

Julie’s tongue stroked the cock from base to tip several times before she placed her lips around the tip. John pushed his shorts and pants down until his cock and balls were completely uncovered. Julie eagerly took his entire cock in her mouth and sucked on it, feeling it throb.

The young woman placed her hand around the base of the cock while continuing to use her mouth on him. For the next minute or two she combined the pumping action of her hand with the wet sucking of her mouth to make him as hard as any man she’d ever been with.

John wanted to cum, but forced himself to allow Julie to work his cock. He didn’t know what her intentions were. If he had a vote, he wanted them to fuck. And soon.

He was disappointed when Julie’s mouth left his cock, but was relieved to feel her remove his shoes, pants and shorts. The cold floor was uncomfortable against his bare ass. However, only for a moment.

John could barely make out Julie’s silhouette as she got naked. His mind filled in the details the darkness hid from him. This only made him harder.

He saw her get closer, her legs straddling his sides. And then her warm, soft body was pressing down on his cock. John felt the moisture of her pussy slide up and down the underside of his cock as it lay against his stomach. He desperately wanted to be inside her.

Julie desperately wanted him there. She lifted up his cock and put the tip at the entrance to her pussy. Her body moved back and forth until she felt him begin to slide inside of her. A second later, amid quiet moans from both of them, John and Julie were ready to fuck.

John lightly put his hands on the young woman’s waist. Her body felt marvelous…both inside and out. Julie leaned forward and allowed the cock to extend all the way into her pussy. She squeezed him as hard as she could, causing him to groan once more.

Julie took John’s hands and moved them onto her breasts, which now hung down over his body. John enthusiastically played with them, especially the nipples, as they fucked. Each time he gripped them harder a shudder went through Julie’s body.

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