Tribute story Part 1: My ‘Best’ friend

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In 2013, i became close friend to this female colleague at a new work place whom i thought was attached in the beginning. I, on the other hand, was about to end my long distance relationship of 2 years due to some issues.

It all started when we got to know about each others’ relationship story. She was dumped by her then bf of 7 years after he promised her many good things. Having lost her virginities to him at young age when they started dating and went through many ups and downs together through out the years but in the end, he left her for another woman only to settle down 3 weeks right after. She was still heartbroken even it was already been 2 years since then.

We really cared for each other and would always find time for us. Its like we were dating but was told that she doesn’t intend to have a boy-girl relationship with me as she preferred a divorcee. What a weird choice but i respect that.
But ironically, we held hands, hugged and started french kissing in our first month of friendship. I just followed the flow. Soon, i started to finger and grope her as and when i wanted to. She would be fine with it. In return, she gave me blowjobs too. Shopping mall staircase, carparks, beaches, parks or some other secluded areas that u could possibly think of. I didn’t ask for sex as i knew theres a limit to what we should do unless she wants me as a fuck buddy or friends with benefits. I would totally fine with either. So it was as it was.The best thrilling blowjob was at an underpass going to the East coast park in the wee hours.
I remembered we went for a late night movie and headed for supper before going to East coast park. I parked my bike and it was near an underpass. Found a good spot to chill and started the romance without delay. We were obviously turned on as we were caressing and kissing in the cinema before the movie starts. Like no care in the world, we smooched and caressed each other- only pausing few seconds in between kisses. Before we knew it, 20 minutes has gone by. I had a full boner which was continuously massaged by her through my jeans. We took a break and chatted about our sex life and was amazed of her. Since her breakup, she had slept with 6 guys. No strings attached. Some of them were married men. She recalled just as soon as 4 months after the breakup, did a threesome for 3 rounds in a 1 night stay at a hotel. All of these was to forget her ex. She even prayed to be impregnated by any of the guys that she slept with. I actually pitied her although she confessed it was fun and an experience to remember by. The feeling of being used by 2 guys was something she always wanted but her then bf didn’t allow that. So to have it fulfilled was really satisfying for her. I did shared some highlight of my sexual adventures too but was not too amazed by her.
We resumed kissing again and i helped myself to her panty. She was wearing a one piece dress so it was easy for me to reach under. But it was very cushy. And…she wasn’t wet at all as i puzzled in disbelief. She looked at me and laughed as i wondered. She stood up and pulled me. Held my arms and we walked. So i asked “Are we going home already?”
“Not yet darling” she answered and continued “We are going there…that underpass”
She pointed and smiled. I smiled too.

As we reached the underpass, first thing was to check clear and so we did. Anyway, that underpass leads to some school and private houses on the other side so less likely any people coming through at this hour. On top of that, its a weekday. She advised me to sit on the stairs a few steps lower as she was about to do something. Lifted up her dress and held it in her mouth exposing her red lacy panty with something in between. She turned around pulling her panty down till she was bending over making her labias separated on its own. Her pussy and anus were well coated with her sex secretion. Her sticky colourless secretion was stretching from her pussy to the pantyliner. So thats what it was!!!
I helped her removed her panty and had her sat leaning back resting both elbows on the higher steps before positioning her legs wider. The view really made me wanna instantaneously ejaculate right on the spot but i managed to control myself. She was ultra wet. I couldn’t wait any longer so i dived in. Her pussy smelled nice. The first thing i did was- inserting my tongue straight into her love orifice. I looked at her as i did that. She bit her lips and started to look sexy. I licked away her thick juice. It was like glue and a lot! I kept drinking and eating it but she kept dripping. Then she ordered me to put 2 fingers in and suck on her clit so i obeyed like a good boy. “Go deeper” She asked me to. I nodded while maintaining my suckling of her engorged clit. She has a trimmed patch of pubic hair at the top of her mount which was perfect.
She started to grope her breasts. Popped the right side out and sucked on it on her own. My mind received multiple combo hits leaving myself extremely focused in pleasuring her like a zombie to a human flesh. I don’t how much juice i have downed but then again around another 10 minutes, another spoonful of secretion spilled out of her already wet pussy. Now then, she asked me to drop my jeans down to my knees which i did so. At this time, i knew i couldn’t last long as i was very excited coz it was my first time eating her pussy. And probably the wettest one i ever encountered.
She milked my pre cum out from the bottom of my shaft with her fingers gently. It was oozing out slowly. She licked it all off. Watched as she licked the side of my shaft. All around the head and under. Kissing my balls and took both in her mouth. Kept suckling on them leaving salivas dripping on my jeans below. I was high. The sensitivity increased as the licking continues. She was very attentive. Licking every nook and cranny of my circumcised shaft. Just to mention, she wasn’t that surprised when first saw my shaft as she had one slightly bigger before.
It was only about 3 mins but i felt rather close to orgasm. No deep throat yet. I can’t believe that this is happening so before i’m done without getting that, i held her hair like a pony tail and gently pushed her head in. She understood. Adjusted herself to comfortably accommodate my whole shaft. I gave her a face fuck. 7 deep throats and i’m done. She adjusted to have my head engulfed in her mouth completely as i unloaded all of my sperm. I felt like peeing sperm. My head went spinning as the blood rushes to my brain. She showed me before swallowing it down to nothing. We cleaned up. Saw her threw away her pantyliner. And her panty? She passed it to me.

“I want it back on my birthday” she said.

“When is it?” I asked.

“3 weeks from now” she answered.
I acknowledged and sent her home afterwards. Was a long journey on the road but i enjoyed the warmth of her hug and kept thinking of the action just now. I dropped her off and received the last french kiss for the night. She thanked me for my great service and would like to do it again anytime soon she said. I just smiled and nodded then greeting her off. Went back home as soon. Parked my bike and received picture message of her naked in the shower. Accompanied with a short message: ‘In case u need this before sleep if just now wasn’t enough for u. Hehehehe! Thats what best friends are for!’

Hope u guys and gals like this one too and pleasure yourself along!

Please look forward to Part 2: The birthday girl

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