Trip to China Ch. 01

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I am working as General Manager (Imports) and have to travel almost every month. Our major imports are from China I think I looked the best I had in a while.

As I was giving finishing touches to my hair the phone rang.

It was from front office. The girl over phone told me that a lady Miss Grace is waiting for me in Lobby & wants me to come down.

I asked her to request Miss Grace to wait for five minutes & I will join her soon.

I stepped into Lobby thinking how to spot Miss. Grace. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back, and I turned to find a nice-looking lady. She was tall, averagely built with a great smile, short light brown hair, and deep blue eyes.

I looked her in the eyes. “Hello,” I managed to stammer out. My voice trembled and I was shaking.

“You’re Mr. Srivastav, aren’t you?” she asked.

I then stuck out my hand to her. “Naveen Srivastav”.

She took my hand in his but didn’t shake it. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Srivastav. I’m Gracy, cousin of Molly.”

She looked to be in her thirties, had a full body, huge breasts and short hair. She was wearing maroon trousers tight to her ass and a party shirt, splendidly colored. Her large breasts firmly pushed against the low cut shirt and I could see just the hint of the soft white bust line.

“Shall we go? She said.

I was quickly brought back to my senses and responded to Grace. “Yes”.

Her car was parked at the porch itself. We climbed in car & she drove out.

Molly’s house was 45 minutes drive from my hotel & it was torture for me sitting next to Grace. I found it quite hard concentrating on the conversations we were having, not least because her English wasn’t good, but because I was transfixed on Grace.

Over the conversation I found that Grace loved India, Indian food & Indian people. She worked in a famous tour operator & was first cousin of Molly.

The presence of a beautiful woman sitting a foot away from me was having its effect and my erection was visible I was however trying to cover it.

We arrived at Molly’s house, the party was in full swing. Music was blaring, people were talking, dancing & the house looked noisy. Molly must have seen us entering as she immediately came to us. “Welcome to the party” she said & took me around & introduced to her Husband & daughter.

Her Husband, Chris was a fine gentleman & after exchanging pleasantries offered me drink. I accepted the offer.

Molly & Grace disappeared in the crowd & Chris took me around introducing me to his friends & relatives.

As we were moving around some one called Chris, excusing himself Chris went over to the person who had called him.

All were stranger to me so I found a sofa in corner of room & sat there. I was sipping my drink as the sofa jolted abruptly & someone sat next to me. I turned my head to find Grace sitting next to me.

“You look bored.” She said.

“No,” I smiled back.

“Tired” she said.

“No, you can’t stay tired when you’re talking to someone as beautiful as you.” I said.

“Really, Thank you.” She said & her smile grew.

“Do you want to dance?” she asked me.

“No thanks,” I replied. “I don’t dance very well.”

“Never mind,” she said, grabbing me by the hand. “You’ll enjoy it anyway.”

I was unwillingly dragged on to the dance floor, and she began to sway rhythmically. Before long I had picked up the tempo of the dance, and wasn’t doing that badly. Then, she began to move closer to me as the beat of the dance slowed down. This was not out of the ordinary, as the other couples were doing it too, but I really enjoyed it. Then, however, as the other couples remained close and dancing, she pressed herself right against me, her large breasts squashed against my chest. Closeness to Grace made my cock rise & as she pressed herself on me I was conscious that she might have felt my huge erection.

Just then the music stopped and she pulled me back to the sitting area.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” she asked me, cocking her head slightly.

“Yes, I have to admit it. It was rather fun,” I answered.

“Let’s get a drink.” she suggested.


I followed her to the bar as was feeling my erection arcing outward slightly. For the most part I angled myself behind her hiding it.

We poured drink each & she said “Let’s sit out here it’s more comfortable”.

I followed Grace, she placed my drink on the coffee table at one end of the sofa and I sat down nestled into the corner. Grace settled into almanbahis yeni giriş the other corner of the sofa, drink in hand.

She took a sip, and then turned slightly in her seat and looking at me said, “I have to admit, it’s rare to meet a true gentleman nowadays. Do you always act so gallant?”

“Only when I am with a pretty girl,” I said, winning yet another of her laughs.

“Thanks, nice to hear that. So how much longer are you going to be in town?” she said.

“Well, I was supposed to stay for 4 days, but as Molly office is closed for two days so I may have to stay longer.”

“This means you will be in town on New Year eve”. “What are your plans for the big day?” she asked.

“I am not sure, Molly is suggesting that I travel to Juhai for two days but I am not sure as traveling alone in China is not a good idea here due to language problem”. I replied.

“Right, moreover Juhai is a place where you need good company” she said as she pulled out her cigarette pack offering me one.

I pulled out my lighter and lighting them both.

I wanted to tell her that I would love her to join me on the trip but I could not gather the courage & just then Molly joined us & said it was time to eat.

During dinner I tried to look for Grace but she was not in sight. Chris & Molly explained me the dishes & Chris was with me right through the dinner.

Dinner was soon over and as I walked back with Chris to the living room again, I saw Grace standing with Molly.

Molly thanked me for coming over & asked Grace to drop me back to hotel.

Taking turns we shook hands with all concerned and made our way to the exit. Molly and Chris invited me to come and spend a day with them, as they could not attend to me properly during this party.

Finally we headed towards the exit. Grace followed me, I sat with her at the front and she was on the wheel.

Grace, was driving fast, the deserted winding roads with sharp turns were very inviting. She was trying to show off how well she knew the roads, as she was maneuvering the curves and turns with deftness.

The effect of whisky made me wonder into a spin of thoughts starting with imaginations. I imagined Grace completely nude, no clothes at all. I also imagined making love to her. Wild thoughts kept flashing in my head & there was this thought of taking Grace with me to Juhai.

Breaking my thought process she said, “How do you think the party went”?

“I would say it was a great, I really enjoyed, but I have to admit, I am actually kind of sad to see it end now.”

“Oh? And why is that?” she asked.

“Because I finally met somebody here that seems worth knowing, and now I have to leave her.” I said.

Grace laughed and said “who is that?”

“You”. I replied.

Grace burst in laughter as she applied brakes & I found that we had arrived at hotel.

I remained seated & looked over at her, and even though it was dark, I could see the half smile on her face grow wider.

I was about to thank her for the lovely company she gave me but before I could say she said, “Are you not going to offer me a drink Naveen”.

I was taken by surprise. “Why not, let’s go to my room”. I responded.

Grace parked the car & we moved in hotel.

As we approached the elevator doors opened and an older couple exited. We were the only 2 to enter the elevator. The doors closed and she looked up at me, pushing the button for the 21st floor I leaned across Grace and kissed her, softly, then deeply. She pressed her body up against mine and just as things heated up, the elevator slowed. We quickly broke the kiss I and lead her to my room.

Once inside, I grabbed her and kiss her hard on lips.

She pushed me back and said, “No, I want to be in control.”

I was so aroused by that time & I tried to grab her again but she pushed me back.

“You can’t touch me, until I say.” she said firmly pushing me back to bed.

Pushing me to bed she rode me & started unbuttoning my shirt from the top on down to the bottom. When she reached the bottom of my shirt she spread it open so she could see my chest.

Grace moved her face right in the middle of my chest & softly kissing she moved over to my nipple. She started flicking it with her tongue and then got to work sucking it. I now started purring. This was really feeling good. Without warning though Grace bit down on the entire nipple and areola section. I inhaled sharply. The pain and pleasure really almanbahis giriş hit at the same time. Grace moved over to the other nipple and performed the same enjoyable act.

“My God Grace, this feels fantastic,” I told her as she worked my nipples over. I’m not sure she even heard me.

I never had someone work my nipples and areolas over like this. I had worked this way on women but never the other way around.

After a little while Grace started working her way down my chest and then stomach. She reached my belly button and started nibbling around the outside of the button. Needless to say my cock was pushing up through my trousers pushing into her breasts and upper chest telling her to pay attention to it. She didn’t, instead she went back up to my neck and started tonguing and nipping me very lightly.

I moved my hand to her breast but she took my hand and moved it back to the bed. “Let me enjoy for a while. There will be plenty of time, plenty of time.” She said as she lifted her head and gave me a very deep kiss with her tongue.

She then unbuckled my belt and unhooked my trousers. With one quick yank she pulled them off of me.

I looked at her and said “Grace I’ve got to get my hands on you.”

She laughed “You’ll get more than your hands on me. By the time we’re done you will know me very, very well.” she said gently pushing me back onto the bed.

She the slowly started unbuttoned her top, and slipped it off her shoulders, displaying her sizable breast encased in a black lace bra.

She had the flattest stomach I think I have ever seen, which only exaggerated the size of her firm chest.

She then unzipped her pants, and let it fall to the floor, and she stood there in just her lace lingerie and black panties.

My cock was rigid by this point.

“I’m glad to see that I’m having the desired effect” she smiled.

Grace then unclipped the clasp at the front of her bra, and for a moment held it in place, before peeling it off exposing her breasts in their glory.

She then turned around, and bent right over, sliding her panties down in the process.

Grace then moved back to bed & took my ankles and spread my legs wide apart on the bed, and knelt down on the edge of the bed in front of me.

“Your cock is going to feel sooooo much better!” she said sexily as she moved closer to me.

She was looking down, watching her breasts come closer and closer to me, and, then… I began to feel, just a little, her tit meat.

Using her hands, she spread her tits wide apart. Then, she motioned for me to start pumping. We both watched as I rolled my hips and my cock slid along her cleavage line. Higher and higher it slid until I felt her tongue swipe at the big tip. I groaned and she smiled.

Then, she slid the flat of her hands to the sides of her massive breasts and she moved her hands back. Slowly… very slowly… she began pushing at the sides and as I pumped, I watched, in awe, as her tits started moving closer to each other. I was sweating profusely at my excitement as they moved closer! Up… down! Up… down! Up…… down! over and over again as her tits were very close to the sides of my shaft.

Closer, closer, she brought them together! “UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!” I groaned, over and over. Watching those big, full, hot tits move, more and more, against my shaft! Then, with her fingers extended, she began to fold them around me, smiling sexily, as she did so! She got them around me, nipple-to-nipple!! I was gritting my teeth, and, howling like an animal as my shaft was completely encircled!

With each thrust upward, her mouth was right there, her lips open, to take in the large tip and gaping hole and she was able to give it a quick lick before receding back down through her tits! I pumped harder, and, she urged me on.

My cock… kicked… between her tits, and, I was so far up her body and then she sunk her mouth over the end of my cock. She hummed as her head moved up and down over my cock, and I was in heaven!

With her spare hand she kneaded my balls gently and I could feel myself getting close to the point of no return already.

She stopped sucking me for a second and smiled “enjoying” she whispered.

Her hand speeded up as she slid her mouth back over my cock. I gripped the duvet as I felt the sensations between my legs grow, and I quivered as I lost control, suddenly jolting as I came. Grace swallowed hard on my thick fluid, and I could feel her squeezing almanbahis yeni giriş my cock as if to try and get every last drop.

As I relaxed, Grace folded her hand around my cock, saying, “You are still very hard, “how do you stay hard like that?

“Because I am with you,” I answered.

“Good… stay like that because there is a lot more we will do!” she added

“Grace… I want to deposit a load like the last one, inside you!”

“Oh God… yes!! Yes… ” She moved so that she was lying right beside me, and, on one elbow, I moved my head and kissed her! Very softly, at first, but then the intensity of our kisses increased. She whipped her tongue in my mouth, bit, lightly, my lip and then we were french-kissing, both of us eager to make our union a reality.

I moved my hand down over her big, humongous tits, rubbing the tit- flesh, and, pinching her nipples. As I gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, I felt her hand down at my crotch! She placed her hand on my cock and slowly, and carefully, she moved it against her slit, her juices spreading all over the tip. She moved it up and down, and, side to side, as she pulled on it, and, both of us gasped at the same time, when the huge tip spread her cuntal lips and slipped inside of her.

She pushed with her right hand to roll me over. I realized she wanted to be on top. I obliged her, rolling over onto my back, while still reigning kisses all over her face.

She lowered herself onto me, my cock easily disappearing into her pussy.

“Oh, God, Grace,” I gasped as I felt her pussy enveloping my cock.

“This is what I needed,” Grace said, riding up and down on my cock.

I reached up and grasped her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as Grace continued to ride up and down on my cock. After almost fifteen minutes, I groaned that I was about to cum. Quickly jumping off my cock, Grace eagerly swooped down on my cock, sucking it into her mouth, tasting her own juices smeared all over it as I began to dump yet another load of cum into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, swallowing all of my CUM and licking my cock clean before stopping…she had a wild and happy look on her face.

She took a shower and came back wrapped in a towel. I followed suit. When I washed and came out I saw her lying on the bed. She looked so sexy that despite my two ejaculations my cock started to rise. Quietly tiptoeing I pushed the towel aside and pushed her legs apart, which exposed her pussy.

Getting on the bed and trying not to wake her, I lowered my face to her pussy and stuck my nose and tongue into it, licking her and inhaling a big breath of her aroma. Almost immediately Grace groaned and her pussy began to flow, juices running into my eager sucking mouth.

I placed my tongue between her external folds and licked her up and down numerous times enjoying my first tastes of her sweet flavors. I looked up for a second, and beyond her gorgeous boobs, she had closed her eyes, thrown her head back and was purring more than moaning.

I was encouraged and licked her deeper stucking my tongue out to its maximum and started fucking her like it was an oral dick. She started humping my face moaning, “do it …do it, fuck me, lick me” as she started tentatively playing with her own tits.

I then placed one finger below my mouth and slowly let it be enveloped by her vaginal folds. Both my finger and tongue were moving in an alternate rhythm. Each time my tongue went in she moaned deeply, when I stuck my finger in, she whinnied higher. Both actions were dredging out of her some of the thickest, most edible cunt secretions I had ever experienced.

I wanted to spend a lot of time eating Grace’s pussy as it would take a while for my cock to get hard enough for the fucking that would follow.

After I had eaten all her delectable juices, my tongue started to probe between an inner and an outer pussy lip. I moved slowly in this sensitive spot because Grace was moaning more loudly in pleasure and her pussy was already humping into my face. My lips clamped down around her clit and my tongue started probing and flicking and caressing that adorable love button. After a minute of this her pussy was thrusting even more strongly against my face. After five minutes of this, her moans turned to howling “Oh, God, oh God, I’m cumming”. Telling me this was unnecessary because her back was arched so that her ass was off the bed, her thighs were clamped around my temples and her hands were on the back of my head, jamming my face tightly into her pussy. As she continued cumming, her ass bounced up and down on the bed while she thrust her pussy into my face and she was howling incoherently. My lips remained clamped around her clit and my tongue continued its tender, loving caressing.

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