Trip to Rio PT2 Gay

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Later that night I think I must have banged Jenny harder than usual. My experience with Carlos had left me reeling. I didn’t know what had come over me. It hadn’t been my plan to be on my knees, in my apartment, in front of a Brazilian guy with his cock stretching out my cheeks and fucking my throat while he looked down at me smirking. But something had come over me around him.

His physique, the strength in his rippling, tan muscles. The way he stood and walked, projecting dominance, grace, and strength. The way he seemed to look right through me. Something about him made something snap in me and I ended up getting skullfucked and left with cum all over my face while he walked out as if it was no big deal. And I guess to him it might not have been.

To me it was obviously, and it made me question myself. This wasn’t just a gay “encounter” or experiment, it was one guy dominating another and turning him into a cocksucker, and I was on the receiving end. Another guy had made me kneel in front of him and stuck his dick in my mouth and down my throat; he had shot a load of cum in my face. It seemed like the ultimate insult even.

But I desperately tried to put all this out of my head as I took a long shower, downed a few shots of vodka and headed out for some more drinks. By the time I had run into Jenny I was plastered and had forgotten most of it. We hit up a few bars by the beach, and headed back to the apartment, where I fucked her with abandon.

Jenny is really a hot girl, and the time in Rio was making her hotter; her skin now had a tan glow and her dirty blond hair and light eyes stood out even more. Despite being drunk I was hard as a rock pistoning out of her tight pussy. It was raw fucking and I didn’t look her in the eye. I remember focusing on her navel ring and seeing her firm midsection move back and forth with my thrusts. It was turning me on like crazy. I reared up and grabbed her firm ass with both my hands and thrusted into her pussy faster; it was burning hot and she was moaning. I could tell she was nearing orgasm.

But, flashes kept appearing in my head. As I thrust out, I remembered Carlos’ thick, powerful dick bobbing aggressively in front of my face; I tried to focus but a few seconds later, over my hot girlfriend’s moans, I had a flash from earlier that day, his dick burying itself in my throat, and Carlos choking me. Skullfucking me. Looking up at him and seeing his a superior, smug smirk on his handsome face as I slobbered over his dick.

It was like I couldn’t get this out of my mind. It turned me on and got me angry and made me fuck Jenny harder. She came with a scream, and I with her, pulling out and coming all over her firm, tan stomach and pert tits.

The next day we both woke up a bit hung over. However that was nothing some strong coffee and a good jog on the beach couldn’t fix. I also did some weights in the gym in my building. I was admiring my own toned body in the mirror after: I’m on the diving team, so I have very good proportions, nice abs. The tan I got made my blonde hair stand out. My muscles looked more pumped than usual.

However, suddenly images of Carlos’ more muscular, bigger, stronger body flashed in my head; his broad shoulders, the rocklike delts, the sun gleaming off his deeply tanned skin. I felt the same stirrings in my crotch, of weakness and excitement at the same time. I quickly tried to get a hold of myself. Back in the apartment we took a quick shower together, drank a bunch of water, and decided to head out to the beach for the day.

After we got set up under an umbrella I went off to take a quick swim in the Atlantic; it was cold water, but refreshing. I bodysurfed some of the bigger waves on Ipanema beach. Then I got back and we enjoyed a joint together as we watched the nice view of the beach and the people. Finally we both got up to take a walk down the beach. I was absentmindedly watching the beach with my arm around my hot girlfriend as suddenly I was struck by something. It was Carlos.

He was only a few yards in front of us, walking in our direction. I suddenly panicked and couldn’t breathe almost, but tried to control myself and play it cool. I looked over at Jenny. She hadn’t noticed him yet and was glancing over at me. She was smoking hot, and the late sun was showing off her amazing figure. I tried a smile, then looked back up quickly, and saw that Carlos had noticed us as he was walking our way.

Carlos stopped right in front of us,

“Hey…Tom,” he said and extended his fist for a bump.

I greeted him back. For a moment I was left speechless. The guy who had come on my face the other day was just in front of me facing me together with my girlfriend. I felt all the same stirrings all of a sudden, of fear mixed with lust and admiration. His muscles glistened in the sun. He had a silver chain around his neck that really emphasized his cut, tan muscles and broad shoulders and V-tapered form. He had a pair of light blue and white surfing trunks on.

“Tom…wanna introduce me to your friend?” Jenny said giggling.

I stammered for a second and felt stupid,

“Uhh ya…uhh Jenny this is Carlos, Carlos, Jenny…Carlos and I met…yesterday …at the juice bar…”

“Oh cool, well hi Carlos,” she said in her giggly way.

I could see her eyes go up and down his body and could tell right away that she was impressed. Jenny had always liked fit guys and I suddenly felt another layer of something on top of everything else.

“Didn’t know Tom had such cute friends,” Carlos said. It wasn’t corny when he said it for some reason. “Enjoying the beach?”

“Uhh…yeah…actually we were walking and about to go…” I stammered out…

“Cool,” said Carlos. He lightly grabbed his crotch and looked out toward the sea. He stretched. He was obviously showing off. The late afternoon sun glistened off his deeply tanned, stretching torso, every muscle on display straining. His abs, his obliques, serratus, it was like a perfect specimen of male anatomy on display. I felt a heat from his body overwhelm me; or was it just me heating up? I couldn’t tell. He turned around and faced us. I got a sudden image again of the day before. As if I felt his thick cock punching its way through my throat. I felt my dick move and had to readjust myself.

“Rio is really beautiful, we really like it yea,” said Jenny while all this was going on, though I barely registered it. She was giggly.

Carlos just gave a playful half nod and a smirk, acknowledging her statement, and said, “How else are you guys going to enjoy yourselves?”

Jenny looked up at me. I was still speechless, transfixed on Carlos. This made Jenny I guess more boldly check him out. I looked at her and could see her smile at him and look him up and down. He looked her right back in the eye and they held eye contact for a few seconds, but what seemed like minutes. It’s as if time slowed down as I noticed this display of attraction.

There was an electricity in the air. I felt my dick twitch and grow again watching Jenny clearly turned on by this stud. When I looked back at him I was again overwhelmed. He was looking right at me again; right through me. I felt scared, powerless, even a bit humiliated, yet immensely turned on by what was going on. We all had a silent moment for a while before Jenny answered,

“Well, just checking out more sites I guess, we were going to go to this party tonight…” she petered off into a giggle. Fuck, what an inane answer. There was more silence. Finally, almost as if I was forced by something to do it, I said,

“Actually we have no plans right now dude, you wanna come get a drink with as at Bar N.”?

I don’t know why I did it. Carlos smiled again, and looked me right in the eye. It’s as if he already knew he had won. “Sure, let’s go.”

We all started heading away from the beach and to the street. The bar was a few blocks away and we all walked there trading pleasantries and smalltalk I guess. Carlos spoke English pretty well and he and Jenny just did the usual chitchat, though I could tell he was already working her over, he was smooth and witty and made her feel comfortable.

The bar was very stylish and modern, a porch overlooking the beach from an upper level, and we all set in for a few drinks. Carlos was just shamelessly flirting with Jenny at this point, and I could tell she loved it. He made some jokes and told us stories about Rio but mostly let us do the talking. It seemed he was much nicer than I expected. He even complimented me a few times and made us all feel at ease. Well, quite a smooth operator I guess.

We were all having a few drinks and getting buzzed. Jenny was getting even more giggly and touchy with him. For my part, I was hard this whole time, so I shifted somewhat to hide my erection. I only briefly tried to think about why I had invited him along, actually tried to put this out of my mind. I should have just said we were leaving, but something about him, as usual, made me do it. An a****l magnetism. A sense of wanting to be around him, to defer to him even. It was like autopilot. I excused myself for a moment.

In the bathroom I cleaned up my face. Away from the hot scene of my girlfriend talking to this stud I sort of came to. I decided it had all been fun but I’d go outside and end it all, take Jenny home, and fuck her tight pussy all night long. I fixed myself up, then headed back outside. But as I was approaching the terrace where we were all sitting I noticed Jenny and Carlos were making out. She had leaned in from her seat on the edge of the couch and he from his seat and they were pretty passionately kissing. I instantly got harder than even before at this sight.

There was a twinge of anger and jealousy too, but it was fucking hot to see. I decided it would be weird to stare at them from behind the potted plants so I walked over and I guess they saw me out of the corner of their eyes because they stopped when I got closer. I sat down, and between the booze, the music and the whole atmosphere there wasn’t much awkward moment, Carlos just smoothly segued into another interesting anecdote. I noticed Jenny was sort of guiltily smiling at me and even bit her lower lip as she looked away.

I put my arm around her and we all chatted for a bit as if nothing had happened. Except, I did notice that Jenny hadn’t really removed her hand from Carlos’ knee. Something about that sight almost made me shoot in my pants. Her dainty, beautiful hand, now slightly tan but still lighter than his deeply tanned, muscular thigh and knee. She looked at me and smiled in a “naughty” way, playing, while still carressing his knee. We were all still talking but he noticed this exchange. At this point he got up to excuse himself, I guess also to go to the bathroom.

As soon as he left Jenny and I immediately started to make out, furiously. I grabbed her tits and stuck my tongue down her throat. We were both clearly very turned on. I stopped for a second and looked in her eyes,

“So…what do you think?” I asked.

“Hmm…think about what?” she teased.

“You know…what…what do you think about him? About Carlos?”

Jenny giggled, then stared at me. “Umm, he’s hot? I don’t know…I…”

I leaned in and we sensually kissed a bit more. “Do you want him to invite him home with us” I asked. What was I doing??

She stared at me wide-eyed for a second but then smiled naughtily and bit her lower lip. “I don’t know…you sure…?” But I could see she wanted it.

“Sure why not. It will be fun. We’re on vacation…let’s try it…” and we kissed some more and I felt up her tight stomach and tits. I was turned on as hell, thrilled but at the same time also there was something else…here I was feeling up my girlfriend’s smoking hot body but…

“OK…” she giggled back. We were both buzzed, though not drunk. “You’re soo bad…” she said then bit my lower lip. We both giggled as I felt her toned, smooth thighs. As we were still feeling each other up I noticed Carlos came back. He sat down in his seat, splayed out like a king. My dick twitched at the sight of him and I felt sure I had made the right decision. I turned to him.

“So …Carlos…we were thinking of heading back to our place, want to join us there for another drink?” We were both looking at him and she was sensually running her fingers through my hair while giving him a pursed-lip smile that was suggestive. I’m sure he knew what the invitation was all about. He smirked at me…the same smirk he threw me the day before when he stuck his cock down my throat. A thrill ran through me.

“Let’s go,” he said, confidently, and we all got up. The walk back to the apartment was quick. We were all buzzed and ended up being silly all the way there. Jenny ended up being passed back and forth between me and Carlos and I think she was enjoying the attention. They walked together for part of the time, his arm loosely around her waist, which, again, turned me on to see. By the time we got to my building I had my hand around her shoulder. We paid no attention to the doorman and quickly went up in the elevator.

We got inside the apartment. Carlos gave me a quick wink when he recognized the scene. Just the day before I had been on my knees looking up at him with his thick tan cock obscenely stretching my lips and cheeks. We both knew the other remembered this…my face went red but I can’t say the memory wasn’t a turn on or a big reason of why he was here again, this time with his arm around my girlfriend.

“I’ll fix us all some drinks,” I said.

Carlos nodded and he and Jenny headed for the living room and the couch. By the time I arrived there with drinks they were already making out. Carlos had grabbed Jenny’s tits and was generally running his hands all over her tight body. I handed both of them their drinks, but Carlos barely acknowledged me. They both took their drinks and had a few sips while we all talked.

Carlos threw off his flipflops and put his feet up on the coffee table. I couldn’t help but look at his well-shaped, nearly hairless legs, muscular, and his feet. Everything about him screamed strength and vitality. His feet were facing me as he had a couple of sips and put his drink down. Jenny just handed her drink back to me as she started to make out with him some more. I put her drink on the table, had a few sips of the strong cocktail myself and then sat on the couch, on the other side of Jenny.

She was very softly moaning and I could hear the smacking of their lips against each other. Jenny sat up and took her top over her head, revealing her beautiful, perky tits. She seamlessly went back to making out with Carlos while he played with her right nipple, pinching and tweaking it. I started to kiss her right shoulder and worked my way down to her nipple, sucking and lightly biting her right breast. She was clearly enjoying this and getting all worked up having two guys go at it on her.

Carlos suddenly stopped, then he stood up next to the couch. Both Jenny and me looked up at him. I was still playing around with one of Jenny’s nipples and caressing her smooth thigh, as Carlos took off his shirt to reveal his magnificent torso. In the dim light of the room he looked incredible. Every muscle was on display, and I could hear Jenny sort of swoon or moan in anticipation. It wasn’t just the size of his muscles (he had big muscles but not grotesque) but just how well-shaped his body was, and proportional.

The silver chain stood out in the middle of his broad, powerful, tan chest, making him look even more badass and macho. Carlos didn’t miss a beat and casually just took off his surfing trunks as well, then lightly kicked them away with his well-shaped feet. I grabbed one of Jenny’s thighs. We both watched in anticipation. Sure enough Carlos grabbed his speedos and shucked those off as well, kicking them away. His thick, powerful, proud cock snapped upwards against his tight abs then settled, aggressively bobbing in the air, upwards from his body. He just stood there in front of us, casually.

I’m sure Carlos knew the effect he had on us, on people, when he took his clothes off. I had heard Jenny gasp and now she was basically breathless, and had a hand up to her mouth. It was really an incredible sight. His broad, muscled shoulders, toned and tan, glistening in the light of the room.

He had basically 8-pack abs, a V-muscle around his hips, framing his powerful, thick cock that was jutting up and out proudly, under which hung full, round massive balls. His thighs were also thickly muscled and his tan body had a kind of aura around it in the electric lights of the room. It was almost like a sex god was standing in front of us.

Carlos just stood there but his presence had the intended effect. Without a comment, Jenny leaned forward and knelt in front of him. It was like she was paying respects to a pagan sex god. It’s what I had done the day before too. I was transfixed and just watching. Expectantly looking up at him, she placed her hands on his abs, admiring his power and running her pretty fingers down to his well-toned thighs. Carlos lightly placed an arm on the back of her neck. I could see the muscles in his forearm lightly twitch as he applied pressure. He gently nodded down to her reassuring her. I saw her from behind, leaning her head in.

He let out a slight moan as she engulfed his beautiful, thick tan cock in her mouth. I watched from behind as her head now bobbed up and down and she rested her hands on his tight abs; the contrast between her light tan and his deep, glistening brown tan was electrifying to watch.

I quickly got up and took a look from the side. For his part Carlos only gave me a quick wink but returned his attention to my girlfriend giving him a blowjob. She was lost in her own world. At times keeping her eyes closed, at other times opening her eyes and looking worshipfully up at this stud. Her beautiful pink lips were obscenely stretched around his powerful brown dick. Watching my girlfriend go down on him was amazing and I almost came. I quickly shucked off my own clothes and stuck my hard dick out toward her face.

As I said before my body was not bad at all, but nothing like Carlos’; I was sleek, lean, but he outclassed me in brawn and muscle without losing any grace or elegance. I couldn’t get enough of watching his muscular hips and abs now swing lightly back and forth as he stuck his thick brown cock deeper in my girlfriend’s welcoming mouth, sort of gagging her. He had one hand lightly but dominantly resting on her head. I felt another twinge of jealousy. This time of her. I remembered the day before.

Soon after Jenny remembered her boyfriend was in the room and reluctantly interrupted her worship of Carlos to pay some attention to me. She grabbed my dick jacked me a few times, then went to town on it with her tongue and mouth. She was a great cocksucker and I knew she had pleased him. Now I got to enjoy her for a while, but she continued to alternate between the two of us. This continued for a while. She was going down on me and I alternated between looking at her and at Carlos’ athletic, powerful body and jutting dick…now glistening with my girlfriend’s spit.

“Do you guys want to take this to the bedroom, might be more comfortable there?” I asked.

Jenny smiled. I helped her up by her arms, and then the three of us headed to the bedroom. Carlos took the lead and both of us took in the sight of his muscled, perfect back and ass walking in front of us.

When we got to the bedroom Carlos hopped on our bed and lay back against the headboard. Relaxed, his muscles in relief, he really looked like a pagan sex god, he looked royal. Jenny quickly headed for the bed but I stopped her. Slowly I kissed my way down her toned, beautiful back. When I got to her short summer skirt, I grabbed it and slowly lowered it down her shapely ass. She danced, besides swimming, so she was in great shape. I then grabbed her red-and-white-striped panties and lowered these down her beautiful, long, sexy tanned legs. It was amazing, her panties were drenched wet. As she stepped out of her panties she turned around and the two of us made out briefly. Then she headed back for the bed where Carlos was waiting.

Jenny was now up on all fours on our bed. Carlos was resting with his back on the headboard of the bed and had his legs spread out. Jenny leaned over and immediately began worshiping his balls while he lightly jacked off his huge cock. The sight was amazing. Jenny’s beautiful ass was on display and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I should have fucked her but I immediately leaned in. I started to tease and lick her pussy and ass with my tongue.

All three of us were on my bed now: me worshiping and licking Jenny’s ass, as she worshiped and licked Carlos’ balls and his thick cock. Soon I heard a loud clap next to my head. Carlos had leaned in and slapped Jenny’s ass as she sucked his balls. She let out a loud, excited squeal. He smacked her ass a few more times, then leaned back, with his hand behind his head. I couldn’t help but marvel at the powerful muscles in his shoulders, armpits, arms, and chest as he lay back on my bed, enjoying my girlfriend’s tongue slobbering over his balls. He looked like a boss, tan, muscled, and glistening in the bare bedroom light, my girlfriend hard at work sucking his balls.

After maybe about ten minutes of having Jenny pay tribute to his balls while I lovingly licked her ass, Carlos got bored and he stood up on the bed. Jenny didn’t miss a beat and got up on her knees. She started to suck his big dick again but this time he grabbed her hair and started facefucking her. I could hear her gag and I could see spit flow from her mouth on to her sexy tits. She put her dainty hands on his powerful hips for support as he skullfucked her, the same way he had done to me on the day before. Instead of getting up to also get some head I did something different.

I started to kiss the back of her shoulders and neck. Carlos slowed down now and let her go at her own pace, gently sucking his cock. I was so close to her face now and could hear her moan. I looked at her from the side. She looked amazing…her pretty, elegant face was looking up at Carlos worshipfully. Her dainty pink lips stretched obscenely around his thick, powerful tan-brown cock. The contrast between her feminine elegance and his strong, virile dick was amazing. Slowly I approached closer and kissed her cheek.

Jenny had a surprised look, I could see from the corner of her eye, but quickly smiled with her lips stretched out around his cock. With a loud pop she smacked her lips off his dick and looked me straight in the eye, wickedly smiling.

“You like this baby?” she asked, and looked straight at me.

I only moaned back at her. She leaned in, hesitantly, but still looking me in the eye. She opened her mouth and slightly stuck out her tongue, approaching me. I returned the gesture and soon felt her lips on my own, her tongue reaching inside my mouth. It was electric. We both went wild, kissing each other. I could taste him on her. She moaned wickedly into my mouth, then pulled back looking me in the eye again. She had a lusty, but naughty smile on her face.

With her right hand she was pumping Carlos’ huge dick, which was hovering threateningly above our faces. Still looking me in the eye she leaned her head back towards his cock. She gave it a few loud smacks with her mouth and tongue, then loudly kissed the head. Jenny now turned back toward me, grabbed the back of my head by the hair aggressively. We made out again. She was aggressively sticking her tongue inside my mouth, to make sure I tasted Carlos.

Jenny was moaning into my mouth and we were both getting really hot and heavy because of the whole scene. Pretty soon it happened: Carlos just sort of unceremoniously thrust his long, thick strong dick in the middle of our makeout session. He thrust right between our lips as we were kissing. Both of us let out an excited gasp as we opened our eyes and looked at each other. It was an amazing sight and feel. Looking right into my girlfriend’s eyes as this stud slowly slid his thick cock between our lips.

Jenny was probably more surprised then me but we went for it. Without missing a beat we both went to kissing each other again and sticking out our tongues on both sides of his massive cock. Carlos was right where he wanted to be. He pulled his dick back until we both shared the head and made out around it, then thrust forward again. Carlos placed his hands on both our heads and soon he had a rhythm, slowly thrusting back and forth, appreciating his new toys’ worship of his magnificent dick and manliness.

We kept at this for a bit until Jenny couldn’t handle any more. She mumbled something about how she “had to have this in” her mouth again and looking up at him captured the head of his cock between her lips and started blowing him. He calmly thrust into her mouth and throat a few times. Then he pulled back and with a plop his awesome dick freed itself from my girlfriend’s pretty mouth.

I was mesmerized again looking at it, like the day before. It pointed slightly upwards and swayed in front of our faces. Beyond that was his ripped, tan body and I registered again a silver chain resting on his broad chest. Slightly guiding my head again with his hand he effortlessly plunged his weapon into my mouth. I heard Jenny moan.

“That’s it baby. That’s so fucking hot.”

Carlos took charge again. He grabbed both sides of my head and started to seriously fuck my throat now.

“That’s it. Fuck my boyfriend’s throat. You look so cute with that cock in your mouth Tom!” she exclaimed.

I hadn’t heard Jenny talk this way in some time. For my part all I could answer was a surprised gasp and a repeated “ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH” as Carlos continued to plug my throat with his dick for his own enjoyment, and maybe amusement. I felt Jenny lightly pinch my nipple as Carlos fucked my face again. The feel of his dick in my mouth again was awesome and I shamelessly reached up to feel his perfect abs.

By now his thrusts were moderate speed and deliberate and I was drooling all over my chest from his vigorous face fucking. I thought he might come but he was just putting on a show. Soon Carlos pulled me off his dick by the hair. I was left back on my ass watching his magnificent body on display, a light sheen of sweat making all the muscles stand out. He leaned over and grabbed Jenny, raising her to standing position.

I stood for a moment watching the two of them as they made out, and Jenny stroked his long, threatening cock: it was clear Carlos was ready to fuck now. The two of them looked great together, like sex gods. I felt strange. I felt jealous, also anticipation though. I’d never been more turned on. I looked in amazement as Carlos sort of tackled and manhandled Jenny back to the bed, while she giggled.

He had maneuvered her into doggy position so I knew what was coming. He took his place behind her. Jenny looked back for a bit then looked right at me. I could see in her eyes lust and seduction, and she slightly smiled. But it was like she was possessed. My attention was interrupted by Carlos lightly slapping her ass a couple of times. Jenny moaned. I could see his thick cock rearing up behind her ass, still wet from the two of us giving him head. I could see his handsome face look down in concentration as he now aimed his thick cock at my girlfriend’s pussy and push up.

Jenny let out a yelp, then a long moan as Carlos wasted no time in filling the girl I loved full of his thick, powerful dick. She was super-excited and the anticipation had gotten to her; she came almost instantly when he had worked his cock into her. She was grabbing the bed. Carlos lightly slapped her ass again and looked at me and winked. Slowly he started to thrust in and out of Jenny’s pussy. The real fucking began.

I watched Carlos take Jenny doggystyle for maybe five or ten minutes. It was hot as hell. Jenny was moaning and at times yelling, I couldn’t tell if she was coming yet. Her hair was flailing wildly and she was grabbing at the sheets. She was in ecstasy as this Latin stud took her to sexual heights. Carlos looked magnificent as usual, his ripped body on display as he thrust back and forth into my willing girlfriend. His abs were on full display covered in sweat, glistening in the light of the bedroom and flexed and unflexed as he fucked her.

I leaned over, unable to help myself. I started to wildly make out with Jenny while she was getting fucked by this stud. She lightly bit my lower lip and moaned loudly into my mouth as Carlos brought her close to another orgasm. I drew back a bit. I grabbed the sides of her face as Carlos grabbed her waist with one powerful hand and her hair with the other for leverage, to pump her harder. Her eyes were lost in lust and she looked back at me. It was the sexiest look seeing her beautiful eyes as she moaned on his thick dick.

“Oh fuck baby…” she moaned “…Oh fuck….he’s fucking me…I’m going to cum…Tom….he’s doing it baby, he’s going to make me cum again!” She almost screeched the last words. “Fuck baby, Tom, he feels so fucking good….I didn’t think that…fuckk…Tom…his cock is so fucking thick…he’s so fucking strong…thank you…Tom….I love you…I love you baby,” she whispered and then it happened.

A shattering orgasm crashed on her as she looked into my eyes with lust after just telling me she loved me while this stud fucked her brains out. I felt Jenny’s nails bury into my hands and felt the force of her orgasm as Carlos fucked into her. The contrast between her words and the fact that she was getting just plain fucked almost made me cum without touching myself.

Carlos pulled back and withdrew from Jenny as she leaned forward in my arms. I’m not sure if the force of the last orgasm had knocked her out, but it seemed at least that she was still close to passing out. She was heaving and resting in my arms as Carlos got back to his feet again and took a step towards me. I knew what he wanted.

“OK pussy, taste your girlfriend off my dick,” he said.

Without missing a beat I obeyed and leaned up and took his powerful cock between my lips. I looked past its thick length to see it glistening with Jenny’s pussy…I could indeed taste her off him. He slowly stuffed his brown dick into my ever expanding mouth and soon I was gagging and choking again as he plugged my throat.


Jenny must have heard the noises. Because she was soon on her haunches again watching her boyfriend get his face stuffed full of Brazilian dick, my pink lips stretched out around that virile brown cock, drool falling on my chest as I tried to look up to him the way she had earlier. I felt her hands on the side of my head. Carlos was looking into my eyes with an amused smirk on his face.

“Fuck my boyfriend’s face, stud!” she exclaimed. Jenny was really getting into this.

Soon though I guess Carlos got bored. He slowly withdrew his dick from my mouth. I moaned in disappointment and heard both Jenny and Carlos chuckle. He told me to get up and I did. Now we both stood next to each other in front of Jenny, two studs there to fuck her brains out. Her boyfriend and this new…stud? I don’t know what else to have called him. I was in shape too, and good looking. Girls liked my elegant, toned body. But next to Carlos I paled in comparison. Literally, as his skin shone with a deeper, bronze tan but also he was bigger and more muscular, though losing none of my sleek elegance.

He stood there with the grace of a professional athlete (we would later find out he was an up and coming MMA fighter). My dick was average, but his was really something special. His virile, powerful cock stuck out from his muscular hips, straight out and a bit up, looking proud and threatening. It was thick, veined and two full low-hanging balls hung beneath, and then his muscular toned thighs. And then there was the attitude, the way he carried himself. The dominance, the a****l power. He outclassed me sexually on every level. And Jenny knew it. He saw me admiring his physique.

“So…what next?” he asked.

Jenny and I looked at each other and smiled.


“What do you want?”

He wanted to make me ask for it. He knew what I wanted…what we all wanted.

“I think…I think you should fuck Jenny some more,” I said finally.

Jenny moaned and felt up his muscular thigh.

“You want me to fuck your girlfriend?” he asked.


“And you want to watch?”

“Yes…yes …please …I want to…”

“Why?” Carlos asked. We were all silent. “Why do you want to watch me fuck your girlfriend. Say it, pussyboy.”

I was shocked he called me that again but a thrill ran through me. Carlos was establishing his unquestioned alpha status in front of Jenny with this scene. As if he hadn’t already, I thought. But there was something about making it explicit.

“Because…I don’t know…it’s hot…you’re hot…you’re both hot, I want you to do it.”

Carlos chuckled and sort of lightly pushed my shoulder.

“Cool. Sit back and watch, pussy.”

He didn’t drag it out. It had been a simple exchange. But. He had made me admit it…that I would rather watch him fuck my girlfriend, than fuck her myself.

Carlos now leaned over and pushed Jenny on her back. I was watching from behind as he was preparing to mount her missionary position. The scene looked amazing again. His rippling muscular back at work as he aimed his thick dick for my girlfriend’s still tight, moist pussy. I saw her under him. I saw her elegant, dainty fingers and nails hang on to his muscled, powerful bronzed shoulders and heard her gasp as Carlos once again entered my girlfriend. They looked into each others’ eyes as he slowly worked his thick cock into her.

“Of fucckkk….fuckkk Tom! He’s so fucking thick…he’s soo fuck…..” Jenny’s sexy words trailed off into a screech as Carlos worked the rest of his dick into her and finally bottomed out. Jenny was now just moaning incoherently as Carlos started fucking into her again.

I watched, dumbfounded, at Carlos’ sexual power and athleticism over the next fifteen minutes or so. At times leaning over, and times standing up on his knees and holding Jenny’s shapely toned legs apart, he fucked into her with ease and determination. The muscles in his back looked amazing as he thrust in and out of her. He had pushed me aside and taken my girlfriend’s pussy. He had fucked my throat in front of her and called me his pussy.

I tried to imagine for a moment how he must feel. In my apartment, my bedroom, deep inside my girlfriend, fucking her while I watched. I’m sure he got a kick out of doing this, but it didn’t seem an unusual experience for him. I’m sure he had done this before. I knew he must have had this effect on girls, sure, but on other guys too: to step aside for him. To defer to him, to surrender. As if he deserved it, which he did.

Carlos was really putting on a show fucking Jenny. I could tell he was doing it in part to taunt me. He leaned over her and I saw his muscular ass move up and down up and down up and down as he drove her to sexual heights. It was like he was sticking his ass in my face as he fucked my girlfriend in my bedroom. Jenny was screaming incoherently now. The sight of his somewhat more tanned muscular body on top of her tanned toned body was amazing, as was the contrast between his darker cock effortlessly moving in and out of her tight pink pussy, stretching it.

He was like a barbarian, taking over. Taking over by his superior physicality, dominance, sexual power, that’s what turned me on, to watch this superior male take over. I wondered how many girls he had seduced, including tourist girls who had come here with their boyfriends, only to see them pushed aside and turned literally into cocksuckers by this superior specimen, who then fucked their brains out.

“Fuck…Tom! Oh fucck….” Jenny moaned seductively. “He feels so good baby…he’s so fucking big….oh fucckkk….”

Jenny was still teasing me. She knew the effect this had. I could see her hair on the bed and the contrast between her beautiful hands and his powerful, muscled upper back into which she dug her fingernails. I could see her shapely legs around his waist or flail around his ripped thighs.

“You like that? You going to come in front of your pussy boyfriend?” Carlos asked.

I heard the bed creaking and slamming with the force of Carlos’ thrusts. His power was amazing as he fucked her right into the bed.

“Fuck yea! Ogh ….ughh fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming again!!” Jenny screamed as Carlos really fucked into her now.

Then he took a more leisurely pace and reared back on his knees again, still thrusting into my beautiful girlfriend.

I leaned over. I couldn’t take it anymore. Something snapped inside me again. He had slowed his thrusts a bit. The sight of his athletic muscled back and ass moving in front of me put me in a trance. I didn’t ask for permission but figured he would object if he wanted to. But it’s almost as if he knew I’d do this. I leaned in and felt the power in his lower back and ass as he moved back and forth. The heat radiating from his powerful body almost burned. I leaned in some more.

Slowly, and with some hesitation, hearing Jenny’s moans, I started to lick this stud’s ass. Carlos had sowed down his thrusts now considerably. He wanted me to go ahead with this. He knew the effect he was having…making me suck his dick, then fucking my girlfriend while I watched from behind. I licked the outside of his smooth ass tasting the sweat…I spread his muscular cheeks and licked on each inside, tasting again his virile sweat.

Then I leaned in and licked and kissed his ass crack. I was licking this superior stud’s ass while he slowly and leisurely thrust into my girlfriend. At times his ass hit me in the face on the thrust out and he chuckled.

Soon Carlos got more excited by the double stimulation of my girlfriend’s tight pussy around his dick and her boyfriend’s wet tongue licking his ass I guess, because he leaned forward back on top of her and started to pound into her again. I saw his dark cock stretch her out and pound up and down and Jenny started to moan and yell and build back to an orgasm again.

I didn’t stop licking though. This time I was licking his big, tan balls. I was licking this Brazilian stud’s balls as he fucked my girlfriend on my own bed. His sexual victory was complete. He seemed totally at home doing this, as if he’d done it many times. I wondered how many couples and girls he’d taken in just this way. How many tourist boyfriends ended up either watching their girlfriends get taken away, or actually watched them get fucked by him, or actually “participated” and licked his balls or sucked his dick as he took over.

“Ugh…fuck yeah…fuck me…Carlos…fuck me…fuck me harder! Fuck me in front of my boyfriend!” my loving girlfriend screamed out as Carlos began his final assault on her pussy. I helped along, licking and sucking his manly, powerful balls, helping this stud get off into my girlfriend. I leaned back again to watch the amazing scene in front of me. He looked like a sex god fucking into her. The bed was being slammed against the wall! Jenny was screaming again with a powerful orgasm. “FUCK YES!! FUCK ME HARD IM CUMMING!”

With a grunt I could tell Carlos started to cum himself. His rippling muscles clenched as he pumped a few loads into my girlfriend, right from his thick, strong cock, filling her up. Then he sat back, withdrawing his mighty dick, and shot a few more thick loads on her toned belly and her tits.

A few minutes later, as I licked this superior stud’s cum off my girlfriend’s shapely breasts, I also came, without touching myself. I could hear Jenny chuckle and from the corner of my eye saw Carlos grin in a relaxed way. I then saw him casually walk away toward the bathroom as Jenny caressed my head. I didn’t know what would happen next.

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