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After three days into the ten day cruise, I was looking forward to our first port call of the trip. After leaving Port Canaveral, the ship had steamed south toward the Panama Canal. On the way, the ship was going to put in at Colon prior to moving into the Canal. Not that I was going to go into the port – I had other plans for that day.

We had boarded the ship on Saturday, shortly before sailing. My wife Jenny and I had been on several cruises, but this time we were joined by Marc and his wife Christy. I had met Christy over ten years ago, when I was a project leader looking for managers for a mentoring project I was heading. Christy was just out of college, and was intelligent, eager, and clever, as well as attractive. We hit it off immediately, and our families had been friends ever since. And I had had the hots for Christy for almost as long.

I had never done anything about it, but I had lusted after her for years. I had seen her in bathing suits on several occasions, but that was just whetting my appetite for more. This cruise was just the thing to satisfy my curiosity. You see, this cruise had a few special features previous cruises hadn’t.

The cruise line we chose was one that specialized in cruises for adults. There were few activities for children and the cruiseline actively discouraged patrons from bringing children. We had both opted to leave our kids at home, so the idea of a cruise that catered to adults appealed to us. We had been on cruises that catered to families, and there were always a pack of screaming kids running throughout the ship. We were looking forward to a more sedate voyage.

And since the ship catered to adults, there were more tangible benefits as well, one of which we discovered on the first afternoon of the cruise. After we settled in, we went on a little exploration of the ship. It had the normal complement of swimming pools, each with a collection of deck chairs surrounding them. One pool, located forward of the stack, had a set of stairs leading forward and up to an upper deck. On a stanchion near the base of the stairs was a small, discrete sign, stating that the upper deck was a clothing-optional area. Jackpot!

I glanced at Marc, making sure he had seen the sign as well. The girls were chatting and hadn’t looked in my direction, so I suspect they hadn’t. In as nonchalant a voice as I could manage, I suggested that we see what was up the stairs. Since I was standing in front of the sign by then, the girls had no advance warning of the conditions prevailing on that deck.

When we got up on the deck, it was mostly covered by the same lounge chairs that encircled the pools. Perhaps one in ten of these was occupied by afternoon sun-worshipers, almost all female. Most of the women I could see were older, but here and there were younger women. The greater part of the ladies were lying on their stomachs and wearing bikini bottoms or thongs, with their tops untied or laying on the deck next to the chair. Very rarely, we could see a fully nude woman lying on her back, soaking in the sun’s rays. The few I could see were quite attractive, with full breasts and nicely-trimmed pubic hair.

As we weaved our ways through the deck chairs, I noted that the girls had fallen silent and were staring around quite as much as Marc and I were. Approaching the stairway at the far end of the deck, we walked by a particularly stunning blonde, her D-cup boobs pillowed on her chest and topped with large, dark areolaes, and who was lying with her feet on each side of the chair, spreading her thighs wide and giving us a fantastic view of her shaved pussy lips, slightly parted and prominently peeking from her slit.

We passed by silently, not commenting until we had descended the farther stairs. “Well, that was interesting,” I commented.

“I’m going to like the scenery on this cruise,” Marc noted.

“I didn’t see any guys sunbathing up there. Seems like kind of rip-off to me,” complained Christy, a note of whimsy coloring her voice. “Maybe you guys will have to liven things up.”

“Oh, ladies first!” both Marc and I chorused.

“Maybe we’ll surprise you,” said Jenny. Well now, I thought, that provides some food for thought. I filed it away for further thought as we continued our tour of the ship. I simply had to find a way to get the girls on the sundeck during this cruise!

Later that night, Jenny and I were relaxing in our cabin, checking out the movies on the cruise tv and discussing our plans for the week. I casually mentioned that I thought it would be cool if we all spent some time sunning on the upper deck. Jenny giggled and punched me on the shoulder, saying “Nice try, stud, but I know you just want to see Christy naked. I don’t know if she would go that far, but I’ll see if I can convince her to spend some time there. It may take a couple of days for her to get comfortable taking anything off, but you never know.” That’s one of the things I love about Jenny – always ready to lend a hand! I knew that Jenny wouldn’t have any issues with body modesty on the clothing-optional sundeck, and I hoped she would be able to convince Christy. Göztepe Escort We made plans to go sunbathing tomorrow and see how things developed.

As we lay there talking, my hand came to rest on her thigh, and I began to stroke her leg as we talked. We were both dressed for bed, Jenny in her oversized tee shirt and panties and I in my shorts and teeshirt. My hand continued to wander up her thigh until I was gently rubbing her panty-clad slit. This continued for a few minutes until she began to moan and squirm a bit, enjoying the touch. She suddenly sat up and got up from the bed. I raised an eyebrow at her, wondering if I had hurt her in some way when she moved to the tv, shut it off, then turned off the lights. The balcony doors were open, and soft, silvery moonlight filtered in, casting Jenny in silhouette as she stood there.

Her eyes locked on me, she reached to the hem of her shirt and drew it off over her head, her hair cascading down her back as it fell back into place. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and drew them down over her hips, letting them fall to floor. I heard the whisper of the fabric sliding over her legs as she said, “Come here.”

Who am I to refuse a request like that? I got up and stepped over to her. As I did, I dropped my shirt on the bed. She reached out and slid my shorts off and reached down to take my cock in her hand, stroking and squeezing me to hardness as we kissed. While she was running her hand over my erection, I ran my hand down her flank and between her legs, questing up to stroke her now-moist slit. A few minutes of this and we were both ready for more. Jenny then turned, took my hand, and led me out onto the balcony. The balconies were mostly private, with solid dividers between balconies for individual rooms. If you really wanted to, you could peek between the edge of the divider and the ship’s bulkhead into the next balcony, but with the lights off, no one would be able to see.

Jenny stepped to the rail and bent over, her forearms and elbows resting on the rail with her head pillowed on her arms. She spread her feet, looked back and me and murmured, “Now, please.” I stepped up behind her and knelt quickly to run my tongue from the top of her cleft to her clit, briefly flicking the clit and collecting some of her tasty juices on my tongue before standing and sliding my dick into the warm confines of her sex.

Jenny let out a gentle moan and hid her mouth on her arm as I began to stroke in and out of her. We set up a languid motion, taking our time, building the passion and heat. I reached around to finger her as I moved in and out of my love, alternating between gently tweaking her nipples and rubbing her clit. She began to cum, moaning quietly and shaking as the pleasure took her. As she began to come down from the pleasure, she turned, causing my still-unsatisfied dick to slide from her pussy, and dropped to her knees, taking my cock in her mouth and hand, using both to quickly bringing me off. I stood there, growling my pleasure as Jenny swallowed the cum I left in her mouth, gazing over the glittering moonlight on the trackless sea, my hands resting gently on her head. Jenny quietly finished, and rose to stand next to me, my arm around her back and her head on my shoulder, as looked out in silence before turning for the bed.

The next morning, we met Marc and Christy for breakfast and looked over the ship’s activities. This was an at-sea day, so we found several things we were interested in doing during the day. There was nothing after lunch that particularly appealed to any of us, so Jenny casually mentioned that we should think about working on our tans in the afternoon. Everybody thought that sounded good, so we set our day plan. I was looking forward to the afternoon.

The rest of the morning passed slowly. We played a trivia game – and won. We spent some time walking around, exploring the theatre and the casino, and playing some games. Finally, we had lunch and went back to our rooms to get changed. I had noticed that Christy and Jenny had spent some time together, whispering and giggling, so I suspected they had something planned, but I had no idea what. As I changed into my swim trunks, Jenny ducked into the bathroom and came back out wearing her pool cover-up and announced she was ready to go. We headed out and met Marc and Christy at the elevator. I noticed absently that Christy was wearing a cover-up as well.

As we climbed the steps to the upper-deck sunbathing area, both Marc and I looked around to get the lay of the land, as it were. More lounge chairs were occupied that had been yesterday, but it was about the same ratio of women to men. More of the women were really hot, as well. I tried really hard not to stare, but I still got slapped upside the head by Jenny when she noticed my gaze straying to all of the incredible naked bodies around me.

We made our way to a set of chairs by a railing, a bit isolated from the majority of other sun goddesses on the deck and spent a few minutes unpacking our towels, sunscreen, books and such from our bags. Jenny and Christy spread their Göztepe Escort Bayan towels on adjacent chairs and stripped off their cover-ups. It was then that I figured out why they had been giggling together earlier. They had obviously gotten together before our trip and gotten new swimsuits, because they were both wearing suits Marc and I had never seen before.

Christy was wearing a simple two-piece string bikini in blue with yellow trim. The bikini top cupped her full C-cup breasts nicely, and the bottoms displayed her ass in all its curvy glory. She fluffed her hair over her shoulders and smiled shyly as Marc and I enjoyed the display. Jenny, not be outdone, had picked out a bikini of an iridescent silver fabric. The bra cups, such as they were, barely covered her nipples and areolae, while the bottoms used a thong design and basically disappeared in the cleft between her cheeks. It was one of the most erotic swimsuits I had ever seen, and I wanted to take her right there.

The girls laid down on the lounge chairs and, almost in unison, held out the sunscreen to us with a muttered, “please?” Marc and I took the proffered bottles and sat down next to our wives. I opened the bottle and started to squirt some on Jenny’s bare back. Before I could do so, she reached back and untied the strap running across her back, which wasn’t unusual.

What was unusual was when she untied the strings around her neck, pulled the top out from under her, and dropped it to the deck next to me. Christy, seeing Jenny drop her top, hesitatingly reached back, untied her top, and pulled it free. When she did so, she had to raise up a little to slip it out, and I was treated to a brief glimpse of her breast hanging down, her nipple clearly hard with excitement. Jenny turned her head enough to catch my eye and gave me a smirk and a wink.

After a brief pause to catch my breath, I went back to my work on Jenny’s back. I squirted the lotion on her back and spread it evenly and slowly over her back and down her arms. As I rubbed the creamy lotion into her skin, I ran my fingers along her arms and down her sides, taking care to lightly brush the sides of her breasts as I did. I moved down her back, taking time to make sure her butt was well covered, and worked my way down her legs and back up to her thighs, tickling her pussy lips as I did.

While I was thus occupied, Marc sat up suddenly, looking stricken. We all turned to him, and he began to stand up. “I’m going to go back to the cabin for a few minutes – I think something I ate didn’t agree with me. I’ll meet you back here in a little while.” He hurried off before we could argue with him, so the ladies settled back down as we discussed what could have happened. I suspected Marc had a case of Montezuma’s revenge and wanted some privacy while he dealt with it. Christy reluctantly agreed and reached for the suntan lotion to finish what Marc had started.

Jenny, seeing what Christy meant to do, told her, “Relax, Christy. Jason will be a gentleman and finish that up for you, won’t you, Jason?”

“Work, work, work…” I groused and moved over to Christy’s lounge chair, taking the bottle from her. “Where did Marc stop?”

“Well, he started on my back, but I don’t remember him getting very far.”

“Well, I’ll just start over. We don’t want you getting sunburned.”

I squirted the liquid into my hands to let it warm a bit and then began to spread it over her neck and shoulders. I worked my hands down her arms, and along her sides, gently brushing the sides of her breasts as I slid my hands around to her back again. I finished her back and moved down to her legs, applying more lotion as I went. I caressed each leg as I went down, working my way back up. As I reached the top of her thighs, I allowed my fingers to brush ever-so-lightly against the crotch of her bikini bottoms. When I did, her head twitched slightly. I froze, thinking I had gone too far, when she made a slight purring sound, more felt than heard, and eased her thighs slightly, allowing me greater accessed to her inner thighs. I spend a few more minutes on her upper thighs, rubbing her pussy with the tips of my fingers and the sides of my hands as I did.

When I couldn’t justify spending any more time on her silky-smooth thighs, I shifted up toward her toned ass. I applied more lotion to the skin of her lower back, along the line of her bikini. I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of the bottoms, so that she wouldn’t burn if the waistband slipped as she lay there. Yeah, that’s what I was doing. I worked my hand along the edges of the bottoms along the cheeks of shapely ass, brushing over her anus on the way.

As I was finishing, I heard Christy say to Jenny, “I’m sorry now that I didn’t get a suit like yours. I’m going to have having tan lines from my bottoms.”

“Well, you can always just take them off, you know. No tan lines that way,” Jenny commented.

Christy thought about that for a second, and then said, “I can’t do that! I’d be too embarrassed!”

“About what? Almost everybody up here is naked, you’re lying on a lounge, Escort Göztepe and you have your cover-up to put on when you walk back to your room later. The only person who is going to even notice is going to be Jason, and you won’t embarrass her, will you Jason?” As she was saying this, she turned on her side toward us, a slight grin on her face, and her nipples hard as rocks. Clearly, she was enjoying this.

“Who, me? Heck, I probably won’t even notice. You know, hon, it might make Christy more comfortable if you took off your bottoms, too.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Jenny enthused, reaching down and undoing the clips at her hips. She slipped the scrap of clothing out from between her legs and laid it on the deck near her top. Saying, “your turn, Christy,” Jenny reached out and untied the side of Christy’s bottoms closest to her. I reached out and untied the other side, leaving the small triangle of loose fabric covering her ass.

“You guys!” squealed Christy, then she sighed, made a small movement with her hips, and pulled the bottoms out from between her legs. I sat still, gazing at the now-exposed globes of her ass.

“Jason,” Jenny purred, “it’s not polite for you to be wearing clothes when we’re not.”

“Since when did you become an expert on nudist etiquette?” I demanded. I knew where this going, and I resigned myself to it.

“Everyone knows the proper etiquette, so get those shorts off.” Christy had now turned her head to watch me as I stood and slipped my swim trunks down my legs. My half-hard cock stirred, and it took all of my concentration to keep it from showing off. Christy looked me over, then met my eyes, licked her lips, and closed her eyes with a slight smile on her lips. Jenny also smiled at me, winked, and laid back down on her chair.

I moved to lay down on my on lounge chair when Jenny said, “wait a second, bub. You haven’t finished your work.” She glanced meaningfully at Christy’s now-exposed asschecks and lifter her eyebrow. I sighed and sat up, taking the lotion and spreading it carefully over the toned, supple cheeks of Christy’s ass. I finished up with another quick caress of Christy’s wet pussy lips and hastily yet carefully laid down on my lounger before my erection could get any harder.

Jenny said with sigh, “I suppose you want someone to put sunscreen on your pasty white butt now?”

Before I could comment, Christy said, “I’m closest, I’ll take care of it.” I turned my head to watch as she she rolled over and moved to sit on the side of my chair. It was the first time I had really seen her breasts, and they were everything I expected, and more. A solid C-cup, they stood proudly on her chest with very little droop, crowned by silver-dollar sized areolae and hard nipples as thick as my little finger. Her public hair was trimmed to a small strip above her slit and I caught a quick glimpse of her lips as sat on the edge of my chair.

She took the lotion from the floor near my chair and said quietly, “my turn now,” and began to spread the lotion on my arms, backs and legs. She took her time, and spent a longer than necessary time on my thighs and ass. As her hands spread the lotion over my thighs, she dipped her hand mischievously between them to briefly cup my balls and tickle the area right behind it. She repeated this several times, and by the time she was finished, I was glad I was lying on my stomach, because I was now hard as a rock.

Christy returned to her chair and lay back down, and we all rested for a while. After half an hour or so, Jenny turned over and spread lotion over her front to ward off burns while she tanned that side. She carefully applied the lotion to her breasts, making sure I was watching. After she massaged her breasts (tweaking her nipples as she did) she continued down her torso and legs, finishing up with what appeared to be a quick couple of strokes over her clit before she lay back down. Christy followed suit, spending rather more time making sure her pale tits were well-covered (and her nipples were hard) before she continued down her legs, ending with a quick diddle of her clit, as well. I watched all of this from my lounge chair, remaining on my stomach, for reasons that were then obvious, at least to me.

After another half an hour or so, we decided to head back to our rooms for showers and to get ready for dinner. I enjoyed a last look at Christy’s gorgeous body as she rose and slipped her cover-up over her head and let it fall down to cover her hips. Jenny slipped her cover-up over her head, I slipped my shorts back on, and we gathered up our belongings and left the deck.

Marc was feeling a little better by then, so we spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading, and just generally hanging out. Over dinner, we made plans for the next day. Marc and Jenny both wanted to go ashore when we made port call at Colon, while Christy and I decided to stay on board and enjoy some of the cruise director’s planned activities. After dinner, we headed for the theater to heckle the comedian, have a nightcap, and then retire for the evening. All through the evening, we made jokes about who we wanted to see on the clothing-optional sundeck, and who was going to get to put lotion on them. Throughout the evening, I would catch Christy looking over at me when she thought I wasn’t looking, then looking quickly away if anyone noticed. Interesting. I thought that might bode well for tomorrow.

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