Tropical Joys Ch. 02

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Sam had moved up David’s body after swallowing most of his seed and shared a kiss, her first kiss with Charlotte. Charlotte tasted David’s familiar essence on Sam’s soft lips. A few drops had not made their way into Sam’s mouth and Charlotte cleaned her with soft licks. Sam was enjoying her attentions but released Charlotte who kissed her way down to David’s cock and bathed it clean with her tongue and lips. Sam cuddled and kissed David and snuggled up to him as though she were a lover of many years standing.

In the bushes above them Caroline came on her hand with a muffled cry. She lost control of herself and had a wave not broken on the beach at a crucial moment she would have been discovered. She watched as Charlotte’s mouth brought David back to life only to obscure his cock from her view as she mounted him. As David and she coupled Sam rolled onto her back and masturbated with the sun beating on her damp folds.

Caroline had spent her formative years in private tuition at a seminary for young ladies and had never seen a penis until she happened upon Sam ministering to David. She wondered if her would fit in her but resolved to try before he left. She knew she was underdeveloped for her age but hoped that she could persuade David to make love to her. How she wanted to feel him in her and wrap her arms and legs around him as he moved inside her. She had a very romantic idea of giving herself to the handsome man she had longed for for so long.

Later that night she put her finger down the front of her soft panties and stimulated herself to the imagined touch of her beloved David.

David meantime was being entertained by the girls. This would be his only night alone with them before James arrived and they had to get to ‘work’. Dinner had been cooked by Sam who went wild in the kitchen. It was so much better stocked and equipped than the little apartment in town.

The girls had brought a few pieces of equipment to entertain their clients with. David was dressed casually for dinner and the girls wore t-shirts and panties. David had a thing for cotton panties and had requested that güvenilir bahis the girls look and dress much as if they were a couple of schoolmates sharing accommodation. This meant comfortable clothes if any, no make-up and a few hair ties. Amongst the girls’ luggage was a selection of dildos, strap-ons and soft ropes and of course a good number of cotton panties.

That night they ‘snuck’ into their ‘guardian’s’ bedroom to spy on him only to be caught and punished. They had got a little drunk and hid in David’s wardrobe to watch him undress. Giggling they fell out of their hiding place. As they sobered up David outlined their likely chastisement. Either they submit to his discipline or their parents would be informed that they were drunk and caught in a compromising position.

Sam who was the better actress by far produced a flood of tears and begged not to be reported. Charlotte just looked shamefaced and shuffled from one foot to the other.

David was very angry. He told the girls what was in store for them. Charlotte had been saving a little something, for all that Sam was the better actress, she could not top what happened next.

Charlotte looked up and biting her lip begged David to show her some mercy. She was terrified of the spanking that David had indicated was her fate. She was wearing a black cotton form fitting t-shirt that didn’t quite reach the top of her pink cotton panties. She hugged herself and trembled with fear. David looked on in astonishment as the front of her panties moistened and a little stream of water ran down her legs and pooled on the tiled floor.

“Don’t think that pissing yourself will get you out of this! Go and clean yourself up.”

Charlotte nodded her assent and went to the bathroom. She was so excited by her role-play that she had to remember that she mustn’t touch herself sexually. Nevertheless the warm stream from the bidet sent a little orgasm through her.

Sam meantime was told to put her sobbing body across her guardian’s knees. As she felt her panties being lowered she screamed “No” and struggled against David’s strong grip. türkçe bahis Her body was not as ripe as Charlotte’s and as she stood there was a visible gap between her legs. Thus kneeling in submission across David’s knee her legs were slightly parted and her firm little buttocks opened to expose her rosebud and below that the lips of her sex glistening and prominent with her shameful arousal. David could see she was opening. Her panties at her knees betrayed her dampness. The gusset was a darker shade from her moisture.

As the first blow landed on Sam’s bottom Charlotte returned. She was bare from the waist down. Sam had never been spanked before and had not expected the tingle of arousal that each blow to her reddening cheeks brought forth. Her stomach began to convulse and as David’s finger strayed to the little tight hole between her cheeks she lost control and moaned. David knew what he would do next. He told Sam to stand up and move to his bed. There she was to kneel with her head buried in the soft covers and expose her virgin pucker entirely to his whims.

The role-play was not entirely forgotten but David didn’t admonish Charlotte as she moved to open his trousers and suck his erection. Coated liberally with a mixture of her saliva and his moisture she pulled him to the shaking Sam and placed his cockhead at her friend’s rear entrance. Sam was genuinely nervous, her shaking was a mixture of sexual arousal and fear of being anally deflowered. She was unable to relax and take David. His cock was quite thick and that combined with her nerves led to failure.

Charlotte knew what to do. She had never offered her rear to David but she was willing to try. She gently pushed Sam forward and made her intentions clear to David. At the same time she began to kiss Sam’s inflamed rear end, slowly, slowly zeroing in on the little hole that had denied David access. Sam was spread eagled on the bed her hand rubbing between her legs as Charlotte’s tongue snaked around her anus. As David violated Charlottes most private place and his cockhead slipped past her sphincter and pushed slowly into her rear so güvenilir bahis siteleri her tongue violated her friend in a way neither had ever contemplated. Sam relaxed and humped back against Charlotte’s face. The sense of wanton exposure mixed with physical over-stimulation resulted in a thrashing fit as she completely lost control of her orgasms.

As David steadily increased his tempo within Charlotte she too masturbated and as she felt the twitch of David’s orgasm begin she dug her fingers into her sex and cried out with pleasure.

David’s last orgasm saw him spent for the evening but the girls were on a roll. As all three relaxed in the spa adjoining the bedroom the girls hugged each other and Sam asked if Charlotte would try to ease her into anal sex with a little strap on from their collection. It was designed specifically for the job. Being set slightly lower once in place lovers could enjoy anal sex but in the intimate embrace allowed by the missionary position. Charlotte applied the soft leather straps as she nestled the other end deep inside her sexfolds. She sighed as the hardness entered her. Sam had been orally stimulated by David and having lubricated her ‘penis’ Charlotte replaced him between Sam’s legs. Sam brought her legs up to open herself to the little penis that would take her anal virginity. It was considerably smaller and thinner than David and she felt nothing of the nervousness she experienced earlier in the evening. Charlotte placed herself at Sam’s entrance and they trust against each other. Their bodies entwined as lovers, they embraced and enjoyed the sensation of deep soulful kisses. In a gentle push Charlotte was inside Sam. The latter’s eyes popped slightly as she was violated. This time she felt she could cope. It took ten minutes before Charlotte was completely inside Sam and could bring her sex to press against Sam’s. The results were spectacular.

David had who had thought himself spent was re-invigorated by the passion bedside him and as the girls disentangled themselves from each other to savour a post-coital glow Sam move over and sucked David till the last drop of semen was gone from his system.

She and Charlotte would not feel like working girls this week if tonight were anything to judge by. Little did they know of the pleasures and experiences to come that would top even these.

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