Troy ,Tammy

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One Friday night, about 11 o’clock Troy received a phone call from his friend Tammy asking him to come get her. She sounded upset so he went to get her right away. Troy and Tammy had known each other since the third grade and were always there for each other throughout the years. Even now, in the middle of the night, Tammy knew she could depend on Troy to take care of her if she needed help. So she waited for him to show up and then he took her back home.

In the car Tammy was to the point of crying. Troy “Are you hurt? What happened at Michelle’s?” Tammy had went to Michelle’s party with her new boyfriend Sam and had only been there about an two hours when she called Troy. He knew this because he had been invited to the party also but didn’t care for Michelle too much- she was a slut, she was a very hot slut, but still bad news for him to get involved with her.

Tammy was more mad and embarrassed than hurt, she replied “That bastard, Sam, was feeling all over Michelle. The whore practically mounted him right there on the couch!” Tammy rolled down the window and threw two packs of cigarettes, a lighter, and a small sandwich bag with suspicious chopped up green leaves in it out the window as Troy drove. She then continued, “That was Sam’s shit. When I confronted him about feeling her up, the bastard had the nerve to raise Michelle’s shirt- ‘how can I say no to these titties? If you had big ones like these I’d grab yours more.’ He said that in front of the whole room! I just stormed out. I was so embarrassed.”

The rest of the drive went along rather quietly, except for the sound of the Pink Floyd tape Troy always had in the car. By the time the two of them pulled up at Tammy’s duplex apartment she seemed considerably more calm. The two of them went inside and into Tammy’s room where Troy sat on the bed as Tammy unloaded her purse in the top dresser drawer and then proceeded to get comfortable. She was irritated again as she undressed, “I can’t believe him. What a sorry sonofabitch!” She paused in her search for a loose T-shirt, turning towards Troy, “What the hell did I see in him? I can’t believe him!”

Troy said nothing, but couldn’t help but notice the way that Tammy’s b-cups were threatening to overpower her bra as she stood there with her arms thrown out to her sides. But then again, Troy knew that Tammy had a nice body, she often changed in front of him or walked around his or her house in next to nothing without thinking anything of it. He kind of liked it.

Tammy returned to her search, finding the shirt she was looking for walked over and dropped it on the bed and shrugged out of her bra. She cupped her breasts looking down at them as if inspecting them. The nipples stiffened at her touch as they always did, poking out into little hard pleasure buttons. Troy noticed to, though he tried not to be obvious about it. She turned towards him again, releasing her breasts to let them fall heavy against her, “I mean, look at these! Aren’t they pretty? Aren’t they big enough for most men? I mean, would you like to suck a pair of tits like these?” Tammy was upset and venting her frustrations, but was snapped Artvin Escort out of her fuming momentarily by Troy’s soft response, “If you wanted me to.”

Tammy smiled, suddenly embarrassed at the putting poor Troy in that position, “You know what I mean.” She went back to her dresser and began looking for a pair of shorts. When she found the pair that went with the shirt she selected she took it to the bed and then stripped down bare beside the bed. She took her dirty clothes and put them in the closet across the room. For the first time in her life, she noticed that Troy had noticed her body. He was trying not to notice but he had. Tammy laughed inwardly, she had never considered what being naked around him all of these years may have been doing to him. She slipped on the shirt and then began pulling the shorts up when she noticed that the seam was split on the side. Dropping them to the floor she went for another pair, that just happened to be in a lower drawer. Tammy flet herself begin to get wet between the legs at the thought that Troy might be admiring her body. It felt so good to know that a man found her body exciting, especially after what had happened at Michelle’s.

When Tammy partially bent over to get into the lower dresser drawer, Troy had a few seconds of seeing not just the tan round butt he had lately come to admire more and more, but also a glimpse at her smooth shaven pussy lips also. He didn’t know why he tortured himself so much, his dick had already hardened at the close-up sight of her also tanned firm titties. He forced himself to look away just before she turned back around with another pair of shorts.

Oh my… Tammy thought as she turned back around and looked to see if he had a bulge in his pants. Troy had a full erection there wasn’t any doubt about that. This made her want to reconsider wearing her shorts without any panties for fear of a wet spot soon soaking through the crotch. But judging by the heat that was already building between her legs it wouldn’t matter if she had on two pairs of panties. She slipped on the shorts near the dresser and went for a different shirt so she wouldn’t have to be near him and the bed too. As she slipped a shirt down over her breasts, she shuddered as the fabric rubbed across her nipples. Oh, hell.. she thought.

Troy shifted uncomfortably on the bed, wanting to make some excuse to go to another room but not daring to get up for fear that his dick might be poking out of the top of his jeans. Troy was ‘blessed’ with dick that often did that when he was really aroused. He had never bothered to measure it, and actually hadn’t gotten the chance to use it much in his 20 years, except to stroke it to porno movies and hot magazine stories. That was about the extent of his sex life. He was kind of embarrassed about it. The stupid thing would pop up at odd times and needed only the firm press of a woman’s body to activate it. There were a number of times while riding the subway during especially busy times that women had noticed the erection pressed up against their belly or backside. Troy always tried to look at the ceiling, avoiding their Artvin Escort Bayan gaze as they looked down and then up at his face. He would mumble an apology each time. This had happened over three dozen times since he began riding the subway the summer before. Some of the women acted appalled and moved away, but most of them actually seemed flattered and giggled at his embarrassment. One woman discretely reached into his pants from underneath his shirt to grab hold of it. Troy’s head snapped down to look at the woman. She was probably in her early 40’s, a little chunky, but was pretty in the face and stacked up top. She whispered to him ‘would you like to get off with me at the next stop?’ How could he refuse such an open invitation as that?

That subway stop started as a hot fuck in a bathroom stall and ended up several months later with Troy picking himself up off of the highway with bruised ribs and a slight concussion. It seems that the woman neglected to tell him about her jealous husband.

Tammy left the room and went to get a couple of beers for the two of them but thought better of it and grabbed sodas instead. When she returned to her room Troy was staring off into space. His erection was very visible still and Tammy forced herself to look away. She called out to him once, then twice, and finally had to approach and tap his shoulder to get his attention.

Troy jumped at the abrupt reality reminder. Tammy was tapping him on the shoulder, he spun to look at her and found himself facing the beginnings of her cleavage in her slightly sagging shirt. He took the soda she offered, but noticed a musky scent from her being near him. He wondered if it was her perfume at first but it seemed too raw and arousing. His gaze trailed down her shirt to her crotch where he saw the beginnings of a wet spot forming. Oh shit… he thought. What do I do? I’m dying to touch her and I think she’s aroused but what if I’m wrong? He stood abruptly and walked a couple of steps away opening the soda and taking a long drink.

Tammy could feel the sexual tension in the air between them, and nearly gasped when Troy stood up and she saw that the line of his erection extended all the way to where his club shirt draped just past his beltline. She was seeing Troy as a man for the first time. What a shame that all of these years the two of them had been oblivious to each other. Should I make the first move? She thought to herself as he tipped back the soda can and drank. She opened up her can and took a sip, unsure of whether or not to follow the desire that was building up or to simply wait until he left and pleasure herself alone. She thought of how often she masturbated. She loved to do it. She often passed the time on her days off laying around the house naked, fingering her pussy and even her ass, bringing herself off over and over. But would that be enough?

Troy felt like he was going to die if he didn’t get home and get out of his pants. They suddenly felt very tight and he knew why. Tammy was beautiful, she had always been attractive to him, but this was the first time he had ever been around her when Escort Artvin she may have been aroused. After finishing the soda he made a decision, he wouldn’t risk their close relationship by making a move that could be wrong, “Hey, thanks for the soda, but it’s getting late and we should both probably get some sleep.” He started for the door and Tammy followed him to the apartment door.

Tammy watched as Troy got in his car and started it up torn as to what she should do, then she made a decision, she couldn’t let this chance go without acting on it. What if he was the one? Right under her nose for all of these years? She went to his window, and when he rolled it down, thrust her head inside and kissed him. Breathlessly she spoke, “Don’t leave. Stay with me tonight.” She kissed him again, and he kissed her back fully.

The two of them kissed again and again until he turned off the engine and got out of the car. Troy got out of the car and took Tammy in his arms, following her as she backed up until she was backed up against the front fender of the car. They kissed the whole way there, and with a gentle assistance Tammy hopped up onto the edge of the car. Her hand went to Troys pants and quickly released his erection. Taking it in her hands she reached her other hand down and tugged the soaked crotch of her shorts out of the way and guided the tip of his meat to her pussy.

Troy’s hands helped raise Tammys hips up as she moved up and then sank down onto his dick. Both of them moaned aloud as he entered her fully. She continued to moan as he began to pull back and push forward slowly, filling her pussy up, stretching her each time. Her hands moved up to flip up the front of her shirt, “Suck my nipples. I want you to suck my nipples.” She added emphasis on the word ‘want’ and was pleased when he responded by taking the nipple of the left breast that she offered in between his lips and gently sucked on it.

She was being fucked in her front yard and she only cared about having Troy cum inside her pussy. She thought about Michelle and Sam, and hoped the two of them enjoyed each other because there wasn’t anyway that she was going to give up Troy. The orgasm hit her almost without warning as Troy suddenly swelled up even thicker and began to flood her insides with his hot cum. Tammy flew into a hazy euphoria as her own trail of little orgasms began and built up to a waterfall of her own juices. She grasped Troy and bucked hard against him until she nearly collapsed after she had came all over his hard dick. She found herself wrapped up in his arms.

Troy held onto Tammy as he felt wetness like he’d never known flow across his dick. He felt about fifty contractions around the length of his dick as she buried him all the way to the hilt up inside her and began to jerk against him. He held her up as she went limp in his arms.

Shortly afterwards the two of them looked around for the first time hoping that there wasn’t anyone else around. Tammy was thankful that she lived in such an out of the way place. There didn’t seem to be anyone around but that didn’t mean that no one hadn’t seen them from their windows. They decided it would be better to go back into the house before someone called the cops. The two of them were just getting started on a relation ship that had been right there waiting to happen for over a decade. They would have to explore each other again, and again.

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