Trudy Ch. 06: Rehabilitation

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Did I mention our daughter is a prodigious, aspiring sportswoman?

No, well why would I…not important on the whole, except for the fact that it takes me and Trudy around Europe watching her, supporting her…and it was on one of these trips that Trudy met ‘Thor’…the man who was to shatter her promise to Soloman.

Since Zambia, we had been good. She had stuck to the new rules…and stuck to black cock…but the events out in Africa had left a mark, made her resentful, and you could see she was struggling with the whole ‘black is best’ thing now, the novelty wearing off after seeing Stephen abuse those women, and being tricked by Bala, aka Michael, aka Jonas.

A few months had passed since her return from that trip and she had screwed at least one guy per week…some arranged on-line with me watching at local hotels (despite the lack of spontaneity I had to concede it was the easiest way), some opportunistic due to her work, or just meeting men on our nights out…we even went to a dogging site in a local beauty spot, where she resolutely only allowed black cocks to fuck her…3 of them in the end, ogled by a group of guys like me…better at watching!!

I had not yet fucked another woman…I hadn’t really looked yet, and I was still getting off on watching Trudy…though I had to admit wanking my own cock was becoming a bit tedious and I did need to get some variety…some pussy. I had considered going to a prostitute but was not entirely comfortable about it…confidence issues again.

Anyway, my daughter is at a sports academy…they train every day, play in a competitive league for much of the year, and when most kids are sat on their arse fixated by their PS4s, or shopping and lunching with girlfriends, my daughter and her team are travelling to various European countries to play challenge games or tournaments.

One of these trips took us to Helsinki, Finland.

I will make the details short. Having flown out on a Sunday with the team and a few other parents, plus the teams coaches and management, we checked in to a hotel – which one is not important. We were in our own room, the girl was sharing with a team mate.

The next morning they were due to play their first game of the tournament. We were taken by coach to the arena and while the team prepared we sat in the cafe, waiting for the game to start.

We both clocked the guy we later named ‘Thor’ in the cafe first…you could not miss him really…he was just a fucking man mountain…he made Hulk Hogan look like Pee Wee Herman and the Incredible Hulk like Kermit the frog. This guy was blonde, mid 40s, blue eyed, (false) tanned and wall to wall muscle, about 6″7′ tall, a chest the size of an American fridge and arms like Popeye on spinach flavoured steroids…and he was taut…his t-shirt fitting tighter than a condom; tracing his muscular torso beneath.

I think Trudy came just looking at him…I swear at one point her mouth was agape…until she realised just how much she was staring, and ultimately where she was actually staring..! Lets just say it was below the belt…because his shorts also revealed massive powerful thighs and calves that only a devoted body builder can sport…but the tightness of them also provided a clear outline of a massive cock…he might as well have worn speedos or spandex they were that tight…and I expect he knew what he was doing, because all the women in the cafe had stopping drinking their lattes and were licking their lips for another reason…everyone of them imagining what that dick looked like in the raw, and what it would feel like in their cunt.

‘Thor’ caught Trudy’s gaze and held it for a moment, smiling confidently, knowing what she was looking at and what she was thinking about…he smiled at her, and she actually blushed, gave a half smile back then glanced away…noticing the other women throwing daggers at her with their eyes, because he had not smiled at them…jealous of the attention he had paid her.

The moment passed, until we took our seat in the arena. Front row, above the teams benches below. We leant over to catch our daughters eye and wish her luck, which I eventually did when I got her attention, but when I turned around I noticed that Trudy was focussed on the opposition bench – containing none other than ‘Thor’…it seemed he was the coach for the opposition, one of the local teams.

He spotted her looking at him and nodded back at her..she nodded in return, then looked away towards our girl to wish her well.

The game ended…an honourable draw…the girl doing well.

We waited outside for the team to change and emerge for the coach trip back to the hotel…the opposition emerged first, led out by Thor…as his team filed on to their own coach, he approached us…he introduced himself as Antti, but I will stick with Thor for this story.

He asked if our daughter was no.26 and when we acknowledged this he complimented her performance and ability. We swapped pleasantries, almanbahis adres but also much more on a subliminal basis…sexual jousting clearly hanging heavy in the air between Trudy and Thor.

Thor and his team were staying at the same hotel as us…and as he left he said he hoped he would see us later, for a drink.

As it happened we did not see each other that night. Trudy however was in one of those moments in a woman’s life where she was fretting about her figure and keeping trim, so rose early to go for a swim, sauna and steam room session leaving me comatose in bed; where she duly bumped in to Thor…an obvious fitness freak.

She was already in the pool doing laps, dressed in her swimming costume rather than bikini, when he loomed in to view. He filled the space behind him…and she noted he was wearing similar snug fitting shorts, revealing an obvious shadow of a cock capable of destroying some pussys.

She tried to pretend she had not seen him, but he did not let her get away with this snub by jumping in to the pool, then swimming alongside her…making her self conscious; gradually making her stop and cling to the wall after a few more lengths, and turn to face him.

They chatted shit for a while…flirted a little…while they clung to the wall of the pool, bobbing up and down occasionally to keep the blood flowing.

He invited her to the hot tub, and she followed him, sitting across from each other continuing their conversations. His leg occasionally brushing hers, but not on the outside, but on the inside of her knee, he made no apology for it however, leaving her to wonder if it was deliberate or if the seething, bubbling water was to blame…

They decamped to the sauna after the 15 minute cycle of the hot tub had finished. Before he went inside however, he made his excuses, and returned a few minutes later wearing only a towel around his waist.

Again he sat across from her at the opposite end of the sauna…he threw water over the coals, not hot enough for a Scandinavian he declared…clean, pure sweat began dripping from every part of her body as a result…

He sat in her eye line and drew his right leg back, bending it at the knee, leaving the left one extended in front of him..he was clearly toying with her, his actions providing a clear view under the towel of his thick, monster sized member; the bright pink bellend squinting at her from its hiding place, but acting as if he had no idea this was the case.

Her wetness from the heat of the sauna was added to by her cunt juices, due to the glimpse of his girth…she tried not to make it obvious she was looking at it, but failed miserably…and he knew it.

After another 15 minutes they moved on again to the steam room, an atmosphere of expectation and trepidation tangible between them.

After a few seconds of entering the steam room, they were engulfed in mist…though they knew they were alone neither had took a seat…she turned to locate him, and discovered that he was still stood inside the door, holding the handle…making sure it stayed located in the frame and could not be opened easily from the outside. She knew what he was anticipating.

She was torn…turmoil raged through her mind…her emotions swapping back and forth like a tennis rally…she was trying to convince herself that she was the property of only black cocks now and that she should remove herself from temptation, but her alter ego, her yin to her yang, was screaming at her to break this vow. The latter thoughts beginning to win the argument…”why restrict yourself to black dick”…”you made that promise to Soloman when you were newly liberated”…”he was your first BBC, and I was naive”…”He will never know…”.

Then there was the Zambia incident, which had left her disillusioned, and perhaps brought her back to reality after the hedonism of her awakening; the straw that broke the spell rather than the camels back.

It seemed he could sense the conflict raging inside her, so he took a leap of faith, trusting he had read the signs right…he reached down with his free hand and dropped the towel around his waist to the floor…revealing his beautiful semi-erect rod, she reacted before her mind exploded with the doubt and indecision…dropping to her knees, gripping his shaft in both hands, twisting them around his girth and resurrecting it to life.

She dropped lower, hoovering his testicles in to her mouth in turn, rolling them around with her tongue like a gob-stopper. Popping them in, and then out, like balls from a bingo or lottery machine.

Her tongue then traced its way from the bottom of his swollen shaft to the tip…where it flapped around the eye, before tracing its way back down again…lips then parting and sliding up and down his cock like it was playing a harmonica.

She warmed to the task, and not just because she was sucking cock in a steam room, but because she was savouring the taste of him…a almanbahis yeni giriş different flavour to her recent fare.

Her lips closed over the end of his member, and began bobbing up and down, slowly at first, then more hungrily…left hand working the hilt…right hand cupping his balls, mouth and throat swallowing his cock like she was having an endoscopy…faster and faster…his cock slick with her saliva.

His hand went to her head…gentle pressure exerted on it, encouraging her to take as much as she was able…he felt someone try the door handle outside, but he held it closed, no contest.

She felt him tighten his buttocks…and heard him say he was going to cum…she kept his rock hard pole deep in her mouth as he tasted so nice, that she swallowed much of it…then allowed him to slowly withdraw…as she looked up at him, in to his eyes.

The towel was used to clean her face and his bellend, and was then replaced around his waist, after-which Thor released his grip on the door handle. They stepped outside, apologising to an older gentleman that the door had jammed, and maybe he should give it a miss until they had reported it to the hotel management…smirks on their faces as they made their exit.

They went to their respective changing rooms, but then met in the lift…

I was woken by my Ipad…a musical chime repeating itself, calm but urgent at the same time…it took me a few seconds to figure out what it was given my dazed state, but then I worked it out…someone was face-timing me, my immediate thought thinking it was the daughter from her room…I opened the flap of the cover, noticed the caller was actually Trudy, and slid my finger across the glass to answer…

The screen enlarged and I was met with a view of Trudy’s face…she seemed to be lying down, a pillow visible beneath her head…I said, “Hi, whats up…where are you” and in response she turned her phone around to show Thor with his head buried between her legs…eating her cunt for breakfast…I sat up quick, gulped…the sleepiness gone from me in an instant, and watched his tongue and lips servicing my wife’s pussy, while she groaned in the background…cheeky fucker even looked up and winked at me down the lens.

I heard her say…”I told him about our situation, he wants you to see him at work…”

The phone was set on the night stand at the side of the bed…giving a reasonable but single angled view. By now he had ceased pleasuring her cunny, and had stuck his swollen member between her tits, squeezing them around his manhood creating a tunnel for him to fuck. His bellend poking out of the other side in reach of her lips, her taking advantage, kissing, licking and occasionally taking the tip of his prick in to her mouth.

He was a huge man, and let me say now that everything was in proportion, his cock equally impressive…befitting of a giant.

I said…”tell me the room number…I want to watch in person, its not like you’re in another town”…Thor answered…’365’…and in doing so provided his acceptance to me being there when he eventually fucked Trudy.

I got to the room, fast…just shorts and a t-shirt thrown on in haste. I found the door slightly ajar on arrival, and I went in closing it properly behind me.

The room opened up at the end of a small hall and they only came in to view at the end…what I saw astonished me…they were performing a vertical 69, him taking the opportunity to use his strength to hold her around the hips and waist, upside down off the floor…she was latched on to his cock, working her tongue around the tip, and he had his mouth firmly lodged in her twat, lapping at it like a thirsty dog drinking water…her legs flailing either side of his head…

As strong as he was, there is only so long you can perform such an act, and so after a minute or so he shuffled over to the bed, and lay her down, while they were still conjoined…neither breaking their purchase on each others sexual organs, continuing their hungry pursuit.

Trudy came, her body shuddering beneath him, then sagged satisfied in to the mattress.

He disengaged his cock from her lips, and walked along the side of the bed, mounting it again between her legs…missionary position..”so this black cock only thing you mentioned in the lift…it seems that phase is over now, right…”

“That depends” she said…

“On what?”…

“How well you fuck me of course”…she laughed then, and added for cheesy effect “I mean if Thor can’t win this battle, then white cock is doomed…”

He smiled…”Thor is it? Well in that case I had better put my trusty hammer to good use…” and with that he nudged the tip of his penis between her vagina walls, like a snowplough parting a drift, clearing a path.

She glanced over to me as he thrust slowly further inside her, a look of pure exhilaration on her face…I responded by dropping my shorts and gripped my Mr. Average almanbahis …she smiled briefly, but turned away to focus her attention on Thor when his cock withdrew and then plummeted back inside her with more urgency, making her gasp.

He was still taking it slowish, long deep strokes, filling her entirely (with some cock still to spare), propped up on his massive arms either side of her, her legs trying to hook around his waist..head thrown back…satisfied sighs escaping every time he entered her, and slid deeper inside, his cock sheathed in her wetness.

Then he dropped to his elbows, lowering his position…found Trudy’s lips and kissed her passionately, tongues engaged in warfare…a precursor to his change in tempo…within a few second he sped up, making faster, shorter movements…his thighs not slamming in to her, only the top half of his cock used at a very fast pace – tickling the inside of her, making her supersensitive around the entrance to her pussy…she was alive with warm sensations coursing through her thighs and legs…after a couple of minutes of his high paced, partial entry screwing, he changed course again…allowing himself to push hard all the way inside her, then still moving at pace…now hammering against her as deep as he could go…the change in depth catching her off guard and forcing a delighted shriek from her as she began to cum on him…her pussy frothing white like a rabid dogs mouth, a halo of cunt juice ringing his thick, plundering hammer.

She was panting like a dog now too, as he kept going…ignoring her ejaculation…pounding at her pussy, slick and creamy and warm…her gripping him inside her, wanting more of him…not wanting him to come yet…wanting to savour the feeling of his dick slide effortlessly in and out, reclaiming her from the love of just black cock.

He slowed down, then withdrew…not wanting it to be over yet…saving himself, taking a breather before changing position and taking her again…

I was surprised to see him motion her to stand up…she obliged, standing in front of him…he dropped his head to her tits, kissing them in turns, tracing his tongue around the areola and pleasuring her nipples…she gripped his penis, slowly masterbating him…but almost instantly he stopped, and walked her to the window.

He opened the netting, sliding them to each end of the large floor to ceiling window providing a clear view outside…3 floors up…she could see the people in the street below…he took her left arm and coiled the corresponding curtain around it like she was being tied up, then did the same with the opposite arm…not actually restrained, but symbolic of bondage…he pressed her body against the cold glass, making her shiver, her breasts squashed and flat…her heat forming mist and even condensation where it touched, if anyone did take the trouble to look up from the street now, her naked form would be visible.

Then he approached her from behind, wedging his solid manhood between her buttocks, then lifted her slightly, taking most of her weight…the rest taken by the pane of glass crushing her breasts…he bent at the knees slightly, lowering himself in to position beneath her, then slid his cock inside her…gripping her around the waist he fucked her against the window in open view of the world…well anyone paying attention…the thought of them being seen was a massive turn-on to her…surprisingly loving the thrill of the exhibitionism.

From behind it looked like a sexual crusifiction…her arms entwined in the curtains spread either side of her, lifted off the floor slightly, her feet dangling above the carpet, and being attacked by a different kind of spear…all in the public eye…

He lowered her down, turned her around and entwined her arms again in the curtains, now her back was to the glass; he had stepped in to her, lifting her, her legs attempting to wrap around him but failing because of his physique…and he began to fuck her so hard I though the glass would give way…he was almost ready to cum now…but he wanted to be visible to the world too when he did…so he lowered her down again, unwrapped her arms and turned her side-on to the window, bent her forward until she was almost touching her toes, and then took her from behind – both of them in plain site from the street three floors below…he pummelled her cunt hard for a good 40 seconds then tensed and exploded inside her…pumping his seed in to her with a loud expulsion of air from his lungs…having discharged himself, he withdrew…Trudy, turned and knelt in front of him, and the window, and began cleaning the rest of his sperm from his cock with her mouth, making him harden again within a minute…

Sadly however, they could not continue and use his re-found stiffness…sport getting in the way…we both needed to get ready for the arena and the next match.

We had returned to our own room, a floor above, before either of us said a word…she spoke first…”that was so fucking good…being on show like that was a major thrill…being fucked, naked to the world…I had no regard of the consequences or the possible shame if we were discovered, it was just so damn erotic…god I am getting wet just thinking about it…”

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