True Love Ch. 08

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Ava Addams


“Hey sweetie, can you come in here?” Sam called out from the shower.

I was finishing up my stretches from our morning run and about to join her anyway. Months had passed since Thanksgiving and my rookie season in college had come and went along with many other events. Sam and I both passed our finals a couple months back with A’s and hit the gym extra hard during the summer.

I stripped my clothes off and joined her in the shower. She was already soapy when I got in and I took the time to catch up while she worked her conditioner in layers through her hair.

Her body was stunning to see. She used to be a small framed, extremely tiny boy who grew into a girl with a slight hourglass. Now she was a woman with curves. Her commitment to training had morphed her body into one of womanly power.

“So what’d you need me in here for love?” I gripped her shoulders softly and laid a kiss on her neck.

“Can you wash the middle of my back for me?”

“I’ll wash anything for you.”

She giggled and handed me the soap, Pomegranate Splash, and I started a good lather on her back. The intimacy of the moment always got to me and I couldn’t help but get excited from my hands sliding over her naked flesh. I was standing far enough away that she didn’t notice, but as I washed more I felt I was subconsciously inching closer and closer to her. As if sensing my arousal, Sam pushed her ass back and lined her rear perfectly. She hooked her arm around my neck and pulled my lips towards hers.

“Fuck me.” Her voice was a whisper, barely heard over the water.

To emphasize her need she pushed herself onto me and I felt my tip penetrate her rear. She gasped at the intrusion and pulled me hard into a kiss. I lost myself to her lusts and pressed my hips forward until I couldn’t go any farther. She bit my lip hard and rotated her hips in a circle, grinding her ass.

“My God, you’re wonderful Sam.”

My hands drifted to her hips and I started pulling her to meet my thrusts. She unhooked her hands and braced herself against the wall of the shower. With each thrust her moans continued to get louder. She had now begun to rub her breasts with her free hand. I wanted to feel her pulse and shoot in my hand so I reached and found her fully erect, just waiting to be touched.

Her dick was always a wonder to feel. It was as hard as stone but as soft as velvet. The subtle veins under the surface pulsed along with her heartbeat. After a few minutes of stroking I could feel her large head begin to swell even larger.

“Oh Alex, I’m cumming!” She screamed and I felt rope after rope of her thick cum shoot out against the shower wall.

As she came her ass clinched impossibly tight and pulsed causing my own explosive, albeit less copious, orgasm. I pulled her body snug against mine as I came down from the high that follows and pulled out.

“Happy Anniversary Sam.” She squealed with glee at the notion and turned to give me the biggest hug. “I love you.”

“I love you so much! That was amazing.” She released her clutch and went to work finishing her washing while I stepped out to dry off. “Did you have any set plans for us today?”

“Well, let’s see. We started the day with breakfast in bed prepared by yours truly.” I had puffed out my chest and placed a hand and bowed in a joking manner.

“Which was delicious, thank you so much for that.”

“Then we worked out.”

“Don’t forget the extra one in the shower.” She poked her head out and winked playfully.

“Now after we get dressed, I had a plan for a little walk and picnic.” She squealed in delight after the mention of a picnic.

“How romantic of you. Going anywhere in particular?”

“Yes actually, but that’s a surprise.”

“I love you.”

It didn’t take long for her to get ready. She was dressed in a knee length sun dress. The white color contrasted perfectly with her tanned skin. Her hair had grown to reach the middle of her back now, and instead of doing it up in a bun like usual, it was laid straight along her back and kept neat within a pink ribbon. Her curves showed beneath her dress and even with all her muscle, she was the most womanly image I could imagine.

I was dressed in a loose fitting white button up shirt and some thin khakis. Together we looked to be dressed in complete comfort and we were. As we made the walk she had her arms looped through my own while cradling the basket with her wrists. She had her head rested against my shoulder and we talked about the past year together.

The season had gone tremendously. While I had been a minor sensation my senior year of high school. I was ignored by scouts as a fluke. I had only gotten the scholarship since I lived close and was scouted heavily as a local talent.

With Sam’s help with my workouts, filming, and in overall support, I had amassed the best rookie season in college baseball history. No longer written off as a fluke I was drafted by my favorite team, the Astro’s as the number one vbet pick. Unfortunately due to NCAA rules, I was ineligible to join the minors until after my junior year.

Sam had perfect grades and was prized through the university as the most likely candidate to graduate Summa Cum Laude. Her year went so well that she signed up for a full load of classes for this semester. I was worried that it might stress her out too much, but she waved it off and said that the sooner she finished school, the sooner she could join me.

“How much longer, I feel like we’ve been walking for miles now?”

“8.4 to be exact, and we are almost there. Just through this set of trees.”

When we crossed the set of trees there was a lake. It was a beautiful blue lake that reflected beams of light from the unimpeded sun. It was deserted and seemed almost untouched by people.

“Looks a bit like Lake Fisher doesn’t it?”

“Oh my god Alex, it’s beautiful! How’d you find it? Online?” Her hands had come loose and went to her mouth to suppress her surprise.

“Nah, when we were practicing for those half marathons a few months ago I had stopped jogging the trail to relieve myself. I found this lightly traveled path and kept walking until, well, this.” I gestured toward the lake.

“This is perfect Alex. I love you so much.”

“As I love you sweetie.”

The walk had taken a couple of hours at our leisurely pace and we were both hungry. So Sam set out the blanket, from the basket, a few yards from the water. Then she pulled out the containers of food and served.

We ate happily next to each other. There was tuna salad, chicken sandwiches, and sparkling cider for the feel of champagne without the whole underage drinking thing. It was all delicious, but we both were enjoying the feel of the sun and the breeze coming off the water.

“Do you remember the first time we held each other’s hands?” I asked while grasping her hand.

“Hmmm, I can’t say I do, when?” She scooted closer as we leaned back to enjoy the occasional gentle wisp of cloud drift by. Her head rested against my chest.

“It was the last day of summer after fifth grade. Both our families were going to Lake Fisher to relax and enjoy the weather. I had a small panic attack over the scare of going to junior high and to calm me down you grabbed my hand. You told me everything was going to be alright and that you would be there with me. I made you promise and you did. You held my hand for the entire car ride. We had touched hands and held each other for short times, but this was the first time it was done in order to comfort. I had never felt more secure. That was until a year ago, when we started dating. Being with you feels right.”

I felt myself rambling it seemed and stopped myself. I hadn’t heard a word from Sam the entire time and looked down at her. She had her eyes closed and there were tears starting to stream down her face. I instantly sat up worried. She clutched onto me and never left my chest.

“What’s wrong Sam? I didn’t mea…”

“Shh, it’s okay, everything’s fine. That was beautiful. You’re beautiful.” She loosened her grip and sat up smiling and laughing while trying to wipe her tears. “It’s just nice to hear stories now, years later, of how much you care and how you feel with me.”

“Well, every word is true.” She beamed and took a few more moments to wipe her eyes, careful not to smudge the tiny little bit of makeup she did have on.

“Hey, grab the camera and take some photos of me down by the water!” She sprang to life and patted my chest before bolting for the water.

I picked up the camera and started to snap some photos of her modeling by the shore. She was doing various poses from t.v. ads or magazines she had seen. She was giggling and showing off her vibrant smile the whole time.

“Now, studly. Take your shirt off. I wanna see some muscles while modeling.” Her words came out through a big playful grin.

“I won’t argue with that, I’m sure the sun feels wonderful.” I set the camera down and picked at every button slowly.

“Oooh, baby!” She whooped and whistled while clapping her hands together gleefully. “You might think I’m joking, but you’d have a hell of a career if you traded in you cleats for a g-string.”

“You’re joking, you’d never let those other women anywhere near my g-string.”

“You’re right, I want you all to myself.”

By now I had finished stripping my shirt off and the sun did in fact feel wonderful. By the time I picked the camera back up Sam had already begun playing with her breasts. She was squeezing them and pressing them together, pinching for her nipples beneath her clothes. The show was making the bulge in my khakis begin to show.

“Is that for me?” She motioned with her eyes, never stopping her teasing. “Come closer, I wanna see it jump when I take this dress off.”

I walked closer to the water and kept snapping pictures every few moments. She reached her hand down and vbet giriş formed a “V” with her fingers around the bulge in the front of her dress. She closed her fingers and ran them along her length. She rubbed at every curve of her body before reaching for the straps of her dress.

“Would you like me to take this off?” She spoke in her seductive voice, swiveling her hips the whole time.

“Yes please.” Speaking was becoming difficult.

“Oooh, a please. Well since you asked nicely…” She scooped down one strap at a time before sliding the dress down slowly. “Do you like my body?”

I could only nod and snap more pictures as her bra and panties came into view. She was wearing white lace lingerie. Her perky B-cup breasts stuck out just enough to hide her nipples. The clear outline of her abs could be seen as it trailed to her panties, which were bulging prominently from the pressure of her growing erection.

“If you wanna see more, you’re gonna have to show me something as well.” She spoke in her teasing way as she started to rub the member that was tucked between her thighs. Without speaking I started to remove my jeans and underwear. “That’s it baby, you are so hot. I hope you know that.”

“Do you want me to keep taking pictures?” I was now completely stripped and hard for her.

“Yes love, I want us to have something special to remember this moment for the rest of our lives. A good memory to hold onto, no matter where life takes us.” For a moment her lust faded and I saw Sam. She broke free from her lust and separated the short distance between us and gave me a big hug with a kiss on the cheek. “Now, hush up and let me do everything love.” I never questioned Sam, she was always right and by far the more sexual of us two.

She backed away and continued her striptease. Her impressive length, no longer restricted by lace, hung semi-erect between her thighs. As if listening to an inaudible beat in her head she began to dance and sway her hips to the music. Her eyes were shut and I could see every care melt away with the sun and breeze. She appeared to be every bit of the majestic goddess she was with the light casting its’ shine off of the water. It made for some beautiful pictures.

“Come over here love.” She seemed so relaxed. “Keep taking pictures, but I want you to be in them. Rub your dick with mine.”

She wouldn’t have to tell me twice. It took a few moments to steady the camera with one hand, but soon I had it handled in one hand with two dicks in the other. She was so large that I couldn’t come close to closing my hand around both of our girths. She appreciated the contact as much as I did and moaned out loud.

“Oh sweetie, that feels so wonderful. Now, use your mouth.” It didn’t come out as forceful, but as a request from a lover. “Hand me the camera please.”

I felt a twinge of fear wash over me. We had discussed pornographic before, but opted out. My nerves caused a moment of hesitation and Sam saw it immediately.

“Don’t worry love, these are for yours and my eyes only.” She grabbed the camera from my hand and flashed that smile before I dropped to my knees before her.

I gripped the base of her shaft. I was just barely able to wrap my fingers around her base. It always sent a chill through me feeling her pulse in my hands, feeling how powerful she was. I rested my other hand on the back of her thigh, right below her ass.

I teased her slightly, planting small kisses all over her. The first kiss, right on her tip made her shiver before I heard the distinctive click of the camera. I kept kissing down her length before lifting her dick and licking her large egg shaped balls. The licks were wet and sloppy and even made a noise when I started licking the back, by her ass. I made sure to cover them entirely in spit before moving back to her tip. Going in from the side, I took half her tip in my mouth and licked the other side with my tongue. I could taste the distinct sweetness of her pre beginning to flow.

“Play with my ass.”

It sent shivers down my spine every time my fingers danced around her hole. There was something primal and thrilling about exploring my lovers insides with my fingers. It was exhilarating feeling her open up to one finger and then two. When my fingers couldn’t push any further she began to thrust forward.

Her dick forced it’s way past my lips and began to push against my throat and caused me to gag once before letting her slip inside. My hand didn’t move and I just let her slide along my fingers. My eyes had begun to water as she increased the intensity of her thrusts.

“I don’t know what…feels better, your face or your fingers?” She paused her thrusts for a moment between her sentence. She wiggled her ass around my fingers while snapping a couple pictures of her dick fully lodged in my throat and the tears in my eyes. “Mmmm, I think right now I like your fingers. I might need something a bit bigger here in a second.” She slowly slid her dick out of vbettr my mouth, taking a picture every inch or so. “Alright lover, lay down on your back, I wanna try something new.” I did as I was told and laid down in the grass. My dick was sticking straight up in the air in anticipation. “Alright sweetie, close your eyes for me and keep them shut until I say otherwise.”

My vision went black and not too soon after I could feel her ass begin to press against my face. I was commanded to lick and the moment my tongue touched her hole I was rewarded with hers on my dick. I had grown used to licking her ass and actually enjoyed it quite immensely. I think Sam did as well, because that was when she was the most vocal with her excitement. When my hands gripped both her cheeks and pulled her into my mouth she would squeal loudly and push back as far as she could. This made breathing difficult, but that just seemed to add to the thrill.

While she was sucking I began to feel something strange. She was going very slowly from base to tip and I could feel her hands around the bottom of my dick. She was squeezing and testing the muscle with her fingers almost as if exploring my stiffness for the first time. I was tempted to look, but knew any effort would be futile with her ass pressed into my vision.

What confused me was the fact that this wasn’t new. We had done this almost every night. Sam liked her ass licked and giving blowjobs more than anything else, and this position allowed both while getting us both ready for the main act.

After thanksgiving I assumed Sam would want to be on top. She was always more aggressive than me, bigger, and had a larger libido. But I was wrong in the end. Sam wanted to feel like a woman more than anything. She felt more pleasure from her backside than she did her front. There was still that part of her that turned dominant and aggressive when she was excited, and sometimes she would use my ass. Her logic that she would tell herself, for no apparent reason, was that girls would use strap-ons on guys and that this wasn’t much different. I enjoyed the surprise and it definitely kept our sex life interesting. For the most part though, when she felt like being in charge, she would be on top and ride me.

“Perfect.” I was brought back to reality by something tying tightly around the base of my dick. Her previous words rang in my head now. “Now…” she slipped off my face, much to my disappointment, and turned around to sit on my hips. The weight of her hard dick and heavy balls were resting on my stomach. “Take pictures of me riding you.” She trusted the camera into my still dripping face. “I wanna see how long you can stand this.” She stood up a little to show me that the tightness I felt was her pink hair ribbon, tied into a tight bow on my dick. “Start snapping lover, and let me know when you feel like you have to cum.”

There was something so evil about Sam, but so erotic at the same time. I had long learned to just go with what she wanted, because she would find some way to convince me to do what she wanted. Not that it was a bad thing. Shit, I was having sex with the hottest girl I knew.

I pointed the camera and got a shot of my tied up dick being held by her hands and guided to her ass. It was a much darker color of red than I was used to seeing. The pleasure of entering her seemed more intense than I was used to and I had to fight everything in my being not to thrust inside her and cum right there. I just kept taking pictures as she hilted herself onto me and started to ride me up and down.

My ears were filled with the wet sounds of her dick slapping my stomach and her ass sliding along my dick. The smell of nature had left my nostrils, instead it was now replaced by the smell of our bodies. It smelled like a combination of musk and berries.

Sam was lost in pleasure and had her head thrown back, moaning loudly. She controlled everything. Keeping her hands on my chest, she planted herself into me and used the leverage to slam into my dick as hard as she could. Had I not grown used to Sam’s appetite I’m sure I would have been squirming in a combination of pain and pleasure. Instead, I could feel the subtle squeezing of Sam’s rear on my girth. Her ass would clamp tightly around my tip right before slamming down and gradually letting go while rising for the next slam.

I knew better than to thrust back, but it was hard. I felt like I needed to cum and yet I didn’t at the same time. I saw through the eye of the camera that my dick had turned nearly purple with how much blood was trapped in there. I would have thought it would have grown numb by now, but instead it felt more sensitive to her every move. It was so much that I couldn’t think anymore. The camera dropped from my hands.

-Samantha Summers-

I opened my eyes and saw Alex’s eyes rolling into the back of his head in pleasure. I could tell he needed release, but it felt too good to finish now. I had never felt anything like this. His chest was so firm and warm in my hands and his dick felt like it was on fire in my ass.

My head was swimming with emotions and thoughts. It was hard to think straight. I love him so much and I would never forget this moment. I felt wet streams rolling down my cheeks.

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