True Lust

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Have you ever lusted over an individual? I’m talking about an obsessive, unrelenting, intoxicating sexual desire type of lust that may only happen a couple of times in your life. It could be a friend, classmate, fellow employee or even a stranger that you encounter. Lust is not wanting to date someone. Its not wanting to become good friends or to hang out. Lust is wanting to fuck and to be fucked by a person with whom you have an intense, insatiable sexual desire. You know it when it happens. It’s the feeling that you have to fuck this person, no matter what it takes. I had this happen to me recently and this is my story.

It all began at a hotel restaurant/lounge that I was staying at during a business trip. I was having a drink at the bar and you walked into the room appearing to be alone. I’m single and unattached but unlike other men I’m not the type of guy that hits on every attractive woman that walks by. This was different. We connected immediately, exchanging glances, then longer periods of eye contact. You were in a business casual pants suit and looked up and smiled at me as the waiter sat you down at a table by yourself.

This woman is absolutely mesmerizing I thought to myself. Every inch of my body and mind wanted to fuck her. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t at least make an attempt to get her into bed with me. I took my drink and walked to her table. Hey, I’m Ryan I said as I extended my hand. I’m Kristen, nice to meet you. I saw you sitting alone, would you mind if I joined you? No, please stay, I was hoping that you would come over.

We had a drink and exchanged the usual trivial conversation and suddenly, a period of silence as we looked at each other. What are you thinking Kristen I asked. You hesitated for what seemed like forever and said… I’m thinking of what it would be like to fuck you. I paused, stood and threw a hundred dollar bill on the table to cover the tab and reached out for your hand. We got up and walked out of the lounge toward the elevator. Neither of us spoke a word as we entered and the door slowly closed. I pressed Anadolu Yakası Escort 38, the floor to my room.

On the ride up, we embraced, exploring each others body’s with our hands and lips. We kissed and you softly bit my lower lip. Kristen, I’ve never held a girl as hot as you. I grabbed one of your legs and wrapped it around my waist, firmly squeezing your ass cheek through the grey modest business slacks you were wearing. I kissed your neck and our open mouths met, you sucked on my tongue as though it were my cock. Your hand reached down and grabbed the hard protruding boner pressing against the front of my pants and I dry humped your hand as we kissed. The bell rings, 38th floor, the door opens and we literally ran to my room.

Once inside, we stripped our clothes off and you pulled the bedspread back on the bed and lay on your back, legs spread and staring at me. I stood in front of the bed naked, my tight ass clenched, hard cock pointing upward and jumping noticeably with my heartbeat. The head swollen, shaft hard, a short string of precum dripping from the tip, my clean shaven balls warm and full, hanging and waiting to spill my cum. I had one craving in the whole world and that was to fuck all of your holes with my cock tonight. Then a sultry voice…Ryan, come here, I want to suck your dick!

Without hesitation, I climbed on the bed and pulled you into a 69 position with you on top. I needed to taste your pussy while you sucked me. I felt your tongue licking the head and shaft of my cock and then suddenly plunging it deep into your warm mouth. Fuuuck Kristen, I moaned as you began to suck up and down in wet warm strokes. I felt your tongue sliding down my shaft to my shaved balls, sucking, licking, tonguing my nut sac and flicking my balls with your tongue. Your head moved further down to the space between my balls and asshole. You licked this sensitive area with a generous amount of wet saliva. Suddenly, a feeling that I’ve not experienced before. You rubbed your wet fingers around my asshole and then slowly inserted a finger. Daaaamn Kristen, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan that’s so fucking hot! I moaned as you sucked my cock and fingered my asshole.

I had the most desirable view that any man could wish for. Kristen’s, hot wet pussy and sexy asshole right in front of my face. I put a pillow under my head to position my mouth directly beneath your pussy and began by sucking your entire clit and hood into my mouth to make it as wet as possible with my tongue. My nose was very close to your asshole and I’m sure you could feel my warm breath on your hole as you sucked me and my breath grew heavier and quicker. I spit on my fingers and inserted my index finger into your asshole and my thumb in your pussy, then I began licking your clit with my mouth. Now the side of the hood, plenty of spit, continuous rhythmic licking. My other hand held your ass cheek spreading it open as your pussy melted into my wet mouth and we both moaned with a sense of euphoria.

Kristen, I need to fuck your tight little pussy. You stood and faced me, straddling my body and I looked up at your sexy pussy. You spread the lips of your pussy and began to descend on my cock. I held my dick straight as you squatted on my hard throbbing boner, taking its length completely into your pussy and grinding our pubic bones together. You began riding my cock as though you invented the cowgirl position. Pumping, grinding, working your pussy on my cock. Fuuuuck Kristen, your tight pussy is gonna make me cum! I pulled you forward to kiss you as we fucked making sure my cock kept pumping you as our eyes met with lustful desire. I bent my knees and held your ass cheeks, then drove my hard dick into your cunt, deep and fast in machine gun like strokes. Ohhhhh Ryan, I’m…gonna… cuuuuummmmm! I paused and your body convulsed, bucking and squirming. My cock popped out of your hole and a short squirt of warm cum from your pussy showered my cock.

I pushed you onto your back and lifted your legs. The wetness of your orgasm had drenched my belly and was dripping from your pussy. Escort Anadolu Yakası My cock was rock hard and pure lust had overcome my senses. I pressed the tip against the entrance to your pussy and drove my dick into your hole and began thrusting in deep hard pounding strokes. Sweat dripped from my brow and I bent forward and reached underneath, grabbing one ass cheek in each hand. Then, gripping your ass, I pumped you hard and fast, your creamy cum lathering the shaft of my cock.

When two people are fucking in perfect unison, there is nothing that compares to it. Bodies entwined, pussy and cock at perfect angles and both partners fucking together in rhythm. As I thrust into your hole, you raised your hips in perfect timing to meet my cock. My balls and nut sac slapped against your asshole as we fucked in perfect timing. I was relentless in my fucking, I did not slow down or pause. I fucked you and savored each moment. Lustful, hot sweaty fucking between two complete strangers.

Without warning, I suddenly felt the need to cum. It took me a bit by surprise this time. Usually I can feel the contractions beginning and my balls tightening but this time I was so deeply immersed in fucking your pussy that I had no time to react. Kristen, fuck I’m cumming. ughhh, ughhh ughhh. I’m sure you felt my cock pulsing and throbbing inside of your pussy as it began spurting hot cum into your hole. My body spasmed and convulsed and I bent forward kissing you,my hands holding your face, our eyes fixated on each other as I continued to shoot my creamy hot semen into your pussy.

We continued to embrace each other even after the cum had drained from my balls. My cock still in your pussy, twitching and still hard as we kissed and enjoyed the moments of post sex. I rolled over, my cock resting on my belly covered in our cum. You bent down and took it into your mouth, savoring the taste of our sex. Then, you got up and dressed yourself. Ryan, I’ve never had my pussy fucked so completely like that before. Good night baby you whispered as you walked out of my room.

I lay there thinking, I’ll probably never see this woman again. But that’s ok. This was pure lustful fucking. We parted ways with both of us completely satisfied and understanding that it was between two strangers who wanted to use our bodies to please one another for an hour.

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