Truth or Dare: The Aftereffects

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Authors Note: This is my twenty-sixth story. It is a fantasy about the gentleman I shared the experience described in “Truth or Dare” with a few days later. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, a HUGE thank you to all the friends who edited this for me, ya’ll are the best!!! *hugs and kisses*


It had been months since my last sexual encounter and my hormones were through the roof!!!

Then last Thursday fate intervened and I ended up at a co-workers apartment (Greg) playing a very sexual version of Truth or Dare.

It’s been five days and we hadn’t seen each other since (except of course at work, but we both agreed that work is work and we keep anything personal separate) and just last night he sent me a somewhat cryptic email suggesting we won’t be seeing each other again anytime soon.

I replied with a somewhat defensive email reminding him that he hasn’t asked what I want (fearing he assumed I’m a “typical woman” and he’s scared I want more than he can give me) and telling him to let me know what he wants once he’s made up his mind.

Since then I’ve been waiting for a reply that may very well never come

I came home from work, showered and ate quickly and then checked my email in the hopes Greg might have replied before he went to work in the morning…but there was nothing, not that I’d really expected there to be…but a girl’s always got to have hope. Since I was online anyways I figured I would do some long overdue reviewing of work for a fellow Literotica author (if anyone is interested, he’s Rico Suave under my favorites)

As I read I became more and more aroused. I ached to tease my pussy as I read but feared being caught by my roommate so I abstained from touching myself. With all 16 stories reviewed I was in a state of high arousal and ached to be touched.

For a second I considered calling Greg and asking for a booty call…but knew I couldn’t since it would only complicate things further. Instead, I let my imagination wander and imagined things had happened differently and that Greg had enjoyed my story of the truth or dare experience instead of being wielded out by it.

I imagined myself calling him as I had considered doing…

“Hey Greg…it’s Mariya…remember the other night when we were talking about booty calls?”


“Good…because…well…I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…but to be perfectly honest…right now I’m incredibly horny and I think you should come and pick me up.”

“How could I take that the wrong way?”

“Well…I don’t want you to think I’m just using you for sex or something…I mean how many hours did we spend together the other night before things turned sexual? And I had a great time…but right now I’m just horny…and yes…I know how bad that sounds…and now I feel like an idiot…so I’m going to hang up now…please pretend this never happened”

Before I could hang up Greg cut me off, “Wait! I’m not taking it the wrong way…I can be there to pick you up in about five minutes…if that’s okay?”

“Yes…that’s very okay…I’ll be downstairs waiting!” I hung up the phone and felt a thrill through my body and had to resist the urge to tease my fingertips along my pussy.

I’d been wearing my nighty as I sat at the computer and quickly discarded it. I didn’t bother with panties Artvin Escort or a bra since I knew they wouldn’t be lasting long and threw on my favorite pair of sweats and a hoodie. I grabbed my purse and runners and was stepping out the door of the building just as Greg pulled up.

I hopped in and learned over to give him a soft, slow kiss that made me moan in anticipation. I pulled away from him, buckled up and gave him a look of pure need…without a word he pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to his place.

We drove in silence…we walked up the stairs to his apartment in silence…we discarded our shoes in silence…then he turned to me, put his arm around me, pulled me to him and kissed me long, deep and hard. My body was aching and my need and passion were expressed in the moans I made as we kissed…in the way my hands moved to reach up under the back of his sweater so I could feel my hands against his skin and in the way I shuddered as he gently squeezed my ass and pulled me closer to him.

Greg had already experienced just how little it took to get me off when I was already turned on and how close I could come to the edge of orgasm without actually being touched…I pulled away from the intoxicating kiss and whispered in a voice hoarse with desire, “Keep that up and I’ll cum just from kissing you!”

He grinned that devious yet somehow innocent grin and said, “Oh no…I’m sure I can find a better way to make you cum than that” and lead me into the living room.

We stood beside the couch and he placed his hands on my shoulders…moved them along my neck…found the zipper of the hoodie and slowly unzipped it…then he hooked his fingers into the waistband of my sweats and slowly pulled them down my legs. I felt like my entire body was one big throbbing hormone and I practically jumped out of the sweats as soon as they were near my ankles. He laughed softly to himself and told me to lie down on the couch.

I eagerly did as he asked and looked up at him with eyes full of lust…begging him silently to ease my suffering and make me cum.

He grinned down at me and knelt down beside the couch and brought his lips to mine. He kisses me softly, tenderly…pulling back every time I tried to deepen the kiss, making me moan in frustration.

As his lips toyed with mine he brought his hand to my neck and traced a line along my collarbone then down between my breasts. My nipples were hard and sensitive with excitement and I moaned when he rubbed the palm of his hand over one of them. I arched up into his hand as he began to tease first one nipple, then the other, as his mouth continued to tease mine with soft, flighty kisses when I longed for deep, bruising, passionate ones.

I moaned loudly as his mouth moved to follow the path his fingertips had taken…along my collarbone then down to my aching tits. He snaked his tongue out to flick my nipple and I practically screamed as I arched up to meet his mouth, “Yes! Please Greg! Suck my nipple!” I begged as I ran my fingers through his hair and urged his head to my sensitive nipple.

He looked up at me and shook his head no as he pulled my hand from his hair…telling me this would be his show and I was just along for the ride.

Remembering the intense orgasms from a few nights before I knew I trusted him to be in charge of my pleasure…I trusted in his skill to Artvin Escort Bayan make me cum and as desperate as I was to cum, I was also curious to see just how good of a tease he was.

My eyes closed and I leaned my head back in a silent show of acceptance to his desire to be in control of the situation. I was rewarded by the sensation of his hot mouth gently sucking on my hard nipple.

I moaned in pleasure and begged him to suck harder…which he readily did. Soon I was trembling and moaning constantly from the fierce pleasure his mouth was bringing me, “Please don’t stop! Fuck! Keep sucking and you’ll make me cum!!!” I screamed as my body writhed beneath his talented, hot mouth.

Unlike my last request…this one did not have the desired effect. His sucking slowed until he was simply flicking his tongue across the tip of my nipple. I growled in frustration and looked down at him knowing my face showed just how unhappy I was that he had stopped.

He laughed softly and said, “You didn’t think I’d let you get off that easy after how much your tormented me last time now did you?”

I made a unintelligible sound low in my throat and threw my head back in exasperation, “You are an evil, evil man!” I said as I flung one leg over the top of the couch and let the other slide off…hoping he’d get the hint.

Thankfully he did get the hint…his tongue returned to it’s torturous flicking of my nipple as I felt his fingertips begin to trace the kneecap of the leg that had slid off the edge of the couch…and slowly upwards.

As his fingertips neared my aching pussy I began to writhe in anticipation…but my writhing caused his fingertips to begin moving closer to my knee again. I growled in frustration, “I’ll be good…I’ll be still…please!!!” I begged.

He sucked my nipple hard into his mouth, making me scream out in pleasure, but I fought to keep my body as still as I could. I was rewarded as his fingertips moved closer and closer to my pussy.

I was making little whimpering, mewling sounds low in my throat as I fought to keep my body from jumping to meet his fingers. Finally he very lightly traced a fingertip along my swollen pussy lips and I screamed out in pleasure and was unable to keep my body from bucking towards his hand.

As I bucked he pulled his hand away…my eyes flashed open and I looked down at him with what I’m sure must have been a look of pure frustration. I half screamed and half growled. My voice was hoarse and desperate as I pleaded with him, “PLEASE! I can’t take anymore! I NEED TO CUM!!! PLEASE Greg!!! Just let me cum!!!”

He smiled down at me…that self-satisfied smile men have when they know they have the power to pleasure a woman and that they have her right where they want her. The part of me that is a proud, strong, independent woman felt a flare of anger at his male pride swelling because of my so very easily succumbing to him.

However, the part of me that was a woman who was discovering her more sexually submissive side took enjoyment from that smile…it meant I was all his and he knew it…that he knew in that moment he held a power over me few men had ever held and that I had willingly given him that power.

The thought made me close my eyes, clench my pussy tight and smile to myself in pleasure.

The moment my eyes were closed he surprised me. In a second his lips Escort Artvin were on mine as his fingertip found my clit and began teasing it. My eyes flew open from the shock and I screamed into his mouth.

My tongue found his as he slipped a finger into my aching pussy. As he had the last time he expertly found my g-spot within seconds and after not even a minute of this blissful torment I was cumming…screaming into his mouth as our tongues fought for supremacy…my hips bucking against his hand…my pussy clenching tight around his finger…and this time I didn’t hold back. I let myself enjoy the ride for all it was worth and when I felt my body on the edge of exploding as only a g-spot orgasm can make me explode, I pulled my mouth from his and let out a long guttural scream, “GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as I felt all the air leave my lungs and felt that warm gush from between my legs.

My eyes closed as I fought to regain my breathing. I felt his finger slip from my pussy and felt his head lay down on my chest. When I found my voice I said, “mmm…that was definitely what I needed…it’s been a while since a man has made me make a puddle”

I felt his head lift from my chest and opened my eyes to see him looking down between my legs, “and a lovely puddle it is” he said with that same masculine smile on his face saying he was proud of the job he’d done.

I glanced down and saw he was stroking his cock. After a g-spot orgasm I’m pretty much done for the night, both my clit and cunt are exhausted until I’ve had some time to recoup, which meant sex was out of the question…but I could see the head of his cock gleaming with precum and knew I had to taste him.

I reached my arm out and pulled his hand from his cock and used my hold on his arm to make him stand up straight on his knees…then over to the right until his cock was just an inch or so from my face. I flicked my tongue out across the head of his cock and the taste of him made me moan softly. Impulsively I engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth…I had intended to tease him for a while, but with his cock in my mouth I just couldn’t hold back. I sucked him deeper and deeper until his cock was down my throat and moaned from the sensation of it.

Greg must have been rubbing his cock while he teased me because within minutes he put his hand in my hair to halt my sucking and said in a voice on the edge of reason, “Either slow down or I’m going to cum”

I opened my mouth to release his cock and looked up at him with eyes once again full of lust and submissiveness, “Last time you came on my tits…this time would you cum on my face and in my mouth? Please? The first shot in my mouth so I can taste you and the rest all over my face…please Greg…please?”

He moaned as he gripped my hair tightly in his fist and shoved my mouth back onto his cock. His forcefulness made me moan loudly as I took his cock all the way down in one swift motion, which immediately set him off.

I heard him groan a split second before I felt the first shot of hot cum on the back of my throat, his hand in my hair relaxed and I pulled my mouth off his cock as I felt the next shot of cum hit my lip just as his cock slipped free of my mouth. The rest fell on my chin and lips and as his cock finished spurting I kissed the head tenderly, making him twitch in response.

He sank down to the floor and put his head on my chest again as he slowly recovered his breathing.

I laid my head back on the couch and sighed contentedly as I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of his head on my chest and his cum slowly starting to dry on my face.

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