Tucker’s Studio Ch. 29

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Marsha Throws A Party

Doris was nervous when she saw black folks walking in her hallway. There were black families that lived in Tucker’s building, but none on her floor. Tucker knew his eighty-three year old next-door neighbor had different views of race than he had. It wasn’t that she was a bigot, she’d just grown up isolated, and it was a challenge for her each time she saw “colored people”. Jamar and his girlfriend gave Doris quite a shock when they rode up in the elevator with her and got off on her floor. She wanted to ask if they’d made a mistake, but she held her tongue. It was an even bigger shock when Jamar asked her a question.

“Does Tucker Sims live on this floor?”

Not only was he darkly black, he had a foreign accent! Doris was speechless for a moment, and her mind worked furiously. Right next door to me? That’s where they’re going?

Jamar was ready to wander down the hall looking at door numbers when Doris finally spoke.

“He’s next to me. 46. Just down on the right.”

“Thank you. Beautiful evening, isn’t it?” Jamar said, his big smile brightening the hallway.

He took his girlfriend’s hand and found Tucker’s door, knocking on it as Doris walked slowly by. She fumbled for her keys when she reached her door, on purpose, so she could see what happened next. Marsha greeted them in a sexy cocktail dress, looking taller than usual in her high heels. Doris only got a glimpse of her, and heard a few bars of the jazzy music before the smiling people all disappeared behind the big door with number 46 on it.

“Is this Latanya?” Marsha asked, smiling as she ushered them in and shut the door.

“The one and only,” Jamar said, his smile still beaming. He was proud to have Latanya on his arm, but nervous about how she would handle things. His only sexual experience with her had been one-on-one.

“It’s so nice to meet you!” Marsha said, giving her an unexpected hug. “I’m Marsha.”

“Marsha does the hair and makeup for the women,” Jamar said.

“Oh, okay,” Latanya said. “Yes, I’ve heard all about you all. I feel like I already know you.”

“Good, ’cause we’re like a big family here. We’re so happy to have you join us!”

Jamar was suddenly hit with a sense of nervous dread as he watched the two women chatting. Latanya was well aware of the ‘part time’ work he did in front of the camera, fucking the nervous amateur women who chose him, but he hadn’t told her about all the off camera shenanigans with Liz, Marsha, Kelsey, Tucker’s old girlfriend Rhonda and others. He was hoping letting Latanya in on the fun would lessen the blow when she inevitably found out about all that, but he hadn’t even told her there might be sex at the party. It was a big chance he was taking, and only time would tell how it worked out. He took her hand, led her in and introduced her to the others.

Kelsey and Hannah were there, with Billy Carpenter and Raymond. Hannah and Billy were dating, and Raymond had made the trip from school on short notice when Kelsey told him Marsha was hoping he could make it. The two girls were wearing sexy little cocktail dresses, the way only hot nineteen-year-olds can wear them. In other words, there wasn’t a heterosexual male in the room without a swollen cock just seconds after the girls walked in the door.

Chip was there with his husband. He’d initially declined the invitation, knowing the party was planned to be a sexual free-for-all, but Tucker talked him into stopping by for a drink or two.

“We’ll stay if you boys want us to suck your cocks,” Chip said right before Jamar and Latanya arrived. After the awkward silence he laughed hysterically. “Don’t worry, Andrew and I have dinner reservations.”

Ginny and Ralphy were there. They were both feeling nervous about the orgy Kelsey had told them to expect. They wanted to be there, they didn’t want to miss it, but it was new territory and both of them had sweaty palms.

With Hannah and Raymond on the guest list, Kelsey had felt funny asking Marsha if her friend Brie could attend. Brie was still having a miserable time at school. The college she was attending was religious and strict — she knew that going in — but Brie wanted to teach young children and the school’s Early Child Education program was among the best in the country. Brie was toughing it out, but the lack of a sexual social life was killing her. “We’d love to have her!” Marsha had said when Kelsey explained the situation. Brie didn’t think her old car would make the trip, so she took the bus and Tucker picked her up at the terminal. They made their entrance soon after Jamar and Latanya arrived.

“Brie!” Kelsey squealed. She ran to the door and hugged her, and swept her away, down the hall to the spare bedroom to help her change into her party dress.

“That is a cute girl,” Tucker said as he watched them disappear into the bedroom.

“Did you offer her a job again?” Marsha said, smirking güvenilir bahis at her horny man.

“I did,” he said, still lost in a dreamy trance.

“Can you check these?” Liz yelled to Marsha from the open kitchen. Crostini hors d’oeuvres were in the oven, and things were looking ready.

“Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today…” Tucker let his voice trail off as he raised his glass and smiled. “Sorry, that’s goofy, isn’t it? It’s the truth though. Jamar, Marsha, Chip…working with you guys all these years has been has just been fantastic. I can’t imagine a better crew. I can’t believe there’s a happier production studio anywhere on the planet. You guys are the reason our amateurs have so much fun. Billy, Ginny, Ralphy, Kelsey, and all the rest of the family who’re not here tonight, you guys are the best, putting yourselves out there the way you do. I’ll be forever grateful for your talents and your friendship. Latanya, Brie, Hannah, Raymond, Andrew…I’m glad you’re all part of the family too. You’re a big part of why things are so happy around the studio, whether you realize it or not. And Lizzy, you’re representing the amateurs who’ve put Tucker’s Studio on the map. We’re nothing without you. And Marsha and I, well, we’re nothing without you too. Sorry everybody. I didn’t mean to get all mushy tonight. I hope you all enjoy the party.”

Marsha beamed at her sweet man, and everyone raised their glasses with him and drank. Latanya was at the bottom of her second strong gin and tonic already, her nerves making her extra thirsty. She was a ‘speak up’ kind of woman, and the alcohol let it flow…

“Can I ask a question?” she said. “Why’s porn so much a man thing? I mean, the amateurs you get, they’re all women, right?” she asked.

“Men have always been the biggest audience, yeah,” Tucker answered. “That’s not to say there’s not a whole lot of women watching.”

“You’d get a lot more if you brought in some everyday men,” she said.

“It’s kind of a…mechanics issue, Latanya,” Tucker said. “How can I put this…not everybody gets it up like Jamar.”

“You can say that again,” Chip chuckled.

“Oh,” Latanya said. “Well I never had that problem.”

“That’s ’cause you’re wicked hot,” Ralphy said. “You could get anybody hard.” He glanced at Chip and Andrew. “Well, maybe not…”

Everybody laughed. Latanya looked amazed. She’d fantasized about white guys a little, but she never really thought she was attractive to them, in that kind of way anyway. She’d watched Ralphy on the website, but in person he was delightfully down to earth and…interesting. She still had some more questions though.

“So when Jamar does a scene, is it your idea, or his?” Latanya asked Tucker.

Jamar looked embarrassed. Tucker knew it was sensitive ground to cover, especially in a public airing.

“Always mine,” Tucker said, fibbing to maintain peace in Jamar’s household. “I could tell he’d be great at it, the same way I can tell you would.”

“Me?” Latanya said. “You’re crazy!”

“Anybody else here think I’m crazy?” Tucker asked everybody.

“Not me boss,” Ralphy said, and everyone agreed.

“Me?” Latanya said. “You guys are all…oversexed or somethin’.” She squirmed a little in her short dress as she felt everyone’s eyes on her. “Get me a drink baby?” she asked Jamar.

“I think you got what it takes, what can I say?” Tucker said to her.

“Your ass is amazing,” Kelsey said, admiring how round and sexy it looked in the tight black dress.

Latanya’s lungs tightened and a sudden jolt of horny hit her. So many eyes looking at her, so many thoughts bouncing back and forth.

“I don’t know if a gay man’s opinion counts honey, but yeah, that’s an ass,” Chip nodded. “And those are some tits girl!”

“She doesn’t like her tits, or her ass,” Jamar said as he handed her a fresh drink.

“Jamar!” she said, sounding quietly horrified.

“I like her tits,” Hannah said softly. “I wish I had ’em.”

“Hannah you’re perfect sweetheart,” Marsha said. “I wish you’d stop talking like that.”

“Your mama black?” Latanya asked Hannah.

“My father,” Hannah said.

“That’s it right there,” Latanya said. “If it was your mama you’d have a big ass like me.”

“Ginny’s got a little ass, but it’s sooo cute,” Kelsey said. “Just goes to show you, sexy doesn’t have much to do with size.”

“Well said Kelsey,” Tucker said. “Sexy doesn’t have to do with beauty either. You ladies got it all though — sexy, beautiful…big curves and sleek curves. Does that kind of thinking translate to men, I wonder?”

“Shit yeah,” Kelsey said. “You guys are all really different looking, but you’re all sexy. I love fucking all of you.”

“You don’t love fucking me sweetheart,” Chip chuckled, shaking his head.

“I would if you wanted to. Would you Chippy?” the little redhead said as her eyes opened wide. “Oh my God, that’d be so fun!”

“Sweetheart, if I wasn’t gay you’d be at the top of my list,” türkçe bahis Chip laughed. “What do you say Andrew? It’s about time we left for the restaurant, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It was so nice meeting you all,” Andrew said. “Chip just loves working with you.”

“Bye you guys. Stay longer next time,” Tucker said as he walked them to the door.

“We’d just be in the way, unless you want us to run the cameras or something,” Chip smirked.

“You could fuck each other in front of us, that’d be cool,” Kelsey yelled over when she heard what Chip had said.

“Sorry honey, you guys are on your own. I hope it’s as fun as I think it’s gonna be. Bye everybody,” Chip said.

Everyone bid he and Andrew adieu. Everyone except Latanya that is. She was stunned by what she’d heard. Was it going to be that kind of party? Were porn people that crazy and wild? Surely Jamar would have told her, wouldn’t he have? She was too nervous about the idea to even ask him.

The drink he’d brought her was a doozy, at least a double if not stronger. It was gone in a matter of moments. Jamar loved how frisky she was when she’d had a few, so he wandered off again to mix her a refill.

“Anybody wanna play truth or dare?” Marsha asked.

“Yeah! Fun!” Kelsey said.

Latanya and Ginny looked a bit concerned, but they both had similar thoughts — if I’m here, I’m doin’ it.

“Yes?” Marsha asked everyone.

“Sure Miss Marsha,” Jamar said as he returned with a fresh drink for Latanya. “We know you’ll take good care of us.”

They all sat in a big circle on the floor, with the city lights glowing brighter in the fading darkness outside the big floor-to-ceiling windows. It was a rather stunning circle of humanity, at least from a male point of view. Kelsey and Hannah sat cross-legged, their little cocktail dresses putting every inch of their legs on display, with their little colored thongs providing a nice target for the wandering eye. Brie caught on and mimicked them, and Marsha, sitting slightly more lady-like with her legs together and wrapped around her, pulled the hem of her sexy dress up high.

The men looked pretty good too in their cross-legged positions, Billy in tight pants that molded to his fleshy cock lump, Jamar in a tight shirt that showed off his tall frame and perfectly sculpted chest, and Ralphy nearly busting out of his too-tight clothes, his hard-body muscles looking ready for just about anything.

“We’ll work our way around,” Marsha said. “Lizzy, truth or dare?”

“Oh God,” she said, dreading going first. “Dare?”

“Crawl to Raymond on your hands and knees, arch your back, and give him a long, hot kiss.”

Liz didn’t think it was too bad of a request until she got on her hands and knees and realized the sexy short dress she was wearing didn’t cover her well in that position. Her face reddened as she crawled and felt the fresh air on her ass. She started to kiss Raymond.

“Arch your back honey,” Marsha said.

Suddenly Liz’s ass was in full view and she was regretting her choice of minuscule see-through panties. She tried to put it out of her head and kissed the college boy, adding tongue after a few moments and letting herself go.

She pulled away slowly and smiled at the boy, letting her eyes drift down to the newly raised lump in his pants.

“Nice honey,” Marsha said. “Your turn.”

Liz shuffled back on her knees, sitting in her place with legs crossed like Kelsey’s. She let her skirt ride up, not worrying anymore about showing too much. “Latanya, truth or dare?”

“Truth” she said, worried about what the dare might have been.

“Tell us who’s the last person you undressed with your eyes tonight, and explain what you think they look like naked,” Liz said.

Latanya looked horrified. She glanced at Ralphy, and then at the floor. She took a swig of her gin and tonic.

“Ralphy,” she said shyly. “I guess I didn’t really need to. I’ve seen him on the website.”

“Tell us what he looks like tonight, underneath those tight clothes.”

“He’s…white. Tan, kinda all over. Ripply, like in a good way. He’s kinda hard, I think, maybe.”

“You mean his muscles, or something else? Give us some detail,” Liz said.

“His…dick. It’s hard because I’m looking at it. That’s the way I kind of see it anyway. His ass has got those muscles in it too. When he walks they do that thing they do.”

“Nice,” Liz said, picturing Ralphy naked too. “Okay, you go.”

“Me?” Ralphy said, confused by the eyes on him.

“No, Latanya,” Liz said.

Latanya thought for a moment, her gaze finally landing on Tucker.

“Tucker, you always tell everybody else to take off their clothes at the studio. I dare you to take yours off.”

“I guess I asked for this one, didn’t I?” he said.

“Yeah you did,” Kelsey smiled. As Tucker stood and started unbuttoning she started a quiet chant that everybody joined in on. “Tu-cker…Tu-cker…Tu-cker…”

Latanya looked smug, proud of herself for güvenilir bahis siteleri coming up with a dare everyone enjoyed, but her lungs tightened and she was hit with another jolt of horny when Tucker’s pants went down. His silky boxers came off last and his cock bobbed with his heartbeat, it’s six-inch length half hard.

Latanya giggled, but it was a nervous giggle. She’d picked a great dare, but it had moved things farther into the ‘that kind of a party’ realm. She’d secretly fantasized about what a party with pornstars would be like, but watching her dream slowly morph into reality was more than a little nerve-wracking. What would Jamar think of her if things…escalated?

Tucker sat down again after he’d completely stripped, cross-legged like most of the others.

“Brie, truth or dare?” he said.

“Truth,” she said, glad she wouldn’t have to be the first girl naked.

“What was the best orgasm you’ve ever had? Who gave it to you? Describe it all to us.”

“Oh God,” she said quietly. She avoided eye contact with anyone and looked shy, finally concentrating on Tucker’s face. She’d liked him since she first met him, so she pretended he was the only person in the room.

“Up until recently I would have said Kelsey, or maybe Kelsey and Raymond. It can be two people, right? If they were both…making it happen?”

“Sure,” Tucker said.

“Yeah, Kelsey and Raymond, at the first pool party Raymond was at, when it was all new. People were watching. Remember you guys?” she said, glancing at the two of them. “It was like Kelsey made me her project, in front of everybody.”

“Nice. I remember,” Kelsey said. “But you said ‘up until recently’.”

“Yeah,” Brie said, breaking eye contact with her childhood friend. After a moment of reflection she looked into Tucker’s eyes. “Truth, right?”

“Truth,” Tucker said, gesturing to his naked body.

“It was…someone you know. Both of them really. Bobby and Kay.”

The look on Kelsey’s face was priceless as she realized what Brie was saying.

“Mom and Daddy?” she said, her mouth open and eyes open wide. “Oh my God!” She chuckled in disbelief.

“I do know them, and I’m not surprised,” Tucker smiled.

“I’m not either,” Marsha said. “I’m looking forward to the description.”

“Me too!” Kelsey said, her disbelief morphing into an amazed smile.

“Raymond was there,” Brie began, glancing at Kelsey again. “It was a couple weeks after you came back here, after your summer vacation.”

“Raymond! You and Mom?” Kelsey said, her smiling face even more amazed.

“Yeah, sorry Kel,” Raymond said sheepishly.

“You know I don’t mind, right?” Kelsey smiled. “No sorry’s.”

“We were sunbathing with your mom when your dad showed up,” Brie said. “We were all naked, you know? Ray and me, we freaked out, but your mom, she told us it was all right. I couldn’t believe it when your dad started taking his clothes off to join us.”

“Where’d you do it, right by the pool?” Kelsey said, remembering her parents poolside orgies that she’d watched as a child.

“No, their bedroom. Your mom, she just got us there somehow. I don’t even remember.”

“So what was the big orgasm? Was daddy fucking you?”

“I was sixty-nining your mom, and your dad started fucking me right over her head. Her tongue is so awesome, and his cock, oh my God. I was in that place where…it just hits you, you know?”

“I know,” Kelsey said, remembering how she’d cum insanely hard when her mom licked her clit as Tucker was fucking her in her childhood bed.

Latanya was amazed at the conversation, and the girls casual attitude toward things. Jamar could tell by the look in her eyes that she was enjoying herself, and her gin and tonic buzz was humming along nicely.

“Nice job Brie, I had a feeling I really liked you,” Tucker smiled. “Your turn to question somebody.”

“Oh. Okay,” she said, looking around at everyone. “Billy, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he said without hesitation.

“We need more eye candy I think, right girls?” Brie said. “Take off your clothes Billy, and make yourself hard.”

Brie looked thrilled at her own command. She loved watching Billy on the website, and she knew Kelsey loved fucking him. She would have been at the party anyway probably, but when she heard Billy was going to be there it was a sure thing.

Billy stood, pulling the striped t-shirt up over his head like a male model. His faded jeans were off next, followed by his playful tartan-plaid boxers.

“Chip and Andrew are missin’ a hell of a show,” Latanya said, drawing laughs all around.

Billy was a born performer and stood, legs a bit apart, as he stroked his big cock to life. It didn’t take much work. He was right next to Brie, looking down at her as the big thing slipped in and out through his loose fist. She wanted to do more than just watch the beautiful sight, so she got up on her knees and took the rapidly hardening meat into her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s how you do it!” Kelsey said quietly, proud of her old friend for kicking things up a notch.

“Fuck!” Latanya said as she watched the big-cock fellatio. She was embarrassed when she heard her private thought get out into the world.

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