Tukiko Ch. 10 Pt. B

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First, for those new to the Tukiko Series, the stories build, one on top of another and are written to be read as a series. You might become confused as to what is going on if you just read this story. If you are looking for just sex, perhaps this is not the place for you but if you are looking for relationships and sex, then I hope you enjoy.

We continue to follow Tukiko and Masanori as they left Joseph’s house to go off alone. The purpose here is their relationship. It had been established that they both still loved each other but they knew some work would be needed to make it right. Fortunately, Mike had organized two nights at SkyCity for them to spend time together.

In this story, we will cover getting to the hotel and their first full night ever, sleeping together. Then the following morning came the time to talk. Yes, I did cover that conversation with a lot of detail since I believe it is very important for the Tukiko Story. I also liked the challenge of writing a conversation such as this and making it convincing for our readers. You can be the judge as to whether I succeeded with this.

Since publishing the first part of this story, new ideas have come up regarding Tukiko’s mother, Sayako. I can’t tell you now as I’m still unsure as to how I will write it but Part Three might be delayed a bit since changes might be required to blend it in with Part Four. Yes, I am considering a Part Four, now.

Finally, I wish to thank all my family and friends who have allowed me to indulge in this Tukiko Story. They have put aside their writing projects to let mine be published first. They have also stepped in and volunteered to do milking shifts to give me more time to work on my writing. Thanks, everyone, I really appreciate it.

Ok, you must be saying – enough admin stuff, Anne. Let’s go read the story.

* * * * * * * * *


First Night at the Hotel.

* * * * * * * * *

They had just arrived at the hotel and were about to check-in.

“Ahh, Mr Nakagawa and partner. We’ve been expecting you.”

Masanori nodded as they approached the reception counter.

“You are a guest of Mr Stephen Mansfield, for two nights, I believe.”

Masanori agreed that was correct.

“Mr Mansfield is a good client our ours. I have taken the liberty of upgrading you to a harbour view suite. I trust that will be acceptable, Sir?”

“Thank you,” Masanori said. “But we don’t want to cause any further expense.”

“There will be no extra charge, Sir.”

“Ok. Thank you very much.”

“Of course, Sir. It is our pleasure. Mr Mansfield has asked us to take good care of you.”

And they did too. Soon the young couple were being given the swipe cards for their room, coupons for Orbit 360 for two nights, tickets for a harbour cruise the following day and a live show Saturday night.

“We trust your meetings today were successful and you enjoy your weekend in Auckland.”

* * * * * * * * *

As they left, heading to the lift, Masanori looked at Tukiko, “What do you think of that?”

She didn’t know what to say. She was as surprised as he was. After what had happened at Joseph’s, she was surprised they even wanted to know him, let alone doing this for him. But she realized it was probably more for her than for him.

“Do you know this guy, Stephen Mansfield?”

“Not really, I think they called him, Steve. I’ve only briefly met him once,” Tukiko replied. “I think he runs some kind of importing business.”

“So, what is all this?”

“I don’t know. A favour for Mike and Joseph, I think.”

“Oh,” Masanori replied.

“My guess, the men will be repaying Steve.”

* * * * * * * * *


It had been a strained moment when she left with Masanori after that intense meeting. She felt her parents were against it but Tukiko wanted to go with him, see if they could work things out. If he had left without her, she knew it was possible she might never see him again. The fact, he had said he still loved her; gave her hope they could get through this.

Not much was said as she drove to her house. You might even say it was more like an armed truce between them. They wanted to work things out, both knew they would but for now, it was not the time. Some talking things through between them was needed. She knew she still needed to explain why she had cheated on him. She really didn’t have much of an excuse. He knew he had to explain why he had created such a big scene in front of her friends. He also knew she’d want to know why he’d said he wanted to fuck those women, including her mother. Then there was Sabeena. That was another problem too.

At her house, he followed her into her bedroom and watched while she unwrapped her sarong to prepare for her shower. Naked with just a towel over her shoulder she was ready to leave for the shower room. She looked over where he was sitting on the edge of her bed.

“You coming?” she Anadolu Yakası Escort asked, thinking he might come to watch her in the shower. Maybe even join her too.

“It’s ok. I’ll wait for you here.”

‘Wait for me? Not come to watch me naked in the shower?’ That concerned her. But what could she do? She wanted to stay there but she needed to get ready for tonight. She had to leave him and go.

Her mind was on him as she stood under the pouring water. What could she do? How could she make it up to him? She considered she would have to work hard to win him back. She also knew the damage she had done would take time to heal. She decided that whatever he wanted this weekend she would do for him. He knew about her now so there was no need hiding her new sexual skills. She could give him her best now.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and he walked in. She could see him through the clear glass so she knew he could see her. But he just stood there looking, watching her.

Opening the glass door slightly she said, “Come and join me. You can wash my back.”

For a few moments, he stood there. Perhaps undecided. ‘Did he not want to join me?’ Tukiko thought.

Then Masanori began to undress. She watched through the glass as his shirt came off showing that broad chest she loved to touch. She saw as he bent, taking both his shorts and undies in one movement. She realized this was not a strip show for her but rather him getting naked as quickly as he could. When he straightened up, she noticed he was hard. That was a good sign she thought. Stepping to the door he opened it and came in.

The shower water was cascading over him so soon he was as wet as she was. His hands came up, reaching for her. Both hands going for her breasts, taking them, holding them, fondling them. She closed her eyes to enjoy it and gave a soft moan as his fingers closed over her hardened nipples.

It felt good as he turned her away from him, his hands returning to her breasts as she leaned back against him. Felt even better when he pulled on her nipples and pinched them. Made her really moan then.

She could feel his body against her back and his cock pressed against her arse. She could feel the hardness of his cock pressed in between her cheeks, laying against her in the split. She could feel his strong arms wrapped around her and it felt good. Good to be back with him, back in his arms again.

But even in his arms, Tukiko knew she couldn’t relax. She still felt things were balanced on a knife-edge and could easily go either way. She decided she had to be careful.

One of Masanori’s hands moved lower, down across Tukiko’s stomach, down lower until he found her pussy. As his fingers began working her, pressing into her, she realized how turned on she was. She was surprised how quickly that happened. She was humping at him, enjoying how he was thrusting his fingers into her, giving gentle moans from time to time.

For a moment it occurred to her that this is exactly what he had done to Lizamoa earlier. So now, with what he was doing, she hoped he would get the same result with her too.

With what his fingers were doing to her nipples while his other hand worked at her pussy, it was all beginning to happen for her. Soon she realised her orgasm was getting close. For a moment she hesitated. Did she really want this? Was this a good idea considering what had happened between them? But then she didn’t have time to think as her orgasm burst over her. When it came, it was a good one. Not huge but she was happy with it. Happy he had done it for her.

She turned to reach for him, to give him a hand-job, maybe even suck him off. But he brushed her hand away and went to leave the shower.

“Not now, Tukiko,” Masanori said. “You’ve got to get ready.”

She finished washing, still a bit confused as to what had just happened. Did this make a difference to us? She thought so. You don’t do that for a woman unless you had feelings for her, do you? But he didn’t have feelings for Lizamoa and he did it to her. And he didn’t allow her to return the pleasure, so what was that about?

* * * * * * * * *

As she left the shower, he was standing watching her. She remembered he had once said he would like to watch a woman pissing. At the time she had considered it gross and refused to do it. Now it was different. She decided to try. She could feel the need to go but being in the shower with him she didn’t feel she could relieve herself while he was with her. But could she do it now?

She sat down on the toilet seat, sitting well back with her legs open to each side. In this way, she would be able to direct her flow of piss into the bowl while still showing him. She gave a couple of pushes but nothing was happening. Was she getting stage fright? She looked up at him and saw he was watching. The pressure was on now. A couple more pushes and the liquid began to flow. Now relieved, she looked up again and he was smiling. There wasn’t much liquid, but it was enough. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan She could see he was pleased with what she had done for him. Reaching for some toilet tissue, she wiped herself.

He was waiting for her with a soft towel in hand. He rubbed all over her, every part of her body until she was thoroughly dry. Then he followed behind her as she returned to her bedroom still naked.

At first, she selected her best evening dress. Yes, you guessed it. It was red. She laid it out on the bed but wasn’t happy with it. Masanori said it was great but she thought she could do better.

A text to Mum, “Can I borrow your new blue dress, Mum?”

“Of course,” came the reply, quickly.

So Tukiko went into her parent’s room to get it. It was her Mum’s new one that her Dad had recently brought it for her and it was sexy. Tukiko selected some panties that came from her waist down well on to her thighs, so no panty line would be seen through the tight dress. Without fitting a bra, she stepped into the dress.

“What? No bra?” he asked.

I can’t wear one because the back is too low.”

“Oh,” he replied. “Sexy!”

“Can you zip me up, Masanori?” Tukiko asked him. “Make sure you get the clip at the top.”

She turned her back towards him so he could pull up the zip and fasten a catch at the top. It had the effect of pulling the dress in at her waist so it hugged more tightly over her hips and behind.

Masanori thought the dress looked even sexier when Tukiko got it on. It fitted her well but she already knew that having tried it on when her mother showed it to her. In fact, her mother had said it even looked better on Tukiko than it did on herself.

Tukiko looked at herself in the mirror. The dress was low-cut well down her back which is why a bra couldn’t be worn. The front had extra padding over her breasts which compensated for not wearing a bra but had a deep ‘v’ right down between creating some serious cleavage and showing some swelling of her breasts. Lower down the material clung tightly to her waist and hips before falling almost right to the floor. In fact, because she was slightly shorter than her Mum, she had to wear her highest shoes to stop it from dragging on the ground.

“Wow! Sexy!” he said, reaching to give her a hug. He even reached down into her cleavage, pulling the material back to reveal a nipple not too far underneath.

“Better watch one of these doesn’t pop out,” he said which made her giggle.

“There is a little silver chain,” she explained. “To stop anything popping out as I move.”

“Might be fun if they did,” he laughed.

“For you men, it would,” Tukiko replied.

Grabbing her bag, in which she had only changed a few things, they left her house, heading for his.

* * * * * * * * *

When they got to his house, Tukiko followed him inside and soon found herself in his bedroom. Yes, different rules when his mum and dad weren’t there. She sat on the bed and watched him undress. She looked over his naked chest and body, admiring what she saw.

Since leaving her house, he was just wearing just his shirt and shorts. She guessed his undies were in his pocket. Well, she hoped so and not left on the bathroom floor for her Mum to find.

She loved looking at Masanori naked and here he was standing before her like this. He was so close that it was easy to reach for him. Her hand not going to any part of his body, other than his cock. With only a tiny bit of play, he began to harden again. A bit more work and she had him fully erect. He has a handsome looking cock. He is cut so the head is displayed most of the time and looks even better when he is erect. She loved to touch and admire him.

As she continued to play with him, her hand wrapped around the shaft as she pumped him, she noticed a drop of pre-cum appeared on the end.

“Better not get that on my dress,” Tukiko said.

“Sure,” Masanori replied.

To her surprise, he took a towel and laid it carefully over her lap. Then he returned to let her continue playing. That was nice of him, doing that for her.

She continued. Now, both hands coming into the play. One wrapped around his shaft slowly pumping him and one going for his balls. She loved how that worked. How as her closed fist moved along his length, the skin seemed to move to allow her to wank him off. Within a few more moments, some more pre-cum had appeared. She knew that at any moment it would drop off and so brought her mouth in closer so she could lap it up. She could feel how his cock jerked as her tongue flicked over the head.

But this had brought them to another stage because once her tongue had touched him, she didn’t want to stop. For a minute or so, she gave the head of his cock, the full tongue treatment. Licks around and over his head, even down around the groove at the top of his shaft. When she held him directly in front of herself, she could press her tongue tip into the little slot in his cock head, and she heard that deep Escort Anadolu Yakası throaty moan and felt the tremor of his body.

Pulling his cock head to one side, she leaned forward to make a series of little nibbles down the length of his cock, her free hand going around to grasp his bum, pulling him closer so she could reach further down to his balls. She felt his body stiffen at this and looked up for a moment at his face.

“It’s ok,” Tukiko quietly told him. “I’ll be gentle. I’ve learnt my lesson about those.”

She remembered the last time she’d tried that, how she had roughly grabbed him there and had him cry out with pain. This time she would be different. This time she was determined he would enjoy it.

Masanori remembered it too but as he realized she was being gentle with him, relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy how she was working on his balls. Taking each one between her lips to gently suck. By the way, he grasped at her head to steady himself, she knew he must have liked it.

Now, her journey continued. Pushing his cock to the other side, she began her nibbles again. This time starting at the base and working her way back up his shaft towards his cock head.

She was ready to start the main event as she bent forward to take him in her mouth. Masanori felt amazing how Tukiko was sucking him. He watched how her mouth opened to take him. Saw how her head moved forward and how he slipped into her mouth. Inside her, he felt her warmth and wetness. He saw how her lips closed over him and she began to suck. Meanwhile, her hand was working on wanking the part of his cock not inside her. It felt great. He loved how she did that now.

He realised that maybe her getting experience from those other men hadn’t been all bad. Certainly not if she could give blow-jobs like he was getting now.

Tukiko continued sucking him, doing the best she could. She had begun to realise that she actually enjoyed sucking a man’s cock. She loved looking at an erect cock and loved to touch it too. She loved how hot and hard they were when she held them. But most of all she loved how men responded when she took them in her mouth and began to suck. She would suck while pumping him with her hand. From time to time she would take him from her mouth to lick around and over the head before taking him back in to suck again. That is what she was doing to this man too.

Soon she realised Masanori was almost ready to cum. She had no hesitation on her part. She knew she was going to allow him to cum in her mouth and intended swallowing too.

He went to pull out and cum on the towel but she held him in, her hand going back to his bum to hold him close. His cock jerked and his first shot went into her mouth. He followed with a couple more, big bursts from his cock. He saw how she gulped and swallowed but still, she stayed with him. Her fist holding and pumping him until she had got every last drop from him. He was sure she must have swallowed at least three or four times to take all the juice he’d given her.

She finally released him and looked up at him smiling. It had been great for him and she knew it too. He was amazed that she did that. Even letting him cum in her mouth like that.

Masanori noticed a drop of his cum that had escaped from her lips and ran down her chin. He grabbed a tissue from the box on the cabinet beside his bed and gently wiped her lips and chin. He was still a bit shocked that she had taken it all and swallowed it all too. Amazing!

‘And what does a guy need a box of tissues beside his bed?’ Tukiko had thought with a grin.

When he left for the bathroom to clean up, Tukiko quickly had a look around his room while he was away. In a drawer beside his bed, she found a small collection of five DVDs. It was the one on top that caught her eye. There were three naked Japanese women on the cover at what appeared to be a beach. The title in Japanese said, “Nude Beach — Japanese Style.” She guessed that would mean more than just naked on a nude beach. Taking the DVD, she slipped it into her handbag. ‘It might come in handy later,’ she thought.

* * * * * * * * *


So, here they were, in SkyCity, beginning a two-night stay in this lovely hotel. Taking the lift, they went up to their floor and soon found their room. It was amazing. The management really was looking after them. The bed looked huge. So soft when she lay back on it. The separate shower, bathroom was good and there was even a lounge area and large TV. She had checked for a DVD player and yes, there was one.

Moments later there was a knock on the door and the porter arrived with their bags. He looked at Tukiko, still laying back on the bed in her blue evening dress but didn’t say anything.

They didn’t have much time so Tukiko went in to get ready. She left the door open as there was nothing to hide. She wondered if Masanori would join her, to do what he had to do but he didn’t.

When she returned to the main room she said, “Your turn now.”

“Just going for a piss,” Masanori said as he went to leave the room.

“Can I come, watch?” she asked.

“No!” he replied looking a bit shocked.

He noticed her sitting there grinning. Yes, she did find it a bit amusing.

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