Turning His World Upside Down

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The heat outside was stifling. The only good thing was the fact that he was at the Sawgrass Lake watching the tunnel boat races. The breeze coming off the lake was brisk, but still warm. But at least it was a breeze. The vendor’s tents were set all around the perimeter and all were doing a bustling business. Especially the beer tents. I mean, who could resist ice cold beer and coke on a day like this? The food tents were humming as well. The fresh aroma of grilled burgers and hot dogs filled the air surrounding the tents. Kids were squealing in the distant swimming area with delight of Florida’s hot summer day and cool lake water. Mothers Eagle eyed their tots as they streamed from the cooling water up to their Mom’s sitting under the canopied picnic tables, only to race back down to the cool clean water.

Sounds like a great family atmosphere, right? Well it was. But on the other end of the waterfront were the single ladies. Gathered mostly around the make shift pit areas of the racing teams. Groupies, if you will. The types of women that like strutting their stuff for the testosterone enhanced men who liked living life on the edge of possible destruction of fast boats. It was there that Tony saw two of his friends, Sara and Liza. He waved a raised hand at them, trying to flag their attention. Success! They came running towards him with bright smiles. They had been long time friends and frequent lovers, the three of them. Yep, that’s right folks, friends and lovers. Casual sex was a common occurrence between them, just not all three at the same time. Always Tony and either one of them, and all three knew when and who had taken the duet dance, and none were envious or jealous of the other. Tony knew that Sara and Liza were bi-sexual, but both enjoyed the company of a man over that of a woman. Hell, Sara and Liza were room mates. No secrets, no hang-ups.

Tony was twenty six. He was an avid over achiever who always went miles further in anything he ventured into, than any one else doing the same thing. He prided himself on this fact, because it had gained him respect in all facets of his life, including his sexual prowess. He strived to be the best at everything. He stood five feet ten inches tall. He was in great shape, due to his vivacious training regiment at the gym. Not bulk, but rock hard muscle tone. His hair was blonde, which accented his dark tanned skin. His eyes were a deep sea blue. Tony had no trouble in attracting the opposite sex’s eye. He was the perfect outdoor, surfer type specimen. But he spoke with intelligence, which seemed to only add to his appeal. Plus he was employed and made good money. And from what I hear, that is a definite plus.

Sara was the same age as Liza, both being twenty three. Sara had brown hair and a shapely figure. No, that doesn’t mean she was plump, just not a model figure. In fact, her measurements were thirty five- twenty eight- thirty six. Her down to earth personality made her damn near irresistible. On the other hand, Liza was more the model type. Five feet seven inches tall, long slender legs, and a bosom that made most men pant. Her waist was wasp thin, and firm. But her raven black hair that hung to her mid back, along with her emerald green eyes and a smile so bright, that on a sunny day, as today, would beam a beacon of light directly into ones aching eyes.

They all hugged each other once they were together. It had been a few weeks since they had been in each others company, and they were genuinely happy to be together again. Tony asked how they were and if they had been good girls since their last meeting. They both eagerly reported to him that they were doing great, to an extent, then asked how he had been. He replied that he had been busy with life in general, but really hasn’t had much time to get “into trouble”. They both knew that he meant that sex has not been exactly prevalent in his life probably due to his strange hours. After several more minutes of banter, Tony asked each of them if they cared to come back to his place and get caught up on their current events. They accepted his offer.

All of them were relieved to be heading to the comfort of his air conditioned beach house. They always had so much fun there. All the comforts of home, and the pristine beach as their back yard. What’s not to like about that?

Tony pulled up first, with the girls right behind him. They all met at the front door as Tony fit the key into the door handle slot. The girls were giggling and Tony was smiling just to be in their company as they walked in. The cool air rushed over them as the made their way into the living room. Tony couldn’t help but make a comment about how he so liked A/C as he turned and stared blatantly at both of their erect nipples as they strained against the fabric of their bikini tops. Sara just laughed at his comment, while Liza played on it. She grabbed her ample bust, lifted them with each hand and taunted him by shaking them teasingly at him. He played back by diving his face directly into the deep crevasse of her cleavage, making a growling noise as he did.

Tony güvenilir bahis asked for their drink preferences, then retreated behind the wet bar to fill their wishes. Liza asked for a Buttery Nipple and Sara requested a Grateful Dead. Tony whisked the drinks together in a flash, and grabbed an ice cold Michelob Light for himself. As he brought the drinks to his friends, he couldn’t help but notice both of the girls sitting next to each other were whispering, then giggling as they watched him.

“What? Do I have something dangling from my nose?”, he asked with a curious smile.

Liza replied,” No, Sugar. We were just admiring your six pack”, then they both leaned into each other and began giggling louder.

” I can see that you two have been having your way with the bar tender at the boat races today.”, smiling at their frivolity.

That was a real plus as far as Tony was concerned about his two friends. They most always had a good time when they were out together. It helped him forget his everyday common worries just being around them. It kept him in the frame of mind of enjoying life every chance that he could. Liza and Sara were better friends to Tony than they may have realized.

Tony grabbed his cold beer, excused himself, then went into his bedroom. He retrieved a smartly rolled hooter from a tin that he kept in his nightstand, then lit it. The tip glowed a cherry red as he drew the thick white smoke deep into his lungs. The aroma of the grass burning hung heavy in the air as he pulled the joint away from his lips. He then walked back into the living room where the girls were. Sara’s eyes lit up when she saw what he had in his hand. Liza turned toward him as well, and her eyes brightened too. Tony took one more long, deep hit from the home rolled smoke, then handed it to Sara. In a squeaky voice, from holding his breath keeping the smoke in his lungs, he told the girls that he was going to grab a quick shower. Then he left the room again, returning to the bathroom in his master bedroom.

Liza and Sara kept the hooter flowing between each other until the cherry began to burn their fingers. Liza made one last grab as Sara passed it to her, but the heat was too much, and she quickly dropped the roach into the ashtray on the coffee table. Now the two girls were laughing wildly for any simple reason. The potent weed had them feeling terrific, that combined with the two or three alcoholic beverages from earlier in the day.

Tony walked back into the room wearing a short pair of gym shorts and nothing else. he was towel drying his hair as he ambled over to the wet bar and grabbed another cold brew from the cooler. He draped the towel over his shoulders while he opened, then took a long draw from the cold bottle. The two hits that he had before his shower were making him feel in a partying mood now. The shower had refreshed his flesh and the weed and drink had empowered his mind to be free of worries associated with life in general. He was feeling great!

“You two are more than welcome to use the shower if you want”, he told them.

Liza stood up, still smiling from the giggles that she had, and walked over to Tony. “You’re such a doll” she said as she slid her right hand up his thigh and between his shorts. She didn’t show any sign of surprise when her hand found his flaccid cock hanging loosely, but she did when she felt no hair anywhere around it.

“Sara, come here! He’s shaved!”

Sara quickly got up from the couch and trotted over to Tony and Liza. She slid her hand between his shorts and his thigh as Liza had, only on the other leg. Her hand roamed inquisitively, trying to find his nest of hair. But there was nothing but bare flesh and his now swelling cock.

” Aw, come on Tony. You hafta show us! We wanna see it! Pleeeeease?!”, Sara pleaded.

Tony wanted to keep his reputation in tact, that being a ladies man, so he grabbed both sides of his shorts and dragged them down his legs. There he was now, his glory exposed to Liza and Sara. Liza rubbed her hand over his shaved pubic area, liking the feel of the bared flesh. Sara grabbed his half erect cock at the base and gave it a couple of fist pumps, squeezing it firmly as she did. When she let go, his cock jumped to full attention. All six inches.

Because Tony had been with each of them before, a couple of times, they knew That size didn’t matter. They admired him for his lovemaking techniques and his consideration for his lovers. They had both agreed that if they weren’t such close friends, that each of them would make a try at snagging him for a life long mate. But right now, they were mostly interested in his abilities as a lover.

“I think we’ll take you up on your offer”, Liza said with a sneaky grin on her face.

Tony acted surprised. “Offer?”

“Yes silly. The shower! Why? What did you think I meant?”, Liza asked coyly.

Now, Tony felt kind of foolish in his assumptions. He bent down and pulled the shorts back up. Not that it did much good with his cock sticking out straight. ” Naw, I knew that! Why? What were türkçe bahis you meaning?” He tried to save face, but all three knew that he’d been caught of guard and red handed in his thoughts of sexual play.

Sara walked to Liza as she giggled and leaned into her, urging her toward the bedroom and the shower. “We’ll be out in a flash, Sugar”.

Tony didn’t mind the fact that he let his intentions be known so obviously. He had always wondered what a threesome would be like, especially with these two. He knew both of them separately , in a sensual way, and knew how each of them were insatiable when it came to sex. There wasn’t anything that he had mentioned to try with them that they wouldn’t dare to try. In fact, they really got off on his suggestions. They knew that he would never hurt them, and if they didn’t like something and said to stop, he would stop, no guilt, no questions. And the fact that he always, always satisfied them, usually several times, before he would allow himself his satisfaction made them more than willing to quench his thirst for variety. It was always a win/win for them.

The hour of seven o’clock was waning when Sara came strutting from the bedroom. She was totally naked when she came out. Tony was on the porch deck watching the change of dusk turn into nightfall. Sara walked out on the deck and leaned over the back of Tony’s head, grabbing the cold bottle of Michelob light from his hand. He could feel her breasts lay against his head when she did. She smelled so clean and fresh. He was surprised to see her in the nude when he turned around. Not that she had to worry about anyone on the beach seeing her, because at the end of the beach where his place was became virtually vacant after the sun went down. His cock stirred as his eyes scoured her body. He felt his heart begin to race a bit faster as well. But he silently told himself, “Don’t assume, asshole”. He just asked if they enjoyed their shower. Sara assured him that they had and asked him to go back inside.

Tony got up from his lounge chair and headed into the room through the big sliding glass door. His eyes remained focused on Sara’s firm ass cheeks as they gently swayed with each step. Much to his surprise and delight, Liza was nude on the sofa, legs propped up on the coffee table and spread wide apart. Her right hand was deftly fidgeting between the soft lips of her punani. Sara sat next to her, legs tucked underneath her firm butt. It wasn’t but a second, and Sara had leaned down and taken Liza’s left breast into her mouth. Tony felt the stirring deep in his groin once again. In fact, momentarily after he walked in behind Sara’s nude frame that his cock twitched and began its rise. So there he was, standing in front of the coffee table watching his two friends promiscuously interact with each other. All the while, with his shorts forming a perfect “pup” tent.

Sara paused from suckling her friends boob long enough to motion for Tony to sit down on the other side of Liza. ” We decided in the shower that we both are feeling pretty nasty this evening and that we plan on rocking your world!”

Tony couldn’t believe his ears. He wasn’t about to question them either. He hastily stepped over the table and sat next to Liza on the sofa. He had dreamed of this for a long time and what he would like to do given a chance to be in the very situation that he was now in. But, now that he was there, he felt lost. His mind blanked right out, stranded in disbelief. It didn’t take but a brief moment for him to regain his composure, however. He mirrored what Sara was doing and leaned down and took a big mouthful of Liza’s ample breast into his hungry mouth. She moaned with the feeling of two hot mouths on her at the same time. He sucked at her nipple and caressed it with his tongue. Then he would pop it from his mouth and flick the nipple with his tongue. He licked all around her breast nice and slowly. He relished the smooth texture on his tongue. He was enticed by her clean scent. For a moment he stopped with her nipple in his mouth and looked inches across from him and watched intently as Sara worked her other breast over with her mouth and tongue.

Satisfied with his snack of tit, he scooted from the couch and pushed the table far away from the sofa. He hungered for her twat. He slid between her spread legs and began licking up her inner thighs to her folds. He would then go to the other leg and repeat the same movement. All the while, Liza’s fingers were tormenting her pouting pussy and clit. Tony grabbed her hand and stuck her wet fingers into his mouth. He tongued the sweet nectar from them. He then dove down placing his smooth face and wet lips against her. His tongue flicked out, taunting her swollen lips. He lapped at each of her labia several times before he poised his mouth against both of them firmly. His tongue stretched outward, splitting the tender fleshy lips. His tongue then entered the opening of her pussy and he swirled it around, gathering more of her excitement. Liza moaned louder when he did this. He then slid his tongue back into his hot mouth and güvenilir bahis siteleri moved his lips upward. He stopped just above the opening and stuck his tongue back out again. The tip pushed directly at her swollen clit. He flipped his tongue up and down a few times before he burrowed his lips between the soft plush lips. He sucked her small bud into his mouth and rapidly wagged his tongue from side to side against it. Liza’s hips bucked. He maintained his rapid licking and increased the suction a bit more. She cried out when he did and released several good hard waves of her lust onto his wagging tongue. Her hips fell back to the cushion of the sofa in her aftermath. Sara held Liza’s nipple in her mouth still as she looked at Tony as he began kissing up Liza’s tummy from her nether region. Tony kissed all the way up to Sara. Sara let Liza’s breast and nipple go, then Tony planted a long deep kiss on Sara’s lips. Sara was eager to taste her girlfriends essence on Tony’s hot wet tongue.

Liza got up from the sofa and grabbed a reading pillow from the floor. That is the type of pillow made in a triangular shape for propping you up while reading in bed. She laid it on the couch and asked Sara to set her hot little ass on it. Sara maneuvered her ass onto the thick part of the pillow, then lay back flat onto the sofa cushion. Now she was lying flat on the sofa with her ass cheeks perched high at the edge of the pillow. Liza was at her head and Tony was propped on his elbows at her ass. Tony was at a fever pitch now. The little bit that he got to nibble on Liza only fueled his hunger for his insatiable taste for a woman’s sex.

He wasted no time in his quest to quench his hunger and began licking long slow licks from the meaty cheeks of Sara’s butt, lapping upward until his tongue reached the bottom of her slit. Sara felt as if he was gathering all of her sexual nerve endings and dragging them to her already seeping pussy.

Liza now straddled Sara’s face in a sixty nine position. Her crotch was a mere couple of inches from Sara’s face as she reached down with both hands and grabbed Sara’s breasts and began kneading them. She would massage them then grasp her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and lightly pinch them. They responded by jutting from her luscious mounds about a half an inch or so. Sara could smell Liza’s recent release directly above her face. She noticed that Liza’s lips actually glistened as if they had been glazed with her lust. She began to lap at Liza’s lips, only causing her to become more physical.

Liza reached to the cushion beside Sara’s head and retrieved a four inch tapered dildo that they had stashed there before inviting Tony in from the porch. She flipped the little switch on the base to on, and a droning hum came from its tiny but strong motor. Liza then leaned down toward Sara’s raised hips and pussy. She began licking between her friends succulent labia, dragging her tongue downward until her tongue met Tony’s as his licked upward. Once their tongues touched, they would spend several seconds making their tongues writhe together in a sensual wet dance against the opening of Sara’s tasty twat. This drove Sara wild with passion. Her groans were low and long. Tony and Liza did this many more times before they changed their pattern.

Tony began grabbing each of Sara’s firm ass cheeks in each hand, then knead them momentarily before he spread them apart, exposing her pinkish rosebud. He then moaned to himself and dragged his tongue lightly over the puckered bung. Sara really liked this. She raised her hips up from its already high perch to give him a more unimpeded access to her sensitive ring. Her very light musk drove Tony insane with passion. He began licking her asshole with a more fervent stroke. He alternated by taking the tip of his tongue sticking straight out then would jab directly at the tiny center as if trying desperately gain access. His head began to bob in and out as he tried to tongue fuck her there.

Meanwhile, Liza had been coating Sara’s swollen, pouting lips and erect clit with her spit. Sara was in oblivion at this point. That’s when Liza took the little pocket rocket vibrator and inserted the humming toy slowly into Sara’s pussy. She twisted it back and forth until it was slowly buried to the base of the toy.

Sara began moaning loudly now, and Tony and Liza knew that she was a mere few seconds away from an imminent climax. Tony grabbed the base of the toy from Liza, which allowed her to concentrate all of her attention on Sara’s swollen erect clit. As Tony slowly sawed the toy in and out of Sara’s steaming pussy, he noticed a trickle of her excitement as it drooled from her pussy down to her exposed bung. He wanted to taste it, but knew to wait the last few seconds of her pinnacle before her climax. With a few more strong licks from Liza’s talented tongue, that moment arrived. Tony felt Sara’s thighs tense and then he took a long firm lick from her ass crack all the way up the center of her hot butt, making sure to press against her sexy anus. He felt the muscular ring twitch with each contraction of her orgasm. Liza sucked her clit and lapped at it feverishly while Sara rode wave after wave of release. After a minute of her pussy squeezing and releasing her pent up lust, she relaxed still, on the pillow.

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