Tutoring Katie

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Note: Since this is a piece of erotic fiction, the characters do not take precautions against pregnancy or STDs. Please, protect yourself! And enjoy!

I had been tutoring Katie for about six months, and I felt that we had grown to know each other quite well. Her father was a friend of my dad’s, and through him he had arranged for me to help his daughter with her math as she had been struggling for the past few units. When my dad first brought the idea of helping her to my attention, I thought that it was a great idea. It was only twelfth grade math, and I was in my first year of post-secondary, so I knew the challenge would not be all that great. Furthermore, I could always use a few extra dollars in my pocket, and the fee that was initially proposed was what I considered more than generous.

The first time I saw Katie I was blown away. Although she was only eighteen at the time (one year my junior), she was certainly well developed. Wearing a white sports bra that really clung to her perky, more than a handful size pair of tits and a pair of black track pants that clung tightly to her firm, shapely bottom, I was instantly impressed with her athletic build. Her smooth skin was perfectly tanned, obviously the result of a salon, as it was still the early spring. She also had long, dark hair, which was casually tied back into a ponytail with loose strands hanging down the sides of her face. Although she only came up to the shoulder of my six-foot frame, she was definitely perfectly proportioned in every imaginable way. She answered the door with a big, friendly smile and shook my hand enthusiastically. And as she did so, she looked into my eyes with a sort of flirty bashfulness, that which can be expected when a younger girl meets an attractive fellow slightly older than her.

As I had mentioned, about six months of our tutoring sessions had passed, and we were getting along in a spectacular way. We found that we had much in common and never had a lull in the conversations that frequently dotted our times together. She was progressing nicely in her studies, and everyone was pleased with the arrangement in general. Our appointments always took place at her home, right after she was finished school on Mondays and Wednesdays, and ended just before her dad came home. Since she was an only child and her father was a single parent, we could play music while studying and lounge around together afterwards without fear of disturbance.

This particular Monday was like any other, save that the sun had finally come up and allowed some warmth to penetrate the barrier of cold that winter had left behind. I knocked on the front door of their sizeable suburban home, but did not receive a response. Thinking that Katie might be listening to music in her room at a high volume (my favourite way, personally) or perhaps talking on the phone with an important call, I let myself in, as I had often done before. Just as I was about to call Katie’s name I heard a sound from the basement and decided that she must be there. Proceeding down the stairs I heard the sounds getting louder, and I gathered that they were coming from the television in the lounge.

“Fuck me baby, oh yeah, that’s it. Yeah, put it in me…yessss! Stick that big cock in my pussy! Oh yeah, that feels so good….mmmmmm, oh God, yeah…”

I stopped dead in my tracks. My beautiful student was watching a porno! My penis nearly ripped through my pants at the thought of this, forcing me to readjust it for comfort, sending a wave of pleasure through my body at the contact. Edging closer to the doorway, I peered around the corner to hopefully see what I had dreamt about for the past half year, and I was not disappointed. Katie lay sprawled on the love seat, facing the television that held the image of two men and a woman engaged in a three-way pleasure triangle. The first man was eating out the dripping pussy of the beautiful blonde-haired woman in a sixty-nine position while the second man was fucking her mouth in a deep throat fashion. The second man was also jacking off the first man while pushing a moderately large sized dildo into and out of his asshole. Part of my mind smiled at Katie’s bisexual male fantasy, and it stored that bit of information away for later. The other part of my mind however was quite occupied with the magnificent sight before me.

Katie had been wearing a pink baby doll shirt, which was now lying in a heap on the floor about three feet from my position behind the doorway. Underneath she was wearing a pink lace push-up bra, which had been pushed down her chest to allow one of her ample breasts to break free. Her left hand was pinching and rubbing her very erect nipple between two fingers, as well as intermittently squeezing and mashing the breast into her chest. She had also been wearing a pair of snug blue jeans that rode very low on her waist (I recognized them Artvin Escort on the floor), and underneath those she’d been wearing a matching pair of pink lace panties. Her panties, which I could see were totally soaked with her excitement, had been pushed aside and she was vigorously rubbing her erect little love button with her other hand. Low moans were periodically escaping from her lips, and I could see that she was barely even watching the television anymore.

After taking in this utterly fantastic scene, I became acutely aware of the raging erection that I still had trapped within my pants. As I reached down to pull it out, I thought to myself “How am I going to get around to fucking this lovely piece of ass?” I really did like Katie and valued her friendship, and I wasn’t too sure how receptive she’d be if I simply walked in and slipped my dick into her mouth. Suddenly a plan occurred to me, and I knew that I’d best act quickly before it was too late. I looked over at Katie and saw that she was now very much into her own little world, eyes closed and keeping a steady rhythm with her hands. Very quietly, I crept into the room, quickly snatched up her pants and shirt, and then crept out. I then went back upstairs, tossed the clothes into the hamper, and got a cold glass of water to help to compose myself. I was ready to try this plan out.

Standing at the top of the stairs, I called down in a loud voice, “Katie? Katie? Are you down there? Ah, you must be because I can hear the T.V.!”

Proceeding down the stairs at a fair pace, I continued to say, “Have you forgotten our lesson is today? Too busy to answer the door?” At this I was at the entrance of the lounge and taking a deep breath I walked in.

“Oh, hi Christian!” Katie said with a weak smile that still managed to melt my heart. She was lying on the couch, a light blanket thrown over top of her, obviously in haste. As I breached the doorway, my nostrils were immediately bathed in the sweet scent of fresh teenage musk, although I pretended not to notice. Coming closer to the couch it took me all of my will power to suppress my urge to jump her right then.

“Hey, Kate,” I said. ” I thought that I heard the T.V.? You didn’t have to turn it off on my account.”

“Oh, well I didn’t want to be rude or anything like that,” she nervously replied. “Besides, don’t we have to study?”

“Okay, I guess you’re right. Well, let’s go,” I said, reaching out my hand to help her up, although I knew that she wouldn’t accept it.

Obviously hesitating she replied, “Well…maybe we could watch T.V. for a while.” At this, she slid over a bit and made room for me to sit.

I took the remote in my hand and began to channel surf while we chatted for a minute. I started to tell her about the latest I had learned in my human sexuality course, which ‘coincidently’ was about female arousal. I could have sworn that I noticed her hand moving out of the corner of my eye under the sheets, but her beautiful eye contact never wavered. Finally I knew that it was time to keep things moving, so I pushed the ‘play’ button on the remote, saying “Hmmm….what movie do you guys have in here?” She started to reach forward and yell to stop, but suddenly the images and sounds of the movie grasped both of out attentions.

“Oh yeah baby, let me fuck your face….yeah, that’s good, oh GOD that feels goooood.” “I think that it’s time for him to fuck my face. What do you think, baby?” “Oh yeah, you suck his cock good. I want to see him cum all over your face, yeah. And finger that asshole of yours, too. Get it ready for his big, fat cock. Oh, I want to rub my pussy while he fucks you good! Oh God!”

By this point the blonde was sitting on the first man’s face, having her shaven cunt eaten out again, obviously just about to cum. The second man was now sucking the penis of the first man, getting the blonde to suck his finger for a moment and then buried it into his ass. Katie slowly turned to look at me, a look of horror on her face. I turned to meet her gaze, a slight smile on my face and a massive bulge in my pants.

“Oh my God, you must think that I’m such a freak,” Katie said, seeming near tears but still looking so adorable. “I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry for anything,” I replied, looking deeply into her eyes. “First of all, there’s nothing wrong with pornography. Many people watch it, especially people your and my ages, and it’s all really very innocent. Nobody gets hurt and nobody is forced to do anything. I think that it actually helps people to be more sexually open and I’ve watched them many times myself. But aside from that fact, I don’t care what you do, because you’re my friend, and I care about you too much to let anything affect my opinion of you. You’re so lovely and innocent and sweet and you really remind me of what it is that I love about Artvin Escort Bayan people. Our study days are days that I look forward to now because I know that I’ll get to spend time with you and that means a lot to me. So please don’t feel bad, and please don’t feel guilty. Oh, and please don’t cry. You’re far to beautiful to cry…”

At that Katie reached out and placed a hand on my arm, saying, “No, I’m okay now. I’m just crying because that was so incredibly sweet and unexpected, and I didn’t know that you cared that much.” She took her other hand and wiped the few tears from under her eyes, giving her angelic face a slight glisten. “I really love our time together as well and how we get along so well together. I just thought that you might see me as ‘just a kid in high school’ and sort of not up to you friendship standards.”

“Are you kidding?” I asked. “You’re everything that I look for in a friend! And I don’t care about age. In fact, I’d say that you’re more mature than half of the girls that I’ve seen at my school. It seems that there is some sort of a ditz test they have to take before admission.”

Laughing softly, beautifully, Katie asked, “But what about the type of…stuff, I was watching. I mean, isn’t it sort of weird to watch two guys and a girl, and the guys pleasuring each other, too?” Watching her lips say the word “pleasuring” caused my cock to throb, causing me to involuntarily shift in my seat. Katie noticed this and looked from my crotch to my eyes again. She still had the question in her eyes, but a saw a slight smile curl her lips.

“Some people might think that that’s strange,” I replied, “but it’s really all a matter of your opinion. That sort of sex really turns me on personally, as well as many other people. Group sex is a common fantasy and also a very erotic one.”

“What other sorts of things turn you on?” Katie asked, leaning back on the arm of the couch as she did so. I noted that her hands were now both under the cover, although I could not tell if she was doing anything without openly staring at her.

“Well, lots of things, actually,” I answered. Katie and I had spoken of sex on many occasions, but never really this personally. Despite this fact, I was feeling very comfortable, and very turned on by the whole experience. “Two girls and a guy, two guys and a girl, a girl with many guys or vice versa, sex toys, anal…”

Cutting me off, Katie said, “Anal? You mean putting it in a girls butt? Are you serious that you’d actually do that?”

“If it works for gay men, why not for women?” I asked. “Anal sex is very pleasurable for both people, as long as the guy is gentle and the girl is willing. You’d never try it?”

“Well, I’ve never really thought about it before,” Katie responded. “Maybe if it was with the right guy or if I was really horny.”

“Like now?” I asked.

“W-what?” she asked, sounding shocked and embarrassed, but I could see in her eyes that she was actually daring me to advance.

“You’re giving yourself away,” I stated, looking at the wet spot on her sheet. She followed my gaze, gave a mock gasp, and then returned to my eyes and gave an innocent little shrug. I flipped off the T.V. and moved over to her, bringing our lips into a passionate embrace. After a moment I pushed my tongue into her mouth, hers meeting mine with relish. Taking her smaller hand in mine, I led it up to the tent in my pants, which she then proceeded to rub. In a second, she had my zipper undone and my thick, seven-inch cock in her hand, stroking it up and down slowly.

“Not wearing any underwear today, tutor?” she asked coyly, a seductive, playful little smile coating her lips.

“Oh God I want to fuck you!” I confessed, burying my face into her ample chest, pulling off her bra and sucking her perfect, erect nipples.

Katie moaned with pleasuring, pressing my head into her chest, encouraging me to suck harder. While I continued to pleasure her, Katie began to bring my shirt over my head, forcing me to stop.

“I want to see you naked,” she claimed. “I’ve been dreaming about your body and your muscles since the day we met!”

“Be my guest,” I replied, standing up, my bare torso glistening with a light layer of sweat. Katie stood up as well, bending over slightly and taking my left nipple into her mouth. She sucked lightly on each one for a time, rubbing her hands all over my abdomen and back, as well as my still-clothed ass. My cock was still sticking straight out of my pants, and it was periodically poking her in the belly and rubbing her pussy over top of her panties when she’d reach up to kiss me. Eventually when she felt she had explored for long enough, she knelt down and pulled my pants the rest of the way off, tossing them to the side. Not wearing socks that day, I then stood fully nude in front of her, my body rippling with passion. Escort Artvin She gave my member a few little kisses, almost as if they were being acquainted, and ran her soft, little hands up and down my legs a few times.

“Suck my cock, baby,” I said, putting my hands on top of her head, directing her face to my painfully swollen member. She eagerly took me into her mouth, sliding me right back into her throat. I let out a loud moan as she began her assault on my pleasure rod.

Coming off of my cock for a moment, Katie said in a seductive voice, “Oh, Christian, your cock is so big in my mouth. Say dirty things to me…tell me how naughty I am.”

“Oh yeah, you love to suck on my cock, don’t you, baby?” I asked. “You just love to be my dirty little girl don’t you? Yeah, take my cock all the way back into your mouth. Yeah, suck it like you need it. Oh, you love to suck cock. Such a good little slut, aren’t you? You want me to fuck your tight little snatch, don’t you? You want me to fill you right up with my cum, and cum all over your naughty little body. You need to be punished, don’t you? You need me to slap that pretty little ass of yours. Such a naughty little ass. Now get your slutty little mouth off of my big, fat manhood, and take off your wet, slutty panties. Bend over the couch and spread your legs wide.”

Katie bent over the couch and I could see that her pussy lips were swollen to their limit. I gave her bottom a light little slap and then a rub, finding myself amazed with how tight and perfectly shaped it was. I gave her two more slaps, and then ran my tongue right over her pussy lips, causing her knees to buckle and a loud gasp to escape from her mouth. Abandoning the spanking at this reaction, I began to eat her out in earnest, licking her clit rapidly and causing her to begin moaning in ecstasy. After a few moments, I slipped a finger up her hole and found that it was tight going in! How was I going to fit my dick into this girl? Tossing aside my concern, I went back to my task, attacking her glistening, teenage cunt with a passion. After two more minutes Katie was screaming with pleasure, telling me to keep letting her fuck my face as she began to cum a stream of juices over my face. Drinking them up as fast as they came, I was in heaven. Katie pushed her ass right back into my face, completely engulfing my mouth and nose with her love hole. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she slumped against the couch, exhausted.

“That was amazing,” she panted, looking up at me weakly with a soft smile.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I responded, bringing my lips to hers in a deep kiss. After a moment, she pulled me closer and we entwined on the floor. Grinding against my body, I could feel her wetness covering me, exciting me greatly and sending my erection to it’s full length. Suddenly she broke our embrace and lifted herself up. Taking my throbbing penis in her hand, she guided it into her moist slit, lowering herself down very slowly, causing my testicles to swell with pressure. She was so incredibly tight! I was glad my member wasn’t any larger than it was, as I think that my size very well may have been her physical limit. Upon impaling herself fully on my length, she began to move up and down, quickening her pace over time. I let my head and eyes roll back, experiencing the greatest pleasure that I had ever felt in my life. It felt as if the pleasure was compounding on top of itself, increasing with each stroke.

At one point, I looked up at her and our eyes met. She looked so beautiful, her perfect body glistening with sweat, her sexy, sensuous movements so graceful and lovely. In that instant my heart truly melted and I knew that I could never let this girl go, that she was my love. As if reading my mind, a smile spread across her face and her eyes took on a new light, followed by a moan of pleasure. As strange as it may sound, I believe that in some way our love unified us then, for I could swear that we became as one being in that instant. My pleasure increased tenfold, and I had to support Katie to keep her from falling over as she moaned louder than ever. I reached up and grasped her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, and I could actually feel that pleasure in myself as well. Both of us were crying out madly then, totally overcome by our passion and our pleasure, bucking madly against one another, unable to stop. Finally, in a blinding flash of light our worlds exploded, leaving us suspended in a state of perfect pleasure and togetherness, like a suspended, million-fold, and total essence orgasm. I don’t know how long we stayed in that space, but it felt like an eternity wrapped into a span of five seconds. However long it was, it seemed to end at the most perfect time, and Katie and I lay naked, intertwined on the floor.

“I love you,” I said. “You are my one and only.”

“I love you, too,” Katie replied, tears welling in her eyes for the second time that day. “Happiness, again,” she explained, pointing to her face. We both laughed gently and then gave each other another kiss, as if to seal our union.

Best of Luck in Your Search for True Love!

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