Twelve Hours Pt. 15

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6:00 – 7:00

“Now. Let’s go.” Alyssa went out to the bathroom for 5 minutes and just came back. It appeared that the secret “guest” just arrived. “We need to get dressed.”

That came as a complete surprise to me. “Excuse me?”

Lily was still panting and gasping after my treatment of her a few minutes ago, but stood in front of me. “Can we talk?” she said. She looked at the other girls; they nodded in agreement.

She took me by the hand and we walked outside the room to the hall to talk. “Darling,” she began, getting very close, her eyes inches away from mine, her tits against my chest. “You did not meet us on the train by accident. This was all planned.”

If I was able to pull my head back in disbelief, I would’ve done, but I was standing against the wall. But that thought that occurred to me earlier in the kitchen – that something was afoot here – came back.

She went on, “I did not get into that train by accident. I did not sit opposite by accident. I knew I’d get to your house and that we’d be here later.” My eyes must’ve widened not just in disbelief but also in anxiety as she clearly noticed. What was this place?

“Relax.” She placed a finger across my lips, slipping her other hand down to feel my cock. “It’s all good.”

“You need to tell me what’s going on here!” I demanded, my voice slightly raised.

She smiled. She turned back to look at the clock hanging behind us on one of the walls. “It’s 6am now. Not yet.” She met my angry look. “We have until 9am here. You will know by then.”

“But— I don’t even know you—” I protested.

She cupped my face in her two hands. “No. But you trust me—”

With that, she kissed me. A passionate, deep, sensuous kiss – hot and erotic, but different to ones previously; there was something soft about it, as if that angel that was there before had returned. This had me overcome and completely passive.

“Trust me?” she finished the question.

There was no way to answer no now. My heart was pounding. “Yes, I do.”

She smiled, looking relieved, but also satisfied with her powers of conviction. “The plan is start dressed. Behind this door” she pointed to a white door across the hall, “is a large room. On the sofa, you will find some clothes. Put them on.”

I nodded. “And you?”

“I’ll be with you in 5.” She pressed and slid her breasts seductively down my chest – and went back to the room where the other girls where.

I sighed to myself. I still had my reservations, now that she was gone, but did decide to trust her. It was hard not to, with those eyes, lips and her angelic figure, not to mention her other features.

I went across the hall and entered the room she pointed me to. I entered.

The room was large with large double glass sliding doors at the back. It seemed there was a swimming pool outside. There were only two pieces of furniture, really, in here. One larger white 4-seater sofa and a matching armchair. In front of these, there was a small white rug on the floor.

On the sofa were my clothes. I walked up to see. These were all black – black long-sleeved shirt, black formal-looking suit jacket, black trousers, black socks and formal shoes of the same colour. No briefs or boxers or anything like that, of course. I started putting them on. Most fit quite well, except for the shoes, which were slightly too large, but it wasn’t too bad.

I sat down on the sofa, waiting.

It couldn’t have been longer than 1 minute when Lily came back. Well, her “getting dressed” looked a bit different to mine! She was wearing just black panties and gorgeous black bra. “Be patient,” she whispered across the room, loud enough for me to hear, guessing my question about the others. She crossed the room to join me on the sofa.

She leaned in to kiss me passionately, stroking my cheek and chin. Her hand, initially on my chest, was slowly slipping down towards my groin.

The door opened. Three people entered. Two women, one man. The women were Alyssa and Sofia. The man I didn’t know.

Alyssa was wearing a black, body-hugging tight-fitting dress (I think these are called BodyCon dresses) and a pair of black high-heels. Sofia’s dress was white, short and looking even tighter, particularly on her hips and ass, and she was wearing white stilettos.

I wasn’t sure what or who to expect, but the presence of another guy stopped me in my tracks for a few moments. He looked handsome, actually – dressed exactly like me – everything black, including formal shoes. He was tall, probably around 6’1” or something, short black hair and well built but without being particularly muscular. He looked very confident. “Hey, I am Ron,” he said simply.

I gave him my name. We weren’t planning on doing very much talking here – we were complete strangers. Perhaps it was better this way. He had a deep voice – very likely, I would find it sexy if I was a woman. “I thought I’d drop in on my way to work,” she said.

Everyone knew what we were here to do. Alyssa was already on my side of the sofa, bending over and kissing me. Sofia pulled Lily away from me for a kiss, sitting next to her on the sofa. Ron pulled Sofia’s dress up already, exposing akkent escort her tanned ass and squatted next to her on the floor.

This was likely to be the hottest yet. FFFMM.

* * *

Ron didn’t just look confident, he was confident. Pulled Sofia’s white panties down and was licking her pussy already. She looked at it, stirring already, and continued kissing Lily. Ron kneeled on the sofa now behind Sofia and slipped his finger finding her clit.

Lily turned back to me and Alyssa. She pushed down her bra, exposing her tits, and leaned over to kiss Alyssa. Alyssa rolled up her dress now showing her red panties. She kissed me again; Lily stretched out a hand feeling her knockers through the black material.

They were right – seeing them getting undressed again was making me incredibly horny.

Ron walked around the sofa now and stood behind Alyssa, placing his hands on her hips. She let out her first moan into my mouth when he pushed her panties down and began licking her pussy. Alyssa reached out to Lily now, whose tit was already sucked on by Sofia, fondling the other one.

We were just one minute in and the sounds of moaning were already starting to fill the room.

Ron switched to massaging Alyssa’s clit now with his fingers. She began undoing the zip on my trousers now, but he pulled her into a kiss sitting on the edge of the sofa. Slightly annoyed, I moved over to Lily and Sofia. His jacket fell down on the floor.

Lily found herself between me and Sofia. Her bra unclasped by now, I slipped my hand to her black panties, rubbing her through them. Sofia was kissing her passionately, but her hand stretched across beginning to massage my cock through my trousers. Encouraged, I pulled Lily’s panties, exposing her shaven pussy, immediately starting to circle my fingers over her clit.

Alyssa was back to me, all of a sudden, replacing Sofia’s hand over my crotch. Her panties were down my now. As we kissed, Ron was over behind the sofa to Sofia and was soon taking her to the armchair off the sofa. Lily came back me and kissed me, getting me 2x female attention along with Alyssa. I wrapped my hand around her back as both of them started fondling me through my trousers. We shifted slightly now, having the entire sofa at our disposal.

Ron sat down on the sofa, pulling his trousers down to his ankles. Sofia wasted no time and dove straight to his cock; he tossed his head back, gasping with pleasure. She ran her tongue up and down his length, he started taking his shirt off. Soon, her head was bobbing over his cock, so far quietly. He sat up reaching down her back to her ass.

In the meantime, Lily unzipped my fly getting out my own cock while Alyssa pulled down her dress to her ass, exposing her bra, also red, matching her panties. She leaned down to join Lily in sucking me off.

Two tongues were now running up my dick up and down, up and down, kissing over it, and sharing it by passing it over to each other to suck on, growing its girth with every lick. I reached for Alyssa’s bra now, eager to get those tits out. I looked down – the view of my cock rising above my clothes through an open fly, sucked on by the both of them – was super-arousing.

Sofia rose to her feet now, slipped her panties down and sat back on the armchair facing away from Ron, getting ready to be fucked by him. I shot them a look as he entered her and she began moaning. As much as I wanted to fuck already, Alyssa’s mouth now around my cock was pretty hot, too. And then Lily’s.

Ron and Sofia were moving fast! Leaning her hands on the armchair’s sofa, she was throwing her weight hard against him already, his balls slapping against her. I had to say, they looked pretty good together – she was still wearing her dress, just not panties. He rose up in the armchair, pressing her closer against him and snaking his arm around her down to her pussy. They shifted in the armchair for a better position and the fucking restarted. I was quite appreciative of being able to see his cock fill her pussy – perfect view from where I was sitting while getting a blowjob!

We were changing our position, too. Alyssa was now on all fours, leaning against the arm of the sofa. Lily also on her fours already had her face buried in her ass, licking her from her rear. I was busy pulling her panties down.

Ron and Sofia now climbed off their armchair. Facing the armchair, she leaned against it and he stood behind her, instantly cramming his dick inside her. When I stood up, leaning over the sofa behind Lily to start licking her snatch from the back, Sofia was taking Ron’s cock with loud moans. He was a pro, shoving that cock inside her hard and fast, squeezing her tits through her dress at the same time. She fucking loved it! – he added the licking of her neck to the deal, getting her to cling to him like a moth to a fly.

I finally pulled Lily’s pants off her ass, burying my face in there. Alyssa, eating from the rear by Lily, added to her pleasure by rubbing her own nub, lying on the sofa’s arm. My view of Lily’s ass was so hot – the asshole and those wet folds of hers – I pressed my thumb hard against akkent escort bayan them sliding it tightly all the way down again and again and licked and sucked hard around that asshole. Finally, I quickly pushed my trousers down, stood right behind her, placed my hands firmly on that ass and shoved in decisively. Lily stopped in her tracks at that, moaning loudly. I used my hands to push her back on me, murmuring in pleasure, slowly increasing speed. Oh that fucking shapely ass of hers that drives me so wild! Alyssa knew now a different position is needed and lied down on the sofa facing Lily now, offering her her pussy.

Ron kept that dick of his moving inside Sofia. Her dress was slowly slipping down, now her tits exposed and he wasted no times squeezing and moulding them to his pleasure. Finally, he did help her get rid of the dress. She was taking that cock in with a big smile on her face and gasping more and more loudly.

I was ramming my own cock inside Lily, who now, panting and moaning, was massaging Alyssa’s pussy. Alyssa, in turn, was squeezing her own tits. I was picking up speed now, finding the pulsing and vibrations of her wet insides around me progressively impossible to resist.

Moans and groans, gasps and grunts were now the continuing never-ending sound in the room.

It looked like Ron felt like another pussy now. He slipped out of Sofia and slapped her ass. Alyssa was his next – he lied down on the rug on the floor and she joined him there, while Sofia joined me and Lily on the sofa. She kissed me placing her hand on my balls; Lily was busy going down on me, rather wildly, with loud wet slurps.

Alyssa was taking Ron’s cock by now in what looked like your missionary position at first, but turning quickly into a cowgirl riding position. Those superb tits of hers with her rock-hard nipples were soon jiggling above his face. He grabbed one of her tits quickly (who wouldn’t?) while she jiggled her ass and circled around his cock for more friction.

Sofia was now sucking me off with the strength of a vacuum cleaner, kneeling on the floor next to the sofa. Her young teen hands were working the base of the dick and her mouth and tongue my circumcised top in perfect unison. I could not but moan loudly as the sensations blasted through my brain. But Lily, she wanted to get screwed now. She straddled me and got Sofia to push the cock inside her. Sofia switched to rubbing the cock and her pussy when Lily began lowering and lifting that pussy around it. I groaned and swore – I had the short-lived moment for the 18-year-old, but really, Lily – the angelic-looking heart-rob of a bitch – there was no one like her. Slender, curvy and tanned body with a vagina that seemed to fit me perfectly.

Alyssa kept bouncing on Ron’s cock, gasping, blowing air and tossing her hair around. To my momentary disappointment, Sofia pulled my pecker out of Lily to slip her mouth around it, but it was easy for me to slip a finger up Lily’s hole – mmm, she was deliciously wet there and there was just something meaty about feeling those insides, pushing that moisture around. “Put his cock back in!” she ordered Sofia – looked like we were on the same page here! I found Lily’s pussy and pushed my hips up shoving my dick inside her forcefully – she gave out a yelp in response. I looked up at her – open mouth, closed eyes, tense expression – and down her body – jiggling tits, enlarged nipples. My balls slapped hard against her – she instinctively went for a kiss. I found her fingers, stroking her hand. Sofia noticed this and purred, “Ooohhh—” Something was changing between me and Lily and she was the first to notice.

For now, the moment was short, but I would remember it later that day. Sofia wanted to ride me now, too, and Lily slipped off, although clearly with some reluctance. Suddenly, we became aware of Ron’s cock slapping against Alyssa’s pussy and her riding him, being less busy for 10 seconds. Alyssa’s tits seemed to have gotten larger somehow. Sofia just took my cock in, straddling me facing away from me, taking my breath away and Lily was already sucking her nipples. As Sofia began bouncing on me, though, those swaying tits were moving too fast for her so she went over to kiss me. Sofia was going hard against me, though, real hard, and I was quite overcome with those electrical surges running through me and just needed to grab one of her tits. Lily grabbed the other one and we both squeezed them. Then we slowed down and she leaned back, grinding her pelvis against me, exposing her pussy and my dick stuck in it to Lily’s hungry gaze. She stuck two fingers up her snatch and kissed me. I moaned into her mouth, letting her tongue dart inside me. I was beginning to feel my balls tightening from that cock going up Sofia, but her high-pitched shrieks were indicative of her getting closer to cumming again. I grabbed both her tits and squeezed hard, then pulled her by then to a more upright position. She began caressing her clit now. I shifted my hands to hold her hips and began moving her up and down, dropping her firmly on my dick, drilling deep every time. Oh yeah – those “FUCK ME!!” yells meant she was close. escort akkent Lily, licking her lips, watching the spectacle was now fingering her slit with one hand and her asshole with another. “FUCK – THE – BITCH!” she hissed through gritted teeth. Sofia came seconds later in several convulsions, bringing her thighs together at the end to get more pleasure and more friction.

Lily went off the sofa and joined Alyssa and Ron on the rug, kissing her. I was beginning to feel a little like I was jealous a little – strange, unexplained emotion that I put at the back of my mind for now. Sofia’s juices were flowing down my cock, but she did want more – aren’t women so lucky to be multiorgasmic! I gave her first a few thrusts in the same position, but we moved soon to a more horizontal one. Without me slipping out of her for a second, I lied behind her on the sofa, both her and me sideways. One legs of hers up and she wrapped an arm around my neck – good fucking angle that way, with easy access for me to both her pussy and tits. I gave her no respite – drilling her hard and sucking her tit in. She stretched her arms behind her hand, moaning into my ear.

Alyssa was still riding Ron, but Lily’s tongue was now dancing all over her tits, although rather gently. My large cock kept ramming through the teen Sofia and I was pulling those tits easily deep into my mouth. She was gasping, happily relinquishing control. When I let those knockers out of my mouth, they were dripping my spit. I slapped them hard, then looked intently at her and insisted, “Suck my dick!” I felt like getting service for a while. I sat up on the sofa and her lips were sliding down it like an elevator in no time.

Reaching out to her ass, I looked past her. Alyssa was pressing her hand against Lily’s clit and fingering her, overpowering her. Lily reacted with a deep moan and squeezing her tits, pulling them up and continuing to kiss her.

Sofia’s deep-throating me, gagging on me and spitting on my dick quickly led to me just wanting to be inside the slut again. Put her on her fours on the sofa and pierced that pussy open with some fast action. Loved that hot tight ass and the view of my cock going in between those butt cheeks. Lily was back, too – she stood just behind me, kissing me and slipping her hand down to move thrusting dick to rub it – it was nice and wet with Sofia’s cum. I also came just from that. Sofia now took to impaling herself against my cock moving her ass against me. I didn’t need to move. That is ALWAYS hot – when you’re in command so much that a gal saves you any effort at all, pushing herself onto you. Lily wrapped one of her hands around my fucking cock, stroking my balls, too. I moaned all the time until the end of this.

Sofia didn’t cum this time; Alyssa and Ron got up. There were better things coming, though. Alyssa had an idea to involve us all now. “Listen up! Let’s do this!” she commanded our attention and pointed to where everyone should be.

Ron stood to the left of the sofa, his cock just over the left arm of the sofa. Sofia stood next to kiss, beginning with kissing him. Alyssa went on her fours facing him to suck him off. I went behind her on the sofa to fuck her from the back. Lily was just behind me with easy access over my shoulder to my cock. This would go real wild real soon!

I stuck my dick in Alyssa’s tasty pussy and started thrusting immediately. To begin with, Alyssa was sucking Ron’s cock – with him moaning loudly already, closing his eyes – but Sofia soon knelt next to him to share sucking him with her. He shot me a look of satisfaction. “You okay man?” The question was quite silly, obviously, but I knew what he meant. Drilling those hot pussies one by one, getting blowjobs from them – this was every male’s dream come true (including those who want to deny it). Over their bodies, our hands met for a high five.

“Oh you fucking bastard!” Lily chuckled next to me. “Taking advantage of us bitches like that, huh?” and she went for a hard, insistent French kiss. We were distracted by Ron’s long groan – Sofia’s hands were running up and down his length and her lips working magic on him.

“You like ham and cheese or peanut?” Lily gazed into my eyes for second. The mysterious question became obvious soon. She wasn’t planning to be there just next to me. Her pussy demanded some action, too. She got on her fours on the sofa, too, pressing her pussy close against Alyssa’s butt, then lifting herself slightly upwards, forming a sandwich. I think peanut is my thing! Now, my throbbing dick had access to Lily’s and Alyssa’s pussy at will.

I looked down at that hot curvy ass of hers and pushed her open roughly from the back, going for high speed immediately. She responded with gasping and moaning. The girls in the front, Alyssa and Sofia, kept taking turns giving Ron blowjobs, but I focused on Lily’s pussy – held her hips steady and kept ravishing her, with steady, rhythmical thrusts. Hearing her gasps and squeals, I forgot other things – just sensed my cock and her box. Ron there had fun in the front, but my cramming in was firm and brutal. “Gonna cum, slut?” I demanded huskily. She uttered a wheezy confirmation and seemed to have moved her thighs closer together just slightly – the next couple of rams felt like her entire body was crashing around me – she grabbed her tits first, then went upright wrapping her arm around me. I gripped her tits in my frenzy and delivered the last couple of thrusts into her, feeling the orgasmic waves crash through her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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