Two Captives Ch. 03

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This is a fictional account.

Author’s Note: Many of you love this story line and thanks for the kind words/votes. I will keep developing this story line for you. Please be patient as I also try other things too. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks to Techsan for his incredible editing.

Sally and Sarah began to adapt to their new way of life. They were becoming comfortable living with the Arapaho People. Life was hard at times like during the buffalo hunts but they got breaks too and those were usually fun. Besides Sarah now knew from their last failed attempt that escape was not likely. So the girls made the best of their new life.

Sally was picking up the language with remarkable speed. She even helped Sarah to learn many more words. Sally had chores each day just like White Flower, but they were usually done early. This gave them plenty of time for play and the girls were becoming good friends.

Sarah was learning a lot from Running Water about the role of an Indian woman. She had become a great help to Running Water and the older woman was grateful. They were becoming close too.

Sarah and Two Bears shared many pleasant looks, smiling at each other all the time. They had even managed several rendezvous at the bathing pool. Each one had led to more intimacy. Sarah was still a virgin though, but was beginning to understand why. She was the property of Gray Cloud. He alone would decide when and with whom she would be deflowered. She also learned that the arguments between Gray Cloud and Two Bears were over her. She didn’t know exactly why, but she planned to find out.

Each time she had asked of Two Bears what he talked about with Gray Cloud, he always begged off. This was strange too, as he was otherwise very open with her. She sensed it had a lot to do with the obvious-to-all growing relationship between Two Bears and her. Running Water was no help either as she too refused to talk about it.

Sarah was helping Running Water with the afternoon meal when Red Fox rode up in a hurry. He spoke quickly and loudly to Gray Cloud in an excited manner, so they all paid attention. Sarah could not pick up everything but she did hear something about one dead.

Running Water also listened intently to Red Fox until he mounted and rode back off on his pony.

Sarah asked Running Water, “What was that all about?”

As they continued to work, Running Water did her best to explain that a hunting party had encountered a similar hunting party of Crow. They had fought and one Arapaho was dead and another hurt. Two Crow had been killed. The Arapaho had driven the Crow off but it was probably not over. Sarah shared the worried look on Running Water’s face.

The Arapaho constantly had border skirmishes with their northern neighbor tribes. Not as often with the Crow, though lately they were pushing more down into Arapaho claimed lands to hunt buffalo and steal horses. The Sioux were the worst. They were brave warriors and often attacked the Arapaho the nearer they hunted and camped to the Dakotas. The chief of the Sioux, Sitting Bull, was fighting with the white settlers. He also pushed his people further west and south to safer lands.

Gray Cloud had talked with Sarah often about the white men settlers. They were continually taking Arapaho lands to the east and attacking the buffalo herds. He was very concerned about their encroachment on Arapaho hunting grounds. He worried about the approaching white men more than the other Indian tribes, it seemed.

Sarah did not know exactly how long they had been with the Arapaho People but the nights were getting cooler and the first signs of fall were approaching. She believed it was close to three months and probably mid-September by her best guess. She had come to learn the patterns of the village and could sense a change was coming. The hunting parties had to go farther and farther to spot the buffalo herds and for other game.

The traditional sun dances that Sarah and Sally both loved watching were becoming more frequent as the sun set earlier. The girls were also learning about the Arapaho beliefs and their powerful spiritual deities. The men often sat around at night talking of the spirits and passing a ceremonial pipe called a flat pipe. They also had another sacred item, a wood hoop called the wheel.

Sarah had helped Running Water cure meat for the winter. As the summer passed, Running Water became more and more urgent in her preparations for the cold months. The men had killed enough buffalo to make preparations for a fourth tepee for the family. The guys had collected poles for its construction. Sarah wondered why it was not being assembled but reasoned it was because they were going to be moving again soon.

For the first three months Sally and Sarah had lived among the Arapaho, none of the other young women paid any attention to Sarah. They would only look at her curiously from time to time. It was obvious to Sarah that many of these same women sought out Two Bears and Red Fox. In the last month, Red Fox had been spending time kocaeli escort bayan with a pretty girl named Summer Wind.

Now that Sarah knew a few Arapaho words, she could communicate somewhat with other members of the tribe. On one berry hunting expedition, Sarah ran into Summer Wind doing the same thing. They actually worked side by side for a while and talked briefly. Since then, Summer Wind had talked more to Sarah and seemed to be friendlier towards her.

On one occasion, when Sarah went to the watering hole to bathe, she ran into Summer Wind also bathing. Sarah had seen other Arapaho women before washing, both young and old, but she had never been alone with a woman her own age. Sarah was a little self- conscious as she stripped down with Summer Wind watching her from the warm water. Sarah hurried into the water to bathe.

As Sarah washed, Summer Wind came over to her and spoke.

Summer Wind said to her, “You have pretty hair, like golden grass.”

“Thank you,” Sarah replied, using her few Arapaho words. “You have pretty hair too.”

“Thank you. I see you are golden down below too,” Summer Wind said.

“Yes,” Sarah said smiling back.

Then Summer Wind pointed to her nipples and said something Sarah did not get. Her confusion must have been obvious on her face as Summer Wind searched for a different way to describe it. They were in knee deep water and eventually Summer Wind got her point across by spreading her inner labia and showing her pinkness inside. She then pointed at Sarah’s nipples and her own. Sarah got that she was describing the difference between Sarah’s pink nipples and the much deeper red of Summer Wind’s.

They finished bathing and sat on the rock together to dry in the sun. Sarah started brushing her hair but Summer Wind took the comb from her hand. Summer Wind combed her hair for her. When Sarah’s hair was combed, they switched and Sarah combed Summer Wind’s. Her hair was black as coal and Sarah was jealous of the lustrous sheen it had when clean. Summer Wind’s hair came to the middle of her back. Sarah liked combing her beautiful hair for her.

They dressed and walked back to the village together. Over the next few weeks, Summer Wind talked to her more and more. She was spending more time with Red Fox, so they had several chances to meet. At one point, when they were sitting together and no one else was around, Sarah asked about her and Red Fox. Summer Wind indicated they were to be married. Sarah told her that was nice.

Summer Wind told her how sorry she was that Sarah could not marry Two Bears. Sarah played along and learned that Gray Cloud was standing in the way. He did not want his eldest son to marry a white woman but he also did not want to sell Sarah to any other man either. That night Sarah cried herself to sleep. Fortunately Sally was asleep and did not hear her.

It seemed the new tepee was for Red Fox and Summer Wind once they were married. That would leave Two Bears alone in the other tepee. Gray Cloud wanted him to choose a wife but just not Sarah. Sarah tried to talk to Running Water about all this but Running Water just said it was up to Gray Cloud. Sarah started crying again as she sat working on the afternoon meal. Running Water gave her a look of sorrow but said nothing.

About a week later, Sarah was out collecting edible roots with Summer Wind when Two Bears rode up with Red Fox. Summer Wind and Red Fox soon disappeared together leaving Two Bears and Sarah alone. Sarah took the opportunity to ask him about what she had learned.

Sarah asked him, “Do you plan to take a wife?”

“Yes,” Two Bears said.

“Have you chosen yet?” Sarah asked, and tears already started swelling in her eyes.

Two Bears noticed and said, “No.”

“Are you about to?” Sarah asked, through watery eyes.

“Soon,” Two Bears replied.

Sarah wanted to say so much more but could not figure out what to really say. Instead she quickly grabbed her gathered roots and ran off. Two Bears watched her go before he mounted back up.

Sarah cried herself to sleep for most of the next week. Sally caught her once and asked what was wrong. Sarah told her and then they cried together.

Sarah realized she loved Two Bears. It would kill her to see him with another woman. She decided she had to fight for him or she would surely lose him. She talked to Running Water and Summer Wind about what to do. Running Water was no help but Summer Wind told her to confront Gray Cloud. Sarah feared but liked Gray Cloud. He had treated her nearly as a daughter for many months.

She waited till after dinner, on a nice summer night, two days later. After she helped Running Water clean up, she noticed Gray Cloud cleaning his pipe by himself. Sarah hesitated but gathered her strength and approached him. She sat down in front of him as a sign of respect. He was perched on a log looking down on her.

“Hi, Sarah,” Gray Cloud said, with a smile.

“Hi, Gray Cloud,” Sarah answered. “Beautiful night.”

“Yes, it is,” Gray Cloud kocaeli sınırsız escort replied.

“Gray Cloud, can I talking with you?” Sarah asked.

“Yes,” Gray Cloud answered.

“Gray Cloud, do you like me?” Sarah asked.

“Yes,” Gary Cloud replied.

“Why won’t you let Two Bears marry me then,” Sarah asked, with tears already forming in her eyes.

“We should not speak of this,” Gray Cloud said sternly.

“Why not! I must know,” Sarah exclaimed.

“You would not understand,” Gray Cloud stated.

“Is it because I am white?” Sarah responded.

“You are not of the People,” Gray Cloud said.

“I am now,” Sarah back talked him, getting bold despite her churning stomach and fear.

“You are not Arapaho,” Gray Cloud said very sternly.

“What am I then? If I am not Arapaho, I am nothing,” Sarah complained.

“We will speak no more of this,” Gray Cloud yelled now.

“I want to marry Two Bears,” Sarah yelled back at him.

Gray Cloud stood and walked off. Sarah felt like crying but she was mad at the same time. She stood to go back to her tepee. Running Water was standing back at the fire looking at her. She looked surprised at Sarah first but then smiled. As Sarah started walking back, she saw Two Bears standing outside his tepee too. He smiled at her as she hurried to her tepee and entered. She fell to her knees crying.

The next few days passed without anyone saying anything more about it. Sarah did her work but acted sad. Running Water talked to her but did not encourage her at all. On the third day, she went to pick roots again with Summer Wind and she brought up the talk with Gray Cloud.

Summer Wind said, “Congratulations to you on being strong and brave.”

“I don’t feel like a won anything,” Sarah replied sadly.

“At least you made your feelings known,” Summer Wind said.

“I guess I did that,” Sarah responded.

“There is one more thing you could do,” Summer Wind said.

“What is that?” Sarah asked but afraid to hear the answer.

Summer Wind held her belly out big and said, “Be with child.”

Sarah gasped at that thought. Have Two Bears get her pregnant against Gray Cloud’s wishes. Could she think of such a thing? Could she do such a thing?

“I couldn’t do that. Gray Cloud would be furious,” Sarah told Summer Wind.

“Yes, but it might change his mind,” Summer Wind said.

Sarah thought about that the rest of that day and the next. She had learned the tribe planned to move in a week. Summer Wind had told her that Two Bears would want to pick a wife before winter. Sarah felt like everything was closing in on her.

The next day, Summer Wind took Sarah to look for herbs. They were after certain ones the Arapaho used for medicine and cooking. As they were hunting around for them, Red Fox and Two Bears appeared again. Like before Red Fox and Summer Wind were soon gone off somewhere leaving Two Bears and Sarah alone. They had not been alone since the night she confronted Gray Cloud.

Two Bears took her hand and led her off into the woods, leading his horse. They found a nice spot by a small babbling stream where the trees parted and the autumn sunlight shown down brightly on a patch of prairie grass. Two Bears sat down and indicated Sarah should too. She did, facing him.

“You are brave woman,” Two Bears told her.

“I feel weak,” Sarah said. “I am unable to change Gray Cloud’s mind.”

Two Bears smiled and said, “He is wise but difficult sometimes.”

Sarah needed to make sure Two Bears felt the same way as she did. That he really wanted to marry her. She asked him.

“I have wanted to marry you for some time now,” Two Bears said, grabbing her hands in his and holding them.

Sarah wanted to say something but tears just came to her eyes. Instead she got up on her knees and leaned into him forcing him to lie back with her on top of him. She kissed him deeply. They had made love many times but never all the way. Sarah kissed Two Bears with hunger. They kissed for a good long time until breaking to gasp for breath.

Sarah slid down his chest, kissing his buckskin shirt as she went. She started to work on the ties opening his shirt and baring his strong bare chest. She kissed him more on his bare skin and pulled his shirt open. Next she worked on his pants. Soon, Two Bears was completely exposed and Sarah feasted her eyes on his semi-hard cock. They had not been together for two weeks and she missed his touch.

Sarah took his dick in her two hands. She looked up at Two Bears to find him watching her on his elbows. Sarah stroked lightly up and down on his cock as they stared into each other’s eyes. His cock stiffened to it’s full beautiful size. Sarah moved one hand to his balls as her mouth descended to his cock. Sarah teased the head with her tongue as she continued to stroke him.

When Sarah had the head all wet and got her first drops of pre-cum from his dick, she pulled the foreskin back completely exposing the full head. izmit anal yapan escort She then sucked it into her mouth. Two Bears groaned as she worked on his cock. Sarah wanted to please him like never before. It was like she wanted to show him why they should be together, how much she loved him, and why he should marry her over the other Indian women.

Sarah sucked on his cockhead and stroked the shaft. His balls were already tightening in response to her movements. Sarah sucked down as far as she could go, taking the head into the back of her mouth and making her gag slightly. She had not deepthroated a cock in many weeks but she definitely want to do Two Bears now. Sarah pushed forward and forced his cock deep into her throat. Two Bears moaned as she took him all the way in.

Next, Sarah started bobbing on his cock. Sometimes she would take him deep again, other times she would bob on the last couple inches licking the head. She felt Two Bears stiffen beneath her and knew he was close. Two Bears groaned loudly as Sarah felt his cock swell in her mouth. She was ready as the first blast of cum jetted into her mouth. Sarah hung with him as his cock unloaded a good amount of cum into her mouth. Apparently he had not cum in a while either.

Sarah stayed with Two Bears as he collapsed back to the ground and panted from his strong release. Sarah pulled off only to swallow, but then took his softening cock back in her mouth. One of her favorite parts of sucking cock had become the time after Two Bears came. She enjoyed tapering off his desire with little sucking and tongue teases of his shrinking cock. She hung with him until she had every drop remaining in his shaft before she sat up.

Two Bears smiled at her and she smiled back at him. She moved back up his body to kiss him. They kissed briefly but then he rolled her over. Two Bears had always been a reciprocal lover and started undressing her top. He exposed her wonderful tits and their gorgeous pink nipples. Two Bears loved everything about Sarah. Sure she was not Indian but she had fantastic breasts with very suckable pink nipples. He loved her white skin as much for her creamy soft complexion for its difference from other Indian woman.

Two Bears kissed her exposed breasts and sucked on her rigid nipples. He worked the strings on her pants as he played with her tits with his tongue and mouth. When he had her pants undone, he pulled them down and off her legs exposing her nakedness. Two Bears stared at her blonde bush, amazed at the difference from other Indian women. He moved his fingers through its curly softness. Two Bears glanced up into Sarah’s eyes. Another obvious difference from Indian women greeted him: her dazzling blue eyes that seemed to draw him in like two blue whirlpools.

Two Bears kissed Sarah’s belly and down each of her thighs. He loved the softness of her skin there and the female scent of her. Her lips were only slightly parted, barely revealing the hidden treasures within. He kissed up and down each side of her sex, teasing her with his light touches. Sarah moaned as he kissed her and subconsciously touched her own nipples.

Two Bears could not torture her or himself any more. He pushed his tongue between the slit of her labia and forced it open to his invading appendage. He moved down until he was positioned at her cunt and then pushed in. Sarah gasped her appreciation as his tongue sank into her pussy. She was moist from sucking his cock and the teasing he had given her. Two Bears reveled in the sweetness of her nectar and wiggled his tongue around for more.

Sarah groaned loudly. A hand left one nipple to grab his head and hold it at her pussy. As Two Bears pushed his tongue as deep as it would go inside her, Sarah bucked up into his face. She grunted her desire and pushed down on his head. He wiggled his tongue around, then pulled out. He traveled up her cunt until he sideswiped her clit. He licked all around it and with his fingers pushed the hood back. The exposed knob was enlarged and clearly visible. Two Bears licked all around it but avoided direct contact. Sarah moaned like a bitch in heat, still pushing his head into her cunt.

Two Bears decided he had tortured her enough and without warning sucked her clit totally into his mouth. Sarah nearly sat straight up from the exquisite pleasure and grunted and groaned. Two Bears licked the bud with his tongue as he sucked on it. The pleasure caused by his actions exploded in Sarah’s head. She could not take much more of this. Her nerve endings were tingling like live wires. She spun out of control towards a mind-blowing orgasm. Her limited experience was enough to tell her this could be her best one yet.

Seconds passed like minutes and minutes like hours as Two Bears attacked her clit. He then pushed a finger into her cunt. Sarah bucked off the ground and her head exploded. She squeezed hard on her right nipple and pushed equally hard on his head, driving it into her pussy. Pleasure bombs exploded in her mind. Her body shook from the blissful pleasure coursing through it. Her mind was numb, frozen on just one thought: how good the pleasure felt. She panted and groaned as the orgasm threatened to rip her apart. It took a while but she eventually began to relax. Her ass settled back to the ground and she fought for breath to fill her starved lungs.

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