Two couples play games on a camping trip

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Al and I were on a softball team several years back and we became good friends. We both liked working on cars and roughing it. It was a few years before our schedules and our wives’ all allowed us to set up a rafting trip together. (Al’s wife Deedee is a teacher, so that part was easy. I’m an internal auditor for a firm with a lot of locations, so that wasn’t as easy.) After that, with just a little effort, we made it an annual event. Last year the trip got just a little more interesting.

There was a huge chemical spill up river from our usual site, and it was too late to make arrangements anywhere else. We had the cabin rented, so we just decided to make the best of it. The night before we went back, Tammy, my wife, made her special camp-style spaghetti. She uses pepperoni instead of beef, because it can last the weekend without refrigeration, and it gives the spaghetti a different taste. Al and Deedee brought one of the better wines from the warehouse club that Al manages. We’d pretty much done everything there was to do safely outdoors, but Deedee had come prepared. She remembered that the cabin’s TV had a DVD player built in, and she brought one of those games where you watch a scene and answer questions about it. We all thought it seemed like a good way to kill an hour or so.

Tammy’s got a great ass, but when Deedee’s shirt gets wet, it’s hard to look away. The wine had loosened up our inhibitions, so I probably wasn’t as clever as I thought when I suggested playing the strip version. At least, when Al said, “I second that idea,” I had a feeling he had a similar idea about Tammy.

Al and I waited for that awkward split second before Deedee spoke up. “Okay, but just to make things interesting, why don’t you and Tammy play as a team?”

Tammy was sitting on the couch, and the game was next to her. She moved it onto the table and gestured to Al. From the look on her face, she probably figured out what at least one of us was up to. Knowing how competitive both us guys are, she probably also figured our desire to win would trump our desire for the other guy’s wife to remove her clothing. Deedee said, “How ’bout these for ground rules? If you miss a question, one of you has to take something off. If you get one right, both players on the other side have to take something off.” Everyone was okay with that.

Al got the first question right, so I took off my watch and Deedee took off a sandal. I suppressed a grin when I saw it, because she obviously didn’t have socks on to delay my treat. A few questions later, not trying to cheat to lose, I got one wrong. I decided to make the best of it. Even though I still had my shirt on, I opted to take off my pants.

The scene for one of Deedee’s questions was a staged scene at a bus stop. It reminded Tammy of something she’d witnessed once, and we ended up with a half-hour bull session. The game didn’t progress, but we were all drinking the wine Al had brought. By the time we got back on track, it was having its effect. We’d forgotten the question, and there was no way to back up, so we just went to the next one. She got it wrong, and Al whispered something to her. She nodded. She pulled her hands inside her T-shirt, moved around, and dropped her bra out under the hem. Al gave me a look that said, “You owe me one.”

The next few questions went our way, so while Al and Tammy were removing various articles, I got to see Deedee’s tits bounce freely. I was sober enough that I could still get an erection, but drunk enough not to notice that everyone else could see it. I missed the next one, and I took my shirt off.

Tammy missed the next question. She took off a sock, leaving her in bra and panties. She’d worn a thong that day. Making a good thing better, she decided we needed more wine and got up to get some, giving Al the view he’d wanted of her sexy ass. I looked back at him as if to ask, “Even now?” He understood and nodded.

I got the next question right, which meant Al and Tammy each had to take something off. Al was down to his boxers, so he would’ve been naked if Deedee hadn’t spoken up. “Wait a second,” she said. She turned and whispered her idea to me. I nodded. She told them, “You can both keep your clothes on if Tammy lets you masturbate her.”

Al and Tammy looked at each other and Tammy got on her knees with her back to him. “Reach around to do it,” she said.

Until I told Tammy later, she didn’t know what a treat she was really giving him. He came up behind her and slipped his right index finger under her thong. Judging by the leap she took, he must have found her clit pretty easily. He started rubbing up and down, but he maintained enough distance that he could see her ass move back and forth while he got deep inside her. “Give her another finger,” Deedee told him. I could see his knuckle move, showing that he was doing what she said. Before long Tammy was breathing hard, and I could see her tits moving up and down the way I wanted Deedee’s to. Soon Tammy was leaning up against Al, depriving him of her ass but allowing him to kiss her neck. Her back arched, and then she fell back. He guided her so she was sitting against the couch.

“Satisfied?” he asked her.

All three of us said, “Yeah,” in unison.

Al got his question right. He looked at us. Deedee looked back at him. I suspect she thought he’d make us an offer like we’d given them. He shook his head. “Show time,” he said. I was naked to the world, and I finally got to see Deedee’s tits in all their glory.

Deedee missed her question, and her underwear was the last article of clothing for either of us. We could all see that she shaved. “What now?” Tammy asked.

“Let’s just play it by ear,” Deedee said.

Tammy missed the next question, so she took her thong off.

When I got the next one right, I decided to give Al a treat. I looked at Tammy, my dick pointing straight ahead, and said, “If you can’t tell, I’m in serious need of a blow job.” I lay back against the couch, and Tammy came over and knelt over me. She took me slowly into her mouth, and I could feel her tongue on the underside. As she bobbed up and down, I told her, “Don’t forget to sway those hips.” She moved slowly from side to side, giving me a nice view of the top of her ass and Al a nice view of the rest of it, and probably her pussy too. “It is a great ass, isn’t it, Al?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Al drooled.

“Why don’t you help keep it warm?” I suggested. Al came up behind Tammy and caressed both butt cheeks while she continued to deep-throat me. “Now you know why I like to take her from behind,” I said.

Al pulled the thong back. He didn’t move as though he was trying to fuck her, but my statement and his action apparently made Tammy think he was, maybe even up the ass. Al had told me not too long ago that he had wanted to try anal sex, but Deedee always refused. Tammy moved forward, away from Al, and sucked hard on my dick. “Wow!” Al said. “I’m amazed she can get all that in.”

Before I could say anything, Tammy pulled back and tickled my balls in a special place that only she knows. “Fuck!” I yelled. I started coming and prepared for her to suck hard again. Normally I like her to swallow, and she made the same face that she normally does when she’s about to try to drain me, but I pushed her face back gently. “Let it splatter,” I told her. She held my dick in place and move her head around so that my cum landed on her cheeks and chin.

Deedee had been fingering herself, but when Tammy got off my dick, Deedee said, “Back to the game.”

Al got the next question. He was about to say something, but Tammy held her hand up and said, “Conference, please.” I wondered what she had in mind. Was I going to watch or be watched this time? After they stopped whispering, Tammy said, “We want you to go down on us.”

She and Al each sat against the couch and spread their legs. I hadn’t even gotten on my knees when Deedee was in front of Al. She pushed his dick up and prepared to lick it when he said, “No, no, that’s not what she meant.” I was on my knees at this point. “Switch places.”

I looked up and asked Tammy, “Whose idea was this?”

She and Al looked at each other, and she said, “We’re not telling.”

Deedee and I each got up and knelt whether the other had been. I watched as Deedee pulled Tammy’s thong off. She separated Tammy’s pussy lips and tentatively touched her tongue between them. I wanted to enjoy that much before I started on Al. He was practically pointing straight up. I held his cut cock in front of my mouth, closed my eyes and came down on it. When I could feel his cockhead on the roof of my mouth, I opened my eyes again. I moved down slowly. Tammy looked in my direction and said, “Come on, you expect me to do it—and enjoy it, too.”

I took it out and asked, “You mean you don’t?”

“Sure I do,” she said. “I’m just saying, if I enjoy it, why shouldn’t you?”

“Why not,” I said. With his cock back in my mouth, I ran my tongue up and down the shaft, the way I like Tammy to do. That made him even harder. I pulled back until only the head was still inside my lips and ran my tongue across the glans. I bobbed down again, taking him as far in as I could, which at that point meant leaving an inch and a half of his cock outside my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it for a minute or so. Meanwhile I looked off to the side. Either Deedee’d been with a woman before, or she was a really quick study, because Tammy’s hips were bucking. That backed Deedee up, and I got to see her naked tits jiggle while the two ladies’ hips moved back and forth.

Al tapped me on the shoulder. “Over here,” he said.

“Sorry,” I tried to say, and I started sucking him toward my throat.

Deedee stopped eating Tammy long enough to suggest, “Try playing with his balls. He loves that.”

Not letting go of him, I cupped his balls and moved them from side to side. “Oh, shit!” he yelled.

“Told you,” Deedee said. “He’s gonna come.” She resumed licking circles around Tammy’s pussy lips.

Tammy told me, “We only said you have to eat us. You don’t have to swallow.”

In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought. I backed up so Al’s cock was just about halfway in and halfway out. I opened my mouth and held it up under my cock. When I was a teenager, I swallowed my own cum once, like most boys. Once in college, I’d eaten a girl’s pussy after my friend fucked her. But this was the first time I’d swallowed cum that wasn’t mine and didn’t directly involve a woman. “Yeah, take it, Mike.” That got me excited, and I closed my mouth and sucked his cum like I was trying to save him from snakebite. I was actually thinking of that image at the time, and I did what you’re supposed to do. Instead of swallowing, I just let it form a pool on my tongue. I opened my mouth for everyone to see, and they applauded!

Fresh from coming onto Deedee’s tongue, Tammy crawled over to me and we shared an open-mouth kiss for Al and Deedee’s enjoyment. My dick was pointing straight ahead when she got to me, but when she pulled me close, it got pushed down between her legs. She moved her hips from side to side, teasing me. When my cock head had just made contact with her cunt, she pulled back, broke the kiss and said, “Good job, Mike.”

Behind us, Deedee was sitting on Al’s lap and apparently teasing him in much the same way. “C’mon, babe, let me in,” he pleaded.

“Back to the game,” Deedee said.

Either they felt sorry for me, or we all forgot whose turn it was, because they let me answer the next question. The question was which rock star was on the poster in the teenage girl’s room, and I easily remembered that it was John Mayer. I was too drunk to pretend to contain myself when I answered, and everyone waited to hear what I was going to tell Al or Tammy to do. I looked at Tammy and asked, “Who’s up for an ass-fucking?”

Tammy looked away at Al. He looked back at her. “You’re the one who wanted to cross that bridge,” she said. I was briefly shocked. It was one thing to think that my wife had wanted to watch me suck my friend off; it was quite another to realize that it was my friend who wanted it! Al rolled his eyes and got on all fours.

I moved up behind him and lined my cock up in the cleft over his ass cheeks. “Come on,” I told him. “You expect Deedee to do it, and enjoy it, too!” He sighed and separated his legs a little. I pushed my cockhead at his opening a little, to no avail. “I guess you’re not ready yet,” I said. I looked at Tammy and told her, “You’re his teammate. Get him ready.” I backed away and sat back to enjoy the view while my wife paid loving attention to my best friend’s asshole with her tongue.

Deedee kept me ready by stroking my cock slowly. Not thinking about it, I moved my hand to do it myself, and I touched her hand by accident. We ended up kissing, and I got to feel her marvelous tits right up against my chest. That got my cock bobbing up and down between us. Deedee put her hand over the head. She broke the kiss and held her palm up. Pointing to a moist spot, she said, “I think you’re ready for each other now.”

I nodded and returned to Tammy and Al. Tammy had reached under and was stroking Al’s cock while she licked him. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her, “I’ll take it from here.” I got behind Al again and lined my cock up with his asshole. I went more slowly this time, and Al was more relaxed, so I got in fairly easily. I went in and out, deliberately at first.

After about the third time, Al let out a sigh of pleasure. “Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “I think you just hit my prostate.” Knowing that he was enjoying it turned me on, so I started going faster. “Oh, yeah, fuck me, Mike!” he moaned. When Deedee left to get more wine, Al said, “I think Tammy’s really enjoying this.”

I looked over, and she was fingering herself. “Need some help?” I asked her.

“I wouldn’t turn it down,” she answered.

“Take care of her, Al,” I told her.

Tammy slid under Al so her pussy was squarely under his face. He was trying to position himself just right, but apparently I thrust into him at the wrong moment. His tongue went straight up her pussy. He had just started moving his tongue around when Deedee returned. She saw Tammy writhing and said, “I could use some of that. Too bad both guys are taken.”

Sex stories: Cathy’s first seduction
“As the resident HR person, I think I should remind you that there’s an equally qualified female candidate,” I said.

“Good point,” Deedee replied. She faced us and sat on Tammy’s face. I was pleased, because that meant I could watch her tits jiggle some more while Tammy licked her bare pussy. I’ve always been partial to at least some pubic hair so the woman looks legal, but somehow, watching another person do it live, I liked being able to see Deedee’s labia clearly.

I was temporarily distracted, which allowed Al to concentrate more fully on Tammy’s pussy. He must have been doing a good job, because soon I could hear Tammy saying something that sounded vaguely like, “I’m coming.” (It was hard to understand her with a mouth full of Deedee’s pussy.)

Watching Tammy writhe under Al’s tongue put me over the top, too. I shouted, “Fuck, yeah! I’m coming too!”

Al yelled back, “Yeah! Give it to me, Mike. Come in my ass!”

Deedee crawled off Tammy’s mouth and said, “No, don’t. Pull out so we can see you like in the movies.” She reached under Al and started jacking him.

“You can split the difference,” I told them. I pulled Al’s hips toward me. The idea was to let one really powerful blast shoot into his ass and then pull out so Deedee could see my come on his back. Pulling out of his apparently virgin ass was harder than I anticipated, though, and he got the better part of the second shot.

That still left plenty for Deedee to see. I moved around next to her and watched Al continue going down on Tammy. He looked up at her and said, “Our turn.” He put his hands on her hips and pulled her toward him. Tammy’s legs were already spread for eating, so they went right around his hips, and her cunt lined up directly with his cock.

Deedee and I watched in awe as he slid in. Tammy’s pussy is so beautiful, and I’d never been able to just appreciate it without actually doing anything. “Awesome, isn’t it?” I remarked to Deedee.

“Yeah,” she said. “Look how fast he’s going, right out of the gate.”

“I just meant how easily he slid in, but you’re right. Usually I need a few strokes either to get up to speed or just to let her open up a little.”

“That’s ’cause you’re bigger than he is.”

I blushed, which was odd considering this woman had just watched me fuck her husband, but my dick got hard in a hurry. I looked down at her boobs and said, “And you’re bigger than she is.”

Deedee moved around and held them up just a little. “You noticed, huh?”

I took that as an invitation. “How could I not?” I answered. I leaned down, put my hands just above her hips and started licking or sucking whatever part of her tits I could get my mouth on. Not only didn’t she stop me, but she moved me backward. When she had me on my back, she pressed her right tit into my mouth, almost as if she was trying to suffocate me, then sat up straight again.

My cock was pointing almost straight up. Deedee looked down and said, “There’s only one way to get that in,” she said. She moved up so her pussy was at my balls and held my dick up. She rose up and down, letting the shaft go between her pussy lips. Each time she rose up just a little higher than before, until the fourth time, when my head lined up squarely with her opening. She moved toward me and came down slowly. “Mmm, yeah,” she cooed. She turned in the direction of our spouses and said, “Hey, Al. Mike’s cock feels even better in me than it did in you.”

Without looking back, Al replied, “Yeah, but not as good as the pussy I’m gettin’ right now.”

Deedee got even more excited. She went up and down my pole even faster. If watching her tits jiggle was good before, it was too much now. “Hey, Al, wanna see me come in your wife’s cunt?” I shouted.

“I can’t. I’m too busy coming in yours,” he shouted back.

As soon as I said it, Deedee came back down and fed me her tits again. When she did, my dick came most of the way out. I was still coming inside her, but more of it was spilling out than staying in. I could hear my wife screaming in pleasure at the same time.

We went to bed with our own spouses. While Tammy and I were getting into a horizontal 69 position, I could hear a little of the conversation between Al and Deedee. Deedee asked Al whether he liked getting fucked. When he said he did, she decided she’d try anal too. I couldn’t hear anything else over the sounds of us sucking until Al told her he was coming. When I woke up in the morning, my dick was being sucked. I looked down and saw Al. I looked to my right and saw Tammy on top of Deedee, grinding their pussies together.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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