Two Mothers , Two Sons

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I was OK until I sat up. Now I was feeling nauseous and there was a throbbing pain in my temple. The only consolation was that Amy must be feeling worse than me. Last night, the two of us had been celebrating my birthday. It had been a late night with lots of alcohol consumed. I had been drunk, but my friend was worse. The taxi had dropped her off first, and I’d had to help her into her apartment, and that had been hard work because she was unsteady on her feet. I’d wanted to stay with her but she insisted that I should leave.

With most of her words slurred, she’d said, “I’ll be OK. Jack will take care of me.”

And I knew that he would. Both of us were single parents, each with just one child. Amy had Jack and I had Harry. We were lucky. Two good-hearted boys that were always eager to help us.

It was an effort to get out of bed, but fifteen minutes later, after a large dose of painkillers and a strong black coffee, I was feeling a lot better, but not well enough to eat, so I skipped breakfast.

It had been a good night, lots of laughing and talking, but the details were a bit hazy, especially late on when we’d been drunk. I could remember making a solemn vow to Amy that I would keep her secret. I’d even stood up, and then, with my hand on my heart, I’d theatrically declared, “I’ll take it to my grave.”

And I could remember everybody looking at me and wondering what I was doing, but annoyingly, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t recall what her secret was.

At midday I ate a light lunch, and thankfully I managed to keep all of it down. More of what had happened last night was coming back to me. Had I really danced with that man? I had, and we’d even kissed. I was eager, but his hand up my skirt, only five minutes after meeting him, and doing it in public for all to see, was too much for me. I’d pushed him away and he’d ended up on the floor, flat on his back. He’d then quickly left the dance floor with his tail between his legs, and that was the end of our brief relationship. At the time I’d thought that he was a catch, but now I realized that he was nothing special, in fact he was a bit creepy. I’d had a lucky escape, I could have woken up and found him in bed with me. Imagining that made me shudder.

When Amy and I meet we always end up talking about our children, and last night had been no exception. With pride, I’d told her how well Harry was doing at university, and she’d told me something about Jack. But what was it?

When it suddenly came to me, the mug slipped from my hand, shattering into a million pieces when it hit the kitchen floor. But for now, the mess on the floor was of no concern.

What I was remembering couldn’t be right. I’d consumed a lot of wine and several shots, and that was not a good combination. My mind must be playing tricks on me, but the memory was now so vivid that it must be true. I shook my head in disbelief as I recalled her opening words, that had been said without any preamble.

“Jack fucks me. I know that it’s wrong but I don’t care. I love it when his cock is deep inside me. I can’t get enough of him.”

Now, in the cold light of day, I was shocked, but at the time, because my judgement had been affected by what I had been drinking, it amused me. I could remember laughing loudly, and then asking her for more details.

“He’s young, so he’s eager for sex. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man so I am making the most of it. He’s only had one serious girlfriend, and they were together for just three months, so he’s not experienced. That’s not a problem. I’m the teacher and he’s the willing pupil.”

Last night, that seemed sensible, and after hearing it, I’d nodded in agreement.

“Because it’s new to him he’s so enthusiastic. On Monday he spent nearly an hour with his head between my legs. My pussy came three times. He wanted to continue but I had to stop him.”

Then she’d giggled, and I was so envious. Like her, it had been a long time since there was a man in my life. I needed somebody like Jack to satisfy me in the bedroom.

“You should fuck him as well.”

Thinking about that had excited me. He was nineteen, tall and handsome, and I was a frustrated forty two year old woman. He was perfect for me, but would he be interested?

Last night, that had been a worry, but now, in the morning, it wasn’t, because I had no intention of inviting Jack into my bed.

While I was sweeping up the floor I tried not to think about my friend and her new relationship, but I was fighting a losing battle. Why had she told me? I would prefer not to know. It was going to be embarrassing the next time I saw her. And it will be worse when Jack comes to hang out with Harry. When I look at him, I know that all I will be thinking about is him fucking his Mother, and worryingly, my body language might give me away, telling him what’s on my mind.

It was one o’clock when Harry returned. He’d been staying with a friend.

After greeting me with a smile, he said, “Don’t bother cooking, I’ve Bursa Escort already eaten.”

That was just as well, because I’d no intention of making him a meal. But I did make both of us a coffee.

“Did you have a good time last night?”

It was an innocent question, and one that I should have expected him to ask, but hearing it made me wince. And he noticed.

While grinning cheekily, he said, “So somebody has a guilty secret.”

Yes, but not me.

“If I go upstairs to the bedroom, will I find a man there?”

No, but if he was to look in Amy’s bedroom then it would be a yes, and that man would be Jack, her Son.

I shook my head, and then under my breath, I muttered, “I wish there was.”

That made him laugh, and when he’d finished, he said something that made me feel uncomfortable.

“I think Jack has got a new girlfriend, but he says he hasn’t.”

“Why don’t you believe him?”

“It’s the way that he’s acting. He’s too happy. He must be seeing somebody. Do you know what I mean?”

I nodded. Like Harry, he was nineteen. They were young men, always chasing pussy. For his friend to be that happy could only mean one thing. He had been successful. He was getting sex, and getting it often.

“I think it’s an older woman.”

I needed to stop this, or change the conversation. And to do it quickly. Amy could be sullen, and at times, even miserable, but recently her mood had improved. She was a lot happier, and after last night’s conversation I knew why that was. It was because Jack and her were fucking like rabbits. Harry was clever, so if we continued with this he might put two and two together and realize that the new woman in Jack’s life was his Mother.

“Enough about Jack. We need to decide what we’re going to eat tonight. Should we have pizza?”

That got a quick yes from him, but then he had more to say about his friend.

“He thinks you’re a hottie, a MILF.”

I was forty two and worldly-wise, but that made me blush. Harry must have noticed because he was doing his best not to laugh. I was not amused.

“Are you his girlfriend?”

It was a joke, playful banter, but it was too near the truth for me. It took all of my self-control to stop myself from shouting at him. In a surprisingly calm voice, and with a forced smile, I said, “Don’t be silly.”

And that, thankfully, ended the conversation.

That evening he went out. He was meeting Simon, another one of his friends. As he left, I was wondering if Jack would be joining them. Probably not, because he had something better to do. Namely, sharing a bed with his Mother. That was wrong on many levels, and even though I disapproved of what they were doing, I could see the attraction of it for both of them. She was a mature woman, an experienced lover. He was young, eager to learn. His cock would have no problem staying hard. She was getting what she needed, but I just wished that he wasn’t her Son.

I went to bed early, just after nine. The previous late night had taken it out of me. I was tired, but there was something that I needed to do before going to sleep. I was going to finger myself to a climax. I like to come every other day, but it had been four days since my last one, so if I didn’t play with myself tonight then I’d be awake for hours. A nice climax would ease my frustration, and soon after I’d be in a deep dreamless sleep.

It didn’t take long for my pussy to get wet. Some gentle rubbing of my clit, and then two fingers inserted into my opening, had done the trick. Now it was time to invite somebody into my bed. But who should it be? Last time it had been that cute man who works at the bank. He always gives me a nice smile, and then, without any subtlety, he has a good look at my large breasts. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s married, he’d be here with me now, and it would be his fingers, and not mine, that would be deep up my pussy. No, I had somebody else in mind. It was Jack. Amy was having him for real, but pretending was enough for me.

And Jack was good with his cock, because I was now almost there. Imagining him pounding my wet pussy with it was going to give me a big climax. But surprisingly, after taking me so close, it stalled, leaving me on the edge. I was now furiously flicking my little bean, but it wasn’t working. Jack needed to up his game. Then the picture in my mind suddenly changed, and seconds later I boiled over.

It was just what the doctor ordered. It was intense and it lasted for a long time. When it eventually ended I was exhausted. It had been a while since I’d had one this good. Thinking about Jack had got me going, but it was Harry that had made me come.

That picture inside my head, that had made the difference, was of my Son on top of me. He was holding my legs wide apart while he fucked me hard. I had no idea where it had come from, and now that it was over I should be feeling guilty for having such a wicked thought. He was my Son so he was forbidden fruit.

But I wasn’t feeling guilty, Bursa Escort Bayan I was grateful to him for giving me such a wonderful orgasm!

It wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep. When I woke I felt refreshed. That nice climax had put me in a good mood, so while I was showering I was singing.

I was the first one up, but while I was waiting for the kettle to boil Harry joined me, and he looked the worse for wear.

While yawning, and stretching his arms high into the air, he said, “I didn’t get back until two o’clock,” and then he added, “And I had a bit too much to drink.”

I was his Mother so I was supposed to admonish him, to lecture him about his overindulgence, but instead I gave him sympathy rather than harsh words. When I’d been out with Amy, celebrating my birthday, both of us had ended up drunk, so it would have been hypocritical of me to shout at him for doing what I’d done recently.

He was hungover, but it didn’t stop him from eating his breakfast, and then asking for seconds. And like the first portion, he was eating it quickly.

“I’m supposed to be meeting Jack in twenty minutes, but I’m running late.”

When he’d finished he was off to see his friend. The kitchen was a mess but it could wait. It was Monday, not a working day for me, so I had plenty of time to do my household chores.

While drinking my second cup of coffee of the day, I made a decision, I was going to call Amy. Because of what she’d told me on our night out, it might end up being a difficult conversation, one that was embarrassing for both of us. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it would only get worse the longer we waited before talking.

“Hi Amy, it’s Jess.”

The couple of seconds that passed before she spoke told me that this was awkward for her as well.

“I was going to call you.”

I could understand why she hadn’t. When she’d been drunk she’d told me something that she would have never revealed when she was sober. And now she was regretting it. She was my good friend so I should help her to get over it.

“I have things to do so I can’t talk for long. Let’s go out for lunch. I’ll book a table at Sylvester’s for one o’clock. And I insist on paying.”

“OK, and thanks.”

Her response had been quick, and I could hear the relief in her voice because she now knew that the conversation wasn’t going to be a long one.

I was on time, but it was now quarter past and she still wasn’t here. Was she coming? I was just about to call her, and then I saw her walking towards me. When we see each other we often hug. This time she held me tighter and for longer.

“After releasing me, she said, let’s order and then we can talk.”

I didn’t need to ask her what it was she wanted to talk about, it could only be her relationship with Jack. Because we often eat here we knew the menu off by heart, so it didn’t take us long to order. Now we could talk, but Amy looked hesitant, and that was understandable. It would have to be me that started the conversation.

To put her at ease, I said, “It’s up to you what you do in private,” and then, after giving her a nice smile, I added, “And of course I would never tell anybody.”

She’d been tense, but now she was more relaxed. She was smiling, and it looked to be genuine.

“You’re a good friend so I know that you’ll keep my secret, but give me your honest opinion on it.”

Now that was a tricky one, and I took my time before answering her because I needed to carefully choose my words.

“I’m not sure that I approve, but I’ve come to terms with it. What two consenting adults do in private is up to them.”

I wasn’t just saying that to make her feel better. Initially I’d been shocked, but I’d got used to it. Now it didn’t seem that big a deal. And I was curious, how had it started?

It was almost four o’clock when we left the restaurant. Amy had told me everything, and in a matter of fact way. Most people would have found it shocking, but I hadn’t. In fact, if I was to be honest with myself, I’d have to admit that hearing it had excited me. And the proof of that was that familiar tingling between my legs, and my heavily stained panties. As soon as I was home I was going to give my pussy the attention that it needed.

Fortunately for me, my house was only a short walk from Sylvester’s, and I got there in record time. At times, almost running. But disappointingly, Harry was already home, so that scuppered my plan of going to my room and pleasuring myself.

He greeted me with, “You look gorgeous, come here and let me hug you.”

It was nice of him to notice. I’d made an effort, wearing clothes that I knew would flatter me. But when he embraced me I remembered what Amy had told me earlier.

She’d said, “It started with a hug that went on for too long.”

That was a warning, but I ignored it. I let him hold me tight. Then, probably because my pussy was on fire and I was tipsy, so I was not completely in control of my emotions, I lowered my Escort Bursa hands so that they were now on his bottom. He thought that was funny.

When he’d finished laughing, he said, “Are you flirting with me?”

He was expecting me to say no, and then the joking would end. But I found myself saying yes, and when we suddenly made eye contact, he knew that I’d meant it. He opened his mouth to speak but I quickly smothered it with mine. We were now doing what Amy and Jack had done. We were kissing passionately.

I was playing with fire, and I knew it, but I couldn’t help myself. A few days ago this would never have happened, but now I wanted from Harry what Amy was getting from Jack. I wanted my Son to fuck me, and I wasn’t going to stop until he had.

We were still standing together, but there was now some distance between us, and that meant that his hands could get to my breasts. And he didn’t waste any time in doing that. It felt good having a man touch me in that way after such a long time.

I was a woman with strong sexual needs, and it had been too long a time since I’d been with a man. The fact that he was my Son was now irrelevant. All that mattered was that he was young and eager, and that he would satisfy me.

This is what had been missing from my life. He was kissing me with a passion that was equal to mine, and his hands were all over my tits. He was groping them rather than caressing them, and it was what I needed. This wasn’t the time for subtlety, I wanted him to be forceful, to be rough with me. I wanted to be his sex toy, and I wanted it to end with him ramming his cock deep up my pussy, and to then fuck me as hard as he could.

When he started pulling on my nipples it was almost too much for me. The fire in my pussy was now an inferno. One climax was not going to be enough, he was going to have to make me come at least twice. If his cock couldn’t do that then I’d settle for his tongue on my swollen clit.

Then suddenly, without any warning, he was moving away from me. He now wasn’t touching me, and I was confused. Why had he stopped?

With his voice wavering, and looking as if he was about to cry, he said, “I can’t do this, you’re my Mother.”

I wanted to console him, to make him feel better, but more than that, I wanted him to continue, I wanted him to fuck me, and I was willing to beg. However, before I could speak he left the room. When I heard him running up the stairs I gave a deep sigh. This was a mess. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Should I go to his room and talk to him? No, it would be better if I did it later, when we were both a lot calmer.

For Amy it had been easy. They’d hugged, and then they’d kissed. It had then quickly progressed, ending with her on all fours, with her Son behind her with his cock deep up her pussy. And her climax had been one of her best. I was deeply envious of her.

As soon as I got to my bedroom my fingers were on my clit. I knew that I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be trying to work out how to make it up to my Son, but I couldn’t help it. Harry had fanned the flames and my fingers needed to extinguish them.

It didn’t take me long to come, and it was nice, but I knew that my Son would have given me a better one. I was tempted to try again, but I didn’t bother.

It was still early, but I decided to stay in my room. I knew that I was doing it to avoid seeing Harry, that I was being a coward, but I could live with that. We would talk tomorrow morning while we were having breakfast together.

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, and that was replaced by a feeling of dread when I was ready to go downstairs. Before leaving my room I took two deep breaths to steady my nerves. It didn’t work. With trepidation, and my heart pounding in my chest, I slowly walked down the stairs. As

I approached the kitchen I could hear Harry preparing breakfast. When I entered the room he gave me a nice smile.

“Sit down and relax, it will be ready in ten minutes.”

I did, and then he handed me a coffee. I was confused, had we kissed the last time we’d been together? Unless I was delusional, we had, and for a long time, and he’d also had his hands on my breasts. And it had been him that had ended it because he was feeling guilty, so why was he now acting as if nothing had happened?

While preparing the meal, and with his back towards me, he said, “Yesterday, Simon asked me for some advice. His Mother had done something that had upset him. He hadn’t spoken to her about it, and he was wondering if he should.”

I wasn’t stupid, I knew that in a roundabout way, he was talking about what we’d done.

He then continued with, “I said no, and that he should act as if nothing had happened.” Then, after turning to face me he added, “Was that good advice?”

With a smile that was almost splitting my face, I said, “Yes it was.”

And that was the end of it. My clever Son, that I was very proud of, had found a subtle way of telling me that I was forgiven, and that it was now in the past, never to be talked about, and of course, never to be repeated.

A week later it had become a distant memory, and it stayed that way until I met up with Amy again. As before, it was lunch at Sylvester’s, but this time she was paying.

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