“Two Worlds Collide”

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Growing up in a small southern town had its advantages, as well as plenty of disadvantages. For Monty, he felt like growing up here was just short of living in hell. Today was his birthday, his 18th birthday, and final year in school. Without a question, Monty knew he was gay, but up till now, never had an opportunity to explore his sexual side. Sure, he’d steal quick glances at the other guys taking a shower at school, but other than that, his only sexual prowess was those created within his own mind.
Today, this was Saturday, and Monty had no plans whatsoever. Both of his parents worked, so he, being the only child, had the house all to himself. Speaking of his parents, his mother was native to the Philippines, and was a practicing Dermatologist. His father, who was of a mixed race, one of which his father was black and his mother was white, was also a practicing oral surgeon. Both of Monty’s parents worked at the hospital located in the larger city, to which, was a good 30 miles away.
After already describing his parents origins, to say the least, Monty was born with a natural tan. On his 18th birthday, Monty stood close to 5’4” and weighed no more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. His velvety soft hair was jet black, to which he kept brushed straight back, and kept closely trimmed just above his tiny ears. The back of his hair evenly flowed just below his neck line.
His mother was also a part time aerobics instructor at the local gym. Monty had never really taken a liking to sports, however, he did enjoy aerobics. Ever since he could remember, his mom would haul him off to the gym so she could teach aerobics. His mom always made mention that his father was a real butt man, so they spent a lot of time working on their butts. Today, all their aerobics efforts had paid off, not to mention, ever so noticeable.
Monty’s tight little frame was well developed, and his tiny butt made many a mouth drool with sheer envy. Shaped in almost a perfect tear drop fashion, Monty’s little butt caused many a cock to stir, and a lot of eyes to water. His abdomen muscles also reflected the numerous hours working hard at aerobics. With his every breath, the tight muscles rippled ever so joyously.
To further add to his already mouth watering physical achievements, Monty’s emerald green eyes was simply speaking, breath taking. His slender, unblemished, facial features included two soft dimples that pierced the flesh without the need to offer his heart stopping smile. To further document his precious smile, was his perfectly white, and perfectly straight teeth.
For many eyes, Monty was the true image of heavenly perfection. The girls his age just thought of him as being cute, and many of the boys his age range wouldn’t even offer him the time of day. Sure, he had received plenty of compliments. Many of them, all boys, would say things such as, “I’d fuck you if you were a girl. You’re too pretty to be a boy! You got an ass that looks like it belongs on a girl, and not a boy.” Yeah, Monty had had his fill with those type of compliments, or rude comments, whichever way you look at it.
Even now, present day, Monty didn’t look anything like his true 18 years of life. Most nearly everyone who looked his way would certainly think that he was somewhere close to 13, and offer inquisitive looks when he corrected them as to his true age.
Even at school, two of the bullies cornered him, one of which harshly asked, “Hey pretty boy, being that you are all pretty and such, we was wondering if you like sucking cocks, or better yet, do you like having a cock skin its way up that girly ass of yours?”
Before Monty could even respond, the other bully grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, leaned close, then whispered, “I’m willing to bet that you don’t even take a shit, and if you do, I’ll bet even more that it don’t smell. How about it pretty boy, does that girly ass of yours smell?”
Thankfully enough, one of the teacher’s approached them and the two bullies darted off. That was just one occasion that was tossed Monty’s way, however, there were tons of others just like that one.
Having dealt with his inherent beauty all his life, Monty had grown quite accustomed to being picked on by the other boys. But, through all of his tormenting, the boys were right. He did want to suck a cock, and he did want to feel a cock root away up his butt. He honestly didn’t know what they were talking about regarding taking a shit, but in all of the other aspects, they were right.
Monty, having no plans and nothing to do, decided he would do one of his favorite things, and that was, give himself a deep cleansing enema. As always, he applied the deep enema at least three times, ensuring himself that there was nothing left to vacate his little body. Once he was satisfied, Monty took a long soothing bath. While he was soaking in the water, his right hand instinctively graced his erection. With his eyes closed, and his mind wandering, Monty began the tender journey, stroking the hard shaft up and down. Naturally, Monty wished his 4 1/2 inch cut cock was longer, and a lot thicker too, but stroking the hard cock quickly erased his wishes as he stroked himself into pure blissful pleasure.
Just as Monty was about to free his load, the doorbell sounded. Being mildly frustrated, Monty stepped out of the tub and draped himself with a large towel. Opening the front door, Monty came face to face with one of the guy’s who used to bully him around. The guy was much older than Monty, by at least a good 10 years. Now, the once bully was standing in his doorway fully dressed in his police uniform.
As soon as the door opened, the man extended his right hand saying, “Monty, do you remember me? I’m Jeff, and we both went to the same school.”
Monty nodded his head offering a mild surprise look on his face, then gestured for Jeff to come inside. Once both were now inside, Jeff looked Monty up and down, then said, “Guess you’re kind of wondering what I’m doing here.”
Monty shook his head up and down, gesturing yes in the process. Jeff took in a deep breath, then softly said, “You think you could come with me? I just don’t feel all that comfortable talking to you in your home. Don’t worry, there’s no problem. or anything like that. It’s just that, I uh, I just need to talk with you, that’s all.”
Monty got dressed, his mind roaming frantically why Jeff would approach him after all the years that had passed. As he was dressing, Monty couldn’t help not to notice Jeff, and the way the man looked wearing his police uniform. Jeff had to have stood a good 6’2”, and weighed a fairly solid 200, or so pounds. Monty knew Jeff better as one of the school’s top jocks back in those days, and clearly, one of the many bullies he had encountered on a daily basis.
Having dressed, wearing just a pair of white cotton shorts, blue tank top, and flip flops, Monty eased himself inside the patrol car. To Monty, sitting in the passenger seat of a police car was rather exciting.
For a good ten minutes, nothing was said as Jeff drove to an unknown location. Monty did muster up the courage to ask, “Where are we going?”
Jeff looked at Monty, and smiled, then said, “I got a place in mind where we can have some privacy. I know I’ll feel better talking there instead of some place else.”
As they rode, Monty snuck peeks at Jeff’s crotch. For Monty, stealing glances at guys crotches came ever so natural. In the process, Monty’s own cock became fully erect. Dealing with his aching erection, Monty began studying more of Jeff’s physical details in a more intricate manner. Jeff had dirty blond hair which was shaped in a crew cut. His eyes were mesmerizing blue, sparkling graciously against the sun’s warming light. Monty could clearly see the mass of light brown hair adorning Jeff’s arms.
Nearly 20 minutes of driving, Jeff pulled off the highway, and onto a dirt road. Eventually, they rode up to a small log cabin, nestled deep within the heavily wooded trees. Both got out of the patrol car, and Monty followed Jeff into the cabin. Once inside, Jeff offered Monty something to drink as Monty was sitting himself down on the leather sofa.
Jeff paced Monty’s drink down on the coffee table, stood fully erect, then began talking, “I guess you are wondering what’s going on. I know today is your birthday, and today, you are now 18.”
There was a brief pause, then Jeff resumed speaking, “Monty, it’s been a long time, and I got something I have to get off my chest. I know I picked on you back then, and I am truly ashamed of putting you through all that unnecessary bull shit. You certainly didn’t deserve any of that, and I could kick my own ass for doing such horrible things. For that, I simply cannot apologize enough for. Monty, I am truly sorry for bullying you around. Fuck, this is hard for me to say, but I just got to say it in order for me to get on living life. Monty, I’ve had a major crush on you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Before you ask, I am gay, or I think I’m gay. To be honest, you’re the only guy I’ve ever had a fancy for, and I don’t know why, but it has been killing me for a long time now. Shit, I don’t even know if you are gay, but whatever it is, I’ve had this thing for you for a long, long time.”
Monty sat there patiently listening to Jeff’s every word. To say Monty was a bit taken back finding out that Jeff had the hots for him was truly an understatement. Back then, Jeff had been in plenty of his sexual dreams, and now, now this man, this police officer, was confessing his most cherished of secrets.
Jeff’s voice was cracking as he spoke, “Monty, I’ve tried like hell to explain this to myself, but for fuck’s sake, I just can’t. Every time I close my eyes, you are all I see! Believe me, you have no idea how hard it is to stand here and spew my gaziantep swinger heart out, but this is something I had to do. To be perfectly honest with you, and this I can’t offer any explanation for, but in my mind, I have told myself you are not even human. By that I mean, remember, in my mind, I have convinced myself you are totally incapable of taking a shit like the rest of us. I know that must sound a bit disgusting, but that’s how bad I’ve got it for you.”
Monty’s heart was literally breaking, and his mind swarmed with all sorts of emotions. Though he never would have had the balls to stand up in front of someone and pour his heart out, he did appreciate everything Jeff had just said. Monty stood up, stepped directly in front of Jeff, then softly whispered, “I’m gay too!”
Monty was literally engulfed by Jeff’s much larger arms as the two tenderly hugged one another. Their passionate embrace lasted for about a couple of minutes until Jeff’s lips found Monty’s lips. For Jeff, this was his first time kissing another male. For Monty, this was his first time kissing anyone like the way he was now doing. Both tongues dwelled within the others fiery moistness.
Jeff’s hands slid down Monty’s back, gluing themselves upon each tight little butt cheek. Their groans echoed inside the small log cabin as their long loving kiss gave way to an explosive frenzy.
In time, their lips broke their seal. Jeff, looking down into Monty’s green entrancing eyes, whispered, “My God, you are so incredibly beautiful!”
Both of Monty’s hands rested upon Jeff’s heaving chest. Looking up into Jeff’s eyes, Monty replied, “Thank you, and you know, you’re not bad yourself.”
Once again, their lips met and their tongues began basking in the pleasures the other tongue offered. Jeff simply couldn’t resist feeling Monty’s tiny muscular butt. Monty could certainly feel Jeff’s strong fingers as they dug sharply into the cloth covering his crack.
While their tongues frolicked, Monty moved his right hand down, and latched on Jeff’s tenting erection. Just at the first touch, Monty could easily tell Jeff’s cock was quite thick, and as his fingers traveled their course, he could also tell it was rather long as well. This was Monty’s first touch of another man’s cock, and oh what a cock his fingers were now being graced with.
Monty’s fingers fumbled with Jeff’s zipper, but through his eternal instinctive struggles, Monty managed to unzip the zipper all the way down. Reaching through the opening, and into Jeff’s boxer’s, Monty felt his first cock. Fishing the throbbing one eyed snake out of it’s confinement, Monty freed Jeff’s pre-cum dribbling rock hard cock, and began stroking the iron like flesh with both hands, smearing the globs of pre-cum all over the defiantly thick shaft.
Jeff moaned heavily, sending his moans disbursing down Monty’s throat, relishing in the electrifying sensation of having Monty’s little hands exploring his cock. When their kiss broke, Monty wasted no time in kneeling down, and coming face to face with Jeff’s erection. At first glance, Monty guessed Jeff’s cock to be somewhere close to the seven inch range, however, it was the overall girth that was somewhat shocking. Jeff’s cock was thick, almost, terrifyingly thick. Stretching the fingers of both hands, Monty could just barely touch his fingertips together. The head itself was considerably thicker than the thick shaft, and the flared mushroom head appeared to be quite angry.
Globs of pre-cum came oozing out of Jeff’s gaping piss slit, and for whatever the reason, Monty stabbed at the oozing liquid with his tongue. His initial taste of Jeff’s pre-cum made his face twist in more like a sour fashion, but after the third taste, Monty discovered he actually enjoyed the taste. Stretching his mouth ever so wide, Monty slid his mouth over the large bulbous cock head. Once his mouth safely contained the thick cock head, Monty began gagging as he tried desperately to shove some more of Jeff’s overly thick cock inside.
The maddening heat scorching his cock caused Jeff’s legs to buckle, forcing him to place both hands on the back of Monty’s head. The world Jeff once knew quickly disappeared, only to be replaced with this fantasy come true. Monty slurped and choked, managing a total of about three thick inches into his mouth. The feel of Jeff’s cock in his mouth sent chills racing up and down Monty’s back.
Monty worked on Jeff’s cock as best he could, taking the time to pull the beast out of his mouth, running his slithering tongue all over the thick veiny shaft and glistening cock head, then shove it back inside. Monty moaned as his mouth worked feverishly on Jeff’s throbbing manhood. Jeff was cooing and groaning like a madman, basking in the pleasures of Monty’s unskilled mouth at work on his cock.
Jeff stood on wobbly legs, getting dangerously close to blowing his load. Using the strength of both hands, Jeff forced Monty’s mouth from his cock. Monty stood up, and Jeff reached out, and held onto Monty’s left wrist, taking him the short journey into the bedroom.
Standing at the foot of the bed, Jeff anxiously spoke, “Holy shit, I got to get out of this uniform. Better yet, I got to see you naked!”
Monty had already kicked out of his flip flops, snatched his tank top over his head, tossing it onto the chair resting beside the bed, and was in the process of lowering his shorts. Jeff was doing his best to get out of his clothes while keeping both eyes trained on Monty.
Monty peeled his short’s off, then proceeded to yank down his blue bikini underwear. Jeff’s mouth was already open and drool began pouring from his mouth as his eyes feasted on sheer heavenly perfection. Monty’s perfect tan graced every square inch of his pure angelic body, and that too didn’t go unnoticed by Jeff’s onlooking eyes.
Jeff gasped when he saw Monty’s hard cock for the first time. Just as his dreams had envisioned, Monty’s cock was small and slender, jutting straight from his body, arching upwards at a sheer 45 degree angle somewhere close to the middle of the slender shaft. Even Monty’s cock head was about the same width as the shaft, offering a splendid pale pinkish color.
From the angle Jeff had, he could clearly see Monty’s balls. They appeared to be virtually hairless, smallish in size, and contained in a naturally tanned smooth sac. If Jeff had to compare Monty’s balls to something, he would best compare them with that of the size of a pecan.
While Jeff was keeping both eyes locked on Monty, Monty flopped onto the bed, landing flat on his back. Now, it was Monty who was laying there, watching every move Jeff was making. Finally, Jeff was down to his underwear, and Monty gasped as Jeff slid them down his hulking body.
Jeff, now naked as the day he was born, was standing at the side of the bed. His eyes roamed Monty’s perfect body while Monty’s eyes feasted upon Jeff’s body. Monty licked his lips as he saw the light brown curls heavily littering Jeff’s muscular chest and tight stomach. For Monty, being that this was going to be his first time with a man, this was more than he could have ever hoped for. In his fantasies, he always dreamed of doing stuff with guys who were hairy, since for whatever the reason, his own body simply didn’t provide any body hair growth. If it wasn’t for the few sprinklings of black hair in each arm pit, and the small tuft of pubic curls, Monty knew he would be totally void of any body hair whatsoever.
Seeing Monty naked on the bed was far more than Jeff’s own mind had ever conjured up. The vision his eyes were now feasting upon was simply a sight no price tag could ever hold. Truly, this was absolutely priceless by every meaning of the word. As hard as his eyes strained to see, Jeff couldn’t even see any hair on either of Monty’s slightly spread legs.
Jeff eased himself onto the bed, his head being magnetically driven to Monty’s hard cock. Using the fingers of his right hand, Jeff pulled Monty’s cock towards him, inspecting every marvelous inch of the slender treasure. As his eyes absorbed every intricate detail of Monty’s cock, Jeff’s land hand began exploring Monty’s tightly withdrawn pecan sized nuggets. To Jeff, the feeling of touching Monty’s cock and balls was equivalent of being graced with the purest of silk.
Moaning wildly, Jeff eyed Monty’s tiny piss slit. The slit itself appeared to be tightly sealed, but while he was holding it, it opened partially and a small pearl drop of pre-cum bubbled out. Using his tongue as if it were a shovel, Jeff scooped up the clear liquid and quickly withdrew his tongue back inside his mouth. As if tasting chocolate for the first time, Jeff began making all sorts of grunting and groaning sounds.
After having dreamt of this very moment for so long, Jeff’s mouth opened and his entire body began jerking as Monty’s cock easily slid between his sinking lips, until his flaring nostrils buried itself within the soft patch of tiny black pubic curls. The very scent shooting up into his nostrils sent shock waves after shock waves exploding through every part of his body. Just from the smell, Jeff knew that Monty was definitely clean. Having his dream fantasy’s cock inside his mouth, playing with his balls, and breathing in his overwhelming charm, was truly, truly a marvel to behold.
For Jeff, this was his first cock his mouth had ever been on. This was the only cock he had ever wanted. Monty was the only guy he had ever wanted to be with, and now, now all of his dreams were coming true, all in one breath taking day.
While Jeff was passionately sucking on Monty’s cock, Monty was besides himself experiencing his first ever blow-job. The fiery heat from Jeff’s mouth alone caused things to fly out of his mouth he never knew he knew. His body bucked uncontrollably as his hands rotated from Jeff’s head to his mouth. Even his legs involuntarily spread outwards further, allowing Jeff more room to work.
Within a couple of heart felt passionate minutes, Monty warned Jeff he was getting close. Jeff didn’t want things to end just yet, so he forced his own mouth off of Monty’s mouth watering cock. Looking into Monty’s eyes, Jeff mumbled, “Oh man, you are so fucking delicious. This is my first time at sucking a cock, and I could spend the rest of my life sucking your cock.”
There was a temporary pause, but Jeff broke the silence, “Monty, I just got to see this, I just got to. Would you please roll over onto your stomach. I can’t stand it any more. I just got to take a look at that ass of yours!”
Feeling somewhat shy about rolling over and having Jeff look at his butt, Monty replied, “It’s just a butt! Why would you want to look at it? Everybody has got one and mine is no different than anyone else’s.”
Jeff wiped the drool from his mouth, then shot back, “Oh no, no, that’s where you are so wrong. Monty, that butt of yours could start a way, or stop one. I have dreamed of that butt for a long, long, long time. Please let me see it, please!”
Seeing Jeff plead the way he had just done, Monty reluctantly rolled over and onto his stomach. Jeff was sitting on the bed on both knees, mouth wide open, and both eyes staring in awe at Monty’s beautiful butt. There wasn’t a single flaw, not one blemish, on those perfectly chiseled tiny tanned mounds. Jeff’s body shook feverishly as his eyes traveled the very short distance of Monty’s tiny crack, which was the only thing that separated the two mouth watering melons.
Inching himself forwards on his knees, now resting in between Monty’s spread legs, Jeff’s hands nervously shook as he placed his hands on Monty’s butt cheeks. They too felt as if they were made from the purest of silk.
Monty was looking straight ahead, but all of a sudden, he could feel Jeff’s hot breath spray across his butt cheeks. The hands caressing his butt felt soothingly good, but then Monty felt Jeff’s fingers dip inside his crack. Jeff’s fingers pried the solid mounds apart, and witnessed Monty’s most hidden of treasures, his butt hole. Just like the rest of him, there were no signs of hair riding anywhere along Monty’s crack. Smacking his lips, Jeff eyed Monty’s butt hole as if it were the first butt hole his eyes had ever seen. In all reality, this was the first butt hole belonging to a man he had ever came in contact with. Though be it, in his fantasies over Monty, Jeff always envisioned this very moment. Monty’s butt hole was nothing more than a little dimple lost in a sea of tanned flesh.
Answering the call from Monty’s beckoning asshole, Jeff’s nose found its way directly over it, breathing in heavily. The aroma spewing into his lungs was that of pure freshness. The more he smelled, the more addictive Monty’s bung hole became. Just as he had fantasized about, Monty’s butt hole offered no foul smell at all.
Monty, on the other hand, realized that Jeff was now sniffing his asshole. To say the least, he was more than thankful he had cleansed his bowels earlier. Even so, it was still kind of awkward to be laying there, and knowing that Jeff was taking his time sniffing his butt.
Before he knew what was going on, Monty’s body bucked as Jeff’s tongue attacked his asshole. Jeff’s tongue splattered sharply up against Monty’s bung hole, sending Monty into a body bucking, seizure like, frenzy. Never, not in a million years, did Monty ever consider having a tongue on his asshole. Up until this very moment in time, Monty would have considered that kind of gross and disgusting. Now, now having a tongue twirl away at his asshole, feeling the awesome, never before experienced surge of magical energy, Monty was getting into having his ass dined on.
It took some doing, and a lot of patience, but Jeff managed to ease his tongue pass the outer ring, and was now exploring never before charted territory. Monty was absolutely yelling his head off from pure never felt pleasure. Out of instinct, and unknown to Monty himself, but his body somehow maneuvered itself into a doggy style position. Monty was constantly sliding his face from one side to the other, while Jeff used both hands to spread Monty’s ass cheeks further apart. Jeff’s tongue wildly snaked its way in and out of Monty’s chute, lapping for dear life at Monty’s anal canal walls.
Monty had tears falling from his eyes as sheer mind boggling pleasure coursed through his every vein. He found himself driving his butt backwards, greeting Jeff’s thrusting tongue. Jeff reached in with his right hand, and began jerking away on Monty’s cock. By jerking on his already throbbing cock, this action only added more fuel to the orgasmic explosion building up deep inside him.
Jeff was eating Monty’s ass with a vengeance, harder than any pussy he had ever dined on in his life. With the truth being known, Monty’s ass tasted a hell of a lot better than any pussy he had ever tasted. With that being said, Jeff eagerly tongued Monty’s ass for nearly two and a half hours. During this time, neither one had shot their load.
It was Jeff who was now on his back, with Monty on top, in a 69 position. Monty hummed while he lustfully sucked on Jeff’s cock. It was then that Monty got a better look at Jeff’s cock. Just like he figured, it was a good seven inches long, and enormously thick. Jeff’s hairy balls rested on top of the bedding, and they were very large, very large indeed. Monty fought with his own mouth just to get one of those hairy balls in his mouth, using his tongue to caress the hairy sac. The aroma was pure man scent, one in which was driving Monty mad with a fiery overly hot passion. The smell was of sweat mixed with natural musky body odor, one of which, Monty found to be magnetically irresistible.
While Jeff was sucking on Monty’s cock, his fingers began toying with Monty’s asshole, lightly rubbing the very entrance. Monty groaned deeply as the fingers rubbing his butt hole sent some form of magical delight exploding throughout his entire, already quivering, body.
Jeff managed to keep Monty’s cock inside his mouth while coating his left middle finger with saliva. Using his saliva lubricated finger, Jeff pushed it all the way up Monty’s anal canal. Monty cried out as the finger tore through the depths of his canal, sending a various assortment of mixed emotions crashing in his mind. It burned, but felt great, all at the same time. When Jeff began fucking his ass with his finger, Monty found himself cramming his ass onto Jeff’s finger, fucking his cock into Jeff’s mouth in the process.
Something inside Monty unyielded itself, forcing his cock to explode his love juice into Jeff’s mouth. Jeff felt the force of the massive wave of sperm as it began coating the roof of his mouth. There was at least 8 or 9 thick sperm wads explode inside his mouth, followed by a rapid succession of quick little spurts. Jeff held fast, trapping Monty’s thick gooey cum, patiently awaiting for the endless supply to run out. Monty was still grunting and whimpering like crazy as his orgasm shocked his already bucking body into one lengthy violent spasm.
Just when Jeff thought Monty’s cum was beginning to diminish, another round of thick cum balls splattered inside his mouth. Upon feeling the second wave, Jeff’s own cock erupted, spewing a massive energy of sperm bullets flying straight into Monty’s unaware cock filled mouth.
Monty gagged as Jeff’s thick ropes of sperm began pumping heavily into his mouth. Still trying to keep his little mouth on Jeff’s thick cock, he unintentionally swallowed a large helping of thick gooey cum. His first reaction was to spit it out, but then something lashed out at his taste buds, and the kind of salty sperm actually kind of tasted rather good. Instead of spitting Jeff’s gooey cum out, Monty began swallowing the thick seed as fast as Jeff’s cock could deliver it.
Sensing his mouth was rapidly filling up with Monty’s hot creamy cum, Jeff didn’t even have to contemplate whether he could actually swallow another man’s cum. Opening his throat, Jeff swallowed a large portion, moaning triumphantly, while savoring the near tasteless liquid.
Jeff’s anal plowing finger pounded in and out of Monty’s ass as he dined on the younger man’s thick cream. Monty was whimpering and groaning as his cock unleashed a load he never knew existed. The finger drilling away inside his ass only added more fuel to an already soaring high.
Both men pumped their life giving seed into the other man’s mouth, draining them dry of all their creamy cum. Now, with both once hard cocks falling limp, Monty slid off of Jeff and nestled up against Jeff’s right side. Jeff had already removed his finger from Monty’s ass, and out of sheer instinct, he raised the finger up to his nose and gave it a good whiff or two. Just as he had fantasized about, there was nothing close to a foul odor whatsoever. His finger smelled as fresh as before it had fucked Monty’s super tight asshole.
Nothing was said, or at least, just yet. Both men were somewhat exhausted, and their breathing was very rapid. While they lay on the bed, Jeff’s eyes feasted on Monty’s body, and Monty’s eyes marveled over Jeff’s body. Monty used his right hand to run its caressing course over Jeff’s chest and stomach hairs. To Monty, Jeff’s body hair was like a dream come true. He simply couldn’t get enough of running his hand through the older man’s fur.
Jeff cleared his throat, then softly whispered, “Monty, you were great! Do you think I can put it in you? God, I want to feel my cock inside you so fucking bad. So, uh, what do you think?”
Monty came to the sudden realization that Jeff wanted to put that thick pole up his ass. He already knew his mouth could just barely go over the large bulbous head, and now Jeff wanted to shove that monster up his ass. He did have to admit to himself that Jeff’s finger felt awesomely great, but then again, it was only a finger, and his finger wasn’t anywhere as thick as his monstrously thick cock.
While Monty was contemplating about what Jeff wanted to do, his mouth flew open, and the words spewed out, “Yes, God yes, I want to feel you inside me.”
Monty couldn’t even believe he had just said that. It was like someone else had spoken for him. While he was laying there still trying to figure out what he had just said, Jeff slid off the bed and retrieved a towel, and a bottle of clear fluid, then eased himself back onto the bed.
Jeff took a firm grip on both of Monty’s legs and hiked them up way over Monty’s head. Before Monty knew what was going on, both of his knees were extended over his head, deeply impaling into the mattress. Looking up, Monty’s soft cock was pointing straight at his mouth.
Jeff placed a large pillow at the base of Monty’s lower back, propping him up so that his asshole was now shooting upwards towards the ceiling. Monty heard the top being flipped open, then soon felt one of Jeff’s fingers ease its way up his ass. The feeling of Jeff’s finger snaking its way up his anal canal made Monty moan with a deep passion.
Within a short time later, Jeff added a second finger. When the second finger was added, Monty felt a dull pain and a burning sensation as his anal walls stretched outwards to accommodate the second finger. Jeff took his time, working both fingers slowly in and out of Monty’s extra tight ass. Feeling the time was just right, Jeff eased in a third finger. Monty yelled out as the third finger joined the other two. The fiery hot pain shot up his ass, straight into his head, exploding with a gut wrenching furry.
Monty’s body began shaking wildly, out of control, as Jeff’s three fingers slid in and out at a steady, but slow, pace. While Jeff was using the fingers of his left hand to lubricate and stretch Monty’s tight ass, his right hand was busy coating his hard cock with the slippery lubricant.
In a very short time, Monty began hiking his ass upwards to greet the thrusting fingers. Never in his life had he felt so much pleasure than the pleasure he was now enduring. His own cock grew back into its rock hard state, and was within a few short micro inches of his already wide open, and panting, mouth.
Jeff slid his fingers out of Monty’s hot ass, wiped them off on the towel, then positioned himself to the point that his cock head was now pressing up against Monty’s glistening little pucker hole. Monty did feel some kind of void when Jeff’s fingers departed from his ass, but that void would soon be filled.
Monty’s arms were stretched out at an angle away from his body, and his eyes were already misty when he felt his asshole give way to Jeff’s enormous cock head. The pain he had felt before with Jeff’s fingers was a mere blessing compared to the blistering pain shooting through every pore of his body.
Jeff pushed his meaty cock hard, sending the large cock head into the scorching heat of Monty’s anal canal. Monty’s mouth was already wide open, and only a slight screeching noise departed his mouth. The pain was so intense that Monty thought he was on the verge of passing out. He could hear Jeff saying something, but it seemed that Jeff’s voice was coming from somewhere far off in the distance.
Monty felt like his ass was being torn apart, and now, someone was shoving a burning telephone pole up his ass. It felt like with each vacating breath, Monty was showering the air with fire.
Jeff pushed forward, sinking his cock into Monty’s bone crushing anal canal, slinging his head to and fro from the sheer astonishing pleasure. The scorching heat attacked his invading cock with a defiant vengeance, forcing him to push deeper and deeper in an attempt to escape the flesh melting heat.
Water rolled out of the corners of Monty’s eyes as the pain only seemed to get more intense as each thick inch dove into his virgin ass. At this point in time, if Monty could have actually spoken, he would have been begging Jeff to pull it out, but though he did try and speak, no words exited his mouth.
Soon, Jeff had his entire cock up Monty’s ass, and his heavy hairy balls smashed themselves onto Monty’s hairless ass crack. All Jeff could do at this point was breathe in a sigh of relief. His cock was still on fire from the scorching heat of Monty’s ass, but just knowing what he was doing, and where his cock was now at, made life itself seem that much more worth living. Never, not ever, had Jeff had his cock in such a tighter orifice. Each time Monty took a breath, Jeff could feel Monty’s anal muscles converge themselves all over his throbbing hard cock.
Jeff began easing his cock out, stopping just short of pulling his cock head free, then slowly slid it all the way home. It was at this point that something inside Monty’s ass snapped. The intense pain that he once thought he was going to die from, suddenly disbursed, and a new, never before felt pleasure, gradually filled his body.
Seconds later, Monty reached up with both hands and grabbed the back of Jeff’s neck, then screamed, “Yes, yes, fuck me Jeff! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
With that being said, Jeff began pile driving his meaty member in and out of Monty’s ass. With each powerful thrust, Monty cried out as pure blissful pleasure shot through his body like a bolt of lightning.
Jeff began fucking his cock into Monty’s ass like a mad man, grunting furiously at the pleasures his own cock was feeding him with. Jeff still couldn’t force his eyes off of Monty’s gorgeous face as he plowed his cock sharply, sending the chilling sounds of flesh hammering flesh, bouncing off the cabin’s walls.
Monty began timing Jeff’s violent thrusts, humping his little ass into the air to meet force with force. Jeff placed the palm of his right hand on the back of Monty’s head, forcing it forwards just a bit, causing Monty’s hard cock to now slide into Monty’s own mouth.
For Monty, this was just an added pleasure he never knew existed. His ass was being savagely fucked, and now he was passionately sucking away on his own slender morsel. Jeff was in total awe watching Monty suck on his own cock while he himself was hammering away at Monty’s bone crushing ass.
It wasn’t too long after Monty began sucking on his own cock when his cock exploded his own love juice into his mouth. Jeff knew Monty was blowing a load just by the angelic moans piping out of the corners of Monty’s cock filled mouth. Monty didn’t care that his mouth was being flooded by his own thick cum. The feeling of being fucked was just too overwhelming for him to pay any attention to.
Monty began swallowing his own gooey cream, moaning passionately as Jeff pounded his ass like a runaway locomotive. With each spurt of cum, Monty’s ass muscles coiled themselves around Jeff’s meaty member. Jeff felt this too, and with Monty’s ass muscles attacking his cock, his own orgasm tore through him like a thief in the night.
Jeff cried out as his piss slit exploded, shooting large sperm balls deep into Monty’s rectum. Monty felt Jeff’s cum as it departed his cock, shooting deeper into his anal canal. Monty’s own cock kept on spraying his mouth with his own wads of cum, and he swallowed feverishly to match pace with pace.
With one last violent thrust, Jeff sent the last morsel of cum up Monty’s mind boggling ass. Monty, in the meantime, had sucked his own cock into submission, and it now slid out of his mouth defiantly limp, and completely drained.
Jeff’s cock fell limp as well, and as he took in one last deep breath, his cock plopped out of Monty’s ass. Immediately, Monty felt a vacancy inside his ass. Jeff collapsed on the bed on Monty’s left side, both men now breathing ever so heavily.
Still breathing sharply, Jeff rolled over and sank both lips over Monty’s. Their kiss was long, and deeply passionate. A few heart felt minutes later, their kiss broke, and Jeff whispered, “This was way better than any fantasy. Happy birthday Monty!”
Monty was a bit too exhausted to speak, and Jeff was looking at him with their eyes connected to one another. Jeff spoke, “I might be a bit out of line, but Monty, I could spend the rest of my life making love to you. For years now, I’ve loved you in my mind, but now, especially after what just happened, I love you with all my heart.”
Catching his breath, Monty reached up with his right hand, holding Jeff’s neck, then angelically, and ever so softly, replied, “And I could do this forever with you as well. I love you too!”
Later on that day, when Jeff dropped Monty off back at his house, Monty’s dad met him at the door. Taking one look at his son, his dad said, “You look like you just had your butt worn out!”
Monty smiled at his dad, then replied, “Yes sir, believe me, I just did!”

For three months straight, Jeff and Monty spent every opportunity making love. On their fourth anniversary, Jeff had purchased a two dollar lottery ticket the night before. That morning, Jeff had snuck Monty out of his house and the two had wild sex back at the cabin. Just prior to them leaving, Jeff went to his computer with Monty sitting on his lap. If Jeff didn’t already feel like he was the luckiest man in the world, the ticket in his left hand made him feel even that much more luckier.
Jeff and Monty didn’t tell anyone about the lottery ticket. Jeff waited for Monty to finish up with school, and the two of them decided that they were not going to hide their love for one another any longer.
They didn’t go all out and buy a mansion, but they did purchase a home, and now spend every waking moment in each others arms, redefining their passionate love for one another!

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