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Smiling, he let his pants drop; he was now completely naked. Instinctively, she reached down for his cock and found two cocks, one above the other. Each was nine inches long and almost as big around as her wrist. She lowered herself to her knees and stared at the two swollen members in awe. Reaching out slowly, she took the lower one in both hands and found that either hand couldn’t completely encompass the raging member. She kissed the enormous head, long and passionately, then moved her mouth to the head of the top dick and kissed it, too. Then, opening wide, she took the head of the top cock into her mouth.

She laid the bottom cock on her neck, and felt it throb against her throat as she fondled his lemon-sized balls and bobbed her head on the top cock. His sex organ was so big that she couldn’t fit much more beyond the head into her mouth, but she bobbed on it as best she could, and used her tongue to lick the sensitive underside, which caused it to jolt and throb in her mouth. He took his under dick in his hands, and rubbed in against her neck and face while she sucked on his top cock and stroked his balls. Releasing his bottom cock, he began stroking his top cock and moaning in pleasure.

She groaned slightly, muffled by the huge dick in her mouth, and brushed his hands aside as her own hands moved up to jack him off. With one hand on each of his cocks, she moved them in unison, stroking his raging members as he stood paralyzed in pleasure. He loved feeling her mouth on his member, and each time she ran her tongue down the length of his top cock, he felt her neck and throat slide along his bottom cock, and his ecstasy grew. He imagined his cocks cumming on her simultaneously, with the top cock shooting such a big load into her mouth that it dripped down all over her chin and neck, while the bottom cock sprayed her chest and naked tits.

This made him so hard that he thought he was going to cum right then and there. But then he thought about her pussy. He loved being in her, and loved shooting his load inside her warm, gaping cunt. Pulling her away from his cock, he spun her around and threw her onto the bed. Then, ripping off her skirt and panties, he positioned his lower cock at her pussy, while the head of his upper cock pushed gently against her asshole. Gasping, she realized what he wanted to do and gritted her teeth.

As he started slowly pushing both cocks into her, she pushed against his cocks with all her might, trying to force them out of her, but to no avail. She only succeeded in opening up to him, and gripping both of his cocks more tightly. Each one only went halfway in, and when the one in her pussy bottomed out, she let out a muffled scream, sigh, shout, and moan all at once into the pillow at her face.

She was more filled than she had ever been before. Then he slowly began to slide in and out of her, pulling back until the ridge on his heads just barely left her, and then plunging slowly back in until he bottomed out again inside her. Slowly his pace grew, and after a few dozen strokes, he was fucking her in a steady rhythm. She could feel both of his cocks swell and throb inside her, and he could feel her pussy and ass tight around his cocks as her cunt juices trickled along his shaft to his balls. He could feel his scrotum rubbing against both of her thighs each time he rammed her, and the feel of her skin made his balls tingle.

Grabbing her hips and waist, he pulled himself into her faster now, fucking her on his cocks. She let out a long, moaning scream of mingled pain and pleasure as his cocks and balls throbbed and finally shot his load deep into her pussy and ass. He slowed his pace, and massaged his cocks with her two soaking wet holes. They gripped both of his cocks so very tightly, and he milked himself dry into her ass and pussy. Then, slowly, he pulled out and she collapsed onto the bed, passed out from the experience. “I’ll let her sleep,” he thought as he went to wash up.

When he returned, he saw her awake and lying on her back. “Can you fuck me again?” she asked, “Only this time, let me cum first.” He nodded and mounted her from the front. Even though his cocks were now only semi-hard, he still all but filled her pussy with his lower cock and lay his top cock against her stomach. She reached down and began stroking his hardening dick, while he reached up and rubbed her tits as he fucked her again.

Now it was her turn to be frozen with pleasure, and he leaned in to lick her tits while she groped his bare chest and back, holding his ass and pulling him into her. Soon she was breathing heavily, and he was pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Pulling his dick out of her, he turned over and started eating out her now gaping pussy. His dicks lay on her neck and his balls hit her lightly in the face as he licked and kissed her toward an orgasm.

He loved tasting that his cock had been in her pussy, and he got hard again as he humped her tits with his cocks. He could feel her tense up under him, and he grabbed her ass to pull her pussy harder into his face. Eating her wet sex hole made him wild, and he kneeled on her arms so she couldn’t struggle while he humped her tits, neck, and face.

Suddenly he felt her body shudder and tense, and then she let out an earth-shattering scream as an orgasm rocked her body and she soaked his mouth with her pussy juices. He kept eating her out and licking her delicious pussy lips until she stopped him by grabbing his head between her thighs. His cocks jumped again.

Sitting up, he saw her laying on the bed in a blissful stupor. She was completely naked, and her beautiful, serene face, her strong, sexy neck, bare arms and hands, her heaving breasts, her voluptuous legs and ravished vagina were all too much for him. She was so beautiful, he reached for his cocks and started masturbating, just watching her lay there.

His cocks were quickly overcome by her outrageous beauty, and he came with both cocks simultaneously all over her chest and stomach. Now he was completely spent, and lay down beside her, both of them in a drowsy sex-induced stupor, not caring about the cum on and around them. Almost immediately, they fell into a peaceful, recuperative sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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