Ugly Pt. 02: Which is Better

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When I wrote about finding Senem, I also wrote about one of the girls at work having seen my post on one of the sex sites. As I said, she didn’t recognize me from my face or body, she recognized me by the distinctive scar on my right arm. When she first mentioned having seen my ad, she immediately defended herself by saying she wasn’t actually looking for sex. She just got a kick out of looking at the ads themselves, and reading what people wrote. However, and it was slightly embarrassing since it was a site I had posted naked pictures on, she did say what she saw of me wasn’t half bad. And, about a week later, she posted a message to me on the site itself, saying that I’d get responses if I was more aggressive in my post. It was the desire for that romantic bull shit that I’d written about that was keeping women away.

That’s where I left it with her, without even responding to her message, because I’d written what I wanted, not what others wanted. And, even if I had gotten more responses that way, I wouldn’t have been able to live up to them because aggressive forceful sex is not my style. Besides that, I got my first message from Senem not too long after that, and other than suspend my account there I forgot all about that site. That is until a few weeks later, after Senem and I had started our affair. That’s when, during one of our smoke breaks, the girl at work who we’ll call Lisa, brought the subject up again.

As soon as the others had left the break area, so we could talk freely, she told me I should have listened to her. When I asked about what, she said about the site, because she’d seen that I’d given up and suspended my account. My answer was to say that I’d suspended my account, but not because I’d given up. It took a couple of seconds for the words to hit her, then she asked me if I meant what she thought I meant. Had someone actually answered that romantic garbage? When I just gave her a look, she said that just because they answered, that didn’t mean anything. We were probably just exchanging love letters instead of getting right to business. Had I done it her way, I’d probably be fucking the girl already, instead of still playing romantic games.

The look I gave her this time, that raised eyebrow look, told her she was wrong. Now, instead of leaning back and talking to me like that, she was leaning forward and I had her full attention. She then asked if I expected her to believe that I was fucking someone besides my wife. I told her that it didn’t matter what she believed, but that I hoped she’d keep what we talked about to herself. I think it was the request to keep it secret that convinced her, not anything else I’d said. Because, first she assured me she wouldn’t say anything, since she hadn’t told anyone about the ad, then she asked what I’d do if the girl ended up pregnant. I just laughed and told her that wouldn’t happen, because we didn’t do anything that could get her pregnant. Of course, since she was on that anti-romance kick, she said she’d figured I wasn’t doing anything, probably just laying in bed, kissing and talking about love.

I just shook my head and told her that there was more to sex than just fucking. We didn’t fuck in the traditional sense, because neither of us liked condoms, and because she and her husband were working on having a baby. But, there was plenty of oral sex in both directions, and some anal sex as well. And, just because it was slow and romantic, didn’t mean it wasn’t sex. I don’t know why I was giving her all these details to be honest, since it was none of her business. Maybe it was because I wanted to tell someone who might approve, instead of the reaction I was getting from my best friend. Or maybe I was hitting on her in a way, because I’d had more than one fantasy about her too. Whichever it was, it didn’t matter, because her response was to say that the romantic stuff wasn’t her style. She preferred her sex to be hard and fast, and I could keep that other shit between me and my girlfriend.

That ended the conversation for a while, but it left me with a weird feeling. When she’d made that last statement, there seemed to be a slight edge to her voice, almost as if she was pissed off about something. Maybe she just found romantic lovemaking so distasteful that it showed in her voice. Or she might have been angry because I hadn’t taken her advice about writing more aggressively, I don’t know. Not that it really mattered to be honest, since I was satisfied with what Senem and I were doing. Except that something soon gave me a reason to believe there was more to her reaction than just thinking romantic sex was disgusting. Because, not only did she not talk about that subject with me anymore, she pretty much stopped talking to me at all. If it didn’t have to do with work, she would hardly say a word to me at all after that. It was almost as if she had wanted me to be interested in her instead of Senem. And, maybe all that talking she did about Senem and I not having real sex was her way of offering me real sex. But, if that’s why she had turned cold, there was nothing I could do about it. The kind of sex she wanted and the canlı bahis kind of sex I offered were nowhere near the same. And, I wasn’t going to change how I liked making love, so she’d just have to get over it.

That’s the way it would have stayed, if the company hadn’t done something to change things. You see, about once a quarter, someone from our two offices has to make a trip to our site in Spain. While she’s usually the one to go from her office, from ours it’s usually my boss who goes. This time though, my boss’s wife was in the hospital for a minor operation, and he didn’t want to leave her alone, so I got elected to go. And that’s where what happened between Lisa and I really started. That’s because the group who goes there has gotten into the habit of sitting around a table at the hotel to discuss the events of the day. And since the weather there is hot and dry, everyone cools off at those meetings with some nice cold Spanish beer. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, but I didn’t want to be the odd man out, so I drank a few myself. However, while I may be able to hold my liquor, and not do anything totally stupid, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me. I tend to get a little bolder than usual when I drink, and it wasn’t long before I was harmlessly flirting with one of the girls from the Spain office. I say harmless, because both she and I knew we were just having fun, and weren’t really trying to pick each other up.

Lisa, on the other hand, didn’t seem to think that my flirting was harmless. Not that she said anything at the table, but she gave me a dirty look every now and then, and probably drank a little more than was smart. Again, her behavior was really none of my business, so I just ignored her. That’s probably part of why what happened later that night happened, because no woman likes to be ignored. The meeting broke up around 10, and everyone went to their rooms to sleep off the beer. I didn’t go to sleep, because I can never sleep early, and I guess Lisa didn’t go to sleep either. That’s because about midnight, there was a knock on my door. At first I thought something might have happened at home, and got a little worried about the knock. I mean, why would anyone else knock on my door at that hour? I definitely wasn’t expecting anyone, and as I said, the flirting with the girl from the Spain office hadn’t been serious enough for her to visit me. So, the only thing it could be the hotel staff bringing me some bad news. But, when I opened the door, I was relieved to see that it wasn’t the hotel staff. Instead, it was another kind of bad news, and that was a pissed off and half drunk girl named Lisa.

As soon as I opened the door, she pushed her way inside and started lecturing me about my behavior at the meeting. She was going on about how unprofessional it had been for me to flirt with that girl in front of everyone at the meeting, and how I needed to learn to control myself. Luckily, she wasn’t drunk enough to forget to keep her voice down, but she was still too drunk to realize she was out of line. When she stopped to take a breath, I asked her who the hell had made her my babysitter. I didn’t work for her, and I was several rungs higher on the corporate ladder than she was the last time I looked. So, I didn’t need to answer to her for anything, even if what I had done was out of line, which it wasn’t. She started back in on how everyone at the table knew I was married, and how it didn’t look good for a manager to act like that. And I came back with how the meetings were less an actual meeting than a social event, and that everyone at the table knew we were just joking around. Well, everyone at the table except her obviously. Besides, I wasn’t the only person at the table who was joking around, so what business did she have coming to me and telling me I was out of line.

She started to say something in reply and actually made some false starts, before finally saying that we both knew it was just wrong for me to do it. That’s when I realized this wasn’t about me being out of line, it was something else entirely. And, I called her on it, saying she was just jealous because I hadn’t been flirting with her instead. She of course denied that she was jealous, but her hesitation before saying it told me I’d hit too close to home for her. Then, before she could add anything to her denial, I reminded her that she wasn’t interested in the kind of sex I offered, so why would I bother to flirt with her? I waited for her to tell me that this had nothing to do with that, and to again deny she was jealous, but she surprised me by attacking from a different direction. As a matter of fact, she attacked me below the belt, by aiming for my manhood. She started going off about how I just used that romantic crap because I wasn’t man enough to come right out and tell a woman that all I really wanted was sex. Instead, I needed to fool them into thinking I really cared, so they wouldn’t pay attention to what a lousy fuck I was. That’s where I made the mistake of defending myself by saying I was far from being a lousy fuck, because her next words were for me to prove it.

I just stood bahis siteleri there in shock for a minute, and she took advantage of my silence to push the needle in deeper. She asked me what was the matter, wasn’t I man enough to put my money where my mouth was? Or was the real reason my girlfriend and I didn’t fuck the fact that I couldn’t get it up. I thought about telling her she wasn’t my type, or something else to tell her I wasn’t interested. But, we both knew that would be a lie, since she knew I looked at her quite often. And, any attempt on my part to delay things, like saying to come back when she wasn’t drunk, would just make her insult me more. So, I did the only thing I could do in that situation, and started taking off my clothes. No, it wasn’t a bluff, to see if she’d run out of the room; because I knew this was what she’d really come here for, to goad me into fucking her. And sure enough, as soon as I started stripping, she started doing the same.

Sex that’s not romantic doesn’t mean there’s no kissing at all. It just means there is no softness in the kisses, and any touching is rough as well. There’s also very little in the way of foreplay, nothing like eating pussy or gently sucking on her nipples. Also, I wanted to prove to her that I could fuck her way, I just preferred romantic sex. So, I just grabbed her pussy hard, and started rubbing it to make sure she was wet enough to fuck. Then, I pushed her back on the bed and roughly shoved my cock inside her. After that, I pounded her pussy as hard as I could, not giving a shit whether she came or not, until my cock erupted inside her. Not that she didn’t cum, she did; I just didn’t care and concentrated only on my own orgasm. I mean, it takes me a long time to cum from fucking, so by the time I came, she’d had more than just a couple orgasms. But, since this wasn’t romantic sex, there was no cuddling or kissing after it was over. Instead, she got up and started getting dressed as soon as it was over. And the only thing she said before she left was to admit that she’d been wrong, and that I really did know how to fuck.

As I expected, she was back again the next night for more of the same. This time though, she came as soon as the meeting was over, and there was no argument before we got undressed. Also, after I finished fucking her this time, she wasn’t ready to leave and wanted us to fuck some more. That’s when she showed me that oral sex doesn’t need to be romantic, because she immediately said she didn’t want to wait, and started trying to suck me back to life. She had no technique, and was actually a little too rough, but it was enough to get the result she wanted. And, as soon as I got hard she stopped sucking and got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her like the bitch dog that she was.

If she had waited, and let me rest for a few minutes, I would have gotten most of my energy back. Since she hadn’t though, I couldn’t keep up the pace she wanted for very long. It was ok when all she was saying was that she wanted it harder and faster. But when she started asking what was wrong with me that I couldn’t do it harder, she pissed me off. I know she was doing that on purpose to get me to fuck her more roughly, I just didn’t like it. So, I did give it to her rougher, and harder, just not faster, and to make it even rougher than that, I started pushing my thumb in her asshole. Obviously though, I was wrong in thinking that would hurt her, because as soon as my thumb was all the way inside her, she started saying yes, yes, that was the way to fuck her.

Ok, if she wanted it rough like that, I was going to give her what she wanted, something rough. Except, what I had in mind might not be exactly what she wanted me to do. When I stuck my thumb in her ass, she’d told me that was the way to fuck her, so that’s what I did. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, without waiting for her next orgasm, lined it up with her asshole and slammed my hips forward. It only sunk in about a quarter of the way, but that was still past the hard part and it was easy to push the rest in. And, of course, she let out a little scream and asked why the fuck I did that, because it hurt like hell. I told her I thought that was what she wanted, me to fuck her ass after she said that was the way to fuck her. She said it was what she wanted, but she’d thought I’d at least get her asshole wet first, and maybe put it in a little slower. I didn’t apologize though, I just said that I wasn’t used to this hard and fast fucking, so I figured she wanted everything that way. Then, I told her that if it really hurt, I could pull my cock out and go back to her pussy if she wanted. Since I was already slowly fucking her ass, she said she was fine now, and I should keep fucking her like this. Just next time I should take it a little easier when I stuck it in, that’s all. And, that’s how we finished the night, with me cumming in her ass, and her leaving right after that.

I know that if my wife had to choose between what I did with Lisa and what I did with Senem, she’d choose Lisa. It didn’t matter that the only fucking Senem and I did at the time was bahis şirketleri occasional anal sex. It was the romantic way that Senem and I had sex that would bother her. And, it was the reverse of my wife’s thinking that was bothering me. Lisa was fairly good looking, and had a really nice body. Also, her pussy was tight and she knew how to move when we were fucking. But while I was having orgasms from fucking her, I wasn’t really enjoying the sex, and I wouldn’t want to keep doing this for long. So, when Lisa mentioned something at lunch time about our after meeting time, I told her I couldn’t do it. And when I said that I found out that even though we weren’t being romantic, there was still some jealousy on her part. That’s because she immediately asked if I was planning to fuck that slut I’d been flirting with instead of her. I told her no, I wasn’t planning on fucking anyone else; I’d be alone the whole night. So, she naturally asked why I didn’t want to fuck her then, and I told her the truth. The reason I liked romantic sex was that it was more than just fucking. Her way was just too empty and mechanical for me to really enjoy it, even the ass fucking. It just wasn’t my style and I couldn’t keep doing it in a way that I didn’t really enjoy. But, if she wanted to do it my way for once, she was more than welcome to join me.

Her immediate response was to ask if I was stupid enough to fall in love with her. My answer was to tell her she was too much of a bitch for that to happen. She was confusing love with being romantic, and they weren’t the same thing. You could be in love and not be romantic and you could be romantic without being in love. It was just a slower and softer way of having sex, and in my mind it was 100 times better than the purely physical kind she preferred. Also, I was a little tired of her insulting me for my sex style when she knew absolutely nothing about it. If she wanted to go back to her way after that, fine. But, before I’d ever fuck her again, she had to spend one whole night doing it my way. If she wasn’t interested, I was sure she could find someone else to fuck her that night. And, since I wasn’t used to having sex every night anyway, I could easily do without until I got back home. It was up to her, or wasn’t she woman enough to do something soft and slow for once?

She didn’t answer my challenge at lunch time, but she was knocking on my door right after the meeting finished. I guess I must have done something right the past two nights, or else she wouldn’t be there. The first thing she said was that she’d do it this way once, but if she heard the L word, or any sweet talk, she was leaving. I told her we didn’t have to talk at all, except maybe for me to tell her how to do things my way, so she didn’t have to worry about that. Then she said she supposed I wanted to start kissing now, and I told her no. She was way too tense for that, and needed to learn to relax first. So, I wanted her to get undressed and lay on the bed face down. When she did that, I knelt over her waist and started giving her a slow sensual massage. It’s always a great way to start lovemaking, and it’s something even my wife likes. After a couple of minutes, Lisa was starting to purr, and commented that I really knew how to use my hands. I teased her about how there wasn’t supposed to be any sweet talk, then took my massage to the next level, by moving down to work on the lower half of her body.

When I felt that she was really starting to relax, I brought my lips into the game and moved my fingers to the inside of her thighs. The first kisses I placed on her lower back and ass, made her tense up again, but only for a second. And my fingers moving up and down her legs and lightly brushing her pussy got the kind of moan I love to hear. She also started shivering when I started moving my mouth lower and lower, because she knew where I was going. She didn’t try to stop me, like a Turkish woman would, and after a few licks from behind; I had no problem getting her to turn over on her back. For someone who had been totally against this type of lovemaking, her hands when they grabbed my head were surprisingly gentle. There was nothing gentle about her orgasms though, and if the walls hadn’t been as solid as they were, she’d definitely have woken some people up.

After sucking her pussy through 3 or 4 orgasms, it was time for what I thought would be the hard part. That would be the lovemaking itself, which I’m sure she’d expect to be hard and fast. But, while I do fuck hard and fast sometimes when I’m making love, I wasn’t going to make this easy for her. Instead, I slid inside her, and started a slow rocking rhythm that I could easily keep up all night long. She, of course, kept trying to speed things up by fucking up at me, and trying to pull my ass down harder with her legs. But, when she realized that she was wasting her time, she had no choice but to follow the tempo I was keeping. And, while her first kisses were hard and hungry, she finally had to soften those down to my level as well, because I refused to kiss her back when she tried to get rough. One thing she didn’t soften though was her reactions when she came. If it weren’t for my mouth covering hers, her screams would have been louder that when I ate her pussy. And the scratches she put on my back were going to take at least a week to heal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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