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The room was dark, as was the sky outside the window. She laid in bed and listened as the car’s engine came to life. It was the red one, the Porsche. It was her favorite. He didn’t know that though, nor would he care. He barely acknowledged her existence.

She listened as the sound of the engine changed. It was in reverse now. She sat up in bed and waited as he backed the car out of its stall in the large garage. The car was in the driveway now, and her feet settled on the soft rug beneath her bed. The sound of the engine changed again; the car was in first gear now.

She was up out of bed now, but she paused…there it was, he was driving away now. She moved to the window of one of the dormers that overlooked the driveway. The glowing taillights of the red sports car quickly disappearing as he drove down the long driveway that led to the main road.

She stood in the window, her naked body bathed in moonlight as she watched the car pull onto the road and speed away towards his destination. She turned and reached for her robe. She walked to the door and opened it. The rest of the house was just as dark as the part she resided in. It was quiet as well.

She made her way down the hallway, across the area that overlooked the first level of the large home, and down to the room at the other side of the house. The hardwood was cool on her feet. She placed her hand on the doorknob and waited. She could hear nothing on the other side of the door. Her stomach was fluttering, which it always did before she entered. She took a deep breath and slowly eased the door open.

The room was mostly dark, but was softly lit from the light of the moon. In a few hours though, sunlight would be flooding through the windows. A gentle breeze entered through the opened balcony doors. She gently closed the door behind her and made her way to the large king sized bed against the opposite wall.

The breeze was causing the sheer material of the bed canopy to gently sway. Standing at the foot of the bed, she parted the airy fabric and placed her knee on the mattress.

There she was, the other she in this equation. Eliza.

“God, she’s beautiful.” was the thought that ran through her head.

Unbeknownst to Eliza, her early morning admirer knelt before her, watching her as she slept. She looked so peaceful on her back, her curly, golden blonde hair fanned out around her head, her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath under the thin sheet that covered her.

She carefully pulled the sheet back to expose Eliza’s naked flesh. The other woman’s body was a work of art. Her pale skin looked like porcelain under the light, and the shadows helped to define her sculpted physique. With her skin now exposed to the cool, early morning air, her nipples stood taut, begging for a warm tongue.

Eliza’s visitor admired the woman before her for a few more moments, but the anticipation of why she was here was too much to resist any longer.

She gently placed a hand on the inside of each of Eliza’s knees and persuaded her legs to part. The movement caused Eliza to stir slightly and let out a sleepy little moan. The other woman paused, hoping she didn’t wake her, and once she was sure she hadn’t, she continued.

She lowered her head between Eliza’s legs and inhaled her essence. She closed her eyes as the scent filled her nose.

“I love you so much, Ellie.” She whispered to the sleeping woman.

She placed a delicate kiss against Eliza’s pouty nether lips, tasting just a hint of the sweet nectar that she craved. More gentle kisses and soft tongue swipes caused Eliza’s honey to flow from her center. As the other woman’s mouth danced around her pussy, Eliza began to whimper softly. Each lick rousing her from her slumber.

“Oh fuck…Dani…yesssss!” Eliza cooed, running her fingers through the other woman’s black hair.

The fingers of Eliza’s other hand were busy rolling and tugging her own nipples, as her lover pleasured her now dripping wet slit. The other woman smiled as Eliza’s body writhed against her tongue as it slithered into her depths, greedily searching for more of her intoxicating nectar.

Eliza’s body felt as if it were vibrating. Her lover’s mouth now focused on her excited little clit. Over and over again, each flick of her tongue brought Eliza closer to her eminent release. Moans and whimpers filled the room as each woman vocalized their pleasure.

“Oh my god! I’m so close, Dani! Fuck!” Eliza cried out.

“Cum for me, Ellie. Fuck, I want to taste your cum so bad.” The other woman urged.

The sensation built quickly. Eliza’s legs began to tremble as her fingers pinched her own nipples.

“I’m cumming, baby! Oh fuck, I’m c c cumming!” She squealed.

A flood of warm pussy juice gushed from Eliza’s center. Her lover held her mouth to her spasming pussy in an attempt to savor every drop offered to her. As her orgasm surged through her body, each flick of the other woman’s tongue sent off smaller jolts of pleasure. Eliza rode the wave of pleasure for fulya escort several glorious moments until the feeling finally subsided.

Just as she began to come down from her incredible high, the tiny sounds of a babbling voice could be heard over the baby monitor next to the bed.

Eliza began to sit up, but was quickly stopped by the woman who remained between her spread legs.

“Stay. I’ll get him.” She offered, placing delicate kisses across Eliza’s mound.

“Thank you, Dani. I love you!” Eliza, or Ellie as Dani called her, said.

“Of course. I am the nanny after all.” She replied.

“I love you, too!” She added.

Eliza watched as the other woman grabbed a robe out of the closet and slipped into it as she exited the master suite.

“Hello! How is my little man this morning? You’re awake early!” Eliza heard through the monitor. The little boy named Jacob jabbered excited gibberish when he saw his nanny peer down into his crib.

Eliza crawled out of bed and retrieved a robe as well. She made her way down the hallway to her son’s room to join them.

As she entered, she saw the nanny, Danielle, changing the child’s diaper.

“How is our little guy doing this morning? Did you sleep well?” Eliza asked.

The young boy turned his attention to her and smiled as Dani finished up. Once he was in a dry diaper, Dani picked him up and snuggled him close to her. Eliza leaned in placed a kiss on Jacob’s little head, then placed a loving kiss on Dani’s lips. Jacob smiled and reached out for Eliza. She took him from Dani and cuddled him against her.

“How much longer do you think it’s going to be?” Danielle asked.

“I don’t know. The whole process is complicated.” Eliza replied.

“I know, but it’s been almost 2 months. It’s only going to be more difficult as more time passes.” Dani said.

“I know. Soon. I promise it will be soon.” Eliza assured her.

“Ok. Hey, you’d better go get ready for work. Besides, I need to get to work too.” Dani told her.

“Funny. You are at work, my love.” Eliza said smiling.

“Exactly! I have another kid to go wake up also.” Dani replied.

“Fine. Go wake up the girl. I’ll see you downstairs.” Eliza said before kissing Dani then reaching into her robe to

“I know, but you’re distracting me. I can’t afford to get fired!” Dani exclaimed.

“Trust me, you’ll never get fired by eating pussy like that.” Eliza whispered to her.

“Such language in front of a child!” Dani joked.

Eliza laughed and planted a kiss on Dani’s lips then handed Jacob off to his nanny.

“Love you, Dani!” Eliza said.

“Love you, Ellie!” Dani replied.

The two lovers went to start their morning.

Months Ago-

Eliza stood at the sink, washing the last few dishes left from dinner.

“Mrs. Berkeley? May I talk with you for a moment?” Melody, her daughter’s nanny, asked.

“Oh no. Melody, you’ve only ever addressed me like that when you first started working for us. It’s been “Eliza” ever since. This isn’t good, is it?” Eliza said.

“I’m sorry. Can we please sit?” Melody asked.

“Of course.” Eliza replied.

The two ladies moved to the small table.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything I can help with?” Eliza asked.

“It’s…it’s my sister. Her health isn’t good. It’s gotten to the point that she needs assistance with day to day activities. Our brother has been helping when he can, but he’s not able to dedicate as much time as she needs. So…I’m sorry, Eliza.” Melody informed her.

“You need to go be with your sister, Mel.” Eliza said.

“Thank you for understanding. I didn’t come to this decision easily. I’m so thankful for all you’ve done for me. You know I love your family very much. These last few years have been wonderful. It’s going to be very difficult to break the news to little Jenny.” Melody said.

“I know. You’ve been her nanny since she was just a baby.” Eliza replied with tears in her eyes.

“And it’s been such a joy to see her grow. I’m going to miss you all so much!” Melody said.

“We are going to miss you too, Mel! You’re like family, you know.” Eliza admitted.

“I hope Mr. Berkeley won’t be too upset?” Melody asked worriedly.

“I wouldn’t worry about that. You know how he is.” Eliza assured her.

“I know. I worry about you and Jenny. You’ll be ok, won’t you?” Melody asked.

“Thank you for your concern, but trust me, we’ll be fine. So, when are you leaving?” Eliza asked.

“In a few weeks, unfortunately. I wish I could have given you more notice, but this was kind of dumped on me earlier today. I’m sorry.” Melody apologized.

“It’s ok. Get some rest, Mel. I’ll see you in the morning.” Eliza said.

Eliza knew the next few weeks were going to be busy. She needed to set up interviews for a new nanny, help Melody get things in order for her move across the country, and still focus on work.

The next day was Friday. bebek escort Eliza took the day off and made a few calls to some staffing agencies to find a new nanny. The agency emailed her several potential candidates for the job. After looking through each resume closely as well as their background checks, she had it narrowed down to 10 different people. While her 3 year old daughter, Jenny, was down for her nap, Eliza had Melody look over the resumes she had filtered. Melody caught a few things and that helped narrow the results down to 7.

Eliza set up interview times through the staffing agency. This process was going to be daunting, but she couldn’t let just anyone move into her home and take care of her daughter. Replacing Melody was going to such a difficult, if not impossible, task. She was such a sweet older woman and Jenny absolutely adored her. Eliza hoped that there was someone from the list of candidates that would be a perfect fit for her family.

After a much too short weekend, it was Monday morning already. Eliza had 4 different women scheduled for interviews throughout the day. After breakfast, she settled into her home office and began preparing for her day.

All of the ladies she interviewed seemed nice. They all had excellent references, but there just didn’t seem to be any of them that particularly stood out. Maybe she was being too picky? No, definitely not. She was sure that she’d know when she found the right person.

Tuesday brought the remaining 3 interviews. So far, all of the candidates had been older women, much like Melody. Today though, Eliza wondered if she would meet with a younger woman?

Eliza heard the door bell ring, then glanced at the clock. A few minutes early! She liked that. Eliza walked across the foyer from her office to the front door. When she opened the door to greet the first candidate of the day, she was pleasantly surprised. The woman standing before her was beautiful, and younger than the others. Eliza’s earlier question had been answered.

“Please, come in. I’m Eliza Berkeley. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She greeted her guest.

“Good morning! I’m Danielle Scott. It’s a pleasure to meet you as well!” She replied enthusiastically.

“Shall we?” Eliza offered.

“Certainly, ma’am.” Danielle stated.

Danielle followed Eliza to her office.

“Please, have a seat and we’ll begin.” Eliza spoke.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Danielle replied.

“Ok. First things first…please call me Eliza. Ma’am makes me feel old!” Eliza joked.

“I’m sorry, ma…Eliza. My apologies.” Danielle offered.

“It’s quite alright. So, your resume looks nice. I see you were a nanny for another family about 5 years ago? How did you like that experience?”

“I loved it! They had twin boys and we had so much fun together. I miss them.” Danielle said.

“What caused your departure?” Eliza inquired.

“Uhm, the father didn’t feel that my services were required any longer.” Danielle replied.

“And it appears you haven’t worked since?” Eliza noted.

“No, ma…er, Eliza. If you’ll refer to the second page of my resume, you’ll see that I used that time to complete my bachelors degree in education.” Danielle proudly stated.

“Ah! I see that. Very nice, Mrs. Scott.” Eliza offered.

“Oh, it’s just Miss. No ring…no one to give me a ring either. Oh my god…I’m sorry.” Danielle hid her face with her palms.

“Don’t be sorry. I should be the one apologizing for assuming. Please, forgive me.” Eliza said.

“It’s ok.” Danielle smiled softly.

“So, college grad with an education degree? Why aren’t you teaching somewhere instead of applying for nanny jobs?” Eliza asked.

Honestly, I miss being a nanny. When I saw the offer for this job, I figured I’d see what it was about.” Danielle admitted.

“Fair enough. Ok, let’s continue, shall we?” Eliza suggested.

The two ladies sat and talked for about a half an hour then Eliza offered her a tour of the house and also where Danielle would potentially be living.

“We had the upper level of the garage made into an apartment for Melody. That’s where you’ll be living. It’s on the other side of the house. Follow me.” Eliza said.

Danielle followed Eliza across the house and down the hallway leading towards the apartment. The entered through the door into the main living area of the space. It was a gorgeous room with 3 dormers overlooking the driveway and a view of the wide open property that the large house sat on. The kitchen was off to the left and through one doorway was the bedroom. The bathroom could be accessed from either the main living space or the bedroom. The bathroom was huge and featured a walk in shower as well as a bath tub.

Danielle was very impressed. Eliza studied her as she glanced around the apartment. She was such a beautiful woman and the thought that she might attract the eye of her husband popped into her head. She quickly dismissed the idea though. He was rarely ever home, florya escort and when he was, his mind always seemed to be on work or something other than Eliza and Jenny.

“What do you think?” Eliza asked.

“It’s really great!” Danielle replied.

“Obviously there won’t be boxes everywhere, so please excuse those.” Eliza explained.

“It has to be difficult.” Danielle commented.

“What is that?” Eliza asked.

“To have to find a new person that you can trust.” Danielle replied.

“It is.” Eliza said.

“You seem like a wonderful woman, Eliza. I hope you find who you’re looking for.” Danielle stated.

“Thank you, Danielle.” Eliza replied.

The two women stood in silence for a brief moment before Eliza broke the quiet.

“Hey, would you like to meet Jenny?” She asked.

“I’d love to!” Danielle said.

Eliza guided them to the backyard where Melody and Jenny were playing.

“Excuse me, ladies. There is someone who I’d like you to meet.” Eliza announced.

Jenny grabbed Melody’s hand and walked over to her mom and Danielle.

“This is Danielle. Danielle, this is Jenny and Melody.” Eliza introduced them.

“Hi!” Danielle said with a smile, waving first at Jenny the shaking Melody’s hand.

“Mommy! She pretty!” Jenny spoke, looking up at Danielle.

Danielle knelt down to the little 3 year old girl’s level “Thank you! You’re very pretty yourself!” Danielle told the little girl.

“Push me.” Jenny said and held out her tiny hand.

Danielle took her hand and walked with her to the massive play set that put most playgrounds to shame.

As Danielle pushed Jenny on the swing, Melody and Eliza watched.

“Jenny sure seemed to take to her right away?” Melody commented.

“I know. I love that. I’m just worried. She’s young and has her teaching degree. What if she finds that she’d rather teach and I have to do this all over again?” Eliza asked.

“What if you pick someone else and Jenny doesn’t like her? What if, what if, what if?” Melody joked.

“Fine. I’m going to finish the interviews though. Just in case.” Eliza said.

The interview ended and Eliza had moved on to the remaining two. The last two had been really good as well. She felt a bit less stressed to have all of the interviews out of the way. Now she could read over her notes and focus on making a decision.

Later that night, Eliza entered the master suite and saw that the bed was empty. Her husband had been home at dinner time, but he quickly excused himself to take a phone call. The life of a corporate executive.

Eliza stripped off her clothes and slid her nude body under the soft sheets. She had a big decision to make soon, but it was back to work tomorrow. As she drifted off to sleep, she replayed the interactions with the women she interviewed. She had thought she was leaning towards the woman who had been the final interview on Monday, but it was Danielle that kept invading her thoughts. There was something about her, but Eliza just couldn’t place it.

Eliza woke abruptly. The room was still dark, but she could feel her husband, Curt, next to her. It was 1:00 am. Who knows what time he had come sneaking in, but it wouldn’t be long before he was up to start his day. That was their usual schedule. She’d wake up alone, often go to bed alone, and see him briefly at dinner. Occasionally they’d have a weekend free to do activities with Jenny, but it was mainly mother and daughter.

She felt him move and soon his arm draped over her. It felt nice and secure. Eliza nuzzled up against him, feeling his dick against her naked butt. It had been a while since she had felt him so intimately against her. Eliza pressed her ass against him and rotated her hips slightly. The movement caused him Curt to groan slightly.

“What are you doing?” He grumbled sleepily.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Eliza replied slyly.

“Uh Uh” Curt grunted.

“Come on. You know you want to.” Eliza whispers seductively.

“Stop.” Curt stated, pushing her away.

Eliza stopped, feeling defeated but turned on.

“I’m sure you don’t know, but Melody is leaving.” Eliza informed him.

“Mmmm, that’s nice dear.” He grumbled as he rolled away from her.

Eliza shook her head and closed her eyes. The pulsing between her legs was increasing. She tried to just ignore it and sleep, but her body had other ideas. She brought her hand between her legs and slid a finger between her folds. She was wet and slick. She used her finger to stroke along her slit, spreading her wetness up to her clit. She considered going to the bathroom and fingering herself on the toilet, but her attitude changed to “fuck it”. She’d do it right next to her sleeping husband.

She rolled onto her back and let her left leg dangle off the edge of the bed. She slipped her middle finger into her wanting pussy and worked the digit in and out. It was no replacement for what she really craved, but it would have to do.

Soon she had her two middle fingers buried in her pussy, while her other hand groped her breast. She pulled her slick fingers out and spread her juices around her clit, rubbing the little nub in a circular motion. Her fingers were moving quickly over her swollen clit, the feeling of an orgasm quickly building.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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