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She couldn’t believe this was happening. Her heart was beating hard and fast. She could feel the pulse in her throat and hear the rapid thrum of it in her ears. She felt warm and flushed, even though she was completely naked. The surface she lay on was soft and molded comfortably under her. The fur tickled gently along the edges of her skin. She was acutely aware of the kiss of it against the lips of her freshly shaven labia. She felt a warm masculine hand on her foot, another under her knee bending it and lifting her foot off to one side and setting it against…something. She could feel fur under her foot and comfortable support under her knee. The hands moved to her other foot and repeated the process so that she was spread eagle, reclining slightly. She realized that her behind was very close to the edge of whatever platform she was laying on. The possiblities inherent in such a position were not lost on her.

She felt the air against her private soft places. It felt cool compared to the warmth that was building there. She couldn’t see, but that really didn’t seem to matter. Her nervousness was being replaced by excitement and anticipation. She understood why he had encouraged her to take a long sensuous shower and why he had helped her shave carefully. She understood why he had caressed and teased her, producing a pleasant state of low level arousal. She thought he was going to take her from the shower to their bed, but she was wrong. They had talked about this, sharing fantasies one night in the aftermath of their lovemaking, but she never thought he would actually bring her fantasy to life for her. It was unbelievable. Even the blindfold was perfect – soft and comfortable. She could smell candles and there was music playing softly. She didn’t recognize it, but it had an undercurrent of heat that her body was responding to even though she had been unaware of it until that moment. She felt his hands caress her body as he moved to stand behind her. She felt his breath on her neck just before she felt his lips on her flesh.

He kissed and nibbled softly at the spot she loved – right where her neck met her shoulder. It sent tingles through her body. His lips moved slowly and sensuously up her neck until he reached her ear. She heard his soft murmur:

“Relax and enjoy, baby. I’ll be right here. Every one of the men you’re about to meet adores bbws and is eagerly awaiting the chance to enjoy your luscious body.”

His hand cupped her breast and gently squeezed her nipple. The jolt that she felt between her legs caused her to moan involuntarily. She was quivering with anticipation. Knowing what was going to happen, but not when, or who…..or how many.

She heard a door open softly somewhere past the end of her feet. Knowing that whoever had just entered the room had a clear view of her in such an exposed postition caused a rush of self-doubt and her knees began to move together in an effort to shield her womanhood.

“It’s ok, baby. He likes what he sees. He’s smiling…and stroking. He’s hard as a rock, darling. All because of you,” he said in her ear. She relaxed a little, but still struggled to believe that he was telling the truth.

Suddenly she felt a warm male hand come to rest gently on the top of her right foot. She jumped, startled, and started to pull away, but then decided to trust the experience that had been arranged for her. He would never hurt her, or put her in any situation that would embarass her. So she took a shaky breath and returned her foot to it’s original position and tried to relax.

“That’s it, baby, just relax and go with the moment. This is Daniel.”

She felt Daniel’s hand begin to slide up and down her foot. His movements were slow and gentle, but the slight pressure and squeeze of his fingers let her know he was not tentative. He was simply giving her time to get used to him. She felt his other hand on her left foot and she relaxed further under his touch. As she did so, her legs opened and she felt Daniel step in between them. He began to run his hands up and down her legs, moving a bit further up her leg each time. He made a low humming sound of appreciation in his throat. He inhaled deeply, and exhaled slowly as his hands moved up her legs, over her hips and across her belly. He caressed her belly, squeezing the soft flesh slightly. She knew he was enjoying the feel of the extra padding she carried and that made her smile.

She shifted slightly so that she could fully open her legs and press her belly into his touch. He leaned forward and pressed his face to her belly while his hands fondled both breasts. She could feel the tip of his hard cock brushing her between her legs.

Her hips lifted as her body attempted to complete the most primal of human connections. After all, she’d been in a state of arousal for the last hour and a half thanks to the shower and the other preparations. She was more than ready for some release. Daniel lifted off her and she felt his ataköy türbanlı escort fingers brush her pubic hair. She liked to keep the natural hair in the front and shave underneath where she was most sensitive. He ran his fingers through the hair and murmured, “Nice.” He rested his palm on the hair and she felt his thumb stroke along the smooth shaved skin. She was breathing quickly now….anticipating his touch on her throbbing clit.

His thumb reached down, almost to her opening, and pressed in easily, finding the warm slipperiness between her inner labia. She felt his thumb slide upward, parting her labia and sliding up to her clit, spreading the slipperiness. When he circled her clit with slight pressure, she moaned and opened her legs as wide as she could. He continued to use his thumb in slow circular movements to massage her clit and her labia, occasionally dipping into her. All her attention was focused on his hand and the pleasure he was causing with his easy movements.

He removed his hand, and before she had time to register disappointment, she felt the smooth, round head of his hard cock in place of the thumb. He used the head of his cock to circle her clit, then slid it down to her hungry opening and back to her clit several times. Each time, her hips moved with him, encouraging him to slip inside her. He had brought her nearly to the point of orgasm with his caresses, and she longed to complete the journey. She wanted him inside her.

Finally she felt him press into her opening. She let out a soft, encouraging moan that was almost a whimper. He entered only a little ways, then retreated. He entered again, a bit further this time, and again retreated. He worked his way slowly forward until she felt him press completely into her. He retreated once more and thrust smoothly and deeply into her. He let out a groan of pleasure, and at the sound, she tumbled over the edge into waves of pleasure. He stayed still inside her until she began to relax. Then he placed his hands on her ample hips and began a slow, steady, purposeful stroking rhythm.

She couldn’t believe how wet she was. Daniel slid in and out of her effortlessly. His pace gradually quickened and his breathing became more rapid. She felt her pleasure rising with his until they were both moaning with every stroke. She knew, even though she couldn’t see him, when he hit the point of no return. He was going to have his release no matter what.

His strokes were rapid and deep. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her into every stroke. He gave three hard, fast thrusts and she felt him begin to pulse inside her. He groaned with pleasure with every pulse. She began to climax right along with him and his groans intensified. She knew that he felt her orgasm and that it was intensifying his own.

Daniel stayed inside her until her spasms subsided, then he slipped out of her. He caressed her belly, then her damp pubic hair and finally allowed his hand to trail down her leg as he moved away. She heard the soft snap of a condom being removed and she felt sheepish when she realized that the wetness she felt between her legs was all her own.

“Hmmmm. That was so sexy. I think Daniel enjoyed it very much,” her lover whispered in her ear.

She was still trying to catch her breath, but his comment made her smile. She liked knowing that she had pleased both him and Daniel. She was still smiling foolishly when she heard the door open again.

Her lover chuckled in her ear, “Ok, baby. This is Peter….no pun intended.”

She giggled and heard Peter chuckle softly. It was a sexy, deep chuckle.

His chuckle shifted to a growling purr in the back of his throat as she felt his hand cup her left breast. Her smile faded as arousal began to build again. She loved having her breasts played with and hoped he wasn’t planning on stopping soon.

He lifted her breast slightly, letting it’s weight rest in his hand. She felt warm breath on her skin as he leaned forward to brush his lips along the curved side of the mound he held. Her nipple was tingling…longing to be touched. But he continued to kiss and nibble his way to the underside of her breast without so much as brushing the nipple. She felt his other hand begin caressing her right breast, exploring the shape and heft of it. She began to squirm a bit and gave a soft moan that was part pleasure, part frustration. Her protest had no effect. He continued to tease all over her breasts with fingers, lips and tongue without ever touching her nipples.

Finally, his mouth moved toward her left nipple, but stopped short of contact. She could feel how near he was and raised her breast toward him. He didn’t let her make contact, but she felt a brief, brushing contact on her other nipple. The tingle that brief contact shot through her made her gasp, partly because it was unexpected. Before she could exhale, she felt him pinch that nipple gently between thumb ataköy ucuz escort and finger. Her exhale came out as a moan. Without warning, his warm mouth closed firmly over her left nipple and began to suckle. At the same time, he began to roll the right nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“God, yes!” she gasped as she used her hand on the back of his head to hold him to her. She could feel him using his tongue to roll her nipple and he used pressure from lips and teeth to broaden the area of stimulation. It felt amazing after the teasing. Soon he began to suckle more greedily as his other hand alternated between massaging her breast and tweaking her nipple. She felt like he wanted to eat her alive, yet he wasn’t rough. The combination of eagerness and control had her clit aching.

Suddenly she felt hands on her inner thighs, opening her legs. She heard what sounded like casters on a stool and then someone was settling between her legs.

With the feeling of warm breath in her ear she heard her lover murmur, “Nathan’s going to take care of that clit for you, baby.”

“Oh, thank God” was her only thought as she opened her legs.

Peter continued to fondle her breasts and suckle her nipples while she felt Nathan use his thumbs to spread her damp labia. She felt him lean toward her and then his tongue was exploring the inner side of her outer labia. He took long tastes of first one side, then the other, barely grazing her clit before starting back at the bottom. His hands were confident on her body which let her relax and give herself up to the pleasure he was giving her. He was clearly familiar with full, fleshy women and was comfortable using his hands to open the lips for access to the sweetness.

Her hand reached out and closed, almost of it’s own accord, on Peter’s hard cock. She stroked him gently, exploring with her hand, but her attention was mostly focused on Nathan. Nathan was taking long swipes with his tongue from her moist opening to her hard clit and back again. He gradually increased the pressure and she moaned, grinding into him.

His lips closed around her clit and he suckled it like it was a nipple. His tongue rubbed gently and she could feel the climax building inside her. She moaned and wiggled against him as his tongue and lips seemed to be everywhere at once – her clit, her opening and her labia all received his skilled attention. Her pleasure built gradually, as it always did with oral stimulation, but she was definately on the road to a terrific orgasm. He eagerly continued to lick and suckle and her hips began to gyrate in a thrusting motion. She longed for something inside her to help her continue the climb toward release. She felt him slip two fingers into her and she gasped, “Oh yes. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” She didn’t remember putting her hand on his head, but it was there. She wasn’t holding him there, she just wanted to be sure he didn’t stop. She was grinding more and more frantically into him, thrusting herself down onto his fingers, striving to bring her orgasm to fruition. She could hear the pitch of her moans rising, becoming louder the closer she got to release.

In her ear she heard, “Oh yeah, baby….that’s it….cum for us….that’s it, baby.”

She felt Peter thrusting his cock in and out of her hand while his fingers continued to stimulate her nipples and squeeze her breasts. Nathan thrust his fingers in and out of her, keeping time with her thrusting. Suddenly, she was there. She ground down onto Nathan’s fingers and pushed her clit tight against his mouth. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts into Peter’s hands. She let out a groan that was nearly a scream….and she WASN’T a screamer. Nathan kept his fingers inside her- she could feel them wiggling as the walls of her pussy spasmed around them. Nathan let out a muffled groan of pleasure as he pressed his face tight to her body and used his tongue to lap her juices.

Gradually the spasms subsided and awareness of her surroundings began to return. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding. She realized that she had Peter’s cock in a pretty firm grip, and she loosened her hand. She felt Nathan’s fingers slip out of her pussy and he gave her opening a final lick before his face lifted away from her. She realized that the men were chuckling and making comments to one another about how hot that was and about how intense her orgasm had been. They sounded like they had really enjoyed it.

The last of her doubts about her body and about this experience fled. She was safe and with men who found her sexy…..and she was going to enjoy herself to the fullest!

As she caught her breath and had a drink of water, their hands roamed over her body. The gentle stimulation made her skin tingle and kept her from drifting off into post-orgasm languor. They weren’t finished with her yet and she began to wonder what would happen next.

She knew that Peter was ataköy üniversiteli escort on her left and that Nathan had moved to stand on her right. In the process of caressing her, Nathan’s hand moved down the side of her face and she could smell herself on his skin. She had a sudden urge to taste, so she guided his fingers to her mouth and began to lick and suck his fingers, one after the other. She could taste her juices and smell her musky scent.

He let out a soft, “Damn” as he felt her tongue exploring the fingers in her mouth. She knew he was probably imagining what it would feel like to have his cock in her mouth. She was wondering about the same thing and decided to find out. She reached for him and he helped her hand find what it was seeking. She decided there were times when a blindfold could be inconvenient, but she loved not knowing who was there. For all she knew, they were men that she knew in her life using false names so that she wouldn’t make the connection.

Her hand closed on Nathan’s cock and she found him to be rock hard. She rolled toward him so she could stroke the shaft slowly with one hand while the other explored his balls. She felt him widen his stance a bit and change the angle of his body to make it easier for her to explore. He was natural above and clean shaven down below. His balls felt full and heavy in her hand and she took turns rolling them gently between her fingers. The head of his cock was smooth and she felt a drop of precum emerging, which she used to help her thumb slide in slow circles over the head. She was pleased to discover that his cock was on a level with her mouth and that it was easy to use the head to gently caress her cheeks and slightly parted lips.

She allowed her tongue to caress the head and used it to explore the round smoothness. She allowed her saliva to flow onto him and get the head wet and slippery. She began to use her lips, too, exploring and caressing only the head of his cock, gradually slipping her lips over the head so that it was completely enclosed in her warm mouth. Her tongue kept exploring and caressing as she advanced and retreated in a slow rhythm. She took a bit more of his cock into her mouth with each advance until she could feel the head touch the back of her throat. She held him there for just a moment, savoring the feeling of her mouth being totally full of hard, smooth cock.

She used her hand and mouth to give several slow, sensuous strokes while her tongue continued to wiggle. Nathan let out a low moan of pleasure and began to move slightly with her. She stroked him a few more times, then retreated almost completely off his cock. She tipped her head to the side and slid her lips down the shaft and back up to the head, still providing stimulation with her tongue and allowing saliva to coat the shaft. She did the same to the other side, then took the now very wet and slippery shaft in her hand and stroked slowly while her tongue played over his smooth shaven balls. She closed her lips around each one, sucking it gently into her mouth and rolling it with her tongue. She pressed her face into his sack and lapped at his balls, all the while, continuing to stimulate the shaft and head with her hand.

He was breathing more rapidly now and the muscles in his legs were tensing. She didn’t want to make him cum, so she stopped stroking his shaft and merely held him while she used her tongue to lick him from base to head and back again several times. She fondled his balls gently as she took him into her mouth once again. She used long deep strokes, with some suction when only his head was in her mouth. Her tongue couldn’t get enough of exploring him, and she found herself quickening the pace.

Nathan was moving with her, fucking her mouth as much as she was sucking him. Again, she felt his muscles start to tense and noticed that his balls had pulled tight against his body. He was ready to cum, but she wasn’t quite ready to let him.

She lifted her mouth off of him and stroked him gently, letting the arousal ease off. She shifted her body and used the head of his cock to tease her nipples. She explored the tight, wrinkled skin of his balls, and let her index finger caress the hard ridge below them. He moaned with pleasure and used his hands to press her breasts around his throbbing cock. He was producing so much pre-cum by now that after a couple strokes, his cock slid easily between her breasts. He pressed into her and began to pump in a rhthym that was sure to end in an explosion.

She fondled his balls and continued to apply pressure underneath them. His breathing became more ragged and he seemed to hesitate. She wanted him to cum on her creamy white chest, so she tugged gently on his balls to encourage him to keep stroking. He let out a husky groan and began to pump in earnest. It wasn’t long before she felt warm liquid splash across her skin, accompanied by the sound of a deep groan from Nathan. She purred with pleasure and swore she could feel every drop. It was so warm…. Nathan gave one final thrust and stepped back from her. Her fingers began to spread his cum on her skin. She used it to lubricate her nipples which she rolled and pinched lightly as she rolled back onto her back.

“I don’t think Peter can wait anymore, baby” said a chuckling voice in her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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