Uncle Took My virginity

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Uncle took my virginity

Hi friends, I am in my forties (40+) and I’m going to tell you about an incident in my 20s.

The incident took place when I was 21 and knew nothing about sex.

I lived with my aunt and uncle. It was a nice family; I enjoyed my time there with them.

I never had a mom around much and I never knew my father.

One day when I had a terrible dream, my aunt came in and talked with me.

She said she was tired and didn’t want to wake my cousins in the next room.

She told me to come with her into her bedroom and I could snuggle with her in there.

When we got into her bedroom, she lifted the blankets and motioned for me to get into bed.

Then she got in after me. For a little while she laid there awake with me, but eventually fell asleep.

I remember vividly thinking to myself how warm their bed was and how loved I felt a kind of snuggled between them.

Soon, my uncle began spooning with me. He felt extra warm and large compared to my frame.

He played with my hair and gently massaged my back under my nightshirt. I loved the attention and how big and warm his hands felt.

The next few days I was invited to snuggle them any time I had bad dreams, which sometimes I faked for the attention and the warm massages I would receive.

One night after we had been to the carnival all day, everybody was just exhausted. We all went to bed, and I heard my aunt coming, then she peaked in on me too.

Later that night, I woke up to my uncle climbing into bed with me.

He whispered quietly, saying, “I had a bad dream. Can I lie down with you?”

I saw nothing wrong with this, and I wanted to be kind to him as he had to me.

He crawled into the bed under the blankets and laid on his side. He pulled me into him and began stroking my very long hair, then massaging my back.

Soon he was running his large, warm hands over my hip and down my thigh.

After a few minutes, he asked if his hands felt nice.

I said yes.

Then I felt him pull my leg over his and gently slip his hand under the edge of my underwear.

He ran his fingers along my labia, slowly and gently. It felt really nice.

I klasbahis yeni giriş think he waited for my response. Of course, I already knew he shouldn’t be doing that.

He whispered, “Is that nice?” in a silent moan I whimpered Mmm Hm.

Then he pushed his hand a little lower and began massaging my clit. It felt heavenly. He asked me “You like that too, don’t you?”

I knew it was wrong, but I really liked it. I said yes. He massaged for a while, then kissed me and went back to his bedroom.

The next morning I went into their room bright and early. As my aunt slept, I spooned into my uncle, hoping he would do it again.

As I did, I felt his hard cock against my back. I wasn’t 100% sure what it was, but something told me I liked it.

Again, he pulled my leg over his and repeated the night before.

After a few minutes, he gently guided my hand to his huge erection and motioned for me to massage him as he was me. This morning’s routine went on for a few weeks.

One day, my aunt had to leave the house early in the morning. Maybe it was working. I don’t remember, as she was not my focus.

I was already in bed, watching her get ready to leave. As she stepped out of the room, she said be quiet and don’t wake your uncle.

Little did she know he was already quite awake.

After she left, he walked out of the bedroom. I listened to hear what he was doing and I could hear that he opened the door to the bedroom of his daughters. I can only assume to see that they were still fast asleep.

Then he came back to the bedroom. I was laying there expecting more play.

He climbed into that bed and turned me from my side to lie flat on my back, then kissed me.

He began kissing me slightly wet and after a few seconds moved into full French kissing me.

Then he sat upright over me and pulled my panties off in slow motion, looking at my body as they slipped over my legs.

He placed his hand between my legs again and began playing with me as I watched him.

Then he lowered himself onto his chest, placing his face between my thighs and went down on me.

Immediately, my clit must have swelled, and my entire body felt a klasbahis giriş rush of excitement.

He went down on me for what felt like hours. He told me I tasted yummy, and he asked “glad that you liked it.” Then everybody began waking and our fun stopped.

I laid awake most nights, hoping he would come into my bedroom.

When he came in, I was very excited and could wait to feel his mouth on me. I would jerk him off and we would watch each other.

One night he went down on me and when he finished he stood up with his cock in my face and said “Would you like to try it?”

I knew exactly what he meant, but didn’t know what to do. He pulled my hand up, wrapped it around his shaft, and told me to lick and suck it just like a popsicle.

His directions were very clear. So, although it didn’t fit into my mouth and a popsicle, I did exactly what he said.

I didn’t know what it was, but I felt his cock pulsating as I pleased him and enjoyed it immensely.

Over the next few months, our play time continued like this. Mornings snuggled up with them, secretly giving hand jobs and getting my clit massaged under those sheets, oral on me, making me cum again and again whenever we were left alone, then me learning exactly how to give him a quality blow job.

Eventually, he introduced his fingers into our play. He would push them inside of me while he went down on me and something just exploded nearly at the moment he began.

Then the night came when he decided to take what he really wanted. He was kind, went down on me as usual, then massaged some liquid into me and himself.

I didn’t know what that was but; it felt great. He lowered himself over me and slowly pushed inside of me. It felt like I was being cut open with a hot knife. But he said, “It’s okay, I know it hurts. It won’t hurt for long and I promise you’ll like it a lot.”

I didn’t enjoy that time, but after a while it was a bit of an enjoyable moment and I had an orgasm. After orgasm, it again started paining.

The whole thing hurt like hell.

The next day, I did not snuggle. My aunt left early again and uncle checked the door, checked his daughters, then came into my bedroom.

He klasbahis güvenilirmi asked how I was. If I was feeling okay. I told him I was fine, but that I was hurting.

To which he said he was so sorry, and that it was nothing, a little hot water wouldn’t hurt.

He led me to the bathroom and turned the shower on. He stepped into the shower and gently pulled me in as well.

I stood there as the water warmed me, as his hands so often did.

He washed my hair and my body. He asked if he could kiss my pain away.

I was relaxed by this point.

I said yes.

He told me to stand on the shower bench and kneeled below me. He opened my legs and began licking me and almost immediately I came again and then several more times after. He kept going until the water began to run cool.

I was feeling much better. We dried off and got dressed. He told me it would begin to feel good if I wanted to keep trying. I am not sure what made me want it more.

But, I resumed going into the bedroom in the mornings.

Sometimes my aunt was even home. She would get up and begin her day, leaving us to “sleep in” and she would make breakfast as he and I would massage, perform oral, and he would slip his fingers inside of me, bringing me to orgasm time and time again.

We had sex often once I got used to it. He took me in the shower and ate me out like no man since.

He took me in their bed, in my bed, but most often he would lie on the sofa. I would snuggle up with him and we would watch TV.

He would lube up his cock, then push into me from behind so that we could watch the big picture window to make sure nobody was pulling into the drive or coming up to the door.

That lasted for a few years.

However, I relished his company. I took great pleasure in his dexterous hands, and his magical tongue and the way his cock filled me and all the special treatments he provided me with all of his parts.

I teased him into submitting to my desires and begged him to play with me many times by grinding my ass against him and stroking his cock even as he slept.

I am in my forties now and fantasize about those days. I occasionally have this insane desire and need to step outside of my marriage to seek the same feelings with an older man to watch and feel him enjoy my body just the way my uncle did thrills me in ways that nothing else can.

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