Under Control Ch. 1

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I arrived at her house at 6.30 having spent most of the day in my study preparing the lecture notes for the following morning. I had had to process hours of research into a 1 hour long lecture and it was difficult. I was pleased with the end product and looked forward to an evening with her to relax.

I let myself in a found the house empty and still. On the table in the hallway was a note.


Bath, shower and enema. I want you to wear the things on the bed and be ready for me by 8.

Sit in the chair by the fire with your feet on the seat. Use the cuffs to secure your ankles to the chair arms. Have the cuffs on your wrists but leave them both unattached. Orgasm not permitted!

H xx”

That was it. I felt a frisson of excitement and hurried upstairs to prepare. I went to the bedroom and looked at the things on the bed. Four cuffs were laid out. Beside them was her favourite set of anal beads. Five beads joined by a slender nylon string, the last had a long hank of my own hair braided into the ribbon that normally lay outside to facilitate their removal. She had also placed a pair of black silk panties, open at the crotch, and a black transparent camisole on the bed. A nipple chain fitted with clamps at either end completed the inventory. Well, I thought. This looks like a fun evening!

I had grown to enjoy the enemas she insisted upon but preferred her to administer them herself. There was, however, no choice on this occasion so I undressed, entered the shower and filled the bag with warm soapy water and hung it, connected to its tube, on the hook in the wall.

I juiced up my bum with the mild soap she used and slipped the nozzle in. When the clamp opened I felt the water, warm and soft, run inside me. Full, I clamped off the end and walked around the bathroom for a few minutes until I knew Artvin Escort it was time to get rid. That done, I repeated the process once more to ensure I was clean. I showered, washed my hair and stood under the shower for a good 5 minutes to wash away the day.

Hair and body thoroughly dry I returned to the bathroom. Using more of the mild soap I made my bum ready and slipped in the beads one by one. She knew that I enjoyed this and hence, I suspected, the prohibition on orgasm. As they filled me I felt the stirrings of desire but decided it was best to try to ignore them, the consequences of a premature orgasm were unpredictable and I would not lie to her. All part of the trust that is essential in such a relationship.

The hair hung down from my behind like a dark brown tail. It caressed my thigh and tormented me as I moved around. She knew that too.

I put on the panties and arranged my “tail” so it hung properly. The panties had lace around the opening that caressed me as I moved too. She can be such a cow! The sensual onslaught in my groin had worked its magic on my nipples; they stood hard from my small breasts and made attaching the clamps easy. I didn’t screw them up hard, although I knew she would later.

The camisole was also silk and virtually transparent so the slut’s chain was clearly visible lying between my breasts. The cuffs completed the job and with the time at nearly 7.45 it was urgent to get set. I went downstairs and sat in the chair, letting the tail dangle over the front of the seat, careful that it didn’t pull. I lifted my feet and experimented to get as comfortable as possible before fixing them.

I sat, properly arranged, for maybe 20 minutes. She was, deliberately of course, later than she said but when I heard her key in the lock I was delighted and felt such a slut. Artvin Escort Bayan I was, naturally enough, wet with anticipation. She came in through the door and stood looking at me with affection.

“Well, look at my girl. What a delicious sight.” She took off her jacket and reached into her bag for her camera. How embarrassing. “There’s one for the web site.” I knew she would do it too!

She was wearing her work clothes. “Wait there my love,” as if I could do anything else.

I heard her moving around upstairs and heard the shower running. When she returned, after what seemed an age, she was dressed to thrill. A simple, short black dress with thin shoulder straps so obviously no bra and her delicious breasts, 34b, moving sensuously under the soft fabric. She wore black stockings with seams and 5″ heels. Her short brown hair lay softly, shining. A vision. She carried a small black leather bag.

She came to stand behind the chair and massaged my shoulders. Many times she has had me sit like this and, without touching me, has whispered her desires (and mine) in my ear until I came without any physical contact. This night, however, she caressed my shoulders and kissed my neck.

“This is not just about tonight! What we do now will take us into the future. Are you ready?” I nodded. “Say it.”

“I am ready Mistress.”

“Good girl.” She kissed my ear and her tongue traced around it.

She moved away and went to her bag. I couldn’t see what she held in her hand. She kept it concealed from me as she came in front of me and stood close. Her empty hand reached to my nipple. “So loose, little babe!” She pulled down my camisole and tightened the clamps. I cried out and tears ran.


She opened her other hand and showed me three silver eggs, each about the size of a pigeon’s Escort Artvin egg. They were connected with a thin string and, from one there hung a small silver chain. She touched my pussy and ran her hands slowly and lovingly over my pubis. I moaned.

Her finger insinuated itself into me and squirmed inside me. I felt myself get wetter still. Obviously satisfied, she removed her finger and placed one of the eggs between my lips. They spread around it as she pushed. It entered me, as did the second and the third, only the chain any visible sign of my occupation. I was in ecstacy. My long hair waved as my head shook.

She walked to the side table and delved in her bag again. She came back to me and handed me a small device, the size of a pager. I examined it but could see nothing to explain its purpose. I watched her go again to her bag and take out a similar device.

I looked at her, expecting an explanation. She touched the device in her hand and suddenly I felt this incredible movement inside me. The eggs were literally churning in my pussy, moving and working together so much as to make me throw my head back and moan. There was a sudden increase in their movement and I felt my juices escape down over my thighs. The movement within me suddenly stopped.

“Whenever you receive a message from me on your mobile which says “Insert,” you will immediately put these eggs inside you. Understood?”

I was in a state of surprise. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Don’t fail.”

She walked to me and undid the bonds on my ankles. She bade me stand and, laughing gently, pulled softly on my tail. She had me walk around, knowing the torment the lace and the tail were causing. I turned away from her and suddenly felt the turmoil inside me as the eggs started again. The stopping was a startling as the beginning.


In the centre of the room was a large, low table which, to a casual visitor looked almost like a coffee table, which in fact it was. To me, however, it was a place of fear, pain and delicious sexual abandon. A movement like a thousand fingers erupted in my deepest self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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