Under Cover

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Under Cover — Federal Detective Caitlyn Alvarez

Detective Caitlyn Alvarez stripped out of her clothes and walked into the warehouse with the others. It was a male fantasy, she thought wryly. Sixteen naked women, locked in a room, under the strict authority of a few powerful men.

She was rudely searched, fingers pushed right up into her pussy and ass. They were looking for cameras, microphones, or GPS locators, she assumed. Then the guard handed her a breath mask and gloves and she went to her station.

The cartel always employed naked women to pack their cocaine into bricks, preferably petite women. Men were naturally aggressive, and more inclined to rebel, whereas diminutive women, significantly weaker, were fully capable of doing the job, but could be easily subdued if necessary. And naked, they had no pockets or shoes to hide stolen product. And orifices were searched going out too.

The FBI and DEA needed to know who was in charge here. Twenty-four different men had been observed coming and going, in identical black Rav4s, even down to duplicate license plates. But which of these men was the top dog? Appropriate charges could not be brought until the hierarchy was understood.

Two years ago, the FBI had embarrassed themselves by arresting Julio Vigil. They had released his unimportant driver, only to learn later that the cartel executive actually liked to drive himself to and from work. Julio had been hired to ride in the back, wearing a nice suit, acting as the decoy. This time, at the packaging facility, they needed to ID the man in charge before the arrests were made.

This was a job for Special Detective Caitlyn. With her gorgeous face and figure, dusky skin, and gift for languages, she could go anywhere. And Caitlyn would do anything for the job. Anything. She had no modesty or inhibitions when duty called. If an agent was needed to go undercover in a strip club, brothel, harem, or porn set, Cait would always volunteer.

Caitlyn pulled the plastic sheet over the wooden frame and turned on the vacuum. The plastic was sucked into place, shaping itself to the form of the frame. She scooped cocaine from the bin and poured it into the hollow. When it was full, she skimmed the overfill back into the bin and folded the plastic over the top, sealing it into a brick shape.

She was paid five dollars per brick and she could make about twenty bricks an hour. It was good money, but her real job was to find out who was running the operation.

Apart from the occasional “Hurry up!” the men seldom spoke to the women. Leered at them. Fondled them. Occasionally spanked a bare bottom. But words were few.

Caitlyn had been working here three months now. So far, she only had one clear idea of who was in charge. The men. Each and every man was over and above all of the women. Other than that, all she had learned was a handful of names.

One of these, Luis, snapped his fingers and pointed at her. Caitlyn sighed with reluctance because that’s what the men would expect to see. A girl called away from her station would be upset about losing wages by a stop in her production. But she wasn’t allowed to say No.

In reality, Caitlyn was glad of the summons. She dropped to her knees as Luis puled out his cock. The close proximity gave her an excellent opportunity to gather info. She had watched other girls called to service the men now and then and each time regretted that she had not been chosen.

Caitlyn obediently took the dick into her mouth. She was an expert cocksucker. First place in the Rhode Island Oral Rodeo. Forty-seven blowjobs in the Erotic Carnival Charity Bazaar. Winner of the Amateur Blowjob Contest at the Vegas Porn Convention. Sucking on Luis’ cock was easy. But she wanted to draw it out, make it last awhile, without getting him frustrated to the point where he’d call one of the other girls.

She moved in close, taking him all the way into her throat. Guys loved that. The sight of their cock buried all the way into a girl’s pretty face always excited them. She knew a way to work the muscles in the back of her throat to make him come in less than a minute. But for now, she simply held him there, letting him enjoy the view. Within her mouth, she lazily stroked his cock with her tongue. But these were practiced skills she could do in her sleep. While she stimulated Luis, she also studied him covertly.

His belt buckle was gaudy and expensive, Caitlyn saw. But that wasn’t real gold and those weren’t real diamonds. No türkçe altyazılı porno tool marks. No seams. No artist marks. It wasn’t custom made, but a die-cast, mass-produced piece. Luis was making good money, but not top dollars.

Caitlyn pulled back until just the head of his cock was still in her mouth. Breathing was not possible when deep-throating, so she’d had to take a break. She tickled the crown with her tongue and smiled up at him. If he came now, that would be fine with her. Luis was a low man on this cartel totem pole.

Besides the belt buckle, his Rolex was fake and his boots were imitation alligator. There were telltale callouses on his thumbs that indicated he spent a lot of hours playing cards and his short, rough fingernails meant he chewed on them. A nervous gambler was one who owed a great deal of money. Perhaps the Feds could use that for leverage.

If he had time to play cards, he had few responsibilities other than working a shift, supervising the cocaine packaging. If the sight of all these naked women got him horny, well, that was to be expected. Caitlyn really didn’t blame him for taking advantage of the fringe benefits.

She sucked and licked the head of his cock and brought her hands up to stroke his shaft and tease his balls.

“Oh, Fuck!” he said, pouring into her mouth. His salty cum exploded on her tongue, the familiar flavor of a job well done. Caitlyn was well pleased with herself.

She held him in her mouth, coaxing the last few drops from him. But she remained aware of her surroundings. When the door opened, and one of the other men arrived, she noted who it was.

Ricardo. Unlike Luis, Ricardo did not dress flashy. Expensive brand names, but just jeans and a button down. No bling. Either low on the totem pole and content or high and confident. Cait had not yet decided.

“What the fuck is this?” Ricardo demanded.

“I’m sorry,” Luis apologized, abruptly pulling out of Caitlyn’s mouth and tucking himself away.

“This shipment must go out in three days. I don’t have time for you to distract the females.”

“It won’t happen again. I swear it.”

“Once is too many,” Ricardo said. “As you have promoted this girl from worker to whore, you must take her station. Take off your clothes and get to work. If you make more bricks than every other worker, you still get your day’s pay and come back tomorrow to supervise as usual. I will try out the new whore. If she is skillful enough to merit the promotion you have given, the bricks you produce will be credited to her.”

Still on her knees, Caitlyn made her face apprehensive. A girl in her position would be afraid of losing her lucrative job, maybe even her life. But underneath, she was thrilled. Ricardo was clearly the boss.

Nobody but the man in charge could humiliate one of the men this way. A lieutenant would report the misdeed rather than punish. And a threat to fire could only come from the top. His treatment of Caitlyn was also telling. Offering to pay her for someone else’s work? An underling could not be so generous. Finally, after punishing Luis for dallying with a worker, only the boss could do the same thing.

“Follow me,” he said. Caitlyn swallowed Luis’ cum and stood up. She’d kept in her mouth just in case Luis had wanted to see it. Many men did. But it didn’t seem that Luis’ wants would be important for a time.

Ricardo led her to the end of the packaging table. The worker women were stationed at the sides, facing each other. But there were no stations at the ends. Caitlyn was made to stand with her back to the table. Behind her, to either side, naked women were hard at work.

“Give me what you gave Luis,” Ricardo told her.

Caitlyn cheerfully knelt down, pulled Ricardo’s cock out and popped it in her mouth. She could relax and enjoy herself now. Her mission was accomplished. The very act of demanding this blowjob was confirmation. Ricardo was teaching Luis a sharp lesson. He was literally showing him who was the boss. All Caitlyn had to do was report it to her superiors.

In the meantime, she was happy to give him a blowjob. Soon, he’d be in prison, getting blowjobs from other guys, or more likely, giving them. Caitlyn felt kind of bad about that. Even criminals should not be deprived of pussy. But that was outside her authority. If this was to be his last blowjob from a female, she would make it a good one.

She had hurried with Luis, once she’d learned how unimportant xnxx he was. Luis would probably get a deal to testify, maybe even some money under the table to pay his gambling debts. But Ricardo was going down for a long time. So it was only fair that Caitlyn go down on him for a long time.

But it seemed Ricardo had other ideas. Cait had barely settled into a favourite rhythm, sliding her lips back and forth over the crown of his cock, licking the underside. She was planning to bring right to the edge of orgasm and pausing, over and over, until the torment was unbearable. She had planned to make it last at least an hour, but she had only just gotten started when he stopped her.

“On the table,” he told her. She obediently hopped up and perched on the edge, spreading her legs in invitation. If he wanted to fuck her pussy rather than her mouth, Caitlyn had no objections.

This was to be another lesson for the disgraced Luis, she realized. Ricardo laid her back on the table, between the worker stations. Carmen and Anna were at her right, on Stations 9 and 10. Rosalinda was on Station 1. But Caitlyn’s own usual station,

, was now manned by Luis. He was as naked as the women, his face furious as he bricked the cocaine. Ricardo was going to make him watch as he fucked her.

Luis would probably blame her for that, Cait realized. Men were like that, she knew, making women responsible for their own weaknesses and mistakes. She smiled up at him as Ricardo pushed into her. Then she lay back and relaxed, luxuriating in a slow, easy fuck.

Caitlyn had the best job in the world. All the dick she could want, plenty of cum, and the satisfaction of getting bad guys off the street. The fat government paycheck, excellent healthcare, and first-rate retirement plan didn’t hurt either. And when she wasn’t on an assignment, she got to moonlight as a high-priced callgirl, with the full might of Homeland Security giving her permanent immunity to all possible criminal charges, should a Vice detective happen to target her.

Any smuggler, embezzler, money launderer, or terrorist who checked her background would find a well-established history of a top shelf whore. Every client she took gave her credibility and made her a more valuable asset to the government. And when she did go on assignment, her investigative skills made her invaluable.

Lying on the table, letting Ricardo fuck her, was a wonderful way to spend a morning. He was a nicely selfish lover. He filled his hands with her tits and filled her cunt with his cock, demanding nothing in return. Caitlyn didn’t have to moan or sigh or tell him how big he was. She could simply lie there and enjoy.

What a magical thing it is to be female, she thought. Designed by Nature to hold a penis within her. Caitlyn closed her eyes and concentrated on those marvelous sensations, visualizing what was happening. The bulbous mushroom head pushing through the lips of her sex, that thick, heated shaft sliding into her, filling her up, her own walls, lubricating, generously oiling the cock, easing its passage, welcoming its presence.

Luis, Anna, Carmen, and Rosalinda were no doubt watching as Ricardo fucked her. Caitlyn didn’t mind. Sometimes, she liked an audience. She wondered if the women were envious, wishing it was their pussies Ricardo was plunging his dick into. And she knew for a fact that Luis wanted to be the cocksman.

Ricardo didn’t last long. He was a busy man. Busy men don’t waste time. They get in, do what they need to, and get out. He fucked her for less than five minutes before she felt him tense up and start trembling. Caitlyn felt his cock pulsing. She knew what that meant. He was flooding her deep cunt with fresh cum.

Panting and sweaty, Ricardo pulled out. He put himself away and called out, “Carlos! Your turn!”

Another lesson for Luis. Ricardo got to decide who fucked his girls and when. Carlos approached. Caitlyn smiled at him and waved hello. He was a short, pudgy man with a smug expression. He smirked at Luis as he opened his pants and entered Cait’s pussy.

His dick was longer than Ricardo’s, but not so thick. Caitlyn was happy with any size or shape, but she loved the variety.

Sloppy seconds. Caitlyn smiled to herself at the thought. That’s what she was right now. A used female. Also known as a buttered bun. Some men were so squeamish about fucking a cunt already filled with cum. Others loved it.

It was funny, Caitlyn thought. It didn’t really matter. porno izle The human penis and the very act of fucking were designed by evolution to anticipate previous visitors to the vagina. The wedge-shaped head, with its crown ridge, was perfectly engineered to push other men’s cum to the sides and then pull it back out, clearing the way for its own emission. Every time a cock moved in and out of a cunt, it was scooping and removing potential sperm deposited by earlier males.

Caitlyn would have preferred to keep all of it, the more the merrier, mix-and-match, extra butter for the bun. But men are always men. Even balls-deep in a juicy pussy, they are still competing with each other.

Carlos pulled her thighs up and threw her knees over her shoulders as he fucked her. This had the effect of lifting Cait’s ass up above the surface of the table. Carlos was not quite so selfish as ricardo. Cait didn’t think he cared if she came or not, but he stared into her eyes as he grunted and thrust. He was at least interested in her reaction.

To her own surprise, Caitlyn did come, a light, mild orgasm that zinged her senses and left her a little breathless but did not overwhelm. It was nice to have a climax at work. Not necessary, but always welcome. Her fellow officers, stuck in their drab offices and grim investigations, very seldom had such an experience.

Carlos drove himself deep and went rigid. His eyes crossed and he stoped breathing. Caitlyn smiled up at him, a friendly welcome for the cum he was pouring into her.

Then it was Ramon’s turn. Until Ricardo called him over, she had not known his name. One more piece of data Caitlyn had now acquired. Ramon was one of the squeamish ones. He was clearly reluctant to stick his dick in Cait’s gooey pussy. But he couldn’t refuse an invitation from the boss either. Taking out his cock, he pointed it at Caitlyn’s entrance. And hesitated.

Cait felt sorry for him. “You can fuck my ass,” she suggested. But he shook his head No. In front of this crowd, he didn’t want to do anything that might seem unmanly. Fucking an asshole, even a girl’s, smacked of homosexuality, while dipping his cock into a well of other men’s cum was somehow acceptable.

Ramon pushed it halfway in, then pulled out. Carefully, he fucked her like that, sticking to the shallow part of her cunt. Men are so silly, she thought. She clenched her pussy, giving him some extra stimulation, squeezing his cock head as it moved in and out.

As expected, Ramon lost his control as orgasm approached. He forgot his distaste for sloppy seconds and pushed deeper, three, four, five times, then his eyes closed as he drained his balls into Caitlyn.

Other than Luis, that was it for the men in the warehouse. Cait expected to be put back to bricking cocaine, but she had misjudged the depth of Ricardo’s anger. The Feds had identified twenty-four different men coming and going from this place. Usually, there were only three or four there at a time. But Ricardo made a couple of phone calls and soon, they all showed up.

Everyone was to see Luis, naked and packing cocaine. He was to be an example of what happens when Ricardo was disrespected. And to thoroughly humiliate the man who had dared to demand a blowjob, everyone other than Luis was invited to take a turn with Caitlyn. When Ricardo had said he was going to evaluate her worth as a whore, he had been dead serious.

No stranger to gang bangs, orgies, and marathon fucking, Caitlyn welcomed each man. One after another, they took out their dicks and put them inside her.

One after another, they emptied their balls into Caitlyn’s waiting cunt.

Everyone but Luis got to fuck her. Then Ricardo came back for his blowjob. When Caitlyn’s shift was finally over, she was weak and shaky. She’d been fucked by twenty-four men and managed six orgasms of her own.

She was allowed to leave with the other women. Luis has managed to make quota, so she did get paid for the day.

Her soft cotton panties were soothing against her sore pussy and she had a thousand dollars cash in her pocket.

Caitlyn could easily get five times that for fucking just one man in her callgirl profession, but she hadn’t done this for the money, and she’d enjoyed every minute of it.

She sighed to think that by tomorrow noon, there would be federal arrest warrants for all of her lovers from today. But that was the job. Her colleagues had surely tracked them when they all unexpectedly showed up at once. Caitlyn could now put a name to every face and she knew who the boss was. Angry Luis might be eager to be a cooperating witness, and Cait was willing to offer him sexual favours to sweeten the deal. And if necessary, she could provide DNA samples for every man but Luis in the facility.

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