Under Northern Lights Ch. 01

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Beautiful Brunette

It’s 1927 and our alter-egos are in Fairbanks Alaska

Since that first wonderful time that my two big strong men had taken me into their bed. Sharing me, adoring me, loving me and most of all fucking me, my life has been a veritable heaven on earth. All of those dozens, maybe even hundreds of times since our first night here in Alaska our souls have mingled beneath the furs and we have been warmed and renewed by the heat of one another’s bodies.

I was lying there perfectly still waiting for what I knew was to come, I practiced what the old healer had told me. To make my mind blank, to seek the place of my inner peace. Not to consider the day’s toil. Of flying the barrels of fuel and the boxes of dynamite and the people, sometimes all together on the same airplane. I centered myself and Lou centered himself as did Nate. Once we had the right frame of mind our hearts could dance in the sacred darkness together.

Each of us learned to accept one another in our totality. To neither resist nor to make ourselves slaves to our human emotions and earthly desires. Not to upset the balance of our tri-partite universe by making a fuss. To give completely, take graciously and to never ever let anything upset the magnificently unique thing that we had created.

Tonight, I had relaxed so completely that I had almost drifted off to sleep. I do that sometimes, but my guys know exactly what to do in that case. I was just barely awake and anal yapan gaziantep escort as I laid there on the mattress under the furs, I kept both of my eyes shut tight. Lou was making a squish, squish, sound as he pumped his long hard penis into my vagina. I was absolutely glowing as I started to feel that warm, juicy, feeling that telegraphed my body’s intention to climax.

I was going to come very soon. Laying still, trying not to move a muscle or make a sound I heard another sound besides the one my Lou’s cock was making as it rammed in and out of the wetness of my vagina. I just barely cracked one eye open, and I waited for it to adjust to the darkness. I felt Nate beside me, by my side there in the holy darkness of our bedroom. He was holding his lovely penis in his strong hand very close to my lips, my face.

As my eyes acclimated themselves to the tiny amount of light, I saw his silhouette stroking his penis and getting it really hard. As wet as I already was the parts of my pussy responsible for my wetness worked overtime and I started to flood. I tried to just be and to draw it all in, but my excitement was such that I broke the silence. I moaned softly and a moment later in reaction Lou’s body stopped moving. He jerked and he ejaculated into me.

I opened my mouth to welcome Nate’s hardness into my wetness as Lou although he was softening a little, anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan started to buck his hips and put a twist on his most enticing connection to me and in so doing continued to stimulate me. Neither of us was feeling the same intensity as we had a moment previously, but neither of us had stopped either. It was as if we were flying and pulling out of a power-dive. We did it slowly, slowly until we had regained speed and we were off again.

“That’s right, Nate, put it in her mouth, put it down her throat,” said Lou, as I used my hands to gently massage his balls and his shaft on those occasions when he withdrew enough for me to make contact with it. In the darkness I could make out the shape of Nate’s head, he was facing me, looking down at me. He had offered me his penis and I had gratefully accepted it. I sucked on its magnificent head and licked it all the way down his beautiful shaft.

As I was making sweet love to Nate’s cock, I felt Lou move up and down and side to side, rubbing his penis on the many very sensitive parts of my vagina. The sensitive part at the entrance and the one just a little way in and all around the place I make water. I got really horny from all the attention and I thought that no matter how long I live I could never-ever feel any better than this right now.

Nate fucked me and he really fucked me escort gaziantep anal yapan hard. He rammed himself up into my vagina so firmly that I felt it tingling in the base of my spine. It hurt me just a little bit, but not enough for me to cry about. I’m a tough cookie and that little nudge made my body react in a divine fashion making me light-headed and ecstatic.

Lou started fucking my warm, wet, willing mouth as Nate worked me hard from behind. As Nate pulled his glorious penis out of me, Lou rammed his into me. Nate went in as Lou pulled out, then Nate rammed himself into me. I was tingling all over as I was getting bounced all over. Lou held my hair very tight and Nate held my hips firmly as they worked in unison to fuck me from two directions at once.

Lou held onto my head very, very tightly with both of his hands as I initially gagged a little on his savory offering being ejaculated into me. His penis had completely filled my gleeful mouth and it was all the way down my throat as I felt his warm cum pouring down into my body.

“Come in her Nate!” Lou said, and in a long drawn out moan my lover did. Nate had given me all that he had, he had fucked me as hard as hell and in his passion I had felt his cum squirt into me and I had felt it drip, dribble and run out of my vagina as Nate’s penis pistoned into me and displaced it.

Finally, after he had stopped and was enjoying the peace one felt in the afterglow of orgasm, he said to me, “Em, are you the light that shines in the night, the northern light that leads the way?”

“I’m the light in the darkness,” I recited the ancient saying just like the shaman had taught me to do, modifying it only slightly, “And you my lovers are the earth and the water that nourishes me.”

Lou and Nate held me tight as I slept a most peaceful sleep, The three of us together, all night long.

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