Under The Sun Ch. 4 – Epilogue

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Everything here feels harsh and bright, hard and unyielding, all sharp edges. I find it almost impossible to believe that I was ever part of this life; this harsh, unrelenting cacophony of noise and motion as millions of dead eyed souls rush around me like fast moving water around a boulder. London may only be a short flight from Spain but it feels like a different planet, one where time moves too quickly, at a pace that now feels alien and hostile to me.

Even amongst the throngs of people here I feel so detached and alone and I yearn to be back there, back with Paulo. But I can’t, and as much as it pained me I had no choice but to return here. But the events of my time in Spain have changed me profoundly, it feels as though I have been away for years like some frozen space traveller, awakened to find that decades have passed on my home planet and everything has changed.

The mild September day is grey and overcast, it is still warm by British standards but I shiver and pull my cardigan tighter around me as I sip my coffee on the park bench. I close my eyes and draw in a long, deep breath through a chest full of broken glass, it tastes like exhaust fumes and anxiety. I exhale slowly and get to my feet, dropping my barely touched coffee into a nearby waste bin as I set off along the greasy pavement in my uncomfortable shoes, daydreaming of sand beneath my bare feet.

Back in my office I go about my day in a haze of apathy, barely able to take my eyes off the clock as I drag myself painfully towards the end of my working day like a lost desert traveller crawling towards an oasis. A short while ago I was so happy here, this was my dream job in my dream city, but now I am seeing the world through different eyes and I can see it for what it really is. I used to work so hard here, always going the extra mile after fully buying into the corporate ethos like a happy, compliant drone. When five o’clock finally arrives I am first to leave.

On my walk to the station I stop off at the supermarket to buy wine and a microwave pasta meal for one. I continue on to the underground station and along with hundreds of other rush hour commuters I cram myself into a cramped tube carriage that smells of stale urine and sweat, taking care not to meet anyone’s gaze. As my journey out of the city progresses, the train sheds passengers during its frequent stops and my carriage gradually empties until there is just me and one other passenger remaining.

He is slouched in his seat a few feet away from me, the hood of his black sweatshirt pulled tightly around his head, the peak of a grubby baseball cap protrudes out from beneath. Even from several feet away he smells like someone puked in an ashtray. I don’t have to look at him to tell that he is staring at me intently. As the train nears my stop I glance at him as I rise from my seat and I am forced to walk past him as I head towards the carriage doors and I see that he has his hand down inside his filthy track suit bottoms. As I pass by, he raises his other hand towards me, reaching out and uttering some unintelligible obscenity that collapses stillborn into a pathetic wheezing laugh.

I practically jump from the train and onto the platform as soon as the doors slide open and then turn back and anxiously wait for the train to pull away again. I half expect the pathetic creature to lurch out from between the doors as they slide shut, but as the train pulls away it takes it’s foul cargo along with it and I relax my grip on the neck of the wine bottle. I briskly walk the last mile to my flat, nervously glancing over my shoulder every few seconds until I reach the sanctuary of my front Kartal Escort door.

Once inside I contemptuously kick off my stupid work shoes and head to the kitchen and place the wine in the freezer before heading to the bathroom. I shed clothes with every step until I reach the shower and I stand, almost trance like beneath the warm deluge of water as it carries away the grime of my day. After what feels like an age I turn off the water and dry myself down.

I walk to my bedroom and pick up Paulo’s T-shirt from the end of the bed and hold it to my face, inhaling deeply, trying to find even the faintest trace of him, but however hard I try, it just isn’t there. I slip the shirt on and head downstairs and warm up my meal in the microwave. I install myself in front of the TV, barely aware of what is happening on the screen in front of me as I numbly eat my rubbery pasta from its plastic container, washing each mouthful down with a sip of wine and trying hard not to cry.

I wake up on the sofa in the early hours of the morning, cold, groggy and confused and feeling like I have woken in a strange place. I swing my bare feet down to the floor, knocking over my empty wine bottle as I rise up and shuffle sleepily towards the bathroom, switching off the TV to silence the idiot on the late night shopping channel as I pass it. I shamble to the bathroom, the freezing cold floor tiles shock me fully awake and I pull on every ounce of strength I possess to not burst into tears.

I slip into my bed and it feels enormous and empty but I pull the duvet tightly around me and hover on the edge of sleep, trying to fill my mind with images of soft, sandy beaches and imagine making love to Paulo under foreign skies to the sound of crashing waves and the shimmering song of cicadas. Just as sleep finally comes to claim me, I am suddenly struck with the realisation that I am not alone here, there is someone else here in my flat.

I didn’t hear him come in through the front door and walk along the landing without the floorboards betraying him, I didn’t hear him cross the threshold of my bedroom without soliciting the slightest creak from the door. But I hear him now, breathing softly behind me, right besides my bed. I am terrified, my eyes are screwed tightly shut and I can feel his gaze burning deeply into me. I am frozen in terror as I hear the the soft pop of buttons and the whisper of a zip being undone before his clothes hit the floor and he climbs into bed alongside me.

It is only then that I realise who it is. It is impossible that he is here, but I don’t question it for fear of breaking the spell. I feel his large, rough hand on the soft, bare skin of my thigh as he nestles in behind me, he gently brushes my hair to one side and begins to softly kiss my neck as he whispers my name. I can feel his hardness growing against me as his hand slides up under my t-shirt, tracking across my belly on its journey upwards. The feeling of his warm breath against my neck is almost too much to bear so I turn my head towards his and our lips meet as his hand finds my breasts. I push back against him and feel his hard cock pressed against the cleft of my buttocks and I long to have him inside me.

I don’t understand how he can be here but he is. I roll over to face him and he places one strong arm over me, pulling me tighter against him and we lie together, hungrily kissing for what feels like an eternity. I am desperate to lose this T-shirt, so I push away from him and he rolls onto his back as I sit astride him. I reach down and grip the T-shirt with both hands and pull it up over my head and throw it across Kartal Escort Bayan the room.

As soon as my breasts spill out of the shirt, his eager hands find them and I grind myself against his impossibly hard cock as he cups them. I place my hands on his, pressing them tightly against my breasts, enjoying the feeling of his touch on my body. Eventually my hands slip down to his wrists and I grip them tightly, pinning them against the pillow. I lean forwards and kiss him, my hard nipples brushing lightly against his chest. I hear him quietly moan and start to push his hardness against me, desperate to be inside me, and even though I want nothing more than that myself, I continue to hold him down and playfully kiss him, delaying the pleasure for as long as I can stand.

Finally he can take no more and I do little to resist when he slips his hands from my grasp and forcefully grabs my thighs, the suddenness of this makes me gasp. I place one hand on his chest as he pulls me firmly to him, my other had gripping his cock as I guide it into my dripping wet pussy. I moan with pleasure as I feel every last inch of him slide blissfully inside me. He relinquishes his grip on my thighs a little and I begin to gently rock back and forth, setting the pace while enjoying the feeling of him filling me completely.

I start out slowly, savouring the feeling of him inside me, it has only been a few short weeks but it feels like forever. I push aside the feeling of disbelief that he is actually here with me and concentrate on the moment instead, fearing that entertaining even a sliver of doubt could dispel the reality of this. But he is here and that is enough for me, the time for questions, the time to rationalise this will come later. I lean forwards and kiss him deeply, allowing my breasts to brush teasingly against his chest as he grips my hips tightly, pulling me to him, urging his cock ever deeper inside me.

Paulo releases his grip on my thighs and lets me continue to set the pace, his hands find my breasts once more. Part of me wants to savoir this, to take it slowly, but I am overcome with the moment, it has been way too long since he was inside me and a sense of urgency overcomes me as begin to thrust myself against him with ever increasing speed, my knuckles white as I grip the headboard, making it bang rhythmically against the wall. I swear I can hear music as the bed creaks in time with our exertions and the headboard slams against the wall like the beat of a drum. I hear a male voice begin to sing and confusion clouds my mind before turning to realisation as I am torn from his embrace.

I reach out to the clock radio on my night-stand and sleepily mash all the buttons in an effort to silence the damn thing and then launch it angrily across the room. I begin to disentangle myself from the twisted bedsheets and T-shirt and I head to the bathroom to start another day. Yesterday left me feeling disjointed and alone and last nights dream has done nothing to improve my mood, but as I stand motionless under the shower I realise that today is the last day I am doing this and for the first time in weeks I allow myself a smile.

When I leave the flat and begin my journey to the station the world seems a little brighter, the clouds have gone and there is actually a little warmth in the usually deceptive autumn sunlight. I cram myself into the train carriage with all the other damned souls, but knowing that this is the final time allows me to distance myself from the experience, making it almost bearable.

I had intended to work a full day but as arrive at the office I grab an empty Escort Kartal copier paper box and quickly clear my desk of any personal effects. I log into my PC and draft a final email to all of my colleagues and customers before deleting my personal files and shutting it down. I stop by my manager’s office and go in without knocking. He is talking on the phone but can see that I am ready to leave and looks at his watch as if to say “Are you leaving already?” I give him a look in return that says “What are you going to do, fucking fire me?” before I place an envelope on his desk and leave without a word. I grab my things and without looking back and swiftly head out of the door while the rest of the staff are in the break room.

The train is mercifully clear on my way home and I even manage to find a seat for the entire journey. The carriage stinks of sweat and stale farts, lingering like ghosts from the earlier rush hour, but this only tempers my mood now that I know that this is the last journey I will ever make on this infernal machine. As I arrive home I pause outside my flat and rummage through the box from my office. I retrieve the small driftwood carving of two entwined lovers and drop the box and everything else into the dustbin, closely followed by my work shoes.

The door is unlocked and I go in to find Gary there in my lounge amid a maze of cardboard boxes. I embrace him and give him a kiss on his cheek before I head off and quickly change out of my business attire and into a pair of jeans and a hoodie and then make us both a cup of coffee. It is strange to see him back here again after everything, but the truth is I just couldn’t manage without him.

I glance around the room at my possessions packed into boxes or black bin liners and I am shocked at how few of them are actually important to me, most of what I have spent years accumulating is now more of an inconvenience now that I need to dispose of as much of it as possible.

Gary has been a saint, organising this without him would have been harder by orders of magnitude. He dealt with the sale of the flat and all of the logistics of my move for me. Maybe it was guilt or just the fact that he is, for all his faults, a good person. Deep down I still feel a small, glowing ember of anger for his infidelity, but for all the pain it caused me I would never have met Paulo if he hadn’t done what he had, so he is forgiven. As he leaves later that evening I hug him and say thank you and it isn’t just for his help with my move.

The following morning Lucy arrives just as the sun is coming up. I get into her car, a little two seater convertible sports car that I marvel how she can afford, and she drives me to Heathrow airport with her usual cavalier approach to speed limits and the highway code. Even at this ungodly hour Lucy looks incredible, something that helps stave off the irate cab drivers as she cheekily pulls into the taxi bay in front of the terminal building.

“You won’t be a stranger will you?” I ask her with more than a little anxiety showing in my voice as tears well up in my eyes.

“Jo, you are my oldest and dearest friend and I don’t want to even contemplate not having you in my life.” She replies. “And you are also my only friend who lives in a villa in Spain, my only friend that I can mooch a free holiday from whenever I like, so you don’t get rid of me that easily.”

“There is always a bed for you there.” I reply. “And besides, I am sure David would be pleased to see you again.” I add, successfully eliciting a blush from her.

Lucy hugs me so hard that I fear my ribs might break, and when she releases me she I see that she also has tears in her eyes, but we are both smiling broadly. Lucy admonishes me for ruining her make-up and we finish our goodbyes before I head into the terminal building. I pull my suitcase behind me with my back to London, my old life now concluded as I head to my new one with Paulo, Under the Sun.

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